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Spirit Stick Doll

Creating Your Own Prayer Stick Doll Only Takes a Few Hours

Handwritten Notes from the BOS of Silver RavenWolf.



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12 thoughts on “Spirit Stick Doll

  1. marie on said:

    Wow! the stick dolls are beautys, do you think covering a wooden spoon would work?

  2. Nice project. Eze Peezy! Ritual is great too!

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you – I love the handwritten part!

  4. Elena on said:

    Great Minds think alike… I also thought of using a spoon right away. I happened to have bought some the other day to make a doll, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about doing it. This is great.. I may make one to add to a charity basket that I will be doing. I am involved with a wonderful group Called Estamos Unidos and they have a huge Silent Auction Gala every year. The proceeds go towards scholarships for college students. They have given over $60,000 so far. This year I am working on a basket of home made crafts to donate and have been looking for ideas of crafts to make to add to the basket. I’m hoping that there are a few people that like home crafted items as much as I do. Thanks for the idea Silver :o)

  5. Reblogged this on Calypso Conjure and commented:
    I’m looking forward to making these….

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