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The Making of Emerald

The Making of Emerald

by Silver RavenWolf

Did you ever want to make something; but, you weren’t sure if you had the time, or the skill, or the whatever to get it done?  That’s how I felt about attempting to make a primitive doll.  Particularly since I’m not a doll person.  Well…okay…I love magickal dolls, but I don’t have tons of them prancing around my house.

I vacillated for several weeks.  I’m a git-er-done person when it comes to crafting projects.  I do great with short ones and those that last a day or two…but, longer than that?  My internal gas tank wears out.

So…I debated big time on Emerald.

That’s her name.


No, there’s nothing green on her at all.  She told me who she was.

Did to!

Anyway, it took me a while to build up the courage to attempt constructing such a doll.  I would get ready to start, and then back off.  Get ready again, and then fill my time with something else.  And yet…like I said before…I love magickal dolls.  Voodoo dolls particularly.  I don’t know why.  I just love them.  I think they are cool.  Unique.  Different.  Powerful.

Finally, I drug out my sewing machine and decided I would at least try.  That’s what life is all about…trying…right?  Problem was, I hadn’t used my sewing machine in a long time.  After two stitches I realized the machine wasn’t in the cooperative mood.  With a sigh, a major eye roll, and a few words I will not repeat here (PR and all) I motored to the Pike to get the blasted machine repaired… in the driving rain, no less.

Two weeks stall time.

When I brought the machine back in the door, my husband said, “Going to do that doll now?”


With the new moon high in the sky, I cut out the pattern pieces for Emerald.  She took me sixty people-hours to complete.  I sewed and stuffed her hands first and laid them on the table.  When my daughter came for dinner, she looked at the disembodied little hands and said, “You know, Mom, that is really creepy.”  So, I marched the hands across the table at her.  She screamed.

With everything in life, from caring for the dementia patient to making Emerald, I always try to incorporate the spiritual, the magickal, the glittering mindlight that we all are so capable of producing; but, so often forget the power we have.  To me, nothing is worth doing unless I can somehow, some way, make it magickal.

Which is why I empowered those little, stuffed disembodied hands, holding them in mine, willing light into them.

No wonder she screamed.

Yet, the really creepy thing?  Back in the 1930’s?  The woman that owned the house I live in?  She was a doll maker.  Yup.  She even bought the water works property next to ours and converted the little building into “the doll house”, where she busied herself making and repairing primitive dolls and their clothes.  We tore the building down a few years ago and converted that area into the prayer garden.  Herbs from that prayer garden were added to Emerald as I stuffed her body cavity.

If I made another doll like Emerald, there are things I would change.  Like sewing her appendages on BEFORE painting and grunging her.  Oh my stars and garters, it took me three hours to get those arms and legs on that doll.  Trying to sew through painted muslin is not something I want to try again.


I finally had to use a pair of jewelry pliers to pull the needle through.

Argh in a handbasket!

And, although I’d stuff the hands firmly like the directions call for, I think I’d put less stuffing in the arms so that they would be a little more flexible.  While sewing the outline of the foot, I’d change the pattern so that the edges are rounded.  That’s mechanical stuff.

At one point, I thought Emerald was going to be hideous, and I almost stopped.  I even eyed the trash bag.  But, no, I said to myself.  Keep going.  Things have a way of turning out just the way they are supposed to.

I sewed on.

Emerald sat, in the buff, on the dining room table while I stitched together her clothes.  I chose fabric with skulls and crossbones because…heck…I don’t know…I just thought it would be cool. She seemed to be impatient, so I sewed her bloomers first.  After I dressed her in those she seemed to exude more serenity as I worked on her dress.  I changed the pattern of the apron so that it could be removed and laundered, and added pockets for wishes that matched her bloomers.

When completely dressed, Emerald told me her name.

Did to!

And she told me a VERY cool story.  Which I’m still working on in my head.

From the dining room table Emerald traveled to the altar, where I did a full ritual to empower her for protection of the home where ever she lives, love and of course…magick!

Here are a few pics of Emerald on her first day completed in the world.

Emerald learning to read a sundial.
Emerald taking her first mechanical chicken ride.
Emerald waiting patiently for afternoon tea.
Emerald climbing her first tree.

I guess the moral of this story is this:  Even though you are hesitant to try something, hitch up your bloomers and go for it.

You just never know what good things might happen.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

37 thoughts on “The Making of Emerald

  1. LOL I absolutely adore the story of Emerald 🙂 She’s positively the cutest doll I’ve ever seen, not one bit creepy lol. Maybe the doll maker who owned your house passed on the name of Emerald for the doll. Would be pretty kewl right?

  2. I love her! Emerald turned out beautifully; you can tell alot of love and time went into her making. The skull patterned material…. yep, it’s cool 🙂 I look forward to hearing the story she told you… I do hope you share it with us!

  3. She’s beautiful and so special. Materials and skill are two things, but lots and lots of love make something like this. 🙂

  4. I think she’s a very cute doll! Looks like all the time and hard work paid off well. I have a feeling she will be a great aspect in your magick…like a helpful hand for you.

  5. Love her! Great story and she looks so beautiful. Thank you as always for sharing with us.

  6. Oh, she looks so cute! I’m sure you had a lot to do. It needs time until our creativity comes “out”. I know it, as I absolutelly love to do some craft items, sewing projects. Sometimes I also don’t know how to start, but later it’s so easy and when I see what I created, it’s just a wonderful feeling.

  7. i think shes great, she looks very happy and i too would like to hear the
    story she told you. i have two witch dolls called nora and peg who talk
    to me too xx

  8. Emerald is beautiful and I love the story. I found that a person can make something even if they have NO IDEA how. I was with a jousting troupe (knights on horseback hitting each other HARD with a big stick) a number of years ago. One guy wanted a complete barding for his horse. I made it for his horse. I cannot sew to save my life…but i guess I can because the barding was beautiful…it can still be seen on some youtube videos of jousting championship matches. But I digress. I am eagerly awaiting the Story of Emerald. As for when you are hesitant about doing something, hitch up your bloomers and go for it! I needed to hear that. I am taking some very serious horseback riding lesson for dressage. I am very nervous about it at times….your statement has given me new light on doing stuff. Thanks for your inspiration!

  9. Miss SilverRavenWolf is very wounderful writer! I have read soooo many books and a couple of hers. I enjoyed both. Iook forward to reading more! merry meet

      1. Finished Sacred flame this evening. Must say I truely enjoyed once again. When I finish one of your books I allways mail it to my grandmother. She has had me on Buckland, Harris, gerald,Whitcolmb,Fuld,Morrison… the elders for many years. Your books I have read are older however they have a fresh air about them. Gibran will allways hold a place in my heart. I hope my gram will enjoy your spin as much as i have! Pretty sure she will. Been in soltaire for almost 23 years.Oh the locals do know a thing or to about me, and i love to work my Runes and someother gifts when able. I remain very humble never charge and allways abide by the laws and rules. In return I own a very succsesful business and have been blessed by my God and Goddess.Some of the things you teach I already know 50 times over. I do love your approach! Trinka spell for money is great. I never ask for more then my family needs. Grammy had one, diddy kie not spelled that way to understand, it’s Gypsy. Will move on to your next publication. Are your sales up this quarter? lol Sincerly Lori

  10. Great looking project Silver! I love that you share them with us, and I love the stories you tell about what was going on during the making of them. I can just see you marching the hands across the table! Thank you and Blessed Be!

  11. I LOVE the story of Emeralds manifestation! Maybe it would be nice to write a book about her and her magickal adventures as she travels from home to home! I do believe the spirit of the doll maker who lived there before you was working through you as she was created! She’s perfect! And I adore her little toes! BB Tracey. )0(

  12. Emerald is a beauty….love her story, looking at her photos reminds me of toy story…”you gotta friend in me…:)
    I love when the powerful call to create comes upon me, I am hitching up my bloomers and preparing to create wee magical pinee dolls….

  13. You created life with your hands & heart as Emerald looks alive and I want to hold her! What a wonderful seed to plant into others hearts to also create such an awesome creature and what a lovely companion that could ride in the car with me!! I want to make a sister of hers for me to give TLC to!
    Thank you very much, Silver!

    Blessed Be.

  14. She told you her name, Silver. Seems to me you were more than spirit-doll maker here, you were midwife! Emerald is filled with Spirit.

    Oh, and I love the struggle to attach her limbs, too. Very powerful mythic poetry to the image. Hmmm, not sure but if memory serves me right, Bierlein’s Parallel Myths lists several divine rebirths where limbs have to be put back on.

    If she were mine I’d be sure to put a sweet in one pocket before putting a wish/petition in the other!

  15. Emerald is one of the spirits that occupies your home. She protects the house and children.
    She loves to play hide and seek games with your things. She’s an old soul but died young.
    Lot’s of wisdom in her, and her favorite color is green. I’ll shut up now.

  16. Well…..OK, Emerald is overjoyed that you finally decided to make her!!!! I have been checking this blog everyday just to look at Emerald. She makes me happy. The reason for this is that her and I
    communicate. She even calls me by given name, Gina Lynn! And yes!!! ” Gina Lynn!” That was my

    “O’ OH ” name when I was a child of course! There is a young girl either around, or in your home alot that she does that with also, her name starts with either an “S” or a “C”. I keep getting ” Ce Ce.”
    Like a nickname perhaps! Everytime I look at Emerald, more and more light shine’s through her. I know her. I haven’t a clue on the particulars, But I know her. There’s so much I want to say. I have a couple of things that I have to do, so I’m going to do them now.

  17. I love Emerald. She is cute, classy and cuddley. She has both spirit and wisdom. Plus an awesome style sense…… We are moving at this time but when settled, may try my hand at this. I also, am anxious to read her story. Thank you for sharing. Emerald has lifted my spirits and brought out a giggle or two. Blessings and Hugs.

  18. Emerald is gorgeous. I love her (your) style sense. You have created her with spirit, style, and wisdom and she also makes me giggle and not take myself too seriously. I look forward to reading her story. Perhaps she will keep a journal? We are moving at the is amazing how much junk you can accmulate in a lifetime..and it’s no small chore when you are seniors. Once settled, I may try my hand at creating a little companion. Thank you for sharing and letting us enjoy Emerald and her Adventures. Blessings and Hugs

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