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December 2012 Prayer List – Update

A Place To List Your Prayers

Healing Circle Prayer List for December 2012

Update:  Healing Circle was excellent last night!  We closed the circle outside, burning the petitions and chanting.  With a bright moon overhead, our voices echoed off the mountains.  Very powerful!!

Join with us at 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PM PST)  this Thursday in Spirit as we work for those in need.

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.  Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


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77 thoughts on “December 2012 Prayer List – Update

  1. I am in need of prayer – I need to find a job and I am in need of financial help. I am about to lose my vehicle and need to get back on my feet. KLM – Westland, MI

  2. F.M.B in Kinderhook, Illinois He has been out of work for over 5 years, and he is in need of a job or other legitimate income source.

  3. Ls. Fredonia NY my sister is in an abusive relationship. I just want her to gain the courage needed. For her son.

  4. All these people are in need of financial help, KAL, DCLII, DJL,of KCMO, CDL, TWP of Lee’s Summit, MO. KAL also needs healing & way to work from home that does not need money to start.Thank You so much!!!!

  5. AP in Stanhope, NJ-need financial resources for medical care for me, heatiing oil and costs of rescue and care for feral cat community, all above and beyond what I get in monthly income

    Thank you

  6. CM in Stanhope, NJ-for my friend here who has many medical problems and is now facing cancer surgery again next week, please send healing energy and positive intentions.

  7. BC and KC In PA for strength to keep things moving in the right direction for the family.
    KC In PA for fast healing .
    HF in PA for strength to continue her fight against the continuing nightmares of abuse.
    JR in PA to face her demons and start healing.
    Karen C

  8. L.E.H. Springfield, Mo In need of help to let go of the past hurts and be able to move forward in life and shed the pain of the past. Also needing guidance/help to find a new job that will help stabilize financial situations. thank you.

  9. Mm, Hillsboro or. Healing of body aches and pains, help with motivation.
    JW- Hillsboro or. Financial help and needs positive energy positive thoughts healing for his right knee. Thank you all.

    1. each day you wake up is a gift….the gift of life, what we do with this precious gift is up to each one of us….no-one is worthless….when we care about ourselves, we will discover the others that care for us too….took me most of my life to see this simple truth…bless your journey

    2. Nobody is worthless and neither are you. Maybe you didn’t get a job at Burger King because the Universe has something else in mind for you that you will enjoy alot more and be happier at. Here is a positive affirmation ” I deserve the best and I accept the best right now!” Bright blessings

      1. Great affirmation, Valerie! Will be aiding it to my “tool” box. Thank you. 🙂

      2. Thanks Anna! So happy you would like to use this. It works really well for me when I get the glums! best wishes

  10. I need help with Medical and Weight issues, but want to send healing prayers to the Ladies at Sr. Nora’s Shelter, ML, MJ, JN, DB, AW, Sw, Lm, TJ, RM,, DO, SV,SM, CJ, all in CA! Blessing and Love and respect to all!

  11. PH in Richmond VA, who has been bravely battling cancer for over 4 years. I work for her peaceful, safe passage, and healing and love for her family. We all hope to see her one more time in person at Christmas.

  12. EB in Montana needs prayers for a hurting heart and the aftermath. May she see how beautiful and special she is and there will be better things for her down the road.

  13. For NSS of Sarasota FL, help in ending a long stretch of unemployment.
    For HEM of Dalton NY, healing and hope in grief.
    For VPT of Flagstaff AZ, success in final exams.

  14. MU & JU of Beloit, WI both in need of help for health and medical problems and also financial issues.
    JU of Orfordville, WI Please send healing energy for health problems and positive energy for help with financial problems. Thank you so much!! Blessed Be!!

  15. ACT, Brooklyn NY: In need of physical & spiritual healing.
    JCS, Lizella GA: Heart healing, learning to cope with pain/stress.
    MS. Lizella GA: Physical healing.

    Thank you for reading my prayer, I will be praying for all.

  16. SBC in AK for the new job he is seeking with good pay and benefits for his family.
    LLC in Ak for healing from past hurts – emotional and psychological
    SBC and LLC in AK for strength and committment to continue to grow in their marriage.

  17. mmm in sherman oaks, ca – need assistance with health and finances and peace of mind, sweep kitty so, ca – dog attack, blessings to teddy dog too! mbm in glendale, ca – that she find peace, dp in the uk for health, tc in so, ca – for arthritis and tinnitus. blessings to all and i will try for all here…

  18. NP of Dundalk, MD and KP of Parkville, MD both need emotional healing and financial help.

  19. LR – Mechanicsburg, PA – I am in desperate search of job. I have been searching for work since 2008 after being laid off and before I went back to school. I am in financial need and need a good paying job in my field of study or in the IT field, that is not a Help Desk position.

  20. M. Health, positive energy for fight against fibromialgy, and job
    L. health, positive energy for fight against adictions, and job
    B. and O. are dogs and they need health too, protection and peace.

    Be blessed 🙂

  21. IA Casper, WY fast healing for her broken neck! JA, Casper WY healing for his vision, IA and DA Casper, WY healing for their financial health, to pay medical bills and to finish building their house! Thanks!

  22. LRW: new possible work placement starting soon. Prayer it will be a good fit. Also prayer for home business endeavors to be a success (want to replace all other income with home business!). Prayer that all financials will be met easily with leftover amounts.

    MHW: That he will be able to find good, steady, work that he enjoys!

    That both will have a blessed holiday season filled with happiness.

  23. KV, Harlingen, Texas. Health. I need to have a surgery to fix a congential birth defect. I found a surgeon but my insurance is giving me the run-around in approving her.

    DV: Harlingen, Texas. Health. Suffers from PTSD from serving in the armed forces.

    LS: Harlingen, Texas. Health. Suffers from numerous heart and nervous system disorders. Under a lot of stress; needs positive wishes.

  24. Valentine, Chisinau, Moldova. – Health, finances, success at work. My job is dependent on luck absolutely. How long can I exploit my luck? I can not explain to my superiors, that is impossible. Maybe I’m wrong?

  25. R.A.G. La Habra,Ca- for him to find a better job with less mental stress and that he will enjoy going to and be able to be happy and confident

    S.G.G. Covina,Ca to find the financial opportunity needed to open her business and to achieve the spiritual goals she has in mind and to gain better health and willpower

    K.M.G. Covina,Ca to do better in school especially math and be able to concentrait and participate with confidence

    C.A.G. Covina,Ca to gain the self esteem he needs to know he is a great daddy and husband and to have financial stability so he will worry less and have better health

  26. C.M. ALberta Canada, healing fro severe headaches, S.A.D, Fibromyalgia, emotional and mental trauma, aid for finalization and settlement of property sale, mental clarity, and motivation.
    J.S.A-ALberta Canada, proper health care, financial aid
    D.M, ALberta Canada, healing and pain relief for health issues.
    B.W. ALberta Canada, financial aid, self care, healing of emotional, mental and physical issues.
    C.W Alberta Canada, healing of emotional and mental issues.
    N.L Alberta Canada, emotional and mental healing and strength for going through divorce and custody of children. Belief in self, boost in self esteem and confidence.
    A.M Alberta Canada, emotional, mental and physical healing for tumour behind eye.
    C.L ALberta Canada, mental, emotional and physical healing for fibromyalgia, financial aid, boost in self esteem and self confidence.
    C.P.C.M Alberta Canada, physical, mental and emotional healing for fibromylgia, S.A.D, tumor in pituitary gland, financial aid, energy and motivation for proper self care, healthy eating and exercise.
    J.A Alberta Canada, physical healing for stomach infection, proper self care
    S.A ALberta Canada, mental and emotional health and healing.
    M.S Alberta Canada, emotional healing and mental self care
    L.T Alberta Canada, Emotional and mental healing, physical healing and self care.
    L.K ALberta Canada, Physical, emotional and mental healing and strength for fibromyalgia
    Peace in the middle east
    Healing for mother earth, nature and all

    Much love, thanks and blessings to everyone who is participating in this wonderful; prayer circle.

    Love and light

  27. CP, P,IT: health, depression and find a purpose in his life.
    MP and AP P,IT: to find a good job. AP for dependence
    MM, P, IT: serious economic difficulty, because his work is not very remunerated

    1. CP, P,IT: health, depression and find a purpose in his life.
      MP and AP P,IT: to find a good job. AP for dependence
      MM, P, IT: serious economic difficulty, because his work is not very remunerated.
      Be blessed.
      With love

  28. R.W., Seagonville, Texas Emotional and Financial Support. Recovery from addictions.

    A.C. Lakewood, Colorado, Peace and Financial Support

    A.K. Lakewood, Colorado, Releasing the creative genious within.

  29. E.h. taneytown md. To overcome autisum and behavioral issues to excell in school and life and overcome all odds. M.h. Taneytown md. To have the money to always take care of her son, mother, and self . To have self esteem and self confidence and overcome past abuses to have and keep open to love and a soul mate and not be scared to be close. To overcome anxiety. To know who truely loves her. Y.h. taneytown md to take care of her health better and self. To have the money not to worry about bills for once and to enjoy life. To find love. R.b. Mt airy md for the disk in neck to heal to not fear telling the one he truely loves that he loves her and not to cheat on her. J.h. Middletown md to heal past hurts and be closer to children.

  30. for DF in Zurich, Switzerland – she’s in a very rough job situation right now and really needs it all to calm down and get solved (she’s working on it herself, but it’s not in her hands to make changes there) and have some peace and possibly even joy at work again.

  31. For KL in Coulsdon, England. She’s very sick with several symptoms and illnesses and had an accident now on top of that. For healing and good recovering and getting better.

    And I forgot to say in my former post: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  32. This may sound trivial with everyones requests but we have had so many not so good things going on. an older daughter passed back in August. one thing after another. Our 19 month old dog Cassie has come up missing from our back yard almost 2 weeks ago. This is Hubbys anti stress dog. He brought her back from parvo, him and her bonded, when he couldnt find a job after being laid off, he would be out there with her. we have 2 older dogs that are missing her as well. Hubby isnt dealing well with this one extra thing that has happened. Please pray that Cassie is okay and can some how get back home to her family. Blessings in love and light for all of you. we are A.C. family in Mesa, az.

    1. Linda, it’s so not trivial at all. Cassie is a sentient being, and is deserving of love, and prayers for reunion with her family. 🙂

    2. Im sending my heart felt prayers to you all….I too will light a guiding lite for cassie and your husband….blessing and love

  33. D.N.R. Charlottesville, VA …i do not ask for much actually at least not for myself. i read down these and i ask for extra strength for each of these people in need to be able to handle all that they must endure. as I know loss, I know living in physical pain, I know surviving abuse. and so many of these things. So I only ask for prayer for two for the people in this prayer chain. please help them and give them strength to go through all this and survive. and the only thing I ask for myself is that i am struggling with financial needs to help with my bills , my medical needs, and physical needs post op. as well as my supplements and protein requirements post op. and any energy, prayers or help will be greatly appreciated and accepted and openly welcomed from the goddess and all. blessed be

  34. gsh
    Upper Marlboro, Maryland

    NOTE: Request prayer for financial help, employment, and a husband who is perfect for me. Thank you.

  35. A.H., Spokane, Washington – Money. Healthy, sustainable, renewable cash flow :). Community that sincerely has my back, and who’s back I have in return.

    K.H., NYC, NY – Love and appreciation for her wonderfull Spirit. Sustainable Abundance.

    A special prayer that all those who work in Human Services, remember that: that their clients are Human, and the point is to Serve them in a healthy, whole way, that honors their Dignity, not attempts to strip it from them, as blackmail for help. May all those who are without homes, and/or are with hunger know that they *are* loved. May there be sustainable food, and harmonious homes for them all. Blessed Be.

    Silver Ravenwolf, and her immediate in-person Healing Circle – Blessings to all of you, for the work you continue to do in the name of an Empowered Populace. Bless You.

  36. M.C., Aztec NM – encouragement/guidance to continue to follow her dreams, Money to flow in from this dream coming true to support her.

  37. JCE – in need of career success as a working mom. RCE – for financial stability for straggling in his children’s financial needs. JDS – in need of healing in her health to because of asthma and other illness. All are from the PHILIPPINES.

    Thank you Silver for always helping others.
    May the Gods and Goddess bless your kind soul.
    Bless us all.

  38. AJP IV Naples, Fl.- A career he can live with, a good fit. ELM Naples, Fl. Financial security

  39. N.C, Lincoln Park, MI- Pray for a peaceful passing. She is my mentor and friend, but her suffering is coming to an end. I want her to be surrounded by love and light as she transitions.

  40. KRS, Pollock Pines,CA a job, help with paying bills and for new hearing aids, a vehicle with 4wheel drive. Thank you. Blessed Be…

  41. dnr- charlottesville, va. – approval from medicaid and medicare for post op plastic surgery post gastric bypass and approval for post op breast augmentation post gastric bypass. to help aleviate some if not most of the pain and rash and discomfort caused by the lose skin and weight of those things. having a gastric bypass a year ago to save my life and now suffer with lose skin and breast issues that causes rashes and pulling on my fibromaylgia that increases the pain instead of helping to improve my life and help give my life back to both me and my fiance but mainly give my son his mother back. i ask that the god and goddess please see fit that i am worthy of approval from the doctors and the issurance companies to recieve the procedures and financial assistance paying them so that my life can be better for my family and myself. blessed be..

  42. T.E.M-Casa Grande,AZ.In need of finding a long tearm job that pay’s at lest8.50 hour starting off.Thank you all 🙂

  43. K.L.M. In Westland, MI Need help finding a good paying job to avert a repo on my vehicle so that I may get to inteviews when offered. So, that I may move into my own safe secure place so I am no longer a burden to my family or others.

    For everyone seeking help May the Universe grant each and everyone the help we may all need. May we all find Prosperity, Health, Peace, Kindness, and Joy in our lives.
    Blessed Be.

  44. G.B. , P.T., D.B and B.B. Phoenix, AZ – ask for healing of the heart and health. These people recently lost a family member to cancer and a young family member to an overdose. Last 2 years they also lost two other family members to cancer and suicide. Need love and light sent. Blessed Be.

  45. Working by the light!
    I ask for the physical healing of my mother Olga Cecilia Serna londoño, over his knee and my father Luis Alberto Alarcón Echavarria by their pain because of their work.

    I also ask for my admission to college, I’m Santiago Alarcon Serna.

  46. daughters and I get together in peace, harmony and abundance LOVE.

    And be happy and never to part. ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY FOR 3


  47. DH and family We ask for financial blessings so that we can keep our home and be financially secure . Thank you

    torn rotater cuff.has to have surgery. Pray for healing and a safe surgery..

  49. OJSL- Pittsburgh that she find satisfaction and enjoyment in her work and that she achieve success in school this semester.

    CG-oberlin, OH that he heal from his illness.

    SB-Fresno, CA that she continues to heal from the pain of divorce and finds new love and meaning in her life.

    HG and WW Philadelphia that they heal from their miscarriage and remain positive about future pregnancy.

    JG- Pittsburgh that I comtinue to lose weight and establish a healthy lifestyle. That I remain motivated and inspired in my career and continue to move forward.

  50. CT – Reno, Nevada. Broke his arm in wrestling this am. Asking for pain control and healing.

  51. PPB, Menifee, CA. Healing from broken love relationship (release to go forward)
    ; financial difficulties and need of a job.

  52. LM – Portland, OR: Need help with medical, weight, and financial issues. Thank you.

  53. EC – Indianapolis, IN: Needs help finding a new job. Also physical health and mental well being.
    CC – Indianapolis, IN: Physical Health and mental well being
    Thank you.

  54. I have Degenerative Disc Disease could I please be put on the list? I haven’t been able to be myself in 10 months even brushing my teeth i can’t stand long enough. Please Pray for some relief of pain for me and help me be able to help myself.
    Thank Teresa in BC Canada

  55. MJH – seeking a new job. Lexington, KY
    ATH – seeking peace with living situation, patience with life. Butler, PA
    LMH – seeking successful end of semester and safe holiday travels. Findlay, OH

  56. Bella- our daughter has down syndrome and gets very sick each winter-pneumonia is her enemy ( on life support twice last year) Protection, health, strength. Circleville, Ohio

    and a Prayer for Silver.. I pray you have the strength to continue to spread the wisdom and balance. You matter in this world. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  57. Please, at the time of your next prayer circle, pray for the healing of the terrible tinnitus constantly ringing in my head here in San Francisco. Thank you a thousand, and Mother’s blessings to you.

  58. A healing prayer for my sister-in-law KM in Mason co. WA, diagnosed w/lung cancer and in bone marrow. doing chemo & radiation. Thank you. My thoughts & healing prayers are with everyone here too.

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