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Magick Notes — Alternative BindRune for Finding Run Away or Lost Child

After a great FaceBook discussion, Cyrus Acht suggested a streamlined version.  You may wish to use this bindrune, instead.


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4 thoughts on “Magick Notes — Alternative BindRune for Finding Run Away or Lost Child

    1. Take a picture of the cat, your picture, this symbol, and a hair net. Wrap together. State specifically what you desire. Call out each rune to activate it. Imagine the cat returning to you, in your arms. Keep up the visualization as long as you can.

      1. My cat Osca, has gone missing as well, almost 2 weeks ago now. In his case, I inherited him from my Mum who passed away about 5 weeks ago. I had never seen a cat human relationship like the one they had; they were a true blessing to each other. I have seen Osca the alleys near my house, but he won’t come near me. He is too heart broken. Is there a spell or chant, prayer, anything that I can perform to heal him and allow him to give me a chance to make a home for him with me. Before Mum died, Osca and I had a great relationship, he seemed to understand that I am his sister and treat me as such, now he seems to be very angry at me. It was my Mum’s last wish that I take care of Osca and now he won’t let me.

        Thank you for reading this and for any help you can give.
        Kind Regards,

      2. I would do two things. First, a practical step would be to put items on your porch (if you have one) or right outside that still carry the scent of your Mum. And have some things directly inside as well. Secondly, I would work on a meditation where you speak to the cat, show love, etc. for at least five minutes a day. Let me know how this works out for you.

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