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Braucherei Morning Ritual — Excellent for Use in the Great Release Program 2012



Relieve Holiday Stress! Braucherie Morning Ritual That Can Change Your Life!
A Great Technique that you Can Use With My 30 Day Magickal Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2010/2011/2012


Sometimes, when things get rough, or tough, or stressful — we totally forget that we know how to do magick!   Negative emotions seethe or erupt, and all thoughts that we are truly in control fly completely from our minds.  By practicing this Five Minute Braucherei ritual each morning upon rising (whether you are first, second or third shift — when you wake up is fine) you will have a better grip on the day.  The practice takes about seven (7) days to set in (you might see small changes in your life right away); and about 30 days to bring about greater change.  If you are ready to take charge of your life, let go of the crap, and accept the abundance of the world around you, then this is the ritual for you!


Tools: You don’t need any except your mind.  However, if you would like to light a white candle, or incense — that’s fine, too. Whatever spiritual practice that facilitates calm and relaxation within yourself can be used here.


Preparation:  Find a place where you will not be disturbed.  As the ritual only takes about five minutes, you won’t need to lock yourself in the attic.  I know, though, what it is like to be a busy person with family members assuming its okay to interrupt you just-any-old-time.  So!  If the only place you can find peace is the bathroom while taking your morning shower — that’s fine.  Just lock the door.  The beauty about Braucherei is that you often whisper instead of speaking in a normal voice.  With the water running?  No one will hear you.


The Chants:  There are two chants this year and one statement.  For best results, try to memorize them.  Don’t panic.  They’re easy, they rhyme, and if you’ve listened to my podcasts, read my blog or been on FaceBook — you’re probably already familiar with them.


Let’s go through them so you understand exactly what you are doing.  The first chant is a general blessing charm that is quite old, and is recited while facing east.  You can use hand motions (or not) while intoning the charm.  The most important aspect of both charms is to speak slowly, with feeling and with a sense of grace.  You are doing a spiritual thing — it is okay to open up and accept those energies.   Here is the first chant:


Eastwards I stand
For favors I pray
From Goddess Divine
And Lord of the Day
Earth lends Her power
And breath sends the spell
Days end will reveal
That all will be well.


Let’s quickly cover what this chant means and exactly what you are calling.  Eastwards I stand (the place of beginnings and the power of the sun) for favors I pray (you are asking for all the good stuff of this world and all others).  From Goddess Divine (feminine deity, crone/mother energy, moon energy) and the Lord of the Day (male divine, sage/father energy, the sun AND the planet that rules the day).  Together the two deities make One — the Balance.  Here are those daily planets in case you are new or have forgotten:


Monday — Moon
Tuesday — Mars
Wednesday — Mercury
Thursday — Jupiter
Friday — Venus
Saturday — Saturn
Sunday — Sun


Earth lends Her power (the spirits of nature, the elements, that which is physical) and breath sends the spell (holy breath, Spirit, and your effort).  Days end will reveal that all will be well.  (You are agreeing that my the end of the day, no matter what, you will accept the favors given and be thankful for them.)


This chant is to be said nine (9) times, slowly, with feeling, and experiencing what you are saying deep within yourself.


The second chant the Seven Planetary Powers, is extremely simple.  First, you intone the name of the day you are experiencing, for example Tuesday, and then follow through with the rest of the chant.  Here is the chant:


Tuesday, Lord of the Day
Bring me Good Fortune in Every Way!


Although very easy, this is a powerful chant.  You are asking the planetary energies of the day to tune into your life and you are agreeing that you will accept the flow of what you have asked for — in this example — Good Fortune.  You can change this chant in to match what you need.  Let’s say you are working on a chronic illness, then you might say:


Tuesday, Lord of the Day
Bring me Good Health in Every Way!


Or, let’s say you are just so stressed out lately:


Tuesday, Lord of the Day
Bring me sweet peace in Every Way!


Like the first chant — take your time.  Say it slowly and with confidence.  Know in your heart that what you have asked for, you will receive.  Remember, that this second chant changes with the day.  If today is Monday, then you intone — Monday, Lord of the Day!  As you speak, reach out and connect with the ‘Lord’ of the day.   Repeat this chant nine (9) times.


End your ritual with a sentence that focuses on your special goal   The most important words in this statement?  “I know”.   You can say a general statement, or one that is very specific.  For example:


“I know that I will meet all my goals in this thirty-day period.” or…


“I know I will find a solution to…” (and fill in the blank).  End your To Know statement with:


Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.
So Be It!


This short ritual, then, ends with an “I know” statement of your own choice.  Say the statement three times.


That’s all there is to it.  After you finish the “I know” statement, simply draw an equal-armed cross in the air to seal the working.  At the end of the day, give thanks to Spirit and the Lord of the Day for the favors you have received.  Sometimes, we are so busy during the day, we don’t realize that we’ve been given a gift if we don’t stop and think about what happened to us, or what we really spent our time on.  By concluding the working by giving thanks, you allow yourself time to review your experiences.  Be careful not to dwell on negative situations, even though they occurred to teach us something.  Although that kind of review is good and necessary, it isn’t a part of this particular working, which is designed to teach you and continue to aid you in drawing positive energies toward you.  Thinking about the iced tea jug that blew apart all over the backseat of the car is not acceptable in this instance.


Cover of "Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Bo...
Cover via Amazon

If you would like to make this little ritual more powerful, then employ the Lesser Banishing Ritual between the two chants.  You can find this ritual in my Solitary Witch book, my HexCraftbook, and in Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magick book (excellent book if you haven’t read it — and he’s a super person, too).

Cover of "Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons i...





Magick Review


Nope, I’m not done.  Whether you are new to magick or an old hand at it, there’s always ways to contemplate, grow and expand.  Let’s review the major building blocks of magick (just quick — I promise).


To Know — This is the most important of the four building blocks.  It means to know within yourself that what you desire WILL come to pass.  It is an assurance within your heart, mind and soul — an agreement of all your senses.  To know always ends with a smile.  It is the thought, the bone structure, of what you desire.  It is the bud that will unfold and bring your desire to fruition.  In Braucherei, ‘ To Know’ is used often and many times stated in a veiled way, sometimes predicated on faith, belief, or a statement of what surely is.  To Know in your heart that things will work out for the best is absolutely vital to magick and getting what you want or need.  You must supersede the monkey-mind and rise above your own doubts.  You must KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what you desire will manifest.


To Dare — The total understanding that anything is possible and that the world is filled with unlimited possibilities.  You must DARE to BELIEVE.  And, in that daring moment, move forward to your desire.  You must take action, not sit on your butt and wait for good stuff to show up.  Get out there and start slugging!


To Will — The focus of your mind completely on your goal through thought, conversation, and action.  If you are thinking negatively or speaking badly (complaining, gossiping, whatever) then you just shot yourself in the proverbial foot.  Your will must be golden — do you understand?


To Be Silent — Oh, baby, baby, baby!  Learn to keep your trap shut.  Don’t screw up the field of possibility by sharing your methodology or your desire UNLESS the combined energy of another totally agrees with your goal or in some way will support the outcome AND you’ve shared a statement aloud along this line. To learn more about how not to screw yourself up with your own mind and mouth — you might like reading my book, MindLight.  In other words, don’t taint the field you are living in.  Let me give you a very wild visualization so you totally understand me once and for all.  You live in a field you created that travels with you wherever you go.  Unless I’m mistaken, last time I checked, people don’t shit in a bag and carry it with them so that they can smell it all day.  For example, if you say to me — My family is cursed — I know that you are clutching a mental contractor’s trash bag filled with elephant mind poop from yourself and probably family members.  For some reason, you are holding on to that stuff so tightly that it is oozing all over you.  Curses operate on your guilt, your low self-esteem, and your weaknesses.  And, bet you feel like shit, don’t you?  Let it go!  Change your environment (try my 2012 Great Magickal Release Program), change the way you think, change what you talk about.  Same thing with what you think, say, write, tweet, blog on a daily basis.  Emotional vomit does not make the world a better place — it just keeps the greedy, evil, and downright nasty empowered.  Don’t let ’em win.  You are better than that!  So! As a reminder — What is rolling around in your head is just as important as what comes out of your mouth or onto a keyboard.  Keep it clean.  Keep it silent (meaning — do not play into negativity).  Keep it positive.  You will benefit.


Okay, so there you have it!  Your Holiday Challenge!  I dare you.  I double dare you — to do this little working every day for thirty days.  Tell us, along the way, how you are doing.  Write on my Facebook Wall, add an entry to this blog, keep us posted.  We’re all on this planet together — Believe Buddies are not a figment of your imagination.


Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within — So Be It


Silver RavenWolf,
26 November 2012
The Great Magickal Release Challenge Begins!


Note:  Some of my books that you may find helpful while doing this challenge:


MindLight by Silver RavenWolf, Llewellyn Publications
Solitary Witch — The Ultimate Book of Shadows by Silver RavenWolf, Llewellyn Publications
HedgeWitch! by Silver RavenWolf, Llewellyn Publications
A magickal almanac of your choice that shows moon in the signs and planetary aspects.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

49 thoughts on “Braucherei Morning Ritual — Excellent for Use in the Great Release Program 2012

  1. I am so excited to be doing this again this year!! This will be my 3rd yr doing it!! Thank you so much, Silver, for doing this!! I always see improvement!!

  2. I love this! I am going to start it right now, even though I’ve been up for a while. :o)

  3. Silver, thanks so much for posting this again this year! I have done this for the past 2 Decembers and feel like I’m still benefiting from the wheels that I set in motion from even 2 years ago! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much! This will be my first year and yes I know I called this group into my life, I am going to begin tomorrow, my 38th birthday and not a moment too soon! Peace

  5. Thank you! This is a perfect for me right now when I have some big decisions to make in my life.

  6. Many thanks again Silver. I am very excited to be doing this again. In fact i was away on vacation and was hoping we would be starting this soon. Blessings and love to everyone.


  7. Can anyone point me to what page the Lesser Banishing Ritual is in the Solitary Witch book? I checked the index and looked cover to cover about 3 times and am still not seeing it, thanks in advance!

  8. I’m ready to kick the challenge off in the morning! Meanwhile, I was wondering where can we find your podcasts. I would be very interested in listening to them. Thanks for the info and doing the challenge again this year!

  9. Please tell me what page the banishing ritual is found in your Solitary Witch book. Thanks  


  10. This is my first year and i am excited and quite curious as far as what I will discover about myself on this journey. Thank you Silver for all the knowledge and guidance you send my way.

  11. This is EXACTLY the kind of morning ritual I have been seeking. As a newer witch, I’m still fumbling around with coming up with these things on my own. I own several of your beautiful books but this blog is even more timely and entered my life at just the right moment. Thank you for sharing all of this positive and healing information! I cannot wait to get started! Blessed Be!

  12. On my way to work in the morning I usually chant in my mind this 🙂

    The Earth I call
    Give me energy!

    The Sun I call
    Shining rays for me!

    The Stars I call
    Surround me with Your Aid

    The Universe I call
    Bring Your Blessings to me!

    Dear Silver, this chant in Bulgarian is rimed …I know that I can work on it to make it rimed in English too…but anyway works
    I an eager to share one work of mine that is for transmuting evil into positive, or anything of the lower vibs into something of higher vibs, based on the Violet Flame energy, that is transmuting energy, I noticed that you use lavender and amethist for such goals…this is a signal for me…for a right direction 🙂 Here you are with all my Love and Blessings to You and to your readers
    Imagine how the net/cobweb of Light captures the darkness …Holy Grandma Spider the witch 🙂
    ( ( SUN ) )

    Thin like Air
    Capturing the shadows of dark into her cobweb of Light

    Powerful like Fire
    Burning the shadows of dark into her Magic cauldron

    Healing like Water
    Transmuting the ashes of dark with her Violet Waves

    Fertile as the Earth
    Giving Birth of the New Gifts of LIGHT

    Silent as a Butterfly`s Wings
    And Heard in Heaven as a
    Powerful Symphony of
    New Creation of LIGHT

    Blessed BE !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Thank you,my Beloved Inspiring Teacher Silver! Thanks to You I learned how to create my circles, invoke the directions ..Also, I found a magical use of the invocation given by Doreen Valiente / Black Spirits and White Ones, Red Spirits and Grey Ones, Come and come, come if you can…../ this is also with your help…the Thor`s Hammer movement…so…the time is evening hours/midnight of Wednedsay, between Wednesday/Odin`s day/ and Thursday/ Thor`s day/ , the ritual aims to give victory over the enemies with the help of Odin and Thor that is Odin`s son, Wisdom and Power against the enemies using the runes of Odin and Thor that are Naudiz and Thurisaz together…thanks to my boss and my colleagues and all the naughty little evils I specialize on the defence magic 🙂 This particular one works, and each element can be explored and worked on to to operate in its highest potential
        I am Blessed to meet You Silver !
        ( ( BE BLESSED TOO ) )

  13. Last evening I felt very very tired and totally desparate for no reason, just this feeling of hopelesness. Lied down on my bed and closed my eyes…I started calling for help, not a ritual, just thought, I cried out loud in my mind for help, I was calling the witches Power, I was calling Silver, I was calling the Great Grand Mother, Hekata, just looked for help, my vision came up as soon as I closed my eyes…I was in a misty forest, saw the tree brances forming a net and there was light from behind, blue light , the light of the Sunset, and through the trees and brances I saw a Woman, first I saw her hand, blue varnished nails, her hand is so beautiful, she was sending me white golden Light with her hand, the Light appeared like a small sun into her palm and she reached the beam of Light towards me…then I saw her face and I will always remember it…She has many faces and now she showed me one of them, long brown wavy hair and her eyes are blue, she is dressed in silverly blue …like the sky with the stars before the dawn!!!!
    I was staying in awe and reached my hand to take the gift of Light, then I saw another Sun that was in my hand reached out to her, our beams met ! and the energy merged …I cannot explain in words how I felt…this is like the child feels when he/she is lost and cries and finally the child and mother find each other…..ALGIZ was the first Rune that worked with me, it appeared in my dream some years ago!
    Blessed be, Silver! Love You!

      1. When ISA comes you can play a little trick
        SOWILO and…Verbena 🙂
        ( ( you made my day ) )
        Happy Full Moon
        Just enjoy the lovely gifts wisdom we are blessed with 🙂

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