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September 2012 Prayer List – Closure

A Place To List Your Prayers
For Infection, Inflammation, Removal of Negative Energy, Fighting a Fever: The Weed and the Dragon crossed the River Jordan. The weed sank, the Dragon Drank. — Charm from Preston Zerbe, Adams County Pennsylvania Pow-Wow.

Healing Circle Prayer List for September 2012

Update:  The healing circle went exceptionally well!  Our next circle is in two weeks.  See date below.

Join with us at 8:00 PM EDT  Thursday, September 20th in Spirit as we work for those in need.  Any request is welcome.  As September is often the month of endings (on this part of the world)  The theme this month is: Closure.   Of course, we will work on all requests, and hope that you join in with us, too!

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.  Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


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135 thoughts on “September 2012 Prayer List – Closure

    1. RON, and MG, Oregon, USA
      Namaste, and bless you for your kind intentions. I have friends around the world and I pray that each and every one may receive the thoughts and blessing from this circle, and my heart.

  1. Good Morning
    J.B., Brooklyn, NY-asking for myself for positive financial/prosperity energies to come my way so I may help my family. Thank you, All!

  2. MJR to find her path in life and healing .I will be with you at that praying time. thanks a lot.

  3. Francisco from Costa Rica, prosperidad economica mediante el hacer mis suenios para apoyar a mis padres que estan mayores

  4. Bella, my puppy, heal her frontal legs. Jmem health and enconomy. Mrcg health. Gsm economy and legal problems. All in mexico city

  5. For B.R in OH
    Love she is 15 but she needs help. She is looking for love to help heal something that broke inside of her. She has had her heart broken by deaths of loved ones and she is only looking for someone to share the pain and loneliness with her. Please help her heal.

  6. KAL in Kansas City, Mo, Healing, DCLII in Kansas City, Mo, financial healing, DJL in Kansas City, Mo job, CDL in Lees Summit, Mo, financial blessings, TWP in Lee’s Summit, Mo to be hired as a permanent employee

  7. HRF in PA for continued healing now that her abuser has been convicted.
    BC and KC in PA for peace and financial ease so we can move on to better things.
    Thanks you!!

  8. ZR in MA for healing in his young journey of education, that his mental & physical abilities do not hold him back like they did last year. Love, Light & Blessings to All! Thank you.

  9. XL in BC, Canada for removal of negative and blocking energies in her professional life so she can move forward and find her successful path. Thanks to all who send energy! 🙂

  10. DT in Pa needs healing with her husband and for ex to dissappear from butting in so muchexspecialy with husbands retirement and for parents to get off their high horses and love their son.

  11. DN in Quincy, IL is beginning chemo on Sept.10. He is my husband of almost 38 years and is the love of my life. I’ve never met a better man. He needs all the support he can get. Thank you, and Blessed Be.

  12. HHH for courage, strength and victory in finding all the money that the soon to be ex and company are hiding and the financial rewards we have requested so that I may care for my loved ones. Thank You!

  13. MJW in Ravenna OH needs support and help in looking for a new place to live. Thank you and Blessed Be!

  14. Please bless and pray for my beloved boyfriend, ARW, Oliver Springs, TN~~he has severe lung/breathing problems and needs to quit smoking immediately. Thank you and blessings to all who are posting!

  15. JP in Holland MA Financial and Emotional healing. Thank you and Brightest Blessings!

  16. VR in NY, Brooklyn, NY, Asking to open the lines of communications between myself; SA and JF. To return to work at ERN.

  17. KWP in NF, NY to learn the lesson/s he needs so that his path will be unblocked spiritually, emotionally & financially. DWE in NF,NY that he will find his way and be able to move forward toward a happy productive life. And myself, that I might find a balance between what my heart and soul want to do and what seems the responsible choices. I desperately need to break free of the things blocking my growth, spiritually, emotionally and most definitely financially.
    Blessings to you all! & Thank you

  18. CCF in FL. blessing and positive energy needed for my daughter. She has come through a major life change and is beginning life anew. She needs financial healing as well as self esteem. Thank you in advance and Blessed Be!

  19. My physical illness Pains, and that my mother make peace to why she feels she needs to abuse me in every way she can even if it’s using my autistic son Kyle. My mother needs mental help and always has since I was a little girl and affected me extremely bad. PTSD symptoms every time my mother throws me out of her life in a violent way verbally and affects my autistic son Kyle. My siblings hatred towards me and giving my soul the freedom I deserve. My sons father Josesph P. Gawlick abuse scares that he left on me of the abuse. So I can move on in life and start dating and find love. Financial struggles. We need a steady income to be able to pay all out bills and bring food on the table and still have extra to save. The left over scares of watching my dad be extremely sick and die in my arms. Scares of this haunts me. Forgive my mother abusing my dad in everyway she could except physical before he died. Not following dads powered diet and feeding him normal food and then have all the food go into his lungs and watch him struggling to breath at home because of what she did with hospice on his side. Please allow me to forgive my mother and my siblings for all the abuse they have caused me. Thank you Dianna

  20. Good morning 🙂
    Fast financial aid for AH DH in Warwckshire England.
    and also positive mental health do AH and SH from the same family.
    I will be working for everyone else’s requests posted here too. Blessed be.

  21. M.A.M., Davenport, IA- removal of negative energy (has way excessive amounts!) and body healing… B.L.G., Pleasant Valley, IA- needs spiritual healing….has been lost since her fiance passed almost 4 years ago… thank you 🙂

  22. ah near canadaigua,ny needs a new job,home and support for her aging husband.thank you for any prayers.blessed be.

  23. BNW, St. Louis MO USA; asking of prayers for positive, healing energies toward my life path and career. Thank you!

  24. A prayer for my friend NRA in Harvey’s Lake PA, she just lost her husband and needs strength and blessings to help her and her 3 young children through this very difficult time. Thank you and Blessed Be – PNM, Little Neck, NY

  25. In Ontario, Canada Maia & Kaz desperate financial needs, emotional & physical strength & healing.
    Thank you

  26. NAK in Lake Worth, Florida. Need help with finances and guidance for priestess training. Thanks and many bright blessings!!!!

  27. For my brother who is having a small tumor (not cancerous yet thank the goddess!) removed from his lungs as well as a new procedure to remove the lining of his lungs which inturn should cure his asthma ❤ BB! TY!

  28. GBS from PA. Praying for all, that are fighting cancer, for our land, that it can heal, for my husband that he will find a job and his knee get better. Thank you all so much

  29. KMR in Missouri, emotional healing and safe journey to father who passed away 9/3/12.

  30. S.H. and M.S., Omaha, NE need emotional/grief healing. Please keep D.P. in the B.G.G. bag for awhile. He is still harrassing my sister. Thank you!!!

  31. MCK, Mifflinburg, PA. She is flying to Tanzania, Africa on Thursday for a 6 month trip. Prayers for safety and joy.

  32. I will try for those in need. Sending blessings and seeing it already complete . To the circle I would like to submit PM – Sherman Oaks, CA for his safe return, AJC – Sherman Oaks, CA – health and calmness of spirit, MM – Sherman Oaks, CA – to cut ties with the past so that the healing can take place. Blessings and Thanks!

  33. D.S. and L.S., Vilnius, Lithuania, emotional balance and inner harmony to stop worrying and fear and start living

  34. S.W. from Buffalo, NY. Please pray for the safe return of my step daughter, whose mother eloped with her about 2 weeks ago. She has been living with my husband and myself for almost 2 years, and out of the blue, her mother picked her up and never brought her home. We are working with the courts, but it is a very trying process. Any prayers are greatly appreciated.

  35. RAG & BEGB Anaheim Ca a beautiful and problem free wedding in Oct and great financial stability for them.
    Healing for RAG in the loss of his brother and his pain that his brother won’t be at the wedding.

  36. NKD, JEL, JBF in Indiana to be emotionally healed after their abuse. Also, for a speedy trial for CWT in Indiana, the abuser. And lastly, HLC in Indiana for the strength to help the first 3 to heal.

  37. DLS in Houston, Texas that all negativity around her be removed and that her business be very successful financially so she can take care of her family. MLR that her body be healed of all disease and complications and negativity and she have peace. ALW that her hjealth issues be healed and her body function as it is supposed to. AWW that his injuries be healed so he can work once again and be happy, that all his negativity be turned to positive.

  38. GQ in Lockport NY (western new York). I am a chronic pain sufferer and it has been bad latley. I am trying to cope without pain medicine. So I guess I need Mental strength to keep moving one foot in front of the other and not let the pain control me.

  39. Request of healing for A.B. in Appleton, WI, C.A.DG in Green Bay, WI, and A.Y. in Flintville, WI. Please send energies to B.S.B. in Green Bay WI to aid in quitting smoking, and blessings of prosperity to the household of the same B.S.B and S.E.K. in Green Bay, WI, and K.T. & J.T. in Pound, WI. Thank you, and much love to all! ❤

  40. Angel Surprise, AZ.
    Financial Health Lodging and Safety problems be resolved favorbly and quickly. for my disabled friend in Wittmann, AZ.

  41. Angel Surpse, AZ
    For Friend “Nema” in Witmann, AZ.
    There are Major hardships being caused for her from jealous people frm her past and in the community of Witman, AZ..
    She has beat a major drug addiction,
    stayed clean and jail free for 4 years now &
    She adopted 2 grandchildren who were in danger ans neglected.

    Since then she has been blessed by the Heavens with financial assistance for these babies,
    BUTdue to her past,
    OTHERS are trying to make her loose it all
    and have the children taken away ALL because of Jealousy.

    She is a wonderful person and really deserves a brake.
    Please send protective healing energy to her and these 2 babies.

    Thank You

  42. KK in Langley, BC, Canada. Needs strength and loving support to help overcome postpartum depression and anxiety. Also, protection for her and her family from AT in Calgary, AB. Thank you!

  43. I would like to request healing for the relationship between my brother in law and his wife and my husband and I. My brother in law is still angry at my husband for things that happened in the past and cannot let it go. Severine, Sussex County De. Thank you and blessings.

  44. RE: my request for the disabled person in Wittmann, AZ.
    Her name is Susie.
    She is the one who contacted me for help for Nema {her neighbor.
    Nema helps her around her home often, and her husband Ronnie trys to keep her safe, along with his family {mentioned in the other request} due to she has been bullied. Wittmann, AZ is a very rough place,

    Thank You.

  45. MMF Durham North Carolina USA – Need to find job before current temp ends on January 31st. BLESSING TO ALL !!

  46. js in lizella ga: healing & closure of the losses of the past year. soul healing from betrayal. moving forward & remaining positive. thank you & bright blessings to all. i will be praying for all of you.

  47. HD, Fort Pierce, Florida. Need release from an extremely negative situation and the ability and direction to return to my chosen path in harmony and peace with Spirit. Need protection.

    Gratitude and blessings!

  48. LL Rochester NY, Healing and rid of pain and swelling to my right knee without evasive measures, also both feet and ankle. For my friend KR and MS remove bad family situation mental healing.

  49. JE that her disruptive behavior disorder be healed; ME that she doesn’t pick up her sisters bad habits; LE that my ability to handle these outbursts improves; BE and LE that our financial situation improves as well as our relationship; AE that he realizes how skewed his mothers thinking is and won’t stand for it, and that he accepts me and maybe tries to like me a little….we’re in NH

  50. I need healing for my mother. Her name is Nora and she lives in Michigan. She had diabetes, gout, degenerative disc disease in her back, arthritis, and a broken cracked tail bone. She is in constant pain all the time. Any healing sent her way would be much appreciated. I’ve been done healings on her. They work temporarily for the pain, but there is just so much I can do. What she really needs is some motivation to improve herself. Like I said, there is just so much I can do when she doesnt want to help me in helping herself. She always asking me to do a healing spell. but they wont work permanently if she wants to be lazy and always moan about her pain (I love my mother so I kinda feel bad talking about her like this, but it’s the truth). So what she really needs is not only healing physically but also a motivational boost. Brightest blessings to you all!

  51. YL, Altamont, TN-heart, soul, mind, body, relationships all need healing. Overwhelmed, suicidal 3 x’s this year. Still hanging in, but hard 2 walk away. Family estrangements in all directions, no progress in BEing me. Want 2 help others, but have nothing left but sadness. Thank you.

  52. Cd, Johnson County, tn. Is on a heart transplant list and has 4 children, she is only 33

  53. Karen is in Stockton-on-Tees, North East England. She is in need of peace, spiritual support and self empowerment. She has been fighting a long battle with depression, agoraphobia and problems relating to letting go of past hurts. She needs self belief and self esteem.
    Love & light……. )O(

  54. KW, Gig Harbor,WA is in desperate need of help from pain,depression,and loss from the end of a 20yr relationship, and a release from the feeling of hopelessness and despair. Help with fear, anxiety,and negative emotions, as well as healing for pain and regret she feels for the pregnancies she was manipulated into terminating especially since she may now not be able to have children.

  55. I would be so grateful for some prayers for myself Kim not being sellfish but I need some help with health issues have Crohns disease for many years and had surgery in November of 2011 but things havent gotten much better in fact i am homebound and noone has any answers please pray that i can heal soon and be able to enjoy life from another view thank you and Blessings.. Kim

  56. SS, in Moncton, NB, Canada. healing and closure due to loss of husband and best friend. She could use comfort and strength,.

  57. K.S, Rexton, NB, Canada. healing due to pain from radiaton therapy for lung cancer. His sprit is sagging due the pain and discomfort – could use strength and optimism to combat loneliness too.

  58. Jt in fayetteville,tn. Give him strength & courage to learn the error of his ways and get back to his family. Thanks & brightest blessings to all.:)

  59. merry ye meet! JCE from Marikina Philippines, the Lord and the Goddess knows what my heart desires but still asking for your assistance in asking for help about my sisters illness, my mom’s asthma and allergies, my son’s sensitive tonsilitis and family’s safety from accidents and afflictions of serious illness. And we are in financial embarassment since we cant afford our honest debts. I am merely asking for a financial stability wether small so that we can afford medicines and hospital bills and paying house rental fees. We thank you, and thank you for helping those in need. so mote it be

  60. AP (me) of stanhope NJ -that I can find a new home for myself and my cats before I am evicted here.

  61. LD in VA. had a close encounter with 10 stairs and one landing, asking for healing and light, Thank you…. Namaste…..

  62. GS Vincent (my father) has had a knee replacement operation and battling with post operative recovery, physio turned machine too high and damaged all his ligaments. Bright Blessings )0(

  63. MPL in the USA – for soul healing, help with mourning, and for peace, especially peace in her family.

  64. DCA, San Francisco, CA
    In need of financial stability and a healthy stable home environment. My daughters and I have been through a long/hard struggle. We need change asap. Blessed be!

  65. DRL Havertown PA. Needs clarity and guidance in starting his baking business.
    DHG Havertown PA. Needs self confidence and a job which provides her happiness and stability.
    Thank you Silver and BFC healers!

  66. Bernice Raymond, Medway, Maine, USA: healing/closure of a family issue that has brought her great pain and been an obstacle in her healing from a heart attack.

  67. MRO Eugene OR: Emotional and mental support and strength.

    DT Eugene, OR: Mental healing & responsibility. Honesty.

    Foxydot Cincinnati, OH: GOOD FORTUNE!

  68. PK, city Brno: would appreciate a bit help with healing her emotional injuries fromt hre past and trust issues
    PN, city Trebic: needs help with emotional healing as well, plus a gentle guidance in removing blockages in mental an intelectual area
    SK and VK, city ZR: pls send healing energies, especially those focusing on the ability to forgive
    All goes to Czech Republic, Europe

    I would also like you people to concentrate for a while on a subject of global transformation that is in process and everyone involved, so that all of us are able to let go of old structures and the necessary pain.

    I will also join you in this venture. ❤

  69. I.w…..n.z, chch…..peace, spritual healing before his death arrives due to cancer, may the dark
    shadow that holds him be gone …so mote it be…..bless be…..

  70. ST – Everett WA, She has been in and out of the hospital for and unknown stomic issue and recently became an inpatent. She is only 28 and has 2 baby girls who she raises on her own. She needs all the help she can get so she can heal and get back to her babies.

  71. BJM-Harrodsburg, Ky–my beloved cat Mocha has ran away. She was my son’s cat, but beloved in my family’s hearts. I pray for swift return of her or at least closure for my son who is devastated over it. thank you ❤

    1. KW Oceanside, CA, my good friend could some mental healing, she had to put her mom in a home and the guilt is killing her. Her mother is mean and verbally abusive to my friend. She was asked to leave one home already, if she is thrown out of this home it would be devasting.
      Thankyou so much.

    2. Maybe check your nieghbors. It happened to me like that. I have read the posts and ill be lighting a candle tonight.
      I hope shes microchipped.

    3. Bonnie, sorry have this ridiculous tiny 3g ph and wrote to you in sympathy under lindas post. I hope you find your furry friend.

  72. PA I am asking for help for my sister to get back on her feet again, healing for my son that is going through a ruff patch in his young life from the hands of of an older man, and for my oldest son to find his path. for stength for everyone in my house. PLease help to clear the fog for all of us thank you so much.

  73. AKD omaha NE, is in need of spiritual and emotional healing/closure from her past and positive financial energies to come her way.
    SP Omaha NE is in need of emotional and mental closure from her past, also in need of some medical healing
    NBD in Omaha NE is in desperate need for motivation and desire to get his life in order (financial, mental, physical and emotional)
    JMD, AJD, GKD, MKD all in need of calm peaceful healing energies.
    Thank you all so much blessed be

  74. Help CR and IR find a peaceful end to a dead marriage. Open IR’s eyes to see his mistakes and move on as it is too late to heal the hurt. Let us both find peace to make this as mess less as possible as there are no kids or real property involved. Help to find CR a new job, with more money and insurance, closer to home, and a new home for me to live in safe and secure. IR the same. Bring complete closure to this stage in life and the courage to start over at 40 with a new life, job, home and relationship for CR. Let wounds be forgotten and my heart to heal and not hate.

  75. mh in taneytown md to heal the pms issues, anxity,skin issues, energy and heal spirt , support and money to take care of family and child and find peace, happiness and love ….eh in taneytown md to heal behavior issues and autism ….yh in taneytown to heal body and take care self better….

  76. A family member (JR Ash Grove, Missouri) has been diagnosed with severe bone cancer and has been given weeks to live. I was wanting to ask for help with her pain and for peace and understand for her husband and son. Her husband is struggling with major anger issues and I am looking for some way to help calm his soul. Blessed Be.

  77. ~First, I’d like to have energy of Gratitude held within the space, and Blessings sent to all participating, especially those working in person with you, Silver. And, to you, Silver Ravenwolf, in Pennsylvania, I ask for Blessings upon you, in gratitude for the unwavering way in which you Serve the Pagan community. The Lord and Lady Bless You.

    ~A.H., Spokane, Washington: Winter draws near, and I need(have) a safe, stable, nourishing home, before months end(We all see it. And it is So!), Financial Abundance and Stability, and a Healthy, Amazing Community.

  78. K. G. Afghanistan; pray for his protection and safe return home. R. D. Pleasant Grove Utah; pray for patience and for calming energies.

  79. Sw Oakl. Calif.myself: Swift quick drama free moveawayback tosan francisco safeand sound happy placefor myself and my family. AWAY from my unethical landlord. May it happenASAP without losing my deposit moneys. Without losing my sentimentals. And may I get a great new creative job . THANK YOU! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!

  80. OJSL Pittsburgh, Pa. That she have all self doubts removed and have a successful year of school.

    JEG Pittsburgh, Pa. That she is successful in all her upcoming auditions and performances. That she be able to earn a full income from playing and teaching music.

  81. Please pray for my friend’s four month old grandson, Nicholas Alexander Thomson, who was born without properly developed lungs.

  82. TCB Savannah, GA

    I want my sister to be able to find her path out of this dark circle of anger, hostility, and blame she’s woven herself into. I hope she knows, no matter what (even with words that have been said) that I love her, and I’ll keep sending love her way.

  83. Hopefully this is not too late!!
    JU Orfordville, WI myself – healing of mind and body. I have suffered with numerous health problems for over three years, chronic back pain, arthritis, neck problems, sinus problems, weight issues, headaches, constant pain and numbness in right thigh,fibromyalgia, anxiety, and panic attacks. I just would really like to feel good and be healthy again! Also any positive financial energy would be most appreciated since I have been trying to find a job since February and would really love to find the job that I know is out there for me.

    KMH Janesville, WI My oldest son That he would find peace with his ex and get his life together and be able to see his daughter and also to find employment to take care of his family and be able to get his own place and find peace and happiness.

    JU, MU Beloit, WI My parents could also use any positive health and healing energy. They both have several health problems. Also positive financial blessings to help them be comfortable in the time they have left with us!!

    KU, BP Orfordville, WI My son and daughter peace, love and happiness and to find their paths in life.


  84. AJC, mesa az, help with healing of her body
    A.C.C. mesa, az for a better job
    A.B.C. tucson , az to help heal her hurts with family,to remember her family.
    L.L.C. for help with healing the family structure, bringing it back where it needs
    to be and for the loss of one daughter to death and the other that left. and the ones that
    suffer because of it. many blessings to all. Namaste.

  85. I need clarity in knowing which direction to go to end a miserable 11 yr. marriage that includes 10 adult children, 7 are mine by my first husband, my three step children resent me and do not accept me lovlingly as I accepted them w/open arms and my body, mind and spirit are not well due to the continued mental stress and constant rejection. Their father is very close to them and allows their disrespectful bad behavior. I need clarity and gumption to follow through with a divorce and ask to be directed to my true destination and reunite my loving family life. I feel myself slipping away in Port Orange, Florida

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