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Spirit Cat Pattern for Protection, Success, or Healing

Spirit Cat is very easy to construct and will look fantastic on your altar!

Spirit Cat Pattern

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

A week or so ago I posted How to Make Spirit Dolls.  I received a lot of positive feedback and a request for an animal pattern. The cat is made exactly the same way as the dolls with the addition of the two ears and the tail.  I also placed pipe cleaners in the ears so that they can bend a bit.

Here is the pattern:

Spirit Cat Pattern by Silver RavenWolf.

Spirit Cat can be created for a variety of needs from pet protection and healing to your success, or as a symbol of Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess.  Your intent and any herb combinations create the theme of the cat.  You are free to use this pattern and sell your cats.  All I ask is that you do not sell the pattern in paper form or as a download.  If you are unsure how to construct the cat, check out my Spirit Doll article listed below.

May your stitching be filled with loads of good magick!



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

29 thoughts on “Spirit Cat Pattern for Protection, Success, or Healing

  1. How precious! It is adorable!
    Every time a black cat crosses my path, I would by a lottery ticket and win!
    My black Cat, Sebastian will cradle my head at night when I am asleep and
    bless me with love and light. That is why I no longer have nightmares! What
    a bright blessing this is. Thanks Again

    1. Fand,

      I love your cat’s name. Ironically, a while ago I had said if I ever get another male black cat I was naming him the same thing lol. Bright Blessing to you and Sebastian!

      1. My Husband I live in a small town called Fort Mohave, AZ.
        There is no animal shelter here! we have always dreamed
        of opening a Non Kill shelter, But have always lacked the
        the finances. We have 3 beautiful animal children and we
        would have many more if we could!!!!!!! Also ,there isn’t
        any cost friendly vetranary care! We live in the dark ages
        here. Hopefully one day it will happen here. Please pray
        for this city.

  2. I love this… I like making dollies. I have made a dolly of my own for my altar and plan on making more types of dollies as well. I have also thought of making some animal dolls for peoples animal totems. The pendant on the chain has caught my eye though. Is there a scroll in there? Is it a fillable pendant? Where on earth did you find that. I have been looking for something like that for a while. Years ago I got a silver pendant capped like that with the Virgen of Guadalupe in it. I wanted to make a tiny goddess and put it inside and wear that, but the only fillable pendant I found cost an arm and a leg (currently out of spare arms and legs)… Anyway I love the kitty. This is one kitty I can keep in the house that won’t give me problems with my allergies. Thanks for the idea.


  3. This is so cute, I will try make one!
    I love your tutorials, they are very inspiring.

    Blessings from Germany,

  4. Silver this cat is adorable! I love it! I used to have a stuffed cat shaped like this long ago when I was a little girl. I’m probably showing my age here but it’s name was Boo Boo Kitty (yes, after the stuffed cat from Lavern and Shirley). This image brought back fond memories of it. Thank you.

    As a side note for those that try these, might I suggest that if you do decide to sell your cats donate some or all of your earnings to pet charities. They could really use the help during these tough economic times and you’ll be giving back to the Universe. You never know what may come it. Blessed Be everyone!

    P.S. If anyone on here is also on facebook and loves cats feel free to join my group that is devoted to these wonderful animals called The Kitty Kat Korner.

  5. i like the freedom on your dolls and cat,maybe yet we need something little that anybody will to know that its going with our…,maybe some little beatle,or flower,or i dont know.smaller than button,i hope that you will know.thankeyou)

  6. Hi Silver…This is going to be a fun project…I belong to a Goddess Doll group on yahoo and I’am going to surprize them with this one.My freind and I shared your blog with them.Thank you again for all you do.My Goddess Bless you all the days long.
    Patty C

  7. Do you have any suggestions as to making these
    in a no – sew format similar to the conjuring bags?
    Also for anyone with limited finances, why not, if
    you can, donate pet food to your local banks and
    city outreach facilities. My husband and I volunteer
    at a local food bank in our town. There are alot of
    animals out there that are hungry and abused.
    most people never think about donating pet food/
    supplies to charities!

  8. Absolutely LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us. I loved the spirit dolls when you first showed those and my thought immediately went to trying to find a pattern for a Raven (my bird of choice), but until then Kitty will be so welcomed in my home.

    On a side note for Honey: You could use small charms of the crescent moon. It would still connect you without giving you away.

  9. Hey
    I read a lot of your books when I was little; but I never found what I was looking for in Wicca. I stumbled onto this writer that you should check out– E A Koetting.
    From your books it’s obvious that you dislike the left hand path– but his books take the practice of magick too a whole new level.

  10. To:” Bad at this” Why don’t YOU stay on YOUR path and with the author of YOUR choice. This
    is a POSITIVE place for those that LOVE and follow SILVER RAVENWOLF. I don’t think that you
    have any right to state your negative opinion here. It is obvious that you are unhappy with YOUR
    current position in life. If you were happy, you wouldn’t be cutting someone else down. We that follow Silver, LOVE Silver. We are happy on our RIGHT handed path. Perhaps you should……
    I don’t know…………………BE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This pattern ROCKS. I will be making this for one of my best mates who loves anything cat, and i have her fav. colored material..thank you so very much.

  12. Thank you for this idea of the kitty. I love cats. Our son is named Cerridwen. I am going to make one for myself and others for my nieces. Cats are here to be blessed , worshiped, loved and admired. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful blessing.

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