June 2012 Prayer List

A Place To List Your Prayers
A Place to List Your Prayers

Healing Circle Prayer List Update 18 June 2012

Last Thursday’s Healing Circle was a great success!  Thank you everyone for participating!  Our circle will meet again on 21 June.

I’d like to thank everyone for their patience as our family moves on into new and positive realms.  I realize there have been no blog posts this month — family and business have called me elsewhere for a time.  I have, however, been extremely active on FaceBook (you can catch me there) and am looking forward to writing additional blog entries.  Can’t let that Beboodle story go!  The designs for this month post are Thor’s Hammer (my interpretation of it) and the Breakthrough Bindrune.  Both can be used for healing many difficulties and Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) is a wonderful protective device.

Join with us at 8:00 PM EDT in Spirit as we work for those in need.

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.

Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


103 thoughts on “June 2012 Prayer List”

    1. R.G. Payson, Arizona
      Right leg going paralyzed, constant pain in his back. Doctors are baffled.

  1. i hope this is where i leave my prayer rewuest..i knoe i already asked but im going to put it here too…please pray for james turner hes in alberta canada hes 39 and has stomach cancer..he was suppsoed to ahve surgery to remove it but the cancer has progressed and the dr said its too late for the surgery…his chemo isnt helping and the pain meds aren’t working and now hes bringing up blood….james is the love of my life and i cant bear to loose this man..please help me do something to help him in healing….my birthday is in 11 days and i dont want anything but for him to get better for his childrens sake…they need their daddy

  2. J DS P C, Portugal, send healing please, she has just diagnosed with cancer, she is such a lovely Lady, she helps everyone she can,

  3. Blessings- will be sending light and try for all who ask. Please add to list: SB – Ventura, work;Fern -UK, safe return home; TH – Sherman Oaks, safe return home; MM – Sherman Oaks, career – sent with thanks and gratitude.

  4. C.S., A.M.H., Hershey, PA. Protection from rumors and negativity.

    A.J.S. Protection both from physical and psychic attack. My 10 yr old’s life is being destroyed by numerous bullies & I fear for his safety when he goes outside to play, it’s gotten that bad, and the bullying is from adults not children. Since they don’t get caught, the police will do nothing. I trust the universe’s protection more than the police.

    Thank you 🙂
    Blessed Be

  5. M.M., Mesa, AZ. Prayers needed for peace of mind, financial & emotional healing. And to A.C. for understanding, gratitude, and learning respect.

    Thank You
    Blessed Be! 🙂

  6. Silver, can you pray for me and my mom to find help with place to live and let us be done with being homeless. So me and my mom and pets will live better lives and be happy. And pray that when I go to learning center I get school books to finish my high school and get help with work from the voc rehab. And make sure I never spend another birthday like I did yesterday on 6/13, of being homeless anymore. And for me to find friends and find the right one or just some one I can talk to. But the important one is pray for us not to be homeless anymore please and thank you

  7. C.E. , Bangkok, Thailand

    The God & Goddess have been merciful and generous. Life as of late has not been without a certain amount of stress. But the God has given me the strength to see our way through, and the Goddess the compassion not to take out my fears & frustration on those around me. Together we have prospered and grown, and I am grateful. I wish only that you aid us in giving thanks for all the good things we all have been blessed with, and ask that we may continue to Live, Love, Grow, & Learn under the Guidance, Wisdom, and Mercy of our beloved Lord & Lady.

    So mote it be.

    Thank You.

  8. b.d australia…bring home safetly, healing on back..
    s.j.f. n.z…emotional healing, warmer flat and happeir work place….
    e.f…n.z..healing from grand mal sezures..
    m.h.f… n.z…awaken the wild magical woman, protection, energy and wisdom..
    t. family..Australia…healing after the passing of their son, brother, friend…
    a.b..n.z.. healing from skin cancer on the head..
    c.b…n.z…healing from lung disease..
    g.s…Australia…healing from emotional breakdowns..
    s.s…Australia…healing from cancer..
    k.w.d….n.z…healing from skin sores….

  9. s. Aust.. Recently lost his mum, he’s 19 and him and his young friends are all dealing with death and loss, many for the first time.

  10. For DH, that she has the strength and courage to get through her medical issue.
    For JC, for courage and wisdom,as he leaves for his duty station overseas.
    For MC, as she is left behind for a few months, so soon after their marriage.
    For ARS, that she finds what she is looking for in a career, and a more permanent home.
    For Odin the Feline Papa, healing energies, as he has been under the weather.
    For AS, that her work situation fulfills her needs.
    For HN, that she learns to forgive, heal, and learn from other’s mistakes.
    For SR, that her finances improve and she can get caught up on her bills, and not lose her home.
    For AH, that he can learn acceptance, patience, and understanding.
    Forall others, in whatever they need, desire, or require to make their lives more manageable.
    Thank you for the many blessings bestowed upon me, my family, and my friends.

  11. For financial prosperity. greater relationship with family. and for good health for my husband and I

  12. I know some sisters and brothers responded when I asked for help with recovery with an Eating Disorder. Think I should have asked that I be guided to the proper psychological help, because there isnt a resource in my area.

  13. kal, dcl, djl, cdl, twp, all of missouri, all need financial healing!
    all is in need of healing from divorce and huge custody battle

  14. e.c. Indianapolis, IN for work that is satisfying both financially and emotionally
    Thank you and blessings to all

  15. DH, Exeter, NH. Healing, please. High blood pressure, kidney failure, Crohns disease, other intestinal issues.

  16. HF to avoid the setbacks that are getting worse and BC and KC for the ability to help her. For JR to fight an addiction.
    Thanks so much!!!

  17. V J in Alabama is seeking a better job
    H&H S (twins) in Alabama need healing for skin rashes/allergies

  18. Blessings to you all!

    dr…Warminster, Pa…has alzheimer’s and is not in the best care mentally….
    sjr Warminster Pa….needs help with negativity and having a more positive out look. Also needs help figuring out what it is she should be doing and then moving toward it.

    Much appreciated!


  19. My grandmother in law is nearing the end of her battle with cancer and dementia. We are wishing for a peaceful passage for her and strength for her husband and family to get through this time of loss.

    We are praying as we have been waiting 2 years to adopt a baby and are beginning to lose hope. Strength and grace through this trying time as well.

  20. .. I pray..
    mg and bg .. both .. Dallas, Tx, both over 30 still doing drugs and can not get work.
    jjg .. D,Tx, 19 & needs energy,common sense and a purpose for life.
    sg.. D, Tx, just starting a new job in a new fleld and very scared.
    cg<me/us.. D, Tx, i pray we all have a good health, a healthy good health/no more obese and achievement/success in what we want and do. And for all of us to find God back in our lives.

  21. HRD, West Fork, AR. Metastic adenocarcinoma. His lungs are affected, his pain levels are high and he struggles to take his next breath. Any energy you can send to ease his transition would be greatly appreciated. Blessed Be.

  22. I am requesting healing for the biopsy I just had that it will come back normal, thank you so much, blessings, JS, Delaware

  23. Hi All, if I could ask, please ask to speed my awaited check . I am so so poor right now. Thank you so much, )O( BB. ❤

  24. I have been unemployed for two months. Have had several interviews that haven’t panned out. Would like prayer for a job and for the ability to pay silly things like rent. Sending prayers to all else on the list as well today. Emily in Minnesota

  25. C.M, Alberta Canada-emotional healing and balance. Letting go of the past. Positive financial energies.
    J.A-Alberta Canada-Inner peace and release from stress, positive financial energies.
    B.W-Alberta Canada-Emotional/mental healing and strength, physical healing, prosperity and positive financial energies.
    M.F-Alberta Canada-Aid in selling of farm
    C.W-Alberta Canada-Mental and emotional healing. Peace with self and family.
    D.M-Alberta Canada-Physical healing of pain and self care.
    C.P.C.M- ALberta Canada-Physical healing, emotional healing, aid in getting shoulder surgery booked, positive financial energies. Motivation for self care.
    C.L-Alberta Canada-Physical, mental and emotional healing and balance.

    Many thanks and blessings

  26. My prayer request is for my daughter Amber Jacobson, she is is 22 years old and The doctors have found pre cancerous cells in her uterus and she is gaining weight at a very rapid rate and it is starting to affect her health in other areas.
    I would also like to ask for prayer of prosperity for my new business and my old business.

  27. JB. SLC Utah – Financial healing – Help pay the rent and bills.
    AM SLC Utah – Mental Healing
    GB SLC Utah – Work healing

  28. VM, O.S., TN-Continued Physical/Emotional Healing from Alcohol/Addiction; Financial /Job Well-Being
    RW, O.S., TN-Financial/Job Well-Being; Physical Health Well-being(no more serious, life-threatening illnesses,surgeries)
    VM/RW-Continued Relationship Well-Being

  29. C.L.P – West Virginia – help in breaking drug addiction/healing in body, mind and spirit/healing family relationships between her and all of family, return home safely, protection, true love with the RIGHT man. ALSO, JUSTICE. People who have beaten her, destroyed her property and also stole her other property will be incarcerated for this.
    C.L.N. – West Virginia – healing of depression and anxiety, physical healing from effects of shingles, aid in losing weight in healthy manner, positive financial blessing.
    R.S. and C.S.- West Virginia – physical healing, aid in buying own home desired, aid to lose desired weight.
    J.P. – West Virginia – physical healing of discs and nerves in neck and back without surgery.
    C.P. – West Virginia – healing of Attention Deficit Disorder, better job opportunity in something that he is personally interested in or passionate about.
    T.M. – Pennsylvania – Blessings of success for business.
    L.P. – West Virginia – happy home, positive financial windfall and success to start own business (botanica, online shop or physical shop utilizing the sacred intuitive arts and the Craft.) /opportunities to travel and vacation to desired destination of beauty and enjoyment with all of immediate family/ protection of all family and self.


  30. Please add to the list: the firefighters at the High Park fire in Colorado, keep them safe; Emotional healing and strength for those who lost family, fur kids, or homes in the fire.

  31. T.R., Omaha, NE – continual puffing up through the entire body. Nothing is helping, nothing showing up on tests thus far.
    T.P., Littleton, CO – Financial help/higher paying job.

  32. Y.G., Gilbert, AZ—Protection from a female family member
    Y.G., Gilbert, AZ–Financial Help–to make it through this summer with money
    Y.G., Gilbert, AZ–Social LIfe—to find a new relationship with a good man
    E.A, Gilbert, AZ–Roommate–to get along well with the new roommate/home

  33. please think of me concerning a better paying job asap because I’m unemployed and its an emergency to have rapid progress financailly.
    Thank You!

  34. R.J. Anchorage, Alaska: disabled young woman needs a new day-time care giver from Monday to Friday.

  35. M.P. Ocala, Fl-reoccurance of lung cancer
    A.M. Naples, Fl -financial distress, losing house
    E.M. Naples, Fl. -high blood pressure, financial distress
    S.S. Naples, Fl – legal troubles, needs job

  36. V.A. Castroville,CA healing of nueroectodermal cancer, going thru chemo now.
    S.C. Tillamook, OR starting a new job but high blood pressure may stop it, financial distress. Waiting for a check, pray for it to be released asap.
    C.C. Jerome, ID depression, anxiety, financial distress.

  37. V.R. for the healing of the trigeminal nerve, and F.R. for the sound he hears in his ears. thanks thanks thanks

  38. ALC Denver, CO High risk pregnancy – she started bleeding today. Please protect her baby from harm.

  39. Blessings!
    Please pray for
    L.C.J. Kearns, UT
    M.B.J. Kearns, UT
    m.l.j. Kearns, UT
    They are in desperate need of a financial windfall. Thank you all so very much!

  40. please pray 4 me to quit letting the negative thoughts and doubts i have
    help me 2 pen my heart up and think postively ,if not only 4 me but my 3 kids and husband. also 2 everyone else will pray 4 all of u 2 .many blessings to all of u

  41. A.H. Moscow, Idaho – healing and resolve of lung condition; Feeling and accepting empowered from within; healing anxiety attacks; finding a new, harmonious, and safe, home. Thank you, and Blessings to everyone!

  42. R.M. New York, Healing for thrombosis,
    A.M. New York, Healing of anger management.
    J.M. New York, Overall healing of mind, body and spirit.
    E.S. New York, Overall healing mind, body and spirit.

    Thank you to Everyone ! Triple blessings ~

  43. Thank you SIlver for reaching out to your community with healing prayer, even as you come to grips your own recent loss.
    for AMC, Miami, FL, who has just had two heart surgeries plus been diagnosed with cancer, that he may feel recover his strength and feel loved.
    for JM, Lafayette, IN, that she may recover from the depression that has nearly paralyzed her and feel how respected and loved she truly is.
    for ME in Seattle, WA, that she may find full-time employment.
    for SASS in Seattle, WA, that he may feel relief from financial anxiety and find a home to call his own.

  44. For the Watson family in CA:
    M was diagnosed with terminal small cell lung cancer. Please pray that she is spared as much pain as possible. That her family be given patience, and peace.

    Please pray for C and M (my kids) for continued healing and happiness. For focus on school and the future.

    Please pray protection over our little family (C, M, me, R and R).

  45. Dear Silver i am.sorry for you.n.ur familys loss..i am sending u.love n light.as ur a wonderful.person n u have helped me so.much n.lol.ive never met.u.i knw in the astral.plane we have n u helped me find my faith it was always in.my heart but u brought it to.the surface with ur teachings much love Silver ur friend Paul.in Az always n white.light.from.the goddess is surrounding u n ur fam.BB.

  46. K.M.M. Lake Katrine, NY – for safe birth of son due to be born soon, and financial ability to pay for bills and necessities.

  47. I ask for blessings for my son, NB – may he be protected living so far away from me, and I ask for extra prayers that he will understand that despite his parents’ divorce he will always know and feel the love that brought him into being. His birthday happens to be Summer Solstice.
    Also one for me – so I can be strong enough to make it on my own to make my own son proud of me.
    I thank the Goddess that I’ve been able to defeat depression after nearly a decade, and now on to better things. HO

  48. M.H….Taneytown, MD. anxiety attacks !,…. very bad pms – acne, mood swings, headaches with it. ocd….low self esteem and shyness..be brave and follow dreams not live in fear , and fear men because of the past, never to live in past…… E.H…Taneytown, MD..overcome autism and grow to be a smart strong man….Y.H. Taneytown , MD….diabetes,a person who doesnt take care of her health but needs to, hardheadedness. R.B.Mt.Airy, MD..abnoralities in nerve signals, nerve damage, B.W. Westfriendship, MD ..gout .

  49. My mother inlaw Helen n Ohio, her cancer has spread. My daughter Haley, ohio she seems depressed. Also my husband & myself.my dad, Pace in Ky, battleing with addiction & depression.
    Thanks so much, appeciate all you do Silverravenwolf.

    Kim J.

  50. Please Help Amy C. of Mesa, az. she is depressed,migraines, surrounded by some people that would wish her harm. give her strength of mind and spirit to fight all these things.thankyou and well thoughts to all.

  51. I ask for help with my eyesight, the cataract is growing faster and with no money and no insurance, there is nothing I can do. To give me strength to deal with everyones problems in this family.Many blessings to all as well

  52. Pam South Africa – for a the sale of our house at the price we need, jobs for my husband, myself and daughter in the UK or CT. An end to our financial problems please.
    Reply – My Dad (88 in the UK) is still in remission and doing well, going on 7 months now ( was given 6 weeks, even if he had chosen chemo), blessings and thank you to all for your prayers.

  53. V.A.S. needs a breakthrough. Needs a better job with more income. Need help with plumbing problems.
    J.N.M and D.M. need better jobs with more income so they can support their children.
    J.R.M. needs a part-time job for the summer.
    V.L.M. needs her family to support and help her with a lot more with care of her home and grandchildren.
    Thank you, and BB.

  54. LG, Erath, LA. My prayer for him is that he lets go of his anger and stops letting it control his life.

  55. B.E., Cambridge, MA – needs help with severe right knee pain/injury & emotional healing from grief over the loss of my infant daughter, PTSD & Anxiety
    L.J.T., Cambridge, MA – needs emotional healing from grief over the loss of his sister, bullying in school & depression

  56. SB- Albany, OR. My dear friend is recovering from brain surgery to remove a meningioma. Please work on her behalf for a smooth recovery and pathology results that the tumor is benign.

  57. my best friend of almost 30 yrs is in the hospital. we are unsure as to the exact problem. they say its NOT the cancer coming back…but either way she is in BAD shape. she is all of 35 yrs old and has survived cancer twice…but we dont know what exactly is happening this time. we just know its BAD.

  58. BCL, PA : for continual health and a great 1st semester this fall in college.
    ECN, PA : for more pain free days and luck in upcoming business ventures.
    NCL, PA : for better health and a painfree surgery.. safe return home.
    AMB, PA : for a great last semester at PennState.
    KS, PA : for better health and a great summer.
    AMN, PA: for better control of her sugars… they have been so well for soo many years and due to changes in her HMO she has had to chng meds.. now is having issues controlling her sugars., and more pain free days for her as well.
    DGN, PA : for more pain free days as his 90th Birthday approaches.

  59. XKL, BC: Career seems to be blocked, every time a corridor of progression is opened, a door slams, blocking me again. All I want is to be able to pay my bills. Please send Thor’s Hammer to break down the obstacles..Blessed Be and Thank you.

  60. M.M. Mesa, AZ : Financial healing, good health & energy, & prayer that I do well in my studies.

    A.C. Peace, calm, & strength, & good health.

    J.Y. Self-love, ambition, strength, & good health.

    Thank You & Blessed Be! 🙂

  61. Jes ,De , healing for my pre-cancerous condtion and prayers for it to never come back, thank you and blessings.

  62. JP and DP in Holland, MA – an end to financial problems and increase in income
    GG in Holland, MA – an end to her suffering and misery
    WB in Holland, MA – healing for her urinary problems and an end to her stress at work
    PH in AZ – healing of the tumor in her brain
    Thank you – Blessed be!

  63. HB, Largo FL – mental/emotional healing and that he will be able to come home from the hospital soon. And also find employment.
    MF, Largo FL – healing from anxiety so that she will be able to start shool next month and provide a better future for her and her children.

  64. KB in Wanchese NC-may her prayer of financial freedom be answered
    CW in KDH NC-struggling with severe depression

  65. Forgot to say thanks and will be praying for all to receive the blessings they are asking for.
    Blessed Be!

  66. Thor was the champion of Asgard and the sworn defender of Midgard. His might was legendary and he held power over life and death, as did many of the Norse God forms. Asgard rested at the top of the world tree(Yggdrasil) and was the realm of the Gods. Midgard(Earth) rested near the base of the world tree, below which the roots of the tree extended downward to the 9 circles of Hel, resting place of lost and dishonored souls.

  67. Lost Native needs prayer strength in alleviating the emotional torment & hardship of my & my husband’s familie’s mental illnesses & a light to open in the lifelong poverty struggle now that J.M has college, & for J.M’s diabetes & overall mental & physical health to brighten. I don’ t know where is left to turn but to the spirits. Bless You All for your open hearts.. and may Goodness breed Light!

  68. Thor was the champion of Asgard and the sworn defender of Midgard. His might was legendary and he held power over life and death, as did many of the Norse God forms. Asgard rested at the top of the world tree(Yggdrasil) and was the realm of the Gods. Midgard(Earth) rested near the base of the world tree, below which the roots of the tree extended downward to the 9 circles of Hel, resting place of lost and dishonored souls.

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