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2012 Great Release Program — Day 3 — Monday

day 3 of silver ravenwolf's great release challenge

Day Three — 2012 Great Release Challenge!

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Since several of you were having difficulty finding the Lesser Banishing Ritual I posted it yesterday for your convenience on this blog.  The LBR (as some call it) is an excellent technique for ridding yourself and an area of negative circumstances.

Some of you have asked for earlier postings of the next day’s challenge.  Part of this program is that I write continuously throughout our thirty days together.  Doing it this way allows me to incorporate some of your ideas or answer your questions in a timely manner as they apply to the program.  While you are on Day Two for example, I am writing Day Three.  This allows the program to stay fluid, making every year a different experience for all of us.  I also do all the illustrations for each blog entry.  Sometimes, if I’m lucky, Samantha (my daughter-in-law) is available to take snap shots.

After finishing Day 2’s tasks, our family erected and decorated the Yule tree in preparation for the holidays.  Then I read Pennsylvania Dutch Night Before Christmas by Chet Williamson to the family.  A fun book that focuses on the Belsnickel, giving a charming parody of the season.  Since most of our family lines run through PA Dutch, its a great way to give the kids a bit of history without them even knowing it.

Just Moved or Moving?

In the last three years several individuals were either moving or had just moved during the Release Program.  This year, some of you have mentioned your move of house plans so I thought I would add a few practical and  magickal tips.  Here is what I did to make my move of house this fall a little easier.

1.  Before moving, I walked through the house and cleansed it with sage and holy water.  I talked to the old house, telling it I was releasing its energy.

2.  Packing up your entire household is an excellent way of getting rid of a lot of stuff.  We donated, gifted, pitched, and sold bags and boxes full of things during the five months leading up to the move.  I tried to label as many boxes as possible by room.  As we marched closer to the move date I felt less inclined to clean.  This…was dumb.  I learned first-hand how depressing and angst-filled dirt can be.  On moving day I couldn’t believe how much stuff we still had, and how dirty the place had gotten.    I finally understood “movers-itis” — you know, where you move into a place where the former occupants left stuff behind?  You think, “why did they leave this perfectly good item?”  They left it because they were sick and tired of moving one more thing, that’s why.

3.  Release the old place in your heart, mind, and body.  Do a ritual of release as one of your last acts in the old home.  Be sure to tie up any loose ends in the following weeks — paying the last utilities for that address, changing your legal documents to the new address, etc.  Don’t allow any negativity of the old place come to the new place with you.  Clean it, clear it, let go of it.  When you walk out that door for the last time, turn toward the interior of the house, and release it verbally, then ask for blessings from Spirit that the next person who lives there enjoys a long and happy life.

4.  Do a blessing ritual in the new house before you move into it.

5.  When we moved into to the new house I was absolutely determined that things would not be left in boxes…that I would not be wandering around the house tripping over boxes, bags, or plastic tubs for weeks or months afterwards.  In one week I had everything in every room put away (except the craft room).  Granted, for the second week I couldn’t find anything because I had no idea where I put it; but, I was satisfied that the house wasn’t a wreck before our new lives began.  If this task seems too daunting, have a friend or family member help — that’s what I did.  My daughter and daughter-in-law were kind enough to help empty boxes the multitude of boxes and bags.

6.  Set up your altar area as quickly as possible.  That way, while you are unpacking, your ritual area is already working with positive vibrations.

7.  Make friends with the land around you.  Walk the property, ward the property, and talk to the nature spirits on and around the property.  Link in with them every day for the first few weeks.  You will be amazed at how comfortable you will soon feel.

Your Mission Today

Clean all flat surfaces (countertops, tables, windows and doors).  Pay particular attention to the front door.  Once cleaned, seal all windows and doors with a drop of clove oil or blessed perfume.  Draw a banishing pentagram in the air over each door and window, then follow with an equal-armed cross (drawn in the air) to seal.  This is to protect all occupants of the home.

For the Truly Dedicated Challenge Participant:  Wash front door with a mixture of water and lemon juice (one cap full to one gallon of water) or a combination of squeezed lemon and orange juice (again one cap full of  the juices) to welcome prosperity into your house.  Save the peels of the citrus fruits.  You can simmer them in water on the stove with a bit of cinnamon for a lovely aroma, or add the peels to your wax melt mixture if you will use it right away, or dry the peels and use later in conjuring bags or potpourri blends.


If you have a front porch, wash that off as well after a thorough sweeping.


Make sure the entryway into your living area is free of clutter — no umbrellas, magazines, bags, etc.  There should be a clean, clear path into the home.  A well lit foyer area keeps negativity from entering the home.  Artwork here should absolutely reflect your goals and aspirations or indicate the entire atmosphere that you expect in your home.  It is the first thing you see when you enter the home and the last thing you look at as you leave.  You might want a tranquil scene, bright colors, or a goal oriented graphic.  Scents, too, as you enter your living area, are important.  Does your house smell like wet dog or something more delightful?  We hung a cinnamon broom near the door, empowered to sweep out the negativity.  As you enter the foyer the aroma of the broom is the first thing you notice.

Consider hanging hooks or decorative racks for coats or keys so that everything isn’t a jumble inside or behind the door.  You might also try using a mud mat for shoes and boots.

wall hooks

Since it is the holiday season don’t forget to decorate the main door with something bright and festive — even better if you have made it yourself!

If you are really energetic?  Wash all curtains or send drapes to the cleaners.

For Tomorrow:  Junk Drawers!

What If You Can’t Finish Everything Today?  Tomorrow is another day.  Do what you can.  If you aren’t home due to other commitments, your main goal is to release at least one thing today.  Write down in your notebook what you missed doing today so that you remember to catch up on a day when you have time.

Don’t forget that the sharing process is vitally important in this challenge.  Please feel free to write your comments, ask questions or share your own ideas.  Feel free, also, to make comments on what others post.  We are a Magickal Village.


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
3.  Clean all flat surfaces, including windows and doors.
4.  Give yourself one gold star if you finished all flat surfaces, windows and doors and two gold stars if you also magickally cleaned the front door and porch.  Three gold stars if you washed the curtains or took them to the cleaners. Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!
5.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

79 thoughts on “2012 Great Release Program — Day 3 — Monday

  1. I did the challenge last year and enjoyed it. However, I am noticing that tomorrows tasks include cleaning….for Monday… For myself, I work the whole entire day and work a part time job in the evenings. For me I found it a bit off to have this task for the work week, trying to juggle work, kids, and a dog; I don’t get much cleaning done on the week days…. BB

    1. Then save this task for the following weekend or when you have time, and choose something else that you would like to do. There are several large tasks in the challenge, including cleaning the oven, the fridge, and the bathroom and quite a few smaller ones. Schedule them as they fit for you. Thank you for commenting.

      1. Oh that’s great to know! With work and cooking dinner and finding time to work out (and today taking care of a sick husband) I don’t have a whole lot of time! I did take the time to wipe down our front door with a diluted four thieves vinegar. I think I might take the doors and windows one at a time to fit them in.

  2. Good day, lady Silver!

    Not only does your writing the challenges in advance keep the program fluid, but it also allows for us here in South Africa (we’re a few hours ahead) to participate on the same dates as you do! I work a bit with numerology and feel that this is very important. The energies in the days you have chosen correspond beautifully with the tasks! For example, today (03/12) is a day of creativity and expression!

    Would you believe, it is pouring with rain here today! But that hasn’t stopped me 🙂 I believe it is the house calling for a good wash! I dutifully ventured out into the wet to clean the windows. Thankfully the windows themselves are mostly sheltered and so the rain shouldn’t affect my efforts. My cats think this is just marvellous, as they can watch me plodding around in the wet AND chase my sponge from the inside of the window 😀

    I wish the best of luck to anyone else participating in the challenge. May love and light fill both your homes and your hearts.

    Blessed be!

    1. I’m so glad you are in the program! I’m sorry that Day 4 went up a little late — super busy day and I wasn’t able to sit down and finish until late. I’ll try to get them up earlier. Thank you so much for your comments!

      1. Lady Silver, post at your own pace! I know most of the participants here are very busy with work and I find their perseverance so inspiring! I’m very fortunate to be on study leave at present and will happily mould my activities to suit your fantastic program 🙂 bless you!

  3. instead of clove (which i didn’t have) i substituted lemon grass. you always say if you dont have it substitute it 🙂 ill do the rest tonight and carry it on BB

  4. Thank you for the moving tips. Many of them I already did. It is the moving in part that’s need work. Unpacking it all in one push just didn’t happen. No family or friends to help on this end. The boyz had one day off and then back to new school. My sweetie has been working extra long hours because I haven’t found perm work yet. So I have been plugging along as best I can. The altar hasn’t been setup because I need help moving the big furniture items around to get it in position. So I have been keeping a mental altar. The mudroom entrance is QUITE the mess at the moment. It became the free-for-all place for everything we weren’t sure where to put. Many of the items need to be moved into the basement with exterior entrance, but again I need help for that. And then there a whole slew of my sweetie’s boxes I am unsure what he wants me to do with, carpentry tools, fishing and hunting gear, etc. To make today even MORE challenging, I have a kid home sick with a head cold and a tummy ache, and I am hoping I don’t have to spend the day searching for a pediatrician. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming in a sea of potential. Gonna go do my morning ritual. Maybe I’ll feel better.

  5. Today is a bit hectic……(everybody suddenly needs my attention) luckily i had the windows done 2 weeks ago…… ill do the warding tonight, and ill scrub the front door and porch. I think that list you mentioned of things that need to be done, is a brilliant idea. Something small like trowing out the old shoes, or watering the pot plants, or cleaning the mice cage, washing the dog and cat bedding. I used oils in place of the fresh herbs, and small white birthday candles. I covered a piece of oasis with foil, to stick the candle in, its save and gives a nice silver reflection. Another thing is vinegar have the added benefit of keeping flies away from your windows and doors.
    Have a wonderful Blessed day all of my new friends.
    And to Silver a special thank you.

    Oh before i forget, i unearthed a nasty cockroach yesterday, i had to say sorry for whomsoever s forefather that lived in that exoskeleton……

  6. I too want to say thank you for doing this again this year. To the folks who are struggling with not wanting (or being able) to do the things that are suggested on the days they are posted to do — it’s ok to adapt it to your needs and life and beliefs! Really truly. Look at the end goal, and know that what you get here are ideas & support & methods that have worked for others to reach that kind of a goal. You don’t have to approach it like we all are in school and if you don’t do what the teacher says you get a failing mark. I know, it’s hard to row upstream against that conditioning we’ve (most/many of us) grown up with.

    This *is* a crazy time of year for a lot of us. I love stopping by Silver’s blog and having that bit of encouragement to keep on target with the things I want to get done in my own home and the mental clutter I want to do away with. Each day, I make sure to both start something and finish something. I don’t do the rituals and mantras because right now I simply can’t afford to get distracted by that (oooo shiny! rituals!) – it is super easy to do the fun stuff and procrastinate the clutter-busting. heh. I’m holding out things like ‘setting up my altar’ as a reward for tackling a couple of the bigger projects I managed to avoid doing last year.

    Today I will get the freezer cleaned out and locate the boxes of holiday decorations so the kids won’t keep worrying that things won’t get decorated in time for Santa. 🙂 We had a lot of wind in the night, so getting the front porch cleaned up fits in perfectly with the tasks of the day too.

    Thanks again, Silver!

    1. For me, personally, the rituals and mantras, when I do them fully, and consciously, with Reverence, are a fundamental thing for my foundation. They actually help me with the day to day tasks, and help to center me, and unify my souls. Sometimes I find meditating much harder than physically working out 🙂

  7. OH boy! Day 3 and I’m already behind – the clutter portion is severely holding me down! But I’m hacking away at it, little by little, and then doing other parts of the Day 2 and Day 3 parts I can fit in.

    This is SO MUCH WORK – thing is, I know it’ll be all worth it in the end!

    Thank you for the challenge – I am so glad I don’t see the next day’s challenge until the actual next day – it helps me not to feel overwhelmed!

    1. The clutter portion is also keeping me quite busy. You’re not alone. Just keep at it and before long, it will be done. It is a lot of work but I can already see progress so I am going to keep up as best I can. Thankfully, I have a plan as to what absolutely NEEDS to be done which is helping me keep focus. I am also mindful of the fact that this is a 31 day challenge, so we have lots of time. 🙂

    2. You will get it all done, no worries. A little at a time is all you need. In the end, you are right, it is so worth it. I’m very proud of you. Keep going!

  8. I’m enjoying my challenges! The great thing is, that really they only take a couple hours for me to do. I can do them while my 3 yr old is napping and I don’t have to worry about a mess being made while I’m cleaning a mess.

  9. Completed today’s work. I washed surfaces,doors and entry walls with Murphy’s Oil Soap, then used clean water infused with 5 thieves oil to wash and bless doors, door frames, and around some windows. I am looking forward to day 4!

  10. I thought id get away “easy” with only the porch……. boy was i wrong. It escalated into a catch and release program, all my 8 legged friends had to get a new home. Luckily there’s an open yard across the road from where i live, and no delicate legs were lost. But with spiders in mind i scared myself with a dead dried out orchid flower…… it looked just like a big spider when it fell next to me. I chipped two finger nails on the door, flooded the entrance hall with the hosepipe, had to dry that up. But it was all worth the effort. The house smell great with the clove oil coming of the window frames.
    My dog also liked all the mud i made with the water that run into the flowerbed, that was my new surprise when i got to the back door….look mommy, nice new mud for you to clean up.
    I feel good tonight, although for some reason a little bit emotional?

    Good luck to all of you.
    Blessed Be.

    Now i’m gonna soak my feet in some relaxing, pain re leaving salt.

    1. So true, you do one thing and it feels so great releasing the negativity that you charge on. The emotional part is also necessary. Let go of the junk, inside and out. Funny on the dried orchid, lol.

  11. Hubby works at a printing press, so I think I’ve gotten used to seeing smears of ink on the floors and what not. I never realized how many little smears had gotten on the interior doors though! Got them all cleaned off, and then tackled the two exterior doors, which were quite grimy (we live very close to a factory that makes cheese and other powdered products, so we get this fine dust that comes when the wind blows our way). Wiped down the two pillars on our front entry too. I had swept the back porch when I did the floors yesterday. And took all that filthy water and tossed it away from the house (I used organic cleaners so didn’t have to worry about anything toxic), so that any lingering negativity in the dirt would no longer be inside.

  12. thank you ! for all of your positive help and energy!! with the deapest respect for you have been very much a mother figure in this ones life!! you truly make me smile!!


  13. Whew! I was already achy and worn out from the cleaning yesterday, but I’ve done most of the cleaning for today. Still need to do doors and porch. It takes me so long as I’m not the best housekeeper and I let things go for a long time. But it’s good to get this done. I have a house full of cats and they don’t let things stay clean for very long. Thanks so much for doing this. It came along at just the right time for me.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the cats! Cat fur tends to get everywhere and they tread dirt into the house constantly, hopping in and out of the window. Not to mention some of the exotic animals that mine have been hauling into the house just recently 🙂 I’m always left running around the house trying to rescue them. But they’re such precious companions and we love them anyway, right? 🙂

  14. YUCK. I think I’ve got a few pounds of dead bugs in the shop vac from the window tracks. It’s been on my list of to-do things, so I figured today was as good as any other day.

    Since I had out the essential oils to get the clove oil I needed, I went ahead and added a few drops of some others to the simple green I love to use to clean just about everything. I added Frankincense, Myrrh, and Juniper to the cleaning spray bottle to help cleanse energies and purify. Working great! I only had some fresh lemons, so I used their juice as well as some lemon and orange EOs for the front door and porch. The foyer smells soooo nice now. Got my wreath hung on the front door as well. Now if I can just find time to get the tree decorated …
    Here’s a pic of the front porch, still wet. 🙂 Would love to see others’ – I just love pictures!
    Copy and paste –

    Still have the ground floor to do, and the basement. Had to take time out to get my regular chores done. Rabbit cages needed to be cleaned, had to get 40 pounds of meat processed into freezer meals so dinners are easy this month, etc etc etc. Still need to get all the cages cleaned in the reptile room, as well as all my rodent cages. Everyone’s strength gives me strength.

    Hoping tomorrow will be a bit less in-depth, as I’m near exhaustion and I have to get started baking cookies for all of hubby’s hospital customers. At least the housework will work off any sampling I have to do for quality control. 😉 Sending love and good vibes to all of you. ❤

  15. I am truly excited for this year’s release program because of being in a new house. Last year I was slightly restricted of just how much I could do while living in a multi family residence so this year I’m living it up and enjoying it. Last time I saved each challenge so that they could be completely weekly instead of daily. It took a while but still had the ability to get them done when I could, when i had the privacy and time. Thank you for continuing the cycle and bringing us all together again for fun, clarity and enlightenment. Blessed be @}~–

  16. would it be possible to get day one again i did not receive it or i accidently discarded it. thank you in advance

    1. The e-mails are automatically generated through the Word Press System and are only sent once. You can, however, check the archives. I’ve also given links at the bottom of each new day to the previous days. Thank you for asking.

  17. ok here’s a question for everybody… now i have been cleaning for the past 2 days same as all of you, i have uncluttered and vacummed washed, dusted and mopped… now her’e my question.. how do you KEEP it that way???all i did was bring in the mail today and between ripped open packages and envelopes my table looks like a disaster.. then we had leftover pizza tonight.. and i go into the kitchen to find.. a mound of dirty dishes piled in the sink.. empty pizza boxes stacked all over the kitchen counter… a cookie sheet tray covered in pizza grease.. tongs covered in pizza grease… clothes and jackets laying all over.. dirty shoe prints on the kitchen floor that i jsut mopped yesterday!!.. UGH!! i managed to clean up everything.. YET AGAIN… but i’m getting discouraged… i clean and clean and clean and then turn around and in 1 day there is a mess and another mess and another mess!! 😦 I didn;t even get to do todays’ challenges cause i was too TIRED from cleaning up the mess from today. it seems like i do the dishes and thenb 15 minutes later ther’s more dirty dishes in the sink.. i pick up clothes.. i turn around and there’s more dirty clothes laying everywhere!! how do i keep up with this????

    1. It sounds like you have what I have..a house full of people who think Mom’s the maid. If you have kids that are old enough, have them wash their own dishes after meals. Have designated baskets or boxes to throw their things into from around the house and hold them hostage until chores are done. But don’t knock yourself out trying to get everything 15-20 minute spurts during the day and just make sure the important stuff is taken care of before bed. If you try too hard, you’ll just go more crazy

    2. Kathleen, that is the million dollar question. I don’t know how to keep things clean. I just keep cleaning. I feel your frustration.

    3. When I was clearing out the clutter, I found unopened mail from 2008!!! I made a promise to myself that I would deal with mail immediately. I also found a little basket and it now has a place in my office. Mail will be opened, sorted and bills will be in the basket until the time comes to pay them. Then they will be shredded. Having said that, I think everyone has the same issue. Clutter tends to creep up on you. I am sure Silver will have some suggestions as we go along.

      1. That’s what I’m doing tonight. Sorting thru mail and stuff on the kitchen counter. Paper will be used to start the woodburner tonight for heat. No water for two weeks as they fix the broken pipes, so all the water cleaning projects are another day.
        Love this blog!

    4. The same thing happened to me, so I started to think up games and strategies to get everyone to help. I was angry, frustrated, and felt they didn’t love me because they always left things in a mess. And, although I don’t advise this, but mentioned it in earlier years, I started to throw things away that were out of place. I gave fair warning, and then out it would go. It worked. I also posted House Rules on a big poster. Rewards were given for those who kept them. It took some training; but, they finally got the message.

      1. LOL this reminds me of when my kids were small, they learned early when i started counting to run to their rooms and pick up toys, or id come in after them with a black dustbin bag and pick it up to “trow” away (i hid it in the garden shed) it’s very frustrating for a kid to have a puzzle piece missing. I did get toys and stuff shoved under the beds also, it was funny to watch their little anxious faces, to see if im gonna look under the bed, you “trow” that away and they soon learn to clean up, sometimes i ignored the bed hide y hole on purpose to give them a chance to put it away (maybe i counted to fast sometimes, poor kids). But now that they are all “grown” up i never fall over stuff lying on the floors. That had the added benefit of joy at getting “old” lost toys back, and it was treated like treasure. (But please don’t make my mistake at shoving their favorite bedtime toy into the bag by accident, then you’ll have to go to the shed with a torch to look for it)

    5. I think everybody has had this problem!! Some great advice in the comments left here already 🙂 magicaleyez seems to have the solution here. Having a place for everything certainly helps, and making sure that everything goes to that place as soon as its finished been used helps! It may be a little bit of extra effort at the time, but it saves a big clean-up later. Ensure that people in the household do not move onto a second activity before they have put away everything used in the first! Everyone washing their own dishes is a tremendous help! My mother used to do that. For daily mess, e.g. dishes, washing etc. I find that scheduling a specific time, usually 20 minutes a day for that specific task and doing it only then makes the workload seem less hectic, because there’s less of a mental build-up to “Oh gosh, I have so many dishes to wash but I don’t want to do them now, I’m so busy at the moment…” That energy alone exhausts you. If you know you do this at a specific time, you can clear your mind of it for the meantime. I also found that running through gratitude affirmations can make daily chores energizing rather than draining. For example, in doing dishes you could run through affirmations thanking your chosen deity for the abundance of food you have received and the gratitude you feel for your body and it’s nutrition. It’s just an idea 🙂 but these other comments are great! Don’t lost heart 🙂 the fact that you’ve started on this journey means that you have the strength to transform your life. It will get easier!

    6. THAT my beautiful KATHLEEN is life happening to you, i have a household full if kids here, and their friends is constantly coming over, so i know exactly what you mean, when you turn around there’s a new mess to clean up. And i end up feeding 6 kids instead of 3. What i do when i get overwhelmed is to take a few moments for myself (the dirt wont run away, unfortunately) take a relaxing lavender bath, or better yet if you don’t have the time, get a hold of some patchouli incense sticks and burn them, it always put me in a better mood. Im sending some peace your way, relax go with the flow……..

      1. WHAT? what did i just read that well have to deal with the finances and papers part too? owww I’ve been ignoring those for months…….. I’ll have to stock up on boxes then……. (sigh)

    7. Having people responsible for their things is a big help. My son is 13 this year, but he has been responsible for his own laundry for many years (he was interested in laundry when he was just starting school, so I taught him, and he has been doing his own clothes since). Hubby prefers to do his own (I offer, since he works and I don’t), the only rule I have is that he doesn’t leave dirty clothes all over. He sometimes builds a small pile by his side of the bed, but as long as it stays there I don’t fuss over it.

      One of my son’s other chores (besides helping with the bi-weekly cleaning when he isn’t at school) is to do the dishes. I do big pots or things that need serious scrubbing, but the regular plates are his job. Hubby sometimes leaves stuff in the sink, so I wash up before I cook or eat which helps things stay cleaner.

      My thoughts are that he (son) will need to be able to do all this stuff (dishes, washing, cleaning) when he moves out, and having him do some of it now helps him also realize that he should contribute to keeping the house clean. Even his room has to be kept moderately clean (it helps that he does the vacuuming, so he knows if there is a bunch of stuff left out on his floor, he will just have to pick it up before cleaning anyways). Once he got used to it, he admits he likes having things clean and that the whole house feels better after we get done cleaning.

      Mail, I try to deal with when it comes in. We don’t mail out our bills (they get paid at the bank), so I can open them, pull out the actual bill and toss the envelope right then.

  18. Completed day three, whew! Did realize how how much dirt I was living with until now. My windows and doors are clean. I maybe be tired and hungry but I’m having fun. I love these challenges. I enjoy thinking up a strategy on how to get everything done in twenty four hrs. And of course I have to win! The sea of potential affirmation is great. It keeps me focused on what is real for me. Junk drawer tomorrow. I’m ready.

  19. ok there.. cleaned all the countertops and windows in the whole house… nearly 10:30 at night and i’m exhausted!! thankfully.. tomorrow’s challenge is easy… junk drawers.. i only got 2 of those.. and 1 is mostly stuff i need the other one is a broken drawer that is hard to pull in and out, but it has mostly plastic bags and other knick knacks in there.. tape dispensers, wand lighters, take out menu’s, krazy glue, etc.

  20. Felt some weird vibrations on Day 2 as i went through my house and used the rattle and holy water. Is that normal? Never had that happen before while following this program. Starting to wonder about the people who are surrounding me in my life. Today has been a late start as i am dealing with the fact that my friend is transitioning to a higher form of consciousness soon. Even got walls scrubbed in the living-room today.

    1. You could very well be right, people around you absolutely affect your life. We are all connected, and those closer to us can impact us more than we realize. No worries with the late start.

  21. I dusted at home, so the windows and doors will have to wait til the weekend. Still, I feel like a true Great Release champ since I actually cleaned my office desk– I’d forgotten what it looked like!

    BTW, Silver, I just HAVE to thank you! My creepy office neighbor no longer pops in to oggle or chit-chat uninvited. Two years ago I picked up an adorable evil-eye mirror from your Etsy store and took it with me to work. I made it a point to pull it out every time he walked in (this fellow followed me around for a while taking photos of me, so his eye is not just evil but gu-ross!). Uh, it worked! He hardly ever bothers me anymore. Hurray! Today he marched right past my door, and I overheard him complaining about a chemical smell. T’was Simple Green I was cleaning my office with. Heh-heh.

  22. Fortunately for me, my guy and I have been doing a lot of cleaning of the sort that you have posted for the Challenge in the past two weeks so we a great deal done already. Dusted surfaces, oven and fridge cleaned out already, curtains washed etc. So today I tackled the armoire that is in our dining room that is our storage spot for things like medications, the folder that holds our take our menus, the sewing kit and what not. If we do have to move by month’s end it will all have been sorted through and thus, easier to pack. If we don’t have to move by month’s end it STILL will have been sorted and organized. There are two sides, with four shelves each, and I got three of them finished. There was a LOT of stuff in there that got thrown out into the trash. Of the five shelves left to do, two of them have dishes and they just get put through the dishwasher (one shelf is my bake wake and the other is my party platter). So I did get something done today. Thanks again for the Program Silver!

  23. This challenge has been really great! Got my doors cleaned and smelling good once I came home from work. Got those kitchen cabinets cleaned and organized too, finally gave up on matching those tupper ware lids to bowls that have long since been gone! My husband has been a big help too because he does all other things that are coming along, like laundry, washing dishes, you know. Its even inspired my neighbor who was pulling up when I was cleaning the front door and gave me the biggest smile, she did her cabinets too. Didn’t get to the porch will do that on Tuesday! I got the music playing and we are making a family affair. One of my kittens got sick,and sluggish he’s really frisky and feisty my brother believes its because of the changes that are taking place and all of the movement, the shakers are filled with crystals, shells and wood beads and the holy water settle his frisky tail down. So I gave him a Reiki treatment. He was feeling better by bed time ( Late entry I forgot to post last night ). Feeling great, thanks again

  24. Hello.Silver the.LBR works on all banishing I know this I.learned this bak I also healing people I aslo.use the.lesser and greater.keys.of King for all your teachings ur a beautiful.person and a great friend.Love n.Light Silver.BB ur friend paul in az

  25. Hello all!

    Day 3 went descent though I did not get to do as much as I would have liked. I did manage to do the entire foyer (I guess it is one) at the front entrance with lemon water, and I did the porch! I am very excited! I am getting a very late start on Day 4, but I am going to clean out the junk drawer now so I will be ready for Day 5. I have been keeping up on my morning ritual and posting on my blog daily so if you want to read day 3’s adventure, go here

    Great comments everyone, they are really helping me stay motivated and giving me great ideas!

    Thanks everyone and happy releasing!

  26. Day 3 – I didn’t do anything on the official list….(long-ish story), but I did begin the process of processing some emotional stuff, that I hadn’t had time to, while in the trenches, during the year. “Letting go” of that, is just as meaningful to me.

      1. Thank you, Silver! And, I forgot that I did clean out part of the fridge, for Day 3, and take out the trash, as well, so I did indeedy-do do some physical letting go. 😀

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