Magickal Notes — Mercury Turns Direct

Mercury turns direct (depending on your time zone):

10:40 PM PDT on Tuesday, 7 August 2012
1:40 AM EDT on Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Normally, today (Monday) and most of the 7th, you would feel that “pregnant moment” as Mercury stations, and a bit of a drag on many activities.  However, depending upon your natal astrological chart and the sign the moon is currently visiting (Aries) with close conjunction to Uranus, this may not be your personal experience.  When Mercury swings direct, take a moment to think of yourself moving forward in the right direction for you, filled with joy and personal power.  I call this type of activity slingshot magick — a way to boost yourself forward.  Some individuals believe that Mercury is still somewhat impaired until it exits its storm, and that the implementation of new ideas should wait until the storm cycle is completed — that day would be 13 August.  Others feel that the storm has little or no influence.  Again, your natal chart and the current position of the other planets can dictate otherwise.  As a side note:  Venus enters the sign of Cancer on 7 August 2012.


10 thoughts on “Magickal Notes — Mercury Turns Direct”

  1. Great info., Silver, thank you! I hand’t realized why it was soooo hard to get my printing done today. What normally takes me 2 hours took most of the day. That darn Mercury!

  2. I couldn’t find a place for the question I have or where to post a question. In a wiccan book my parents gave me it had a way to find my power and personality element. I did everything it said with the help of my parents and friends. By what the book describes for a persons element for both power and personality, I don’t have a specific one. I fit into all four elements evenly. What does that mean exactly? The book doesn’t tell you.

  3. This week is the final in the four sessions devoted to four of the basic alchemical processes. As we have discussed, to fully appreciate alchemy, you must see yourself involved in, and part of, a vast alchemical experiment. On the individual level, the unfinished parts of yourself – your unhealed traumas, your unresolved conflicts, your limiting self perceptions – are the basic stuff that is being experimented on. On the collective level, it is the unspoken trauma and shadow of our culture and our community. How do you take this muck, this dross, this lead, and transform it into something of ultimate value – what the alchemists called gold, or the philosophers stone? There are processes involved, and we have been talking about these processes. So far we have talked about processes involved with fire, water, and earth – calcinatio, solution, and coagulatio. This week, we talk about the process involved with air, the process of sublimatio.

    1. You are a conundrum to me. Your posts come through every time as spam because of your address. Clearly, your information has been exceptional on a magickal level and have given members of this blog excellent information.

  4. I did a spell/ritual on Lammas/Full Moon, but did not know that Mercury was retrograde at the time. With all that was going on it should have been a dead give away lol. I’m wondering if Mercury being in retrograde is going to affect the spell I did and produce adverse results? I know most books I’ve read caution against performing any type of spell or ritual when Mercury is retrograde.

    1. In all honesty, I feel that your intent is the most important in any working. Others may feel differently. It is nice to be able to line everything up perfectly; but this doesn’t always happen, and so you go (or no) with what you have. That’s why we always say with any spell or working: May all astrological correspondences be correct for this working, and may this spell not reverse or place upon us any curse”. A combination of Sybil Leek and Lori Cabot wording. What does everyone else think?

      1. It think it is right on Silver. It has been my experience that when I talk to the Mother Goddess in a heartfelt way and earnest, She aways comes thru. You don’t have to have a huge intricate, right on the atrological sign spell because sometimes you just don’t have time or for some reasons you are not able to even though I would like to. I alway say “Mother, I know you will do this for me in a way that is accurate, correct and for the good of all and I thank you for it. So mote it be.” That’s a combination from you and Laurie Cabot. So any version of that to me makes it just fine. It works for me.

  5. When Mercury goes direct I can almost hear the Universe breathe a sigh of relief.
    What are your thoughts on this new moon on Leo?

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