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Country Primitive Crow, Raven, Dove, Bluebird Pattern for Spirit Dolls and Grunging Techniques

Country Primitive Crow, Dove, Raven, Bluebird Pattern for Spirit Dolls or Grunging

by Silver RavenWolf

First it was the dolls, then the cat…now, of course, we must have a crow!  I created this pattern for you over the Saint Patrick’s Day weekend.  The pattern can be simply sewn and stuffed with your favorite materials, or it can be cut out of muslin, sewn, and grunged (as in my previous article).  All I ask is that you do not sell my pattern, or mass market my design.  I added a few pics with the grunge technique.


The Pattern



The Pics

Paint on eyes. Add any embellishments you like. The paint colors used for this crow were black and marigold. This pattern will work well for Yule doves, Spring bluebirds, and of course, our Autumn Raven!


Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

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17 thoughts on “Country Primitive Crow, Raven, Dove, Bluebird Pattern for Spirit Dolls and Grunging Techniques

  1. Kit on said:

    Oh Silver he is adorable! I love it! He’ll definitely be a project I’ll try in the future. Thank you for sharing him and have a Blessed Ostara!

  2. Fand on said:

    Happy Ostara!
    What a wonderful project I can make this in honor of my Goddess, Morrighan! I really like this
    grunging technique. It’s perfect for a messy artist like me( yes, making a mess while creating
    something beautiful is half the fun!) I know my husband will love it. After all, our last name is
    Bird! Have a Blessed day and thanks again!

  3. CyndiCozyCottage on said:

    I did a crow doll a few years ago cyndi

  4. Lady Edenbolake on said:

    Silver, when my daughter was younger I bought her your Witch’s night out book and she fell madly in love with Ramona as I did and the other characters as well. We were wondering the other day if there are or have there ever been any interest in making your Witch’s Night Out a movie? I hope it is ok if I ask here. I am so very tired I don’t know which way is up.
    blessings Lady Edenbolake

  5. RevMorgan on said:

    Silver this is wonderful! I would like to share this on my blog may I have your permission? Kudos to sister. Many blessings! Rev. Morgan

  6. Sure! Sharing is great!

  7. jussara regina on said:

    OI!!! ADorei esse patinho, muito obrigada por compartilhar…abraços Jussara

  8. RevMorgan on said:

    Thank you so much Silver. Ive learned so much from you over the years. I bought your first book To Ride a Silver Broomstick when it first came out (although I was studying Witchcraft for years prior to that book coming out I didn’t really discover Wicca till I hit my early 20’s and I’m 43 now lol), and at one point had all your books! You are very creative and Ive had the esteemed pleasure of watching you grow as a writer. You’ve been a source of inspiration and I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you do. Blessed Be. xoxox

  9. RevMorgan on said:

    Reblogged this on Rev. Morgan's Musings and commented:
    I am anxious to do this lovely project from Silver RavenWolf! She’s got a flair for such things! Feel free to check out her blog as she has a lot of great projects and information. Even her tweets are awesome!

  10. Joyce on said:

    Thank you for sharing your patterns. I love that little pig!

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