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August 2012 Prayer List – Super Success

A Place To List Your Prayers

Healing Circle Prayer List for August 2012

A man praying at a Japanese Shintō shrine.
A man praying at a Japanese Shintō shrine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Update:  Last evenings Healing Circle was a great success!  I’d like to thank everyone who participated.  From the internet to the altar, from the altar to Spirit — Where your hands were laid, magick was made!

Everyone here had a marvelous time, and the workings were delightfully intense.  Again, thank you all!


Join with us at 8:00 PM EDT this Thursday in Spirit as we work for those in need.

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.  Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


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117 thoughts on “August 2012 Prayer List – Super Success

    1. S.R.M Idaho Falls, Idaho. Needs help getting away from her controlling boyfriend. Thank You!

  1. May I humbly request prayers please:

    at, Brooklyn, NY: In desperate need of physical healing and emotional intervention. Her cats need prayers as well.

    js, Lizella, GA: Balance, security, fulfillment of dreams and wishes.

    I will be praying for all of us on this list as well. Thank you so much for your prayers & well wishes. Sending all the brightest of blessings ❤

      1. for Susana CTMR, Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo Mexico she was kidnapped, held hostage now, no livertad, emotional health, spiritual and physical, much LOVE for her. return home soon

  2. E.N. Senoia. GA. Emotional healing and strength to overcome hurts and the desire for revenge-to move on.

  3. Blessed be to all – please pray for TM, Bascom, OH needing physical healing for lung problems and financial security since the health problems are preventing employment.

  4. Request for Prayer please:
    M.A.C. -Pearland, TX Prayer for Financial Success and to receive promotion and financial abundance. So mote it be!
    Thank you!

  5. Manila, Philippines: Recently struck by heavy rains and flood, mortality rate increases as days go by. Please do pray for us, the animals, and every living thing affected by this catastrophic event. Thank you.

  6. D.U JHB South Africa
    A job, and financial needs met, with emotional security.

    Thank you so much for all the prayers I will pray for everyone here as well.
    Brightest blessings and love 🙂

  7. I have a request, please
    mb, mountville, PA

    Please pray for me. I am in the middle of a very painful Rheumatoid Arthritis flair up. I have missed some work and am struggling to live my life normally. Please pray for healing and just a bit of relief.

    Thank you so much and blessed be

  8. I have a nephew in FL. That needs a prayer of healing if you could please help us pray. He had been in the hospital for almost a year. Please help thank you.

  9. pls add me in ur prayers badly in need of job to meet bread and butter……i am in Tanzania basically indian.i will also pray for well being of all.

  10. May i request prayers for: dm (Baguio, Philippines) and hb (Tagig, Philippines) – for their emotional healing and reconciliation; for ch (Makati, Philippines) – for her physical healing, and emotional recovery, for ml (Pateros, Philippines) – for fulfillment of her career goals. Deepest thanks for your prayers… Blessed be! 🙂

  11. My cousin Shannan Covina Ca. She is driving cross country to Canada to live with her mom. Pray for a safe trouble free journey for her. Thank you.

  12. For Ray Anaheim Ca. My son Ray is struggling emotionally and financially. He misses his brother who was killed a year and a half ago it’s hard for him to function and work with out anger and pain. Pray he will heal emotionally and financially. He has a good job but it’s in jeopardy because if his emotional pain and anger over his brother. He is marrying in Oct and hurts that his brother won’t be here. Please pray things will get better for him and his fiancée and that we have happy days leading up and after his wedding. Thank yiu

  13. Alburgh, VT, USA – Find gainful employment doing what is loved for a wonderful pay.
    Quebec, Canada – Safely handle the closing of the company they work for.
    Alburgh, VT, USA – Lose weight to keep the health great.

  14. Memphis, Tn.
    My cousin who is also my best friend is under a lot of stress and it is beginning to affect her health. I humbly ask prayers for her burdens to be less and her health to be bountiful.
    Love and Light

  15. Evie, EJ in Phoenix, AZ. She is only 4 1/2 months old and has been diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer of the eye, retinoblastoma. It is in both eyes, and she is starting chemo this week. The tumor in the right eye is large, and she may lose the eye altogether. Thanks

  16. JZ at Ft Wayne, IN, USA. Three things continue to elude me: Open my soul to peaceful contentment, stable & sufficient income, & someone to love, with whom I can share my remaining years in this life.

  17. SR, Yorkville, IL. help with my fibromyalgia. it’s been flaring up again and it’s been hard to move around. Thank you!!! and Blessed Be!

  18. Foxydot (FD), Cincinnati OH, Clear SI joint pain so I can SIT again!

    Plan to be working along with. Maybe with some of my clan.

  19. I will try for all who ask here. Seeing already done and for the highest good of all. To the list,
    I ask that light and love be sent to: PM, Sherman Oaks for his safe return; VV, Chatsworth for new career; DG Santa Monica for abundance and peace; MBM Glendale that her soul find peace. Thank you!

  20. SS in need of a win from Chase as well as the financial support needed in day to day activities not only on a individual basis but with my charity as well. Also my son also SS needs to have healing in his emotions he has an issue with controlling his temper at 8 years old! Thank you and Blessed Be!

  21. I don’t know her name, but I would like prayers for the little boy next door and his mom. May they both find some peace with each other. (just a note: I’ve never heard her hit him, but she’s not very loving toward him and lets her friends say hurtful things to him.) I would like her to find joy in her child.

  22. 1.sw/df: san francisco bay area:I pray that we will find a way to become loving partnerswith shall it be an may it harm none.
    2. sw: san francisco bay area- Need a job to meet my daily living& goals and savings .Handle (control eliminate debt)

  23. I ask for prayers for A.S. who is now in Neligh, NE in a nursing home. I ask for prayers of strength and health to move to assisted living. Thank you so much for taking the time for him!

  24. For my daughter WMH, Cape Coral, FL. Despite what has been a challenging two years to say the least, she is going to college next week! My prayer is that she adjusts well and that the finances be there for her to complete her education successfully.

  25. For my daughter JEH, Cape Coral, FL. Against all odds, she will be going back to MD for her final year of college. I pray that she will be safe, happy,and that the finances be there for her to complete her education successfully.

  26. For myself HH, Cape Coral, FL. After 23 years, I’m going through a nasty divorce from a pedophile who abandoned his biological children two years ago and is now hiding in another country while attempting to hide over 6 figures in finances from me. I pray that the finances are revealed so that I may successfully take care of my children and myself. We deserve this as I put him through school.

  27. hi, sorry I realized I meant no disrespect. I hit send before I had expressed my grattitude for what you all are doing. thank you. (sw in san francisco bay area ca)

  28. For AP of Stanhope, NJ, myself. I am in need of a new home for myself and my cats. I am going to be foreclosed on and would like to take this opportunity to find a like minded community where I can help out and add value and be in peace with my kitties. Thank you for the positive energy sent my way.

  29. Prayer request for my life partner S.C. of Langley, BC, Canada. Has found two lumps in his throat and is going to get them checked out this weekend. We have a newborn daughter, and I pray and ask for your prayers that he is healthy and will live to see her grow up. Also a quick pray for our relationship and my mental state, as I am experiencing major postpartum anxiety and depression, K.K., Langley, BC, Canada……Thank you and Blessed be to you all

  30. vd st louis mo. Husband and I are unemployed, in our late 50’s and struggling financially. Prayers and blessings requested for a windfall that creates financial security for us ASAP. We have worked hard for so many years that this is a major struggle for us. Our age is a barrier when trying to find jobs. My husband worked at his job for 33 years and then wham….out the door. I have an autoimmune that also hinders me finding work. We just need financial security. Please pray for us. Thank you Silver for providing me with a raised level of hope. Thank you.

  31. JP in Holland, MA – in need of emotional and financial healing – thank you and Brightest Blessings

  32. Please help to keep JR and HF strong and brave when they testify against their abuser next Monday the 13th Please help BC and KC to be strong enough to deal with whatever the outcome and keep the family going forward. In western PA.

  33. for my estranged husband JB in Tempe, AZ who is going through a very hard time, emotionally, and financially. we have a newborn son he is separated from. my hope is that my husband will realize and gain the confidence and ability follow his true passions soon, instead of pursuing empty and unrewarding short term goals.

    my positive thoughts are with all of you. and may your lives be filled with love and passion. thank you ❤

  34. A.S. Palm bay, florida healing
    T.W. Lexington Park, md healing
    S.A. Doylestown, pa focus for a new school year

  35. gr III, arvada, colorado. this would be for my brother he has no such luck. and right now he is living with my husband and I who just bought our first house. My brother has no job and his car is always breaking down on him. i would like for his luck to change so then things could be better for us all

  36. For KLD and SLC in Emmetsburg, IA. We ask for a happy and healthy 9 months of pregnancy after 5 years of infertility, 2 second trimester losses and 1 chemical pregnancy. We want nothing more than our happy and healthy rainbow baby.
    Thank you all so much, by the way I asked for healing a few months for us to be able to get pregnant I guess it worked 🙂
    I will be working for everyones requests as well.

  37. Kate form Arizona i am SMI i and live at home with my mom and she got cancer and is go through chemo and is very sick she the only human friend i got and finances could be better

  38. Please join me in this prayer request for:
    M.E.G. Rio Rancho, NM * May Peace & tranquility find its place within his body & soul & may his family be at peace afterward *

  39. My brother and his wife just lost their first child. Liam lived only four days. Please pray for them.

  40. Please say a prayer for a job that is financially stable for GSW and ACW, Babylon, NY. Thank you.

  41. LLM Warsaw, MO, Plese pray that I can let go of hurtful friendships from the past and make new and healthy friendships with like minded people in my new life. I don’t remember ever feeling as lonely and with out friends as I do now. I moved into a new state, into a new community and the people here don’t think as open minded as I do.

  42. My sister, A.L.., in Ohio. Prayers please for emotional, spiritual, and physical healings. Prayers for her 4 children would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  43. CH in Woodsfield, Ohio. Healing after a long illness and extended stay in the hospital.

  44. KAL,DCLii,DJL all 3 from Kansas CIty, Mo. CDL & TWP from Lee’s Summit, Mo. All of us need financial blessings. Thank you!!

  45. e.h., – taneytown md , behavior issues, independence, focus all related to autism. y.h. – taneytown, md, teeth issues, diabetes, stress and underlying health issues, and finacial issues. m.h. – taneytown md , anxiety , low energy, self esteem, pms issues , skin and stomach issues, romantic issues and finacial. thank you.
    r. b.- mt airy md nerve issues , disc in back issues b.w. -west friendship md painful gout

  46. I need a safe home/healthy environment for my daughter’s and I. Blessed be!

  47. DJP – Philadelphia PA. Applied for disability last week due to severe depression issues as a result in finance problems. Please pray it goes through swiftly and smoothly as the financial strain is hurting really bad.

    L-A G – health issues. Weight keeps dropping and no one can figure out why. Down to 93 lbs. Please help to find out what is wrong.

    MAGG – failing kidney. Is on donor list and actually had had a match but due to insurance issue was unable to get surgery then. Please help a match be found soon, she has a 10-year old daughter to raise as she’s a single parent.

    Blessed Be all!

  48. I would like to be added to your prayer/healing circle, my hope and prayer would be for financial stability. A financially secure future for myself and my family, more than just paycheck to paycheck living. I want to have a less stressful upbringing for my children they deserve a true childhood free of financial worry.
    AKD in Omaha NE

  49. For my SP in Omaha NE emotional healing and financial security. She is being reviewed for social security please let it all be approved!!!!

  50. Hi from Sofia, BG – health
    SI from Sofia, BG- problems with knees and joints
    II from Sofia, BG – love and creativity
    Thanks! Be blessed!

  51. A.G. Freeport, NY- healing, recovers in perfect condition.
    W.B. Freeport, NY- healing, happiness, prosperity, love, a good place to live.
    J.S. Milford, Pa- addiction, love, peace.
    C.H. Greeley, Pa- addicion, love, peace, prosperity
    K.H. Greeley, Pa- success, prosperity, love, protection, happiness.
    J.H. Greeley, Pa- Prosperity, Good Healh, Protection, Happiness.
    I.R. Shohola, Pa- Healh, peace.

  52. In need of prayers to end family drama in both in my family and my husbands family, also prayers to help my husband and I to make decisions on what direction to go in regards to a move and education plans, blessings to all. Sussex County , De.

  53. ab – hurricane, wv need prayers for freedom of self, needing to let go of the past, health problems, to help me to continue to stay sober for as long as possible, and to have a healthy relationship with new boyfriend.
    rl – hurricane, wv freedom of self, to stay sober as long as possible, healthy relationship, peace of mind.
    cb – culloden, wv she is very depressed and has tried to commit suicide several times but she is lying to herself and to others (just want my mom back to her normal self)
    lg – hurricane, wv to have a drama free school year and peace of mind (my son was the one to call the law to help his grandma)
    ng – hurricane, wv to have a drama free school year and peace of mind
    hs – hurricane, wv to have a drama free school year and peace of mind
    my family has alot of drama, they feel like they have to be something they are not and when they arent happy others dont need to be happy either please pray for us to have a good life!!!

  54. mc,poplarville,ms.hard as i try, financial disaster is close at hand.ill continue to do the best i can, but i surely could use a little help with positive prayer for the new jobs i applied.

  55. A. J. N.
    R. E. N.
    F. L. N.
    C. L. N.

    Clinton, OH. Financial help, health, and relationships – we’re all unhappy here, and I’m fighting more than ever with my mother and my sister.

    Thank you.

  56. A.H. NY healing of the lower abdominal region.
    J.M. NY healing of the lower abdominal and digestive system.
    Thank you…

  57. J.D. my brother in-law. Porterville, California
    Has recently found out that he has a cancerous turmor around his heart.
    He’s unable to afford treatment due to no insurance being self-employed.
    No longer able to work and has two kids. The state has denied medical for the treatments.
    Doing fund raisers to raise the money for treatment at the moment, going to be very expensive.
    I need of a some help to cover the costs.

    Blessed Be

    1. K.T. Bakersfield, California
      Recently had son took away in custody battle, ex partner is into voodoo and has said he put a curse on her. She is in need of positive people in her life to support her and make her stronger to fight for her child. Extra help is needed in getting rid of the negative cloud that her ex partner has put over her so that she can move on with her life and live in happiness.

      Will be praying for all to have peace, financial security, love in their lives and good health.

  58. For JMG, in Jacksonville, FL, whose wife of 31 years cleaned out the bank accounts and took off. Two of the children still live at home and are emotional wrecks- OJG and LG. And for AG, who while he doesn’t live at home, is also having to deal with the family fall-out. That they may all find compassion, solace, and trust in each other’s love.

    For AMC, in Miami, FL, who has just had heart surgery and is also battling cancer, that he may recover his strength and hope.

    Blessings to you for your prayers.

  59. MSR, Florida, for health and healing. School starting soon and I need to be mentally ready in order to finish the last two semesters of my degree. Physically due to still recovering from having baby 9 months ago. Need to de-clutter on several different levels. 🙂

    AC, Florida healing from unkown illness and help her drs figure out what is going on.
    SR, Florida – mental healing. May have early dimentia.

    ALL of those impacted by domestic violence and those that work with them.

  60. BJM & BWK, harrodsburg, ky in need of healing both spiritual and financial while going through some rough times.

    1. Silvert, please help, I know nothing of my daughter, as you see, she is well? susana is cross born on March 13, 1984 in Guadalajara, Mexico but now lives in Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo Mexico

  61. JAL, myself, I need clarity, courage, & confidence to find a new job that is best for my Highest happiness and good. MML my mother, who needs good physical health as she is 84 and very frail, and her hearing really needs a boost…
    Thank you so much for your Great Work. Blessed Be. ❤

  62. JK in Oklahoma needs healing from a car accident
    DM & MB need customers/$ for an old family owned pagan store in CA.

  63. please can you help Laura ravynwlf from Tulsa, Oklahoma she is terminally ill .she needs all the help she can get right now ,such a brave lady thankyou

  64. Hialeah, FL My father in law needs prayer, he is in hospital recooperating from colon cancer, and cancer has spread to other areas. Needs prayer to heal from this.
    Much thanks,

  65. My friend Lena Rodriguez recently lost her 16 year old son in a car accident. May I ask that you add her and her family to your healing circle. This is worst possible thing to happen to anyone. No one should have to bury a child. She lives in East Wenatchee, WA. Thank you and Blessed Be.

  66. Sw, myself to stay balanced and some calming effectiveStrong good energy to move QUICKly safely into a healthy much better home affordable without losing my little animal family my belongings.BACK to sf. Away from my current landlord whom I feel isnt honest and has endangered my pets.i want to leave her. to have the blessing of swift safe movement I am thanking you from my heart.

    I will be praying for others as well that havewrittenhete
    May it harm none.

    I have

    1. Could ntedit properly … mypost. Using 3 g slow phone sorry about mis spell and extrawords at the bottom.

  67. Hi SILVER, ITS APPARENTLY A LESSON RATHER PAINFUL that having been raised to go fix a problem and quickly -has led to haste and more problems.

    Please know that also I do have a heart about what happened and was shocking in Boston.

    Im really asking with all my heart having been displaced from my home ,my dogs are in custody of three people whom are taking it upon themselves to put my dogs up for adoption because of my displacement . ( my landlord lied and I made the mistake of not finding that out before hand) I am actively looking for a pet friendly home and bring my dogs and I safely home. Its an emergency because theyre allready in custody of them . Using part of the contract I signed to revoke ownership of my greyhound and threatening to adopt my little girl jet whom ive had since she was six weeks old. My greyhound boy came to me thru greyhound friends for life in calfornia. Its in the best interests of my children justice the greyhound and jet my girl that they should be with me thier mom. Please I really really really need help. Im shaking. I want to throw up over the stress but I know I have to be strong ans focus to get a job and a new olace w o creepy landlord. NOW Please please help this might happen by this friday .april 20th. Please please in some way ? I just have to ,deserve to have my family safe and sound asap and not fight my “friends” that helped me get away from that creepy landlord. Im 49 yo and unmarried I should be respected for having my rescued dogs. Theyre my kids and all I have. Please please help

  68. please please send something powerful to turn this in my favor , those dogs are my kids.

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