Magick Notes — Talisman for Money

This design was created by using the latest version of PhotoShop Elements.  If you put your mind to it — you can do it.  You can create amazing designs with the PhotoShop Elements program — simple sigils to complicated pieces of art.

Magick Notes:  Bits and Bites of Information for you to add to your Book of Shadows.  Copyrighted by Silver RavenWolf 2012.


13 thoughts on “Magick Notes — Talisman for Money”

  1. I know this is going sound silly, but I want Silver to realize how important her words/works/influence have been in my life for the past 10+ years. Every time I run into issues, she is there with the tools to give me a magical ‘nudge’ in a positive direction. There in her books & writings. They have crept into me and now feel like whispers from an old friend. “you know how to deal with this, we dealt with this in ’96. Remember?” She even tempted me to grow an herb garden on my tiny patio, which in these dark times has been such a solace. My life is still a bumpy, thumpy journey. Your teachings are always a place to fall, gather myself, regain control, and move forward.
    So thank you, Silver.

    1. I can’t thank you enough for that lovely post! It doesn’t sound silly to me. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words. You are right, Stephanie — you can do it!

  2. Thank you your my favorite author I have almost all your books and and love to post thank you again blessed be

  3. Wow! You made this in photoshop?! You are really proficient with photoshop. I made something like this in photoshop and it was not easy. Yes, if you put your mind to it you can do anything, but I would much rather enjoy looking at your designs and I will stick with drawing mythical creatures.

    1. You start with a blank rather than with a pic — then, you can used scanned items (your own drawings, a photo, etc.). Think of embellishing on a screen. It gets easier, I promise!

  4. So glad I found your blog! Your “Angels – Companions in Magick” is one of my favourite books ever on both magick and angels! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom here. Bright blessings, Lisa

  5. Hello, is it possible to get a high resolution copy of this talisman so that I can have it printed on my undershirts and wear it under my shirts? Thanks Andy

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