Braucherei Earth Magick for Manifestation

Silver RavenWolf Braucherei

Braucherei Birthing Magick — To Bring Any Desire Into Form on the Earth Plane

by Silver RavenWolf 2012

In recent blog articles I talked about birthing magickal objects in the traditional Braucherei manner of burying them in dirt for three days, then bringing them out into the open at dawn or noon.  Here is my Book of Shadows Page explaining this process.

Page from Silver RavenWolf's Private Braucherei Book of Shadows


Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!




9 thoughts on “Braucherei Earth Magick for Manifestation”

  1. silver, i have a question, in one of your books,( to light a sacred flame, i think it was) you have recipies for making diff kinds of magickal powders, using diffrent colored talc powders. im wondering where to get the diff colored talc powders, i tried to find cross roads spiritual supply house, but cant find it online. (or locally) do you know a place to get it?

  2. This is wonderful. You have helped me get back in touch with my creative side. The love and light
    that had seemed mournfully gone for so long! All this has really helped me with my forgiveness
    issues as well. I am a Leo-Sagittarius with most of my planets in water so I hold on to things
    forever.(for good and bad). If it still hurts, 20 years ago will still be as fresh as yesterday. I have
    a tough and somber exterior, but I am too sensitive. You have been a wonderful mentor for me.
    You have helped me to stay in love and light and helped me have a new love for my Goddess
    and the craft. In love and light, True Magick begins, works, and stays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To be able to thank you in person one day would be an Honor. Maybe in the next life(LOL).
    You have a wonderful and pure heart for what you teach in your books and what you share
    with all of us here.

  3. I also have found myself again because of your posts and check you site everyday for more of your wonderful wisdom. I can’t thank you enough for being who you are. Blessing upon you and your family.

  4. Thank you for all of the wonderful energy you put into these tools and for sharing. I hope I can someday share back but for now please just accept my thanks and all the blessed energy I can offer your way.

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