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How To Make No-Sew Conjuring or Mojo Bags — Part Three The Good Fortune Pin Packet

Silver RavenWolf Pin PacketHow To Make No-Sew Conjuring or MoJo Bags Part Three
A Four Part Series of Creative Magick
The Good Fortune Lucky Pin Packet

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

The Good Fortune Lucky Pin Packet

I often prefer working for Good Fortune and Luck rather than money because the word “money” carries such negative feelings and connotations  in these difficult times.  Good Fortune, however, is just what it says, and opens your door to endless possibilities of joy, laughter, stability and more.  This project can be worn as jewelry, and uses a Braucherei Pin (see earlier article) to affix the packet to clothing (or where ever you desire).  Just as with the other projects in this series, before you begin, think about the positive feeling of Good Fortune and tap out the rhythm/sound pattern.  The picture below shows the supplies used.

Silver RavenWolf supplies Good Fortune

Supplies for Good Fortune Lucky Pin Packet

Green Cloth (you can choose a different color if you like)
Yellow Cloth (for appliqué circle — this circle represents the field of magick)
Green Clover Appliqué (again, you can choose a different design if you like)
Steam Iron
Sizzix Machine (to make the circle — this is optional and just an idea)
Double-sided Fusible Webbing
Double-sided Fusible Seam Tape
Brown Paper
Holy Water or, in this example, I used Florida Water
Dried Herbs and Roots — Chamomile (Success); Lucky Hand Root (Success, Good Fortune, Luck); Devil’s Shoestring (to trip up de Devil of debt); Oak Moss (protection and holding on to the good fortune you have — also a blending herb); Allspice (an attraction vehicle).
Embellishments — I used glittering studs with the Bedazzle machine, but you can use anything that sparkles (to encourage lighting up good fortune) including glitter glue, powdered glitter, sequins, shiny beads, etc.)

The basic design of the Good Fortune Lucky Pin is that of a small, cloth envelope.  In the picture below, I’ve used a 4×4 inch piece of green cloth, although you can use any size you like.


As with the other projects, a steam iron helps to speed the process along and keep the folds nice and crisp.

Step One.  Gather all your supplies together.  Sprinkle them with blessed Florida Water.  (You can make your own Florida Water or purchase a small bottle on the net — price runs about three dollars for a small bottle, six to seven for a larger one).  Bless your supplies in the name of your deity.  Charge all objects in your own words (with clear intent) with what you wish to accomplish.  Instruct the objects to work together for the purpose you have given.  I often run the palm of my right hand over all the objects in a circular fashion, imagining the energy of the objects blending in a colorful mass that changes to pure, white light.

Step Two:  Prepare your petition and herbs. I ground the herbs only enough to mix them, as I didn’t want any powder falling out of the finished pin.  As I mixed them in the clear bowl, I simply chanted “good fortune” and imagined whomever might own the pin be happy and smiling, filled with joy.  For the petition, I cut a circle out of a brown paper bag, then wrote Lady Bried’s chant in a circle —

Gold and Silver
Coins Galore
All are coming to my door!

Then I added the Wyn Rune in the center.  The petition is finished with the drawing of three equal-armed crosses on the bottom to seal the charm.  You can add glitter to the petition, if you like, or select a different chant and other success runes or bindrunes.

Step Three — Add embellishments to the front of the green envelope (side opposite the flap).

I had fun visiting several craft and sewing stores looking for just the right embellishments for the pin I wanted to make.  In the example, I found a clover appliqué for the focal point and added a yellow cloth circle and affixed glittering studs with a Bedazzle machine.  To get the perfect cloth circle I actually used a Sizzix machine (normally used for paper crafts), as shown in the pictures below.  To apply the yellow cloth circle to the green cloth, I used double-sided fusible webbing.  I ran the webbing through the Sizzix machine, too, so that my yellow circle and the webbing would match.  All I had to do then, was steam press the circle to the green cloth.  Takes seconds!

As a note, Sizzix has several cutting templates that might fit your magickal mojo needs, including a small envelope type, as shown in the picture below.  Sewing stores actually sell a similar machine for cutting cloth for quilt pieces and other sewing projects.

Step Four:  Stuff the pin with the  herbs, paper charm and a small amount of batting.

After adding the herbs and paper charm, I used a little batting to make the pin puffy so it would look more like an eye-appealing ornament that could be worn anywhere.  To close the envelope flap and keep the herbs and batting inside where they belong, I used a little fusible webbing double-sided seam tape.

Step Five:  To finish off the pin, and provide the pin itself so that you can affix your pin packet to clothing, I used one of my Braucherei empowered pins (see earlier article).

Silver RavenWolf Good Fortune Pin Packet

Step Six:  The last, and final stage of this pin project is your magickal empowerment process, where you clearly state what you want, raise the energy around the pin, blow your breath across the top of the pin three times, then seal the working by drawing three equal-armed crosses in the air over the pin.  Your project is now ready for any additional spellwork or ritual you desire!

If you don’t like the way I empowered this pin, you are certainly free to use your own techniques.

Project Length:  If you make only the pin packet — five to ten minutes after gathering supplies.  If you also make the Braucherei Pin — fifteen to twenty minutes total.

When To Make This Charm:  On a New Moon, during the First Quarter Moon, on a Sunday (Success), Thursday (Jupiter Day), or Friday (Venus Day).  In the planetary hours of the Sun, Venus, or Jupiter.

As an experiment, I used this Lucky Pin Packet in combination with a lottery spell.  I won a very modest sum and bought gifts for acquaintances in the service industry that often help me.  This project is great for a coven craft night as it doesn’t take long to design.  I understand that since I started writing these How-To articles, many folks are getting together to have their own Witches Night Out with their friends, and making various craft projects.  Very cool!

Join me for the next installment in this series — The Success Bag!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

29 thoughts on “How To Make No-Sew Conjuring or Mojo Bags — Part Three The Good Fortune Pin Packet

  1. Just wanted to let you know, I have been able to find Florida water at my local Walgreen’s pharmacy. They have been kept in the men’s shaving supplies and bought the lot. 🙂

  2. I never considered that a mojo bag could be cute or decorative but this one is for sure. Why not? In regards to Florida water, I recently went into a local Family Dollar store to get my supply. this time however, when I asked where I might find it, the clerk scornfully looked me up and down and said “We don’t carry those sorts of things anymore.” Hmmm, what do you suppose that meant? :-))

    1. It means the manager is a ……… So, what you do, is complain to the manager, and then, if the manager won’t budge, you complain to corporate. You’d be shocked how much of a change you can make by doing this. Because, probably, someone made a stink about it being there in the first place. Argh. 🙂

      1. You are so right! I learned this valuable lesson several years ago when I worked at the halloween store. Customers went to corporate — corporate gave them what they wanted, even if it was against our general policy.

  3. I’ve used a Sizzix before when I worked at Michael’s — I was one of the craft classes “teachers”. and I liked it but I will admit I LOVE my Cricut so much better for cutting material. I use it alot to make appliques for my tarot bags and other fun crafties. Guess I have to go out and buy a couple more cartridges 😉 This is such a wonderful series, Silver! Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. You’re welcome! I have been using it alot more because of my sewing projects … I’m sure I will find more ideas for it too after I get my embroidery machine 🙂 YAY

  4. Thanks Silver. I did post the last two for our crafting group and got a few responses. I think we may get together when your series is done and do them all in one sitting. They are so easy to make and I’m sure they pack a punch. A few of us are making our way up to a great women’s festival in the Poconos this spring and one of us is trying to gather up inexpensive ideas of easy crafts that we can make in a camp setting. We are thinking these would be perfect. She and I will be gathering up some supplies for the event as soon as her crafty ideas get approved. Thanks again.


  5. Depending on where you live, if your state has a Winn-Dixie, you can find Florida Water there, somewhere around the cosmetics section. There are other locations such as Walgreens or CVS pharmacy, too, which should carry a supply. Hope this helps. Good hunting!

  6. i love this. but i can’t find my iron ( i know, i know. i just don’t wear those wrinkly outfits ;p). so i’m making a different one tonight & will post of your FB just incase there is anyone else who can’t find the iron 🙂

    Thank you so much for always thinking of us.


  7. i am a new follower, and i dont have everything i need just yet but, when i do ill be sure to try this project out! =]

  8. You have such lovely ideas Silver! I’m going to have to find a way to print these out and keep them in a folder all together. A Pagan friend of mine comes over every other Friday for Girls’s Night and she said the Pin one looked like fun. I’ll see if she can print these out and then we’ll have handy references for projects for our get togethers. Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. If we do Silver crafty stuff I’ll be sure to post pictures for you! I hope you liked the last bunch I posted on your wall.

  9. Yesterday while sitting in the park, I happened to look down to my left and find not 1…but 2 Four Leaf Clovers!!! I plucked them and left a penny each, blessed with good fortune for whomever finds them. I’m pressing them now. I’d love to make this mojo bag and add them! Btw I love the safety pin charms! They are the coolest. 🙂

  10. I especially like this one, lassie!
    I am an old Irish girl and will be
    makin one of these fer sure. Thanks again

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