Just a Note…

Healing Circle went really well and we felt that surge of energy right around 8:00 PM.  Thank you everyone for joining in and working with us.  It was a very good night!  We worked on hundreds of petitions and the magick
was hot, hot, hot!!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within


7 thoughts on “Just a Note…”

  1. Lit candles at 8 pm on the dot asking for not only my petition but the best result for all in their best interest. Hope everyone gets their answers the help they need and /or the healing energy. Peace

  2. I felt the surge of magic, amazing changes and healing have begun with the ones I asked prayers for…thankyou all so much…blessings and love marie

  3. The emotional healing that’s taking place within me is awesome! I fell into a mysterious deep
    sleep, from about 5:00pm ( 8:00 pm your time ) until 6:00 am! Something changed in me, I know
    because I never sleep like that and when I found out that the healing circle took place the night before, I knew. I feel peaceful inside and happy. I feel re born at 45. My husband has been in alot less pain and is working again as a result. The psychic bond between my dog, my two cats, and myself is stronger. Thank you so much!!!! LOVE and LIGHT, Fand

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