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Sending Healing Energy — Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

At first, I wasn’t going to post this…because you might think I was stupid, or too far out there, or maybe even crazy.  Yet, there is a time to step up to the plate and hit the ball…come what may.  Here goes.

Humanity is a group mind.  It is a God/dess mind.  It is the Spirit within and around everyone and everything.   It is pure potential.  It is the stuff that your life is made of.  All you need do is access your thoughts.  Choose what is right for you, and then combine that choice with positive action.  You can choose for others, too.  You can choose to surround them with love and healing.  Whether they accept that energy is up to them — their free will.

And the thing will come to pass.

Think of yourself as breathing in the “potential” and directing that potential to a finite end point of what you desire as you breathe out.

Today, I awoke to the awful shooting in Colorado.  I ask, that you, as a part of the Group Mind of Humanity to work with me to send healing and love to the lost, to the wounded, to those in pain.  Sit quietly, put on your headphones, and play the song by Elven Drums — 1-1-1.  As you listen, see the spirits of love and healing merging together around those people in pain.  Breathe in the potential — breathe out the healing and love.  Do it with every single breath.  Hang on through the whole song.  You will see the spirits surrounding them.  You may first feel the pain; but, keep going — because you will feel the joy of the group mind in action.

I promise you will not regret this working.  There are 6,000 of you out there that subscribed to the blog.  Strong, good people.  Think of what we can do!  Please, today, just try.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

27 thoughts on “Sending Healing Energy — Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

  1. Done! When I was listening and breathing through this chant (song) , I was having a hard time breathing. My out breath was fine sending the healing but breathing in became difficult. Happy to say, I made it through and when it was finished my breathing is back to normal. It was intense and I hope I made a difference. Please everyone do the same. This is such a senseless tragedy. These victims and their families need all the love and healing they can get. “Blessed Be”

  2. Silver,
    Have you heard of Solffeggios? These are sound frequencies that are power frequencies. that I’ve been using. These meditations are helping to re-energize my spells That i have already cast. I have seen an improvement in my personal finances,and it helped me re-think the Fear mongering and profiteering, that is going on. If you go on you tube at all there’s tons of videos about the illuminati, and agenda twenty one, supposed executive orders that negate our constitution. It’s really been a mess. But I began to see the worst energy in My area in years People are scared of Military hard ware being used to attack people I.E. “Predator Drones.” But All of this is fear Making a few men money and they use the fear of the 12-21-2012. We as pagans need More than candles we need to gather in large groups, and Do major energy work to break this I have to wonder if this Colorado shooting was from someone programmed . To attack, to promote more fear. This May be something important to paganism. it could be that ” We” are the only defense this country has.

    1. I agree Pat, these times we are living in are heart breaking worldwide….
      Reaching out with kindred spirits is something we can do to help…

  3. SMIB! When tragedy strikes, people must act. Silver, this may seem “out there” to some, but certainly not all. We are One.

  4. A very sad thing happen in Colorado. What you have asked is done. What also makes me sad is that shootings like this are becoming common place in the USA. Your words make me contemplate about humanity as a group mind and it’s potential. I wonder what humanity could become if we could just get our act together.

    1. Silver, there is absolutely nothing stupid in this at all…and as for crazy…thank you. It will be so uplifting for healing to be placed there…as now, and no doubt previously before the vibrations of loss and transitioning souls is embedding within everything – right down to the soil. What you heard was the cry for help…and you answered. Bless you.

    2. It’s not just in America hun. Over here in Britain, families are being killed everyday pretty much due to debt, bad decisions and petty strife… 😦 lilbl

  5. I’m sorry, but I have to reply to this. Do you think asking for people to impose their energy onto others without their permission is a good thing? I know if it were me, I’d be very upset with someone thinking they could thrust their intentions on me without my say so. Even if it is healing energy, it is still unethical to interfere with someone’s energy fields. If too many people send healing energy to a person, they may not deal with the full grieving process, causing more issues down the line.

    1. I crossed that bridge long ago. In the world of Braucherei — we say (and they have said for hundreds of years): “I will try for you.” That means that we (as the healer) will make the effort, and Spirit will decide where the energy will go (or not).

  6. I want to thank all of you who are involved in sending healing energy down here to Denver. I have 5 friends who planned to go to this viewing. As I woke the other day and became aware of this disaster, I started calling friends. The movie theater that was attacked, is only 10 minutes away from one of my friends who was going, but as I learned, all of my friends decided to go together and since most of them live here in Westminster,( 20 minuets north of Denver) it was decided that they would all come up here to watch the movies. Colorado is once again greatly saddened by the needles violence and loss of life.
    It is strange to see me altar with candles lit for both healing and lamenting as well as thankfulness.
    I will join you in this working and once again thank all of you for your energy and thoughts.

  7. Let the spirit of the God and goddes that lives in me extend out to the lives of those that have been hurt by this in colorado to bring healing and comfort to them by thier free will to allow the healing process to take root. Blessed Be!

  8. Blessings Silver…I am glad you went with your inner feelings and sent us this post, I will join you and send healing love to the people in Colorado…..bless be

  9. Healing Circle on Friday included all those affected by this tragedy. May Goddess hold all her children close and bring the healing for those in need. BB

  10. Good for you, Silver. I intend to get that recording; they will need healing for a long time to come.

  11. I’m really glad you liked my video. Course the real credit goes to Elvendrums.

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