March 2012 Prayer List

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Healing Circle Prayer List


Our circle will meet again in mid-March.  The months of January and February met with great response from the community.  Many individuals from all over the globe worked from home to pray for those in need.

Here are the General Rules:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.

Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


117 thoughts on “March 2012 Prayer List”

  1. Hi I am Psychic Jovon Lee Peoples from Richmond,Va
    Praying for money so I can open my psychic and witchcraft…I been having psychic power sent I was 1year old…
    Please pray for me I get money opening up my own business psychic and witchcraft

  2. Thank you Silver and all who work this healing circle and prayers.

    D.M.-Alberta, Canada-healing/recovery from a small stroke, strength and healing for Diabetes, Healing for arthritis, aid with sleep and pain levels.
    B.W.-Alberta Canada-Physical and emotional healing, financial aid
    L.B-ALberta Canada-Emotional healing and heart chakra healing, deepening of psychic abilities and clear connection with the Goddess. Aid with self care and nurturance, self love.
    J.A-Alberta Canada-Financial aid
    L.T-Alberta Canada-Emotional and physical healing (anxiety, depression, sleep issues and diabetes).
    A.M-Alberta Canada-Emotional, mental and physical healing
    D.H- ALberta Canada-Physical healing aid with self care and weight loss.
    C.P.C.M- Alberta Canada-Physical healing of left shoulder, Fibromyalgia, Migraines and headaches, Insomnia, weight loss, and financial aid. Clarity, opening and deepening connection with the Goddess and psychic abilities and knowledge. Reliance on pain killers.
    JACK (furbaby) Alberta Canada-Physical healing for arthritis and weak hips.
    R.J-Pure love, pure heart, self realization, to come from a place of love and not ego.
    T.M.F (Spruce Grove, Alberta)- Aid with the sale of family farm.
    C.M-Alberta Canada-Emotional healing, detachment from past traumas, love and peace, Financial aid, Physical healing and energy boost, weight loss.
    W.W-Alberta Canada-Self care and nurturance
    C.W-Alberta Canada-Mental and emotional healing, Healing of brain damage from drug usage. Love and peace with self and family.
    L.M& L.M-(both) Alberta Canada-Aid with self care, weight loss and Diabetes
    N.L-ALberta Canada-Forgivness of self and others, releasing blame, love, peace, light and happiness. Peace with the past. Self love. Connection to spirit and true self and path.

    MAny thanks again to all.
    Much Love and Blessings

    1. sbt. carrollton. texas
      i wish for him to see me as more attractive & beautiful than her & the man who is my true match to find me & realize i am the one. complete financial freedom to acheive all of my goals & win first place in a contest at work so i can get to see the ocean. thank you & blessed be.

      1. If you two are supposed to be together,
        don,t lose heart. Send love and light to them both after you surround yourself
        with it. Then and only then can you know for sure! If you do it this way, you will
        handle the outcome alot better and draw your true soulmate to you. You may even
        want to chant “Mo Anam Cara” ( gaelige for my soul friend ) and watch what happens!
        I hope I’m not out of line here. I would love to know you would be truly happy. The moon
        is in Libra all day on Friday. I will light a pink candle for you then and a green one on
        thursday. Blessed Be,

  3. Please light candles and send up prayers for me, TMD, and my family CRD2, BMF, NMP, EDA, BLP, AMP, DLP & BJW. Also, for my friend JLZ. My marriage is in a dark place right now, and I ask that you pray for guidance to either make it work or cut cleanly. Also, asking for financial and healing prayers for everyone listed above. TMD (Me) & CRD2 are in Wytheville, Virginia, USA. BMF & SA are in Beckley, West Virginia, USA, EDA is in Ceredo, West Virginia, USA. The rest are in Princeton, West Virginia, USA. Please ask for help for all of us. Everyone’s health is bad (with the exception of AMP & BLP), and everyone has serious financial issues that are threatening to take everything we have, which isn’t much, all because of being out of work due to health issues/surgeries. Blessed be!

  4. J.F.S. Lakeland, Florida Diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia/Low B-12. Help that the shots will elevate this condition and heal his body.

  5. Thank you allowing us to share our prayer concerns with you.
    R.H. Nevada, US – Find peace of mind from PTSD after returning from Iraq. Gain positive effects from back surgery #3.

    Thank you.

  6. My best friend recently lost her husband and has a very sick daughter she just really needs peace of mind and some healing energy. and the little one was two months early and has had several surgeries. We wish her strength and healing to be able to come home to us. Thank you and many blessings.

  7. D.D. phoenix, az. please help me to find a new job and have financial stability. also please protect me from any harm that my ex will try to bring to me or my baby girl. we are going thru a grusome spearation and i need all the strength i can gather to get through it all. please help me have the strength to be the powerful and strong young woman ic an be for myself and for my baby. thank you 🙂

  8. S.G.- Alberta, Canada – Getting a K1 Visa
    K.G – Spokane, WA – Getting a new job

    Bright Blessings to you all

  9. Today I know Peace. I am expressions of Divine Light all seeing and Love.
    Bring Divine order to each of my 5 siblings. Roman, Pamela, Debra, Cole, Sunrise.
    Simians 3rd all seeing minds eyes is fixed and knows the correct ones to chose.
    Simonas ventures, seen fruition.

    Work to Mia and Cia’s tranquility in flesh, mind, and Spirit.
    These works are with us now. Recognizable and harmonious.

  10. Thank you so much Silver! I used to be a part of a healing circle before I moved but I can’t find one where I’m at now. Here are my people:

    A.T-L, pearl city, Hawaii. She needs help and prayers to keep strong throughout the never ending religious discrimination she gets. She’s never been in the broom closet about being wiccan but since moving to a new place all the harassment has started all over again.

    D.L, pearl city , Hawaii. She has a lot of health problems and is looking for healing.

  11. Also, I will put in prayers and send energy to all who post here. I know every bit helps.

    Mahalo and blessed be

  12. PH L.A.
    thanks for the prayer work
    i am requesting prayers for balance- everything is out of sorts- need a job, new home, facing health challenges
    blessed be

  13. S.T.Waterford,MI-Security and safety. A new home, a job, a car. Prosperity and Good Luck. Financial security. My family needs the events of 2011 to be a learning experience not our new lifestyle.

  14. Ghyll Lionheart – has had a tumour removed but has others on his lung,
    Myself, – a job that I can do and do well, where I will be happy, the money fulfils all my needs, and those I work with are happy with me.

  15. LW : Vancouver, Washington, USA : dangerously high blood pressure needs to come down for both health reasons & to have much needed dental work done; making home business more financially successful, instead of “just a side job”.

    1. Thank you Silver, this is special to me. Love and light.
      C.H.-cyst in brain
      F.D.-financial assistance
      A.D- spiritual help, anxiety
      We all in Somerville, Ma
      I also ask for your prayers to my grandmother C.D for strength as her dog ( very special dog) is dying from doggy cancer. Also please pray for Kimball,that he may pass on peacefully on her farm. Thank you

  16. AH, DH, SH. AH in Coventry UK.
    May good fortune replace the darkness that’s followed us for 2 years. Thank you all so much BB xx

  17. MM: Burbank,CA – the most benevolent outcome for new employment in Colorado.
    DP: Santa Fe, NM – loss of weight, gain of good health and employment.
    PM: Santa Fe, NM – take better care of self, more balance with life, work, and love
    Blessed be.

  18. PR – South Africa – bronchol pneumonia, in hospital. YvZ – cancer. LB – cancer. JC – cancer. LH – cancer. DvZ – work in Cape Town. LS – peace after her divorce. DM – healing of womb. Many thanks, love and light for all other requests.

    1. Tm SLC,UT body healing for muktiple ptoblems. Spirit and financial help.
      I will light candles and send love and light to those who reply.

  19. DB-Michigan- a full gime job, so we can afford a place of our own.
    RB-Michigan- peace of mind that life doesn’t have go always be a struggle.

  20. act, ny – body healing from complications due to diabetes…physicians need to come up with a plan. soul healing from depression.
    jcs, ga – soul healing due to massive betrayal. prosperity & wish fulfillment.

    *also, general prayers for the health and well being of my animals, as well as all animals on this earth who need love and rescue.

    i will light a candle each night for all of us who post. wishing you the brightest of blessings and answered prayers.

  21. C.H- healing for a congenital heart defect that may result in a heart attack for a 23 year old.

  22. CH-Lawrence , KS healing for a heart defect that may result in a heart attack for a 23 year old.

  23. My husband, RB has severe neuropathy due to 9 back surgeries in a period of 3 years.
    They couldn’t find the Cerebral Spinal Fluid leak. I myself have been battling a 31 year
    addiction to opiates. I have been through 7 treatment centers and hospitals. I am clean
    and have been for sometime. The closer I stay to GODDESS, the longer I stay clean. I
    need prayer to stay on track! I also will more than happy to light a candle for anyone
    and everyone on the list. I am grateful for this blog! LOVE and LIGHT!

  24. Thank you so much Silver!!!!

    MDT & JMW in FL healing and prosperity
    Phoebe, (little Doggie girl) needs healing, she has been under the weather lately
    DGT and DT in MI peace of mind and prosperity.

    Blessings and light to all!!!!
    V )O(

  25. Panama, hola mi nombre es marisol suarez, mi oracion es por conseguir un empleo bien remunerado en este pais, soy venezolana, agradecida

    1. Are you asking for financial healing and job security? If not, please forgive my ignorance!
      I am of Irish and spanish descent although, unfortunately, only speak english. I would love
      know more, so I candle for you, Marisol.

  26. A.W. – Cypress, Texas that she overcome her lack of short term memory and her severe ADHD.
    M.R. – Cypress, Texas That her home based Herbalife business take off in leaps and bounds so she may really work from home and make what she needs to take care of her obligations with plenty to spare and plenty to spare.
    D.S. – Cypress, Texas That her spiritually based business take off by leaps and bounds and that she be able to take care of her obligations with plenty to spare and share, that she be able to have her own home once a gain.

  27. Thank you Silver. JV & SHL in FL emotional healing, JM financial hardships/needs job, NM healing help with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, jmv diabetes. Blessed be.

  28. H.T. Jersey City, NJ Winning of court case or dropping of court case in H.T.’s favor. Financial Prosperity.
    K.D. Jersey City, NJ Healing of back and leg issues. Clarity in where she should move.
    Q. T. Jersey City, NJ Help in finding a steady job.
    K.T. Jersey City, NJ Mental and physical health. Financial prosperity.
    K.L.H Jersey City, NJ Healing of current condition that plagues her. Let it be the least worrisome cause.
    F.G. Barkhamsted, CT Healing of knee after surgery, anxiety and depression. Financial Prosperity.
    K.K.L. Los Angeles, CA Mental healing and support.

    I am so grateful for you and the prayer circle, my brothers and sisters. Blessings to you all. Thank you! ❤

  29. people in henryville indiana..a tornado devastated the city and many lives were lost. These people need food, water,housing, help finding lost family or friends.

  30. U. V. ~ WW, FL ~ strength and healing to bones, especially hips ~ love and healing to heart, easing the grief of the loss of partner of 63 years ~ I thank you with gratitude and joy ❤

  31. Great idea Silver, thank you for this!

    L.W. Phoenix Arizona. My Mom has lots of health issues and constantly in the hospital and intubated with CHF [Cong Heart Failure] (also diabetes, emphysema, Peripheral Artery Disease). She just recently had another episode of CHF and while there she contracted MRSA in her lungs… we think during her intubation. She also needs the will power to stop smoking.

    R.W. Payson Arizona, prosperity please, and healing for depression, Hashimoto’s Disease, and emphysema (an asthmatic non-smoker exposed to lifetime of 2nd hand smoke). Activity is a struggle.

    C.B. Mesa Arizona. My oldest son is having difficulty with steady income (construction work), and marriage problems; they have 3 little ones (5,4,2) stuck in the middle. Their family need healing, peace, safety and stability.

    And I would like to add all those people effected by the recent tornadoes… healing and prosperity.

    Thank you to everyone, BB!

  32. LJO, Bay Shore, NY, healing for multiple health issues, energy for prosperity for income, car, new home, and new job when my body heals to a good level of health. Also healing for my 2 elderly cats, Y and M. Thank you, and many blessings.

  33. prayers for”
    G.S. – glenview, IL – prayer for relief from terminal cancer – strength and courage in the transition of passing –
    K.W. – indianapolis IN healing – mind , body, soul from an emotionally abusive relationship – courage to leave that relationship and strength to move on
    J.W. – indianapolis, IN relief from financial stresses – opportunities to increase customers and income from small business
    J.S. – glenview IL – strength and courage to support the passing of his twin brother

  34. J.D., Naugatuck, Connecticut. Having major surgery on March 13th and need prayers for a successful outcome and fast healing.

    Thank you all for the healing light I know will be coming my way.

    Blessings and Love

  35. Hi Silver, just requesting a little help for a loved one!

    J.C.W, Warminster Pa. My husband is in the process of looking for a new job. We are praying for continued financial security and less stress!!!

    Thank you so much! BB!

  36. KAL- KCMO, please pray for financial needs, and to find the perfect way to work from home,
    DCLII-KCMO, Financial needs
    DJL-KCMO, Financial needs and a great mechanic job
    CDL-Lee’s Summit, MO- financial needs
    TWP-Lee’s Summit, Mo- A great job & financial needs

  37. I have a friend named Arlett with a daughter named Juliana. Her daughter was beaten by her babysitter and is now in CPS. Please any prayers for healing for the daughter and to reunite them would be very helpful. Also I request a protection spell on Juliana from all harm. I have cast a 3-part spell of my own making for them and have sent helpful Reiki energy to them, but the more energy sent to helping them the better. Please help. We all live in California.

  38. ECN- Steelton PA : pray for financial needs to be met, the perfect car to come her way, for more pain free days from Fibromyalgia and general good health.

    BCL-Steelton PA : She has had a bout of poor health… and lots of pain from her Fibromyalgia… pray for healing and better health

    KMS- Harrisburg PA : Continued healing from her recent surgery, more healthy days from her fibromylagia.

    NCGL- Allenwood PA : Continued good health… pray that he is able to maintain his blood sugars and that his vision improves, and that he return safely to his family sooner than later.

    PS- Harrisburg PA : Continued good health, and that his brain tumor remains small and doesn’t give him problems… Continued healing from his last surgery.

  39. MGB & EGG -Live Oak Fl: prayer for Physical healing and mental clarity & to sale their home soon! needs financial security!!
    MCD & GMD,MRD,MSD-Jacksonville Fl: needs prayer for Physical healing and mental clarity!
    AND-Hyannis Ma: needs prayer for mental clarity and a healthy pregnancy, also for her unborn child/babies to have health, life, to be normal in every way!
    RDD-Hyannis.Ma: needs prayer to stay on the right path and to find a way to pay his probation of $!
    For all the people in IN,KY,GA,etc…that was a affected by the storm, to find peace,forgiveness, strength to rebuild their life’s!!

    Thank you Silver & the cricle: may peace,happiness,love,wealth, fellow you all always! Blessed Be!

  40. Rocky Mount, Va For My Mother SES. In Need of a New Job. She is an unemployed Nurse.
    York, Pa MAK wanted a new Job so I can afford a House!
    Thank you so Much Silver and to all in the Healing Circle!

  41. zvrm port jervis n.y. safe and beautiful journey from the womb and into the world drm port jervis n.y. healing of ribs, and heart and mind and spirit tgm highland falls n.y. protection from child abuse(I have tried all other avenues) and to be raised in a decent and good way- csm port jervis n.y. healing of negativity and all sorts of health problems- rm healing of back from a fall port jervis n.y. dr.a.l. healing of soemthing similar to crones deases orange county n.y.

  42. LN-Oklahoma City, OK: Recent job loss, requesting energy and prayers that she finds a new job quickly.
    CG-Oklahoma City, OK: Confidence and strength
    TH-Oklahoma City, OK: To connect with the Lord and Lady on a more personal basis and emotional security.
    SG- Oklahoma City, OK: Secure employment and guidance for his future.
    Thank you so much Silver and everyone involved!

  43. Please send my son strength, confidence and direction.He has been job hunting for 12 months. help daughter with confidence and ability to look after herself health-wise and also to give her direction. Blessed Be

  44. My 2 cats, Pan and Sebastian. My dog, Penny Lane.
    for protection from harm and long life and happiness


  45. L.M.O. – DE. Has an upper respiratory infection, high blood pressure and heart rate. She’s not even 19 yet (will be on the 10th).

    D.J.P. – luck with applying for disability.

    One more, though this one is a bit different. My husband and I had a roommate who passed away in October, leaving us to find homes for her two dogs. The male is 8 years old and a very lovable pit bull (he’d rather lick you to death than bite) and the female is a 4 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix. She’s neutered, he’s not; their names are Roman and Isis. Though we love them dearly we live in the city in a row home (small house for those unfamiliar with them) and no real yard for them to run in. They are great dogs, very affectionate and lovable but they deserve much better than we can give them in our house. Isis has been with Roman since she was 6 weeks old and they are very attached to each other and we would like to find them a home together with lots of room to romp and run. Please help these two great dogs get a place worthy of the love they have to give.

  46. m.h.l christchurch, n.z the gift of sleep at night..
    e.a.f..christchurch, n.z..healing from sezures..
    w.r.d..christchurch, n.z..healing of the eyes
    s.j.f…wellington, n.z..peace with emotions..
    b.t.. victoria, australia..healing from cancer of the heart..
    Prayers of healing and peace to you all

  47. MT – success with complete transformation and all of those contributing and working toward it…divine healing, prosperity, abundance and success
    CP – holding him up in light… success in with new employment endeavors
    RM – holding her up in light and love as she becomes the beautiful person she is meant to be. may the goddess guide her, love her and support her every step of the way.
    SP – holding her up in light and may she find peace within herself
    LP – holding her up in light and may she find peace within herself

    Many blessings Silver thank you for your guidance and leadership.

  48. MS – Terrytown, LA please pray that she gets the job that she has applied for. It has been over two years applying for jobs and she really needs it.
    HS/KS/LS – New Orleans, LA please pray for financial security – selling property that is up for sale.
    LS/JS – New Orleans, LA they need prayers for continuing health and healing
    BM – Covinington,LA – prayers for healing and comfort
    TB – Jacksonville, LA – prayers of love, healing and comfort – she is having very stressful time with health, home and finances
    Bright Blessings to all

  49. Let us all receive the healing and financial
    blessing we all so desperately need and desire
    and deserve as we work to bless and heal each
    other! SO MOTE IT BE


  50. SVR-protection from harm from negative people who wish to do her harm
    LD-job and promotion, peace, prosperity and protection
    TDR- good health, happiness and protection


  51. SM Duanesburg, NY for successful job interview, healing, strength to overcome health issues and willpower to change what I need to change.

  52. Thank you sweet Lady opportunity.

    Prayers are requested to end an on going four year custody battle against an angry alcoholic ex. Healing is needed because of this, and prayers for success for my business venture.

    And so it is. Thank you!

    Lady J

  53. Thank you Silver and everyone who takes time out to help in the healing of their sisters and brothers.May the peace of The Goddess be forever in your heart!

    K.A.W.:Gig Harbor,WA- healing of the physical,emotional, and psychological with a emphasis on forgiveness of self and others,relief from daily chronic pain,and clarity of head and heart with an upcoming decision.

    K.A.W.:Gig Harbor,WA-healing of recent knee surgery,and protection and healing in upcoming shoulder surgery.

    S.A.W.:Gig Harbor,WA-ability to breathe better(COPD),and weight loss to aide in breathing better.

    J.I.B:Puyallup,WA-Continued recovery from alcoholism and the strength to make amends with those he harmed with his disease.

    I would also like to ask for healing for the victims of the latest tornado’s and that they receive all things needed,as well as healing for all those victims of violence in Syria and the rest of the world.
    Blessed Be!

  54. KDS – Montreal Canada. Help with finding a job, and speedy service from the government with some very important papers.
    CMRG – Montreal Canada. General protection, help with income and positive energy.
    JRS – Inez, Kentucky. Energy, help with income and good health.
    GJS – Inez Kentucky. Help with her mental disabilities
    HMC- Inez Kentucky. General good health. (She’s having problems with her blood sugar.)

    Blessed Be )o(

  55. VF-Donegal Ireland. For help with a difficult financial situation and making time and space for my art after a long break
    JP-Donegal Ireland For help with planting a garden and finding a part time job.
    Much gratitude and blessings to all.
    Thank you so much.

  56. FR-Live Oak Fl: is in ICU he does not know anyone and cannot speak, he needs prayer for HEALING!!! and his family RR,AR,PR,NR,MR- Live Oak Fl: needs prayer for strength!!

    Peace & Light, Love to all! THANK YOU! Blessed Be!!

  57. My family is in need of your prayers. Financially we are broke and almost homeless, my son (who is very sensitive and has beautiful gifts of visions, spirit contact ect…has a cyst in his brain which is large and scary. My daughter is two and what a beautiful soul she is! My husband is depressed about money and lack there of. Im asking for prayers mainly for my family. My son C.H., my daughter C.D And my hhubby FD. I also ask for a prayer for myself, please pray for my connection to Wicca to grow and blossom. Finding others like me near home would be nice too! My name is Annica D. Me and my family live in Somerville Mass. I admire you Silver and just finished two of your books. Amazing. Thank you

  58. ACG, Albany, Georgia, USA
    My husband and I have been separated for two months now. He seems to have no desire to work on our marriage or get a divorce either. I feel stuck and aggravated, especially since we have a son together. I am unemployed because I am the caregiver for my grandmother whom has Alzheimer’s. I am also babysitting my sister’s two kids while she works. I try to stay positive, but it is hard. I am broke, am financially dependent on my husband and grandmother, have no degree because I can’t take care of her and do school, and am getting further and further in debt. I have trie dto make some money by selling gemstone and crystal jewelry online with no luck. I am basically socially isolated because the only people I see are family members. I need abundance, positivity, peace, love, and the means to become financially independent and prosperous.

  59. JMcp long beach Ny my desire is to have job security at the current job i have now with a reconizable promotion, Having a healthy love life of passion and compatiliity with my soul mate. Ive been wiccan for many years now, my mom, grandmother and aunts have practiced with love and the rule of harming none. my desire is to gain more knowledge and to help people in need. while finding peace and shielding myself from negative , envy people. Blessing to my home, job, family. appearance , hoping to lose 40 lbs and keeping it off. Wanting to have wonderful friends to uplift and inspire me as well as my mate. blessed be all ! in wiccan love , JMcp

  60. P.W.B.C-B. New Castle,DE….recovering from open heart surgery, needs healing energy not only physically but is also at a crossroad in her life~ to continue being bogged down by her past or start living again!
    P.A.C. New Castle,DE….has suffered and suffered(some at her own hand) and doesn’t know how to live any other way
    T.M.C.Jersey & DE my daughter….needs help recognizing the destructiveness of a codependent relationship, and help dealing with anger ~recognizing where it’s coming from
    C.M.C.Jersey & DE….am very distraught over where my place is..very lost in many areas
    and lastly my brother,the rock,Superman
    R.G.C.New Castle,DE…needs help dealing with his feelings in a productive manner & Slowing down on the drinking.

  61. PDS Joliet Illinois, battling end stage renal failure, and MCH Joliet Il battling Heroine addiction. and ABS battling depression again Joliet Il

  62. MAA, JEA, AMM, TRM Grand Junction, CO successful transition, communication, laughter, and family healing.

  63. My mom was just diagnosed with very aggressive breast cancer. She has an up hill battle ahead of her…she needs both physical and mental healing.

  64. M.TN. My fiance & I are having serious financial trouble right now. The IRS has decided to audit us this year so our return is being held up & we have a ton of bills coming due all at once & really need the money that they’re holding. We file our taxes the same every year but for some reason they don’t think we have a right to our EIC this year. R.H. & T.S.

  65. I request healing for GD Lexington who has stage 4colon cancer, also for MC Lexington,myself for my health and finances to be restored

  66. I need help getting a part time job with a good schedule so that I can take better care of my son, my dog and myself.
    Love to you Silver and Love and blessings to you all.
    Brandi Marino
    Pleasant Hill, CA.

  67. K.A. needs a good job, so that she can take care of her family and continue her studies in public health.

  68. Hi everyone.. I’m BM of Pleasant Hill, CA. and I’m in need of financial independence and strength for my son and myself.
    Ill be praying for all of you tonight.

  69. Please pray for AH that I may earn a good living while caring for my disabled son and husband and daughter. Let me find the way that’s acceptable for all of us, with harm to none and for the good of all.
    Warwickshire, UK.
    Blessings on you all xx

  70. Need our situation to get better all around and the bad luck of especially last year but actually more like past 12 to finally be over, biggest concern not becoming homeless in the next few months our financially life improving instead of constantly getting worse to point we’re desperate and that my family of beloved animals can stay with me!

  71. KR, CR, LR, DP. Financial prayers are needed. One of the initials is a little baby and the other three (myself included) want to provide well for her. Also, please pray for health, love, and happiness. I do this every time I stir anything clockwise — health, wealth, love, and happiness.

  72. Please pray for my brother. His name is Joaquim Mendonça Cortez. He´s mental spiritual disorder. Love to you Silver and blessings ! Salma – São Paulo – Brasil

  73. vd st louis, mo. for financial security and monetary gain such that I can have peace of mind and feel secure once again by being able to stay in my home of 56 years and continue to pay the bills and enjoy life again.
    td may she find her way out of discord
    jf may he find love, happiness, peace and wisdom
    bh, eh, tf, af, rf beautiful grandchildren who I want to grow up healthy and safe
    Thank you.

  74. DH. Athens,TN-just had interview for good job I really need, financial security
    JH- Athens,TN- able to get woodshop reopened and get plenty of business.
    AF-Blairsville, GA- needs to be approved for loan to open bookstore, will also help bring my husband some work.
    MC Athens, TN- financial security, health
    MC Cleveland,TN- same for him and his wife
    TR Englewood,TN- financial security.

    And my daughter who just threw up all over me.

  75. Please pray for TLE to get a job! I leave in Detroit MI and live with my elderly mother! Times are tough and I have been looking for wolrk for over a year-Thank You

  76. M.C. and J.C. who are in some deep financial woes, TL and BL for strengthening their bond, DJ and DJ for continuing emotional healing, TJ for strength, patience, and sleep, TH for a solid housing situation.

  77. Would like to send request for myself to get to the answers of what is going on with my body. Some apparent nerve damage/issue though ct scan was clear, various rashes and dental issues, along with glaucoma. Need to find right dr. or whatever and the means to pay for it. Fixed and small income with no medical coverage.

    Thank you,
    Jolee Cleary
    Tulalip, WA

    Will also add Reiki and prayers to others on list.

  78. DG-Chesterton, Indiana-Business Success and Prosperity
    EMA-Mt. Prospect, IL-Health, Happiness and Prosperity
    RC-Wheeling, IL-Guidance, Hope and a Home and Job
    KJA-Chesterton, IN-Health and Prosperity
    HM-Mt. Prospect, IL-Sucess in new job

    Much Gratitude, Thank You!

  79. Thank you so much for your healing circle SIlver.
    KLD in Emmetsburg IA needs help in healing her P.C.O.S. Her and SLC asks the Goddesses help in conceiving a little one to hold and love.
    KLD and SLC are asking for a happy and healthy pregnancy.
    KLD and SLC are asking for emotional healing after losing 2 previous babies in the 2nd trimester.

  80. I have cysts in my ovaries, i wish i could get pregnant.
    Love and light, blessed be )O(

  81. JRL, Sanford Fl. Healing and strength. I am in a very dark place right now with my depression and anxiety. I will be sending out energy and healing for everyone on the list as well. Thank you and Bright Blessings.

  82. JS Sussex County, Delaware, I need prayers to help me successfully get into my nursing clinical program at my local community college, thanks so much, blessings.

  83. I’d like to request prayers for some loved ones of mine!

    R.S. and A.S. and J.S. in San Jose, CA = General health, happiness, and well-being, also some financial help if at all possible!

    L.S. (me) in San Jose, CA = General health, happiness, and well-being, also some help in figuring out what to do with my life, my faith path, things like that.

    J.T. and M.T. and their children in SC = Health, happiness, well-being, peace, and financial help.

    Thank you so much!!! Blessings to you!!!

  84. First, Thank you.
    GB, Richmond TX
    Healing- Pain relief while waiting for back fusion surgery. Degenerative bone disease, has had two lumbar discs disolve this is creating pressure & making the heart misfire. Second injury 3 herniated discs in neck that will need a fusion after the first surgery.
    Financial – SSI begins now! Been waiting a year for this benefit that GB is qualified for. GB is 110% disabled as a DR. put it
    PF,RIchmond TX, Lungs, need to finish clearing and the pain needs to go, feels like a knife pick in the back. = (

    Thank you!

  85. Sorry, I’m submitting this again just in case, the other one didn’t seem to go through with my other email addresses and it says it’s awaiting moderation for the one I did use, so I’m trying again. :\


    I’d like to request prayers for some loved ones of mine!

    R.S. and A.S. and J.S. in San Jose, CA = General health, happiness, and well-being, also some financial help if at all possible!

    L.S. (me) in San Jose, CA = General health, happiness, and well-being, also some help in figuring out what to do with my life, my faith path, things like that.

    J.T. and M.T. and their children in SC = Health, happiness, well-being, peace, and financial help.

    Thank you so much!!! Blessings to you!!!

  86. For JP Santa Clarita, CA healing for health issues and for help acheiving financial security to help take care of and relieve some of those health problems. And for S, a fur baby, for healing of a health issue that has resisted treatment.

    For SS in San Diego for help with financial difficulties.

    For GP in Apple Valley, CA for help getting out of a sticky situation that is leaving him physically and financially drained.

    Thank you for your prayers and positive energy and I accept that what is to come for those prayed for is what is needed to grow and to learn.

  87. My mom has been dealing with cancer. She just finished radiation for the second time and now she has to go in for some exploritory surgery tomorrow. If you could please send some positive thoughts and healing energy to her and strength for me, as tomorrow is going to be a long day with both my parents. Lots of running around to hospital and then the doctors with my dad for two different appointments. I do it all gladly I love them and glad to be here for them, but I could use a real energy boost. Blessings and light to you.


  88. My name is Mrs. Fatima Rosy. Fernandesz. I am not happy in my in-laws house, from the 2007 but i pretend to be happy. i am not happy with the behaviour of my mother-in-law , sister-in-law & brother-in-law, because sister -in-law in married and stays separately, but every time whenever she feels like coming to the house she come to issue & she stays close by 15 minutes walk able. But she don’t want me to be happy and stay with her family. It has been 5 & half year of my marriage and many things went wrong in my life, for eg. my brother died after my marriage in the month of may in the same yr 2007. And after my Husband operation of Cancer 2009, my mum died in the same yr 2009 & my dad died first in 2002. I feel lonely where to go to discuss my problems. First i used to go to work before marriage and after marriage to take care of my mum & after she mum expired they told me to leave the job and sit at home to take care of in-laws. but when i decided to sit & take care, but still my stupid sister-in-law comes and heiress me for stupid things and stays fighting and uttering bad words Bastard and other sort of words. Since it has passed 5& half yrs of marriage i am not yet pregnant & i don’t know the reason why but still the reports are normal.

    PLz. pray for me that i can live happily with my husband and also i can do well in what ever business me & my husband starts. And plz pray for my parents their names are Mr. Alex D.Fernandes my dad, Mrs. Maria Alex Fernandes my mum & Mr. Pascal Anthony Fernandes my brother for their soul.

    Plz. Pray for me that i get pregnant this yr and stay with my husband and child separately from my in-laws
    Also for my parents property which i am finding difficult to transfer in my name this yr and stay with my husband and child separately from my in-laws

    thanx u.

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