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April 2012 Prayer List

A Place To List Your Prayers

Healing Circle Prayer List

Our circle will meet again in mid-April.  Really great people are driving many miles to attend and work for those in need.  Several individuals from all over the globe work from home as well.  We can feel you when you key into the workings!

Here are the General Rules:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.

Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


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54 thoughts on “April 2012 Prayer List

  1. First thanks to the Goddess for the blessings She has given me! Please pray for my Husband as he bravely deals with issues that have been holding him back. Prayers for safety for my son as he travels. Blessing to all who post their prayer requests here.

  2. D.L. – Fort Hood Texas She and her husband are having a very very hard time right now. They need all the positive energy they can get.

    JRS – Inez, Kentucky This is my dad. General healing, and positive thoughts. My dad takes care of my mentally disabled mom, and it’s very draining on him.

    GJS – Inez Kentucky. This is my mentally disabled mom, she needs any and every kind of positive light/thought.

    HMC – Inez, Kentucky. Healing She is my grandmother and needs all the help she can get.

    CMRG – Montreal Canada Need’s help with finances.

    KDS – Montreal Canada Needs help finding a better job.

    DS – Montreal Canada Needs help with finances.

    Thank you for all that you do Silver Ravenwolf. Blessed Be.

  3. RJL-Havertown, PA. He needs guidance in choosing a college path and the removal of obstacles in getting into the best college/university for him.
    Thank you Silver and BFC Healing Circle!!!

  4. DHG-In Havertown PA. Needs healing emotionally and physically and the help of spirit in finding a job. Thank you Silver and BFC Healing Circle!!!

  5. Many blessings, love and deep gratitude to everyone working this and all in need.
    D.M-Alberta Canada-recovery from a small stroke and diabetes 2, prayers for him to take better care of himself.
    M.F-Alberta Canada-Financial aid and sale of family farm
    C.m-Alberta Canada-Healing for left shoulder, low back, daily headaches and financial assistance and friendships of like mind and pure heart.
    D.h- Alberta Canada-Healing and comfort for bad morning sickness.
    L.B.-Alberta Canada-Deep emotional healing, Financial aid, Connection to higher self and Goddess, Balance and clarity
    J.A-Alberta Canada-Physical healing for a very bad cold, and financial assistance.
    B.W-Alberta Canada-Physical healing, emotional healing, self confidence, smart choices, and financial aid.
    L.T-Alberta Canada-Emotional healing, Physical healing
    J.M-Dog-Alberta Canada-Physical healing, strength and stability for arthritis in back end.
    C.W-Alberta Canada-Mental and emotional healing
    A.M-Alberta Canada-Mental and emotional healing

    Thank you
    In love and light

  6. All thanks and praise to the Goddess for all blessings!!! Blessings to all those posting requests.
    JCL Lees Summit MO…help in finding good job and health
    WAW Harrison Twp MI…help for health happiness and safety
    JJB Macomb MI…protection while overseas
    FGW Lees Summit MO…spiritual growth,health and prosperity

    Thank you Silver, Healing Circle, Goddess and all those that help in prayers!
    Blessed Be!!!!!

  7. L. L.B. NJ USA Better job with making money as a nanny with a great family and pay so she
    can take care of her children and bills.

    L. A. B. NJ USA Getting the job as personal assistant and more writing and social media gigs as well as for art.

    L. A. B. NJ USA Healing of emotions and physical issues.

    C. W. NM USA More love and supporting friends where she is

  8. J.S. and C.S. Tampa FL, USA C.S. needs a better job to where they can live closer to family and recover from the recession. J.S. needs schooling opportunities. Financial help/need.
    K.S. Tampa FL, USA Healing with Autism and financial need for services
    B.S. Tampa FL, USA Healing with anger issues and heart

    K.E. Woodstock IL, USA Financial/need help
    R.P. McHenry IL, USA Financial/need help

  9. Please pray for my family. We lost our home, now living in hotel with my two beautiful children, Christian and Carina. Please pray for their safety and strength. Also my husband FDJ get through his feelings of letting the family down and is now in deep depression . Please pray for me that I may be strong and overcome the anxiety that has almost taken over. Please.
    Somerville Mass
    Thank you
    Blessed Be

  10. SVR CA protection and prosperity and the right mate
    LMD CA protection, prosperity, and full time job that is rewarding
    TDR CA protection, prosperity and good health.

  11. P.L. will be post-brain surgery, blessings please for a speedy and uneventful recovery
    D.D. Blessings please for calm and serenity in his life, freedom from effects of childhood physical abuse
    D.L. Please, blessings for rapid and uneventful recovery from eye surgery.

  12. KAL of Kansas City, Mo, Financial needs, DCLII of Kansas City, Mo, Financial Needs, DJL of Kansas City,Mo. Financial needs, CDL of Lee’s Summit, Mo., Financial needs, TWP of Lee’s Summit, Mo. Financial needs. Thank you!!

  13. I would greatly appreciate some of the Circle’s healing power to be directed towards….

    S.D. in Long Beach, CA: for the increase of financial abundance, and complete healing from his recent break-up.

    T.D. in Long Beach, CA: for complete and total healing from past negative experiences, and for the acceptance/realization of his self-worth and value.

    B.F. in Long Beach, CA: for increase of financial abundance.

    D.M. in Long Beach, CA: for increase of financial abundance, and complete healing from his recent break-up.

    Thank You & Blessed Be!!

  14. Hello my name is Carrie and I was wondering if my family could be added to your prayer list. We are from MD and are in need of a home we are living in a hotel and don’t have very much money at all

    The Gross Family

  15. E.S. Lompoc California. My friend’s husband passed away recently in a car accident and can use some positive energy. Thank You!

  16. ELM of Naples, Fl. financial needs, being forced to move & cannot find house in price range for large family. SMS of Naples, Fl needs help for positive outcome for legal matters!!

  17. Y.G.B. & A.C.F. Manzanares el Real, Madrid, Spain. Two really close friends who had a quarell a few months ago and are unable to find their way back to love and friendship. Thak you very much 😉

  18. Would like to request physical healing for my sister, D.R. in Cicero, Illinois. Thank You.

  19. JC Lomita, CA To get the job my son applied for on Friday (Apr 6th) it would be for his highest and best good for him and his family. (His initials and city are the ones listed)

  20. L.L. would like healing of lungs and knee’s. I would like to caddy for the Dalai Lama. 🙂 Love, light, and laughter to you and all.

  21. AMC in Miami, FL, for full recovery from his heart attack
    TG in Seattle, WA for clarity and wisdom to make the right decisions regarding family matters
    FCM in Lafayette, IN for full recovery from his injury
    JM in Lafayette, IN for mental health and a peaceful home
    thank you so much!

  22. my daughter, HLR, she has been through soo much in her young life, and suffers from emotional pain from abuse, and now she is on her own, struggling to make ends meet, I help as much as I possibly can but, she is supporting a man that is almost twice her age and should have his act together by now but chooses to lean on her, putting more stress on her than she already has. so prayers for self confidence (to realize that she does not need him and can take care of herself),and prosperity (for her to manage her finances better and make better decisions) for her are much needed and appreciated. Thank you and blessings to you Silver for all that you do, and for everyone else in your prayer circle.

    Luna Lothlorein Goldenleaf

  23. ECN, Steelton, PA: In need of better finances to help with a new home and car, and continued better health.

    BCL, Steelton, PA: For continued improved health

    NCGL, Allenwood, PA: For continued mental clarity, luck in his court case and prosperity.

    JO, Harrisburg, PA: Just diagnosed with Cancer… for the best outcome for her and her family.

    CZ,Harrisburg,PA: Also a cancer patient.. currently under chemo for a rare cancer type… it seems to be working… pray for continued improvement.

    RCNL, Steelton, PA: For continued painfree days

    DGN,Steelton PA: For more pain free days in his elder years and overall improved health.

    AMN, Steelton PA: For improved health

  24. PSR for a healthy heart, full diabetes control, relief from back pain. Peoria, IL
    JRR relief from sciatica. Peoria, IL
    RC for complete healing from lung cancer. Farmington, IL
    MRR for complete absence of seizures, West Jordan, UT
    And so it is!

    Thank you for your prayers!

  25. My Father, Gary W. Ryan in Huntington Beach, California. He currently is THE longest known survivor of Multiple Myloma cancer! My relationship with my daughter, Samantha L. Ryan in Grants Pass, OR. Her and I need complete and total healing, and the truth be shown to both of us. Also, healing for my own Nancy L. Ryan ( mother, albeit, “Human Host” would be a more suitable title ).
    Please pardon my forgiveness issues!!! All 45 1/2 years of them. I want to let go of my past hurts
    with her and forgive her. I have been telling myself ” It’s okay to let go” over and over again, I hold a huge clear quartz which holds and releases and surrounds her with light, and then I take a huge rose quartz and that is the love that I send. I sometimes will light a pink and white candle, maybe light some cherry/vanilla insence. I surround my mother with love and light no matter how long it takes til I begin to feel the love and light from a genuine place, then I feel complete and total grattitude and peace. I have to do this over and over because there is oceans of tears inside of me. I chose to stop speaking to her a little over a year ago. In some ways, as the rest of my family agrees with me, It’s the best thing I could have done. I still have nothing for her. I have a divine love for her and she is, my mom. I really don’t know what I am asking for our mother-daughter relationship, Maybe love, light, and truth. I will be sending and lighting candles for others on this blog as well. Thanks again, Silver and Blessed BE!!!!!!!!!

  26. bjb – Deer Park, TX – financial needs, enough to pay bills, promotion at work

    slf – Deer Park, TX – better health, financial needs

    ckp – Deer Park, TX – health issues – alzheimers, strength of mind.

  27. kp and cp – TX – recently lost daughter in a motorcycle accident, she left 2 young sons.

    the whole P family – TX – torn apart since death of mother 3 years ago. lots of arguing, some family members being told they are not family anymore. please bring love and light back into their hearts.

  28. bjb – Deer Park, tx – financial needs, promotion at work

    slf – health issues, financial needs.

  29. act/ brooklyn, ny…physical healing of complications from diabetes/unknown illness.
    jps/lizella, GA…protection from effects of stress and worry.
    dwh/buckeye, az…spiritual healing & transformation of grand proportions.
    jcs/macon, ga…soul/heart healing, positive change.

    wishing miracles for each & all of you, lighting a candle each eve for you
    thank you silver xoxoxo

  30. I would sincerely be grateful for the circle’s energy be directed towards:
    T.M.C. New Castle, DE needs help dealing with her anger~ finding where it stems from, and learning to love herself so she can be alone and content with it.
    P.W.C. New Castle, DE healing her physically and spiritually so she can face life with the vigor she once did.
    R.G.C. New Castle, DE needs spiritual healing and help opening up instead of turning to the bottle.
    J.J.M. Lakewood, NJ needs help healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually and get himself off the drugs.
    C.M.C. Lakewood, NJ needs help finding my way, healing emotionally and spiritually. I need to find a reason to live so then maybe the suicidal thoughts go away…….Thanks

  31. I Thank each and everyone in the circle for all your positive energy’s..Peace & Light, be with you all<3
    M.C.D.Jacksonville,Fl, needs mental clairty with making decisions on marriage & physical healing, emotional healing, needs to forgive sister..
    A.N.D. Hyannis,Ma, needs mental clairty for life decisions,where to live,how to live..etc, needs physical positive energy to carry and deliver a strong,, healthy baby girl.
    G.M.D.Jacksonville,Fl, needs mental healing for drug abuse.
    E.G.G. Live Oak,Fl, needs physical healing for debties and sleeping disorder.
    M.G.B. Live Oak, Fl, needs physical healing for leg's,ankles,feet,stomach, healing for obesity, needs to lose 120 lbs for physical reasons!!
    M.R.D. Jacksonville,Fl needs physical healing for Asthma.
    M.S.D. Jacksonville, Fl needs healing for developmental disorder Autism.

    Peace & Light, be with the circle! Blessed be!

  32. Guidance on whether my husband and I should consider relocating to MD. Thanks so much.

  33. Valetine. Chishinau, Moldova. Needs:healing, finance, find new job… and more: I want to improve my english quite enough for further to translate wonderful books of Silver from english into russian. It is my blue dream. Let my dream will come true. Thank you! Blessed be

  34. Please place my family and I in your healing circle again this month. TMD (me), CRDJr, both from Wytheville, VA, USA; BMF & CA, both from Beckley, WV, USA; EDA & CLP, both from Cereda, WV, USA; NMP, DLP, BLP, & AMP, all from Princeton, WV, USA; BJW from Princeton, WV, USA; JLZ from Princeton, WV, USA, GMW & JRW, both from Wytheville, VA, USA. TMD & CRDJr are in a terrible financial bind due to unemployment due to major back surgery (a three-level fusion) and health issues. We have only $1,000 coming in a month now, and our bills alone come to $1,600 (that includes rent and utilities). This does not include food, fuel, or medications. We do not live above our means or spend needlessly. We just have no money. We are two months behind on rent and are probably getting ready to be evicted. Our vehicle was repossessed last week, and we have no way to get it back. We are kind, honest people who do what we can to help people and animals, this has just been the worst year possible for our family. The financial and health problems are putting a strain on our marriage, and we need to either be able to make it work or cut ties cleanly. We also need a big break money-wise to catch our bills up and be able to live. I also need to find good employment and be able to go back to school to finish my degree so our family will be in a better place financially. BMF & CA need financial help and healing for their health issues. EDA & CLP need financial help. Also, everyone on this list needs to have our hearts healed as we grieve for one of our beautiful kittys, whose beautiful life was cut short this weekend by a speeding driver. BJW (my mother) needs healing for her health issues (mostly heart-related issues), as well as financial healing, JLZ needs his mental and physical health issues healed, as well as his financial issues. GMW, JRW, NMP, DLP, BLP & AMP all need financial and health healing, and BLP & AMP need to stop giving their poor mommy, NMP, such a hard way to go. Also, for our beloved pets Nara, Merlin, Morgaine, Nadia, Bleu, Nessa, Jupiter & Zimba, please heal any ailments they may have and heal their hearts due to the loss of one of their brothers this past weekend, Rakki. We all are grieving for him terribly. Please, please lift our family in blessing and prayer and light candles for us that we may receive assistance from the Goddess for all that plagues us, and please do the same for all others on he Healing Circle list, as well. Thank you, Mama Silver. Blessed Be!

  35. Im not sure if its too late to add this but i ask for healing for myself in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. My low back and right hip have seized up and i have extreme nerve pain and can barely walk. I would love some physical healing sent my way. Many thanks and blessings Caladriana

  36. Please work for J.B. New York. He is having stroke issues
    A.F. N.Y. Has been having great difficulty with kidney surgeries.
    A.G. Long Island NY. 12 years old, has sutto tumors. Needs healing to be able to function in his daily life.
    C.H. Pennsylvania.That he gets his life in order & gets clean from drugs.
    A.R. Pennsylvania. That she gets her life in order & gets off drugs.
    M.R. Pennsylvania. Heals well from hip surgery & infection in her jaw goes away.
    K.H. Pennsylvania. That she stays healthy & happy & is getting all her needs met on time or better.
    J.H. Pennsylvania. Terrible cough that hasn’t gone away, has a cold.
    D.A. Pennsylvania. Heal her ankle & hip area, needs healing to be able to move better.

  37. My daughter, SNS (LR,AR) may be facing liver failure! She is only 21 y/o! PLEASE, send all the healing energy you can muster! She is TOO YOUNG to die!

  38. Gratitude!
    FVS, Sao Paulo, Brazil, emotional health needs, has problems with depression, which has hurt a lot, can not leave the house, sick and unemployed. Blessings and Prosperity.

  39. Merry meet!

    I pray for my mother (Olga Cecilia Serna) in Colombia, Medellin and his health, as well as by my father Luis Alberto Alarcon and health, and my niece Mariana Alarcon and healing of their disease.

    The economic prosperity of my family in Medellín Colombia, we are going through a difficult thing, and we want the power and possibilities to get out.

    Through the work of my father, to follow him and taking more and more.

    I pray for my health (Santiago Alarcón) my studio to finish my academic year as well as possible.

    I pray for the health of Orlando Zapata in Medellín Colombia, for its quality of life during his terminal illness (ALS) and the family unit.

  40. B.T. au…healing from heart cancer..
    S.J.F..n.z..healing, transformation, new job & new postive partner, come home to herself..
    E.A.F..n.z healing from sezures & chest congestion..
    peace and healing to all

  41. R.N. healing from a broken heart and the anguish of finding out there is gender xxy chromosomal problems may peace come to him emotionally

  42. JMC, Den CO – find his passion again
    AMC, Den CO – healing from severe injuries, positive resolution in accident law suit, find dream job
    JJT, GWV CO – Love, peace & comfort in her final days on earth
    AMC, AURRA CO – health for physical and mental illnes
    IJC&MBC, HR CO – Change in heart to not destroy a family relationship with their cruelty

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