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May 2012 Prayer List

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Healing Circle Prayer List

Our circle will meet again in mid-May.  I’d like to thank everyone for their kindness during the difficult time of my father’s passing.  He lived a long and fruitful life, and I’m sure he went to his favorite garden in the Summerland.

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.

Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


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106 thoughts on “May 2012 Prayer List

  1. Facing serious surgery. Have to have a triple fusion on my spine. Please send positive healing energy my way.

  2. p.c., lempster, nh he has his 15th surgery for his arms in a few weeks. I want this one to work so he can move without pain for the first time in 10 years.

  3. h.c. lempster, nh . help me lose weight so I do not die of a heart attack. please I am tired of being sick.

  4. Amy C.Mesa, az, her migraines and blood pressure are not good. she is only 24.
    Been thru lots of tests. nothing so far. her stress levels are not good. i thank you for any
    good thoughts sent to her. Blessings.

    1. Dear Silver,
      I do not know if it is true or not, and I’m not into conspiracy theories, but there is supposedly going to be an Earth quake caused by HAARP what ever that is in Texas on may 20th, a lot of my friends at school are really worried others are acting like “Hey more for me.”
      Talking about where to go Looting after this happens. The rich brats are making plans to be else where. I guess I’m asking for a protection from this energy that is everywhere right now.

  5. linda, Mesa, az. help with the eyes. cataracts are growing fast.
    no insurance, no money to fix them. I need a miracle. thank you and
    many blessings to all the people who help.

  6. RS Brisbane, Australia, freedom from pain and to remove blocks stopping financial needs being meet

  7. KD Austin TX healing for sprained foot bruises and concussion from fall and related obesity and respiratory illnesses 0

  8. pc, new south wales, australia. I thank the universe every day for all the blessings I have in my life, I could just really use some help conceiving… Blessed Be

  9. BKrabbit. Campbellsville, KY. needs help finding himself, to be honest, corageous, and responsible. he wants to wake up blessed everyday by the lord, reminded that people care about him, and mostly, he wishes to take control of his life and stop pushing away the people who love him.

    i need this guy to be able to be himself.


  10. me- PH in SoCal- give it everything you got- health challenges and challenges trying to get them taken care of, living with alcoholic ungrateful mother, finances in an uproar, depression, stress, thanks for all your good energy 🙂

  11. VR, Forlì, Italy: to heal from a small health disorder recurrent, and FR , Forlì, Italy, for his ear infections (he is a musician and is approaching an important series of concerts for him … Thanks 🙂

  12. PB Largo, FL – loneliness, depression, financial constraints, health issues, which worsen depression and loneliness. All prayers and positive energy welcomed and appreciated. Blessed Be.

  13. Brandi Marino, Pleasant Hill, CA. needing Great job(bookseller)and/reunite with past love(Adam Desalvo) ….love you all- will be praying for everyone here. I love you all, especially your Ms. Silver:) Good luck and love to your dad in his venture to the Summerland.

  14. YTS (a friend of mine) in Fairfield, California. Needs spiritual healing and protection. She has just left from an abusive family. Both her parents and her brother all were beating on her. She is going through a rough time right now. She needs some sunshine to brighten her day, metaphorically speaking. I’ve been praying for her, still am, but I appreciate any others that pray for her. By the way, she’s a newly converted Wiccan. She is in my circle which I’ve recently started, and we are all praying for her, but I’d love for more people to pray for her too. She’s 15 years old and has been placed under my family’s care until the foster program gets started for her. We are keeping good protection and making sure she eats and all, just her spirituality and her faith in herself needs to be restored, which we are just barely succeeding in helping her with. I have never seen a teenager so quiet and it worries me. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

  15. J.S. North Tonawanda N.Y. I have had no luck removing the dark entities in my home and i know they are the cause of the constant hard times my four kids and I are under, there is no end. I have had a paranormal team, Reverand, and my own mother smudge but these beings wont leave and now the child protective services says things are so bad with my kids’ behavior they may take them into foster care! Im a single mom struggling and a man that commited suicide in my home before i moved in is draining me. My three year old daughter is visited by a two foot tall black creature (I am of sound mind and saw it with my own eyes, heard its foot steps and watched its yellow eyes blink before it ran and disappeared in the closet!) that growls at all of us when we enter the bedroom. My kids are scared, the older three are failing in school (my 12 year old is ordered to drug test because he falls asleep in class everyday), my 16 year old refuses to sleep at night and sleeps during the day, I believe he is guarding the rest of us while we sleep. Im desparate! I ask for the sake of my kids, not myself. Please help them?

  16. KP, sydney, Australia. Healing of self esteem and confidence and self love.
    Thanks 🙂

  17. My family needs financial help. My step daughter has just moved into our hometo search for herself and we need help! She has come from a “dark’ home and really needs all the help she can muster.

  18. For my spouse, D.L., in South Carolina, he has hiv and is sick right now. Also we are struggling financially right now and need a car so I can go to work or school to help us. Thanks 🙂

  19. NM, Marblehead, MA to the healing and success of her latest jaw surgery. She is 24 with rheumatoid arthritis since she was a toddler. Thank you. 🙂

  20. LC, palm coast, FL Protection from psychic attacks and dark energies, clarity of purpose and focus, confidence. Thank you.

  21. CP, Gilbert, PA: Battling pneumonia, COPD, and depression. Any positive energy will be greatly appreciated. Thank-you!

  22. PSN(PAG), ohio, USA ,emergency finanical healing, relationship concern, health (physical and mental) issues that are frustrating, my son (NJN) ….. the Goddess knows all the specifics to all 🙂 …. thank you for all the postive healing energy/prayers , I am sending postive healing energy and prayers to you all too , huggles 🙂

  23. NDP, Indiana: Need some healing in my body as it just isnt working right now, all i want is to be able to get pregnant and become a mommy, I need healing from depression and i need my body to be able to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby!!! Thanks for all your help

  24. Many thanks and blessings to everyone for this aid.
    D.M.- Alberta, Canada-Diabetes 2, double visions, arthritis, needs help with self care and nurturance.
    B.W-Alberta Canada-Emotional and physical healing, aid with finances.
    A.M-Alberta Canada-Emotional, and mental healing.
    L.T.-Alberta Canada-Physical, emotional and mental healing.
    L.K-Alberta Canada-Help with addiction and poor self care.
    J.A-Alberta Canada-Help with self care and nurturance, energy, aid with finances and prosperity.
    J.A-Alberta Canada-Physical healing, energy and self confidence. Aid with finances.
    S.A-Alberta Canada-Physical, emotional and mental healing. Aid with finances.
    C.M-Alberta Canada-Physical healing for Fibromyalgia, headaches and a ton of other health issues. Emotional Balance and mental healing. Aid with Finances and prosperity.
    L.M. & L.M- ALberta, Canada-Physical healing for Diabetes and other health issues. Emotional healing. Love.
    C.W-Alberta Canada-Mental and emotional healing. Love and peace.
    N.L-Alberta Canada-Mental and emotional healing. Love, peace and forgiveness. To help her heal and let go of the past.
    M.T-Alberta Canada-Mental and emotional healing. Balance in life and home.
    D.P-Alberta Canada-Emotional Strength, courage and belief that all with go good (getting tested for cancer in June).
    S.A-Edmonton, Alberta-Self confidence, weight loss, Self care, good choices. Friendships. Health and healing, Emotional strength. Belief in self. To help discover her life path. To know she is beautiful and a good person.
    R.J Alberta Canada-Aura clearing, cord removal and chakra balance.
    MOther Earth-healing energy and love.

    Thank you and Blessed be. Much love to everyone. Happy Mothers day.

  25. Please include me in your pray maybe i don’t need as bad as other,i’m 63,have a job,my health is not great but not that bad,have my daugther and grandchildren araound but still fell so alone.Please help.I’m praying to for the weel been of others

  26. Jill G., Marshall, TX – She’s my wife and her depression has worsened and she talks of dying every day. She’s only 42 and barely gets out of bed. Please, anything that can help.

    Also, maybe some help for me, too. I recently lost my job of 21 years and I have a year of college left. Any help for me to help my wife and balance my life.

    Blessed be.

  27. Amanda B. -milton, WV – my addiction. I have 7 months clean and sober. But I feel like I’m going back instead of forward.

    Logan G – Milton, WV – his attitude is awful, he has serious anger issues. And he don’t want to do good in school. I love my son but don’t know what else to do.

  28. A.J.P.IV, Naples,needs a good job! EM & AM, Naples, financial difficulties and need to get house asap. AB, Naples needs TLC and self confidence

  29. LG Ohio – health issues with two surgeries coming up and one is going to be very hard and financial concerns for her and her family.
    AL Indiana – health issues of a chronic and debilitating nature that causes severe pain and self love issues due to nonsupportive family members.

  30. L.G, P.N, Coahuila, Mexico, she was kidnaped and we want she appear safely.
    S.K.R.M, Qro,Qro. Mexico, I’m starting a new enterprise and I would like a lot of blessings.

  31. DMZ, Norfolk, VA. She is in severe depression over losing her best canine friend of 13 years. We hate seeing her this way and want our bubbly Dede back.
    DD, Hampton, VA. Health and financial aide. Constant worrying about the one is effecting the other.
    Thank you.

  32. LS Philadelphia pa needs help with major financial issues immediately and impending health issues that could be serious.

  33. Whatever it takes for my shoulders to be healed….would be really nice about now:) Also for energy to be able to exercise my way back into health.
    thank you.

  34. J.R.S Inez, KY – General peace and healing
    G.J.S Inez, KY – Mental well being and healing
    H.M.C. Inez, KY – General healing and well being
    C.M.R.G. Montreal Canada Peace, and finding a new job
    K.D.S. Montreal Canada Peace, and finding a better job
    D.S. Montreal Canada Peace, and well being

  35. Please pray for my health both physically and emotionally. I have been sick on and off for some time now and am frustrated that I cant get any medical help!! Whatever illness is ailing me has sapped me of all energy to the point where I am weak and exhausted!! Because of this I am severly depressed and dont know what its gonna take for me to feel better. I have no health insurance and the emergency rooms wont take the time or effort to run tests to try and find out the cause!! I live in a small town and dont have any family or friends to comfort or support me. Any and all prayers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Silver and to all…Blessed be!!

  36. L.M. Berwick, Pa. for more postive things to come into my life, need job, and or college, need to move forward with my life in a positive way, happiness, love, health, and more peace of mind, need stability in my life! thank you! and blessings!

  37. HC Raeford NC – constant physical pain, need answers from doctors, healing for relationship with my mother and my daughter, financial crisis for entire family

  38. Sally M.,Tucson, AZ-we just found out her husband Andy was killed by a drunk driver this morning. Please send prayers to both.

  39. BM, Pleasant HILLCA, need help landing solid job and connecting with lost love…thanks. love to you all. Your all in my thoughts and prayers.

  40. “Put Out the Fire”… I prayed using those exact words, asking for a way to do something about the nightly and abundant “yard” fires in just one single US town, so discovering this prayer list certainly feels like a blessing. I ask that prayers be made for people all over to burn responsibly and in moderation this Summer. See, not everyone goes to the home store to get a nice chimea to burn bits of untreated wood for a relaxing outdoor evening, and instead torch piles of toxic trash for a marshmallow roast with the kids. In 2012 a person shouldn’t even need to explain why that’s a bad thing for not just the people and animals that have to breathe the smoke, but what about our overall Air and Earth!? Who can say how many personal and health issues might go away if we have clean air to breathe and abundant oxygen to help us think through things clearly? I pray that people will learn what’s OK to burn and will cut back on the number of fires each week. /\ Thank you. I pray too then for all of you — may your needs be met with love!

  41. Jt in tn needs prayers to find a new job. Hes been in a lil trouble & he needs help gettin his life back on track. Blessed be:)

  42. MJR (new mexico)… overcoming drugs.. financial problems… problems with ex-wife and her family. Has a poor self-esteem… and a low paying job… and a daughter he loves more than anything 🙂

  43. I know your Dad has been part of your families life for a long time time Sliver and you were so use to having him around and caring for him. I pray your family fills the void with happy thoughts of the way he was when he was healthy.

  44. Also i’d like to add a prayer that all animal killers and torturers are brought to justice. Ex: in ny tiny just couple days old even kittens were murdered horribly! this kinda thing happens way too often with the guilty getting away never to be brought to justice and doing it again and again or even if caught get a slap on the wrist!

  45. NM / Johannesburg / South Africa. I am requesting that I am successful in the promotion that I am applying for.

  46. NM / Johannesburg / South Africa. I am praying for good health for my dog Snoopey who has arthritis,severe muscle spacims and is epileptic.

    1. I will keep your pup in my thoughts I pray for all of out beautiful critters to be healthy and loved. They give so much for so little in return.

      1. Thank you Teresa, your message is really hearfelt. Thank you. I appreciated it.

  47. S.C, British Columbia, Canada. My husband has a “bad” back, and physical and mental health issues and we are having hard time making ends meet. I have a baby on the way (2 weeks or less) and 2 young boys already.

    Thank you all and Blessed be!

    1. May your new baby be healthy and your husband get better I feel if his back was better his mental state would improve.

  48. L.S./ Pennsylvania…
    Financial Abundance, Clarity about my path in life, Harmony in my household, Healing for my husband.

  49. For BKO (New York) – for wisdom, justice, strength, patience, enlightenment, positive energy, physical energy, clarity, attention to details, discovery, an immediate long-lasting and large financial boost, protection and a favorable outcome for BKO and his children in family court proceedings. Also, for continued blessings as BKO continues to learn and grow as a wiccan. For EA (New York) – for an open mind, open heart, patience, understanding, wisdom and to look kindly and extremely favorably towards BKO and children during legal proceedings. For DH (New York) – for a renewed outlook, strength, wisdom, determination, insight, ability, passion, willingness, attention to details, discovery, drive and a strong belief in fighting for BKO and his children during legal proceedings. For NPO (New York) – for justice, maturity, strength, wisdom, courage, protection, a willingness to stand up and fight without fear, for clarity, the ability to speak openly and to be understood, and to recall and tell the truth during legal proceedings. For JAO (New York) – for patience, wisdom, understanding, clarity, protection, strength, the ability to recall and communicate information for legal proceedings. Also, a more favorable, stress free career with a substantial salary and benefit increase, closer to home with more favorable hours. I apologize for the length of this request. I’ve never done this before and everything i’m asking for I am extremely passionate about and did not want to miss anything. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers and taking the time out for me and the others in this post. May the blessings of the universe be abundant upon you!

  50. I left a prayer request last night but I don’t see it posted here. How do I find out if it was accepted or rejected? This is extremely important to me. I do not want to miss out on this opportunity for the power of this prayer group! Can anyone please let me know what happened to my post? Thank you!!

  51. Merlin M. @ucsf- merlin is a bright beautiful young lady who has a mass at the center of her brain. Please pray for healing, and the wisdom of her surgical team, peace for her family.

    Robert M- FL Please pray for healing (Mind body and soul). Pray that he is able to let go of his fear of change and let go of negativity from his past and move forward.

    Rowan-FL please pray that she can organize her creative projects and begin to have financial increase, to care for her family.

    1. Rowan with an update. My SSI has been restored!!!! I am so relieved, and I will receive it retroactively. Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!!!

  52. JH, Pennsylvania…. Healing of broken blood vessels in left eye. DH and LH, also Pennsylvania Healing of respiratory infections. Also financial prosperity for all three.

  53. Js., Delaware, I wish for healing of my Eczema it nothing I do seems to hlep, thank you so much.

  54. SVR, California.. Love, Protection and Prosperity. Let negative people in her life go with peace and love.
    TDR, California . Love, Protection and Healing
    LMD, California Protection, Healing, Love and Prosperity help heal her heart and make way for love of a man to enter…

  55. DB and JC – Orlando Fl. – Request Blessings, Prayers and Positive Energy for better health, healing, freedom from addiction, and for Positive Financial Growth. Also need help in improving an abusive, controlling situation. I just want peace, freedom, security and serenity in my life again. Thank ALL of you that help! My Prayers will be with you all!

  56. Js North Tonawanda N.Y. I find it discouraging that you pray for those with common illness or money issues, but when someone has a real problem you choose to dismiss them and delete their plee for help. At least Selina Fox had the common decency to email me back that my issue goes beyond her abilities. Since begging you for your prayers and seeing my post rudely deleted, my oldest son has moved out and disowned me, and I was in a bad car accident leaving unable to work and my van totaled. These dark entities in my home are real and tearing my life apart! I wish that someone believe me and help! It is very disheartening to see so many claim to know these things exist and advise others to be aware and protect themselves but when approached help, they write you off as a liar or crazy person! Thank you for showing your true colors to me and proving yourself to be nothing more than a fraud and fictional writer. I guess there is nothing left for me to do except send the rest of my kids away and let this house and its horrors take me!

    1. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. We put up all posts. The only thing I can think of is that the system marked your request as spam, which does happen on occasion. If this is the case, then I would think long and hard why this might have occurred. There is always a reason, and calling us rude isn’t it. I understand your frustration. We are all working for you.

      1. @ivoriereigns,,,,,wow dude that was harsh! First of all Silver holds thease prayer groups out of the goodness of her heart,,she dosent have to do them..she has a buisy schedual and alot to do and worry about and dosent need ppl jumping her s**t… chill out! Things happen and and theres probably a good explanation… theres no need for personal attacks and theres no reason to be nasty!!!….

      2. Silver i think this persons own negative aura is her problem.She her self needs a cleansing.

  57. AB Milton,WV – prayer to help me find a coven, and to stay on a sober path.
    CB culloden,WV – she is really depressed she told everyone she was killing her self I did the only thing I knew to do and called the law and she didn’t do it.
    SB Milton,WV – he has heart problems and they are getting worse, but he will not go to hospital don’t have insurance.

  58. Also need a prayer for me and my husband AB and SB Milton,WV our marriage is falling apart and I don’t know what else to do. He thinks I’m always lying to him and I’m not. He just assumes everything and anything. And I dont want to leave him but between him and my mom they are really killng me emotionally and it is messing with my head. And afraid I will end up using again cause of all the stress it is putting me under

  59. TF, Savannah, GA – Health problems going back years. Seems to be still lingering on. A prayer to improve her health would be wonderful.
    DP, Appling, GA – Problems with his marriage. Looks like they are really getting divorced but he’s still hurting. He loves her so much and wants to do what he can to be the man she wants. A prayer to help them either repair what is broken or heal if it is unrepairable. Sometimes broken relationships are broken for a reason. I just hate to see him in such emotional pain and wish he is happy once again.
    UM, Beaufort, SC – she has had many problems steming from her scarred past (horrid abuse of emotional, physical and sexual nature), high blood pressure, diabetes, alcholism and stress. I would like a pray for her to be healthy, to seek help for her problems and for her to be happy.
    SM and NM, St. Cloud, FL – so that he sees that their religious path is not the only path and to stop being so rigid in their spiritual views. To open their mind and heart to those who are different.
    SA, JR, AA, CW, LR, RC, RR, and ER, Savannah, GA – friends that deserve to be happy after all the tough trials they have gone through. The cruel judgements against them based upon the way they look and their sexual orientation. A prayer for their happiness and to find peace.
    EM and MC, Savannah, GA and Birmingham, UK – just a little prayer for us with our upcoming October wedding would be nice.

    Thanks. 🙂

  60. st helens, UK for my 18 year old daughter who has selective mutism and social phobia. thank you x x

  61. For my husband, his son and I in Maine please. We have been living in a friends RV for over a year while waiting for my husbands disability to come through. He is unable to work and I’m the only one with income right now and can’t support all of us. Please send positive energy. Also can you protect us from the negative energy of my husband’s ex-wife? I truly believe she is using Wicca in a negative way towards us. The last 3 places that we have lived where she has entered the house, 6 months later we have been kicked out for some reason. Thank you so much! Blessed Be.

  62. JD, Martinez, CA prayers for a successful business. This business allows me to help others looking for success in all aspects of their lives, so I desperately desire it to succeed.

  63. AF, North Charleston SC
    I have been unemployed for over 2 years. I have no income and rely on family to pay my bills and buy me groceries. Meanwhile, my home has become increasingly unsafe to live in. The bathroom floor is so cracked and rotted that it is affecting the plumbing. I desperately need a job and a new home ASAP. Thank you for this healing circle.

  64. CC, Groves, TX. My mom has been troubled by ear and neck pain. A prayer for healing and/or figuring out what’s happening would help. She has breast cancer and I don’t know if its a side effect of the medication or radiation. Thank you and blessings to all.
    SC, Groves, TX. A prayer for patience and calm.

  65. need prayer for AG and his wife BG from Sweeny Texas he has Cancer and not doing well but his wife needs prayers for her future for money and a place to live.

  66. DM, Palmdale, Calif. – needs heaing for her whole body
    SH, TX – prayers for her father’s passing
    MHT, NV – to get a new job before this one does him in.
    Thank you.

  67. Please pray for LCJ, mlj and MBJ of Kearns, UT. They have been through a very difficult year, including two deaths in the family since April. They are desperately in need of some peace… spiritual peace, physical peace and perhaps most of all, both mental and emotional peace. They are also in need of financial prosperity, since the last several months has just about broken them. Please pray for them. Thank you so very much for everything that you do to help the people who need it most. Blessings…

  68. V.S.L. for strength in life changes (weight release, financial abundance and answering the call to vocation); W.L. for support in finding the right and correct job that meets our needs as a family; and N.L. for general well being. All in Plaistow, NH. Thanks Silver 🙂 BB!

  69. MDH,Wilmington,DE we would like prayers for our family to find a new home as we are currently homeless.

  70. kh, huntington WV, a prayer that if it is meant to be, there could be a way to guide my relationship with my boyfriend to a better place.

  71. II, post-traumatic stress after earthquake, broken heart after separation; SI & HI post-traumatic stress after earthquake. Sofia, BG. Thank you, be blessed!

  72. My son C H has an arachnoid cyst which is growing when i wish it would shrink.
    my fianceto FD is facing major surgery on his stomach.
    I am getting married february 16th 2013 and my mother wont speak to me due to her alcoholism.
    Please help me, my fiance, my daughter, and please help heal my son. Ill send back all good energies i have to spare! A.D. Somerville Ma
    Blessed Be (0)

  73. LC & CC – In need of additional strong energies to assist in aligning us for a major financial improvement very soon.
    CC – Conquer addictions

    Thank you.

  74. Please pray for my Husband BB, Alabama, he is suffering from prescription medicine addiction, depression, and anxiety. We are have much trouble with our marriage and family. I am concerned for my 4 year old son, BB who has signs of speech delay, add, and autism. Please give me strength and knowledge to aid in their recovery and accept what is not possible to recover from. Blessed be!

  75. Please pray my daugther and I she needs to find a place to live. She has found one she likes, pray that she get it. I have been out of out work since 2008, and I cannot find a job pray for me to find a job as a Counselor. I love helping others. I want to have a chance to make a difference

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