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Healing Circle Prayer List

February 24th Update: Last evening eight of us joined together at our Healing Circle to work on all the petitions we received in the month of February thus far.  Even though the economy has hit everyone so hard, three of our members drive a good distance to attend our circle every other Thursday, and I am grateful for their selfless contribution to the circle.  The evening went incredibly well.  In all, we worked for over 500 petitions (from this blog and elsewhere).  At the end of the circle, we take the time for each individual to speak with their inner guide in a brief meditation.  The information they are receiving is not only interesting; but, uplifting.  I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to work on these petitions, both here and on the net.  You are a marvelous village of magick!

Our circle will meet again in early March and I’ll be posting again with a new pic.  Ever onward and upward!


Last month, thanks to Kris Bradley on Facebook I was reminded it was time to begin our prayer list again.  The month of January met with great response from the community.  Many individuals from all over the globe worked from home to pray for those in need.  Our Hearthstone Healing Circle met here and went through every single request, reading them aloud not only to gain momentum in the energy; but, to give time to each request.  During our working, the lights went out throughout the entire town.  We continued by the light of the Spirit Candle and raised energy for all the requests.  It truly was a marvelous evening!  The power came back on about four hours later (btw).

Here are the General Rules:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.

Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


89 thoughts on “February 2012 Prayer List”

  1. LG Schertz tx
    Need healing energy for health problems
    My energy is drained
    Many Thanks
    Blessed be!

    1. GH from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
      I would ask that you please, please, please pray for my son Greg. He is 22 years old and has aggressive lung cancer. Thank you soooo much in advance. Blessed be for all your wonderful work.
      All my gratitude,

  2. Thank you Silver (and all the people who participated) for everything. Since your last healing circle there has been much good change in many of the people i listed. Thank you for all your wonderful creative blog posts. You are an inspiration! Many Blessings to all.

  3. J.C.B., my son, in Vineland, New Jersey, needs great and powerful protection. Jean-Paul also needs abundance in his life. He’s in college, full time I think, for Psychology.
    A.F.B, myself, needs great and powerful protection. I also need the Social Service Administration to send my SSI check, quickly!
    Sir Rowan, my dog, needs great and powerful protection.
    We’re out of food. I have no car. And the Post Office sent back my mail. I had money put aside for the PO box, but couldn’t get a ride to pay it in time to stop them sending my mail back to the senders. My check was in my mail.
    Thank you for all that you do-all of you Angels!

  4. Healing List:
    Mother earth-healing and peace
    JM-(furbabie)- Alberta Canada- healing of bad arthritis and weak legs
    D.H- Alberta Canada- healing of stomach issues
    A.M-Alberta Canada-Forgivness and deep emotional healing of the past, present and future relationships.Deep peace and happiness.
    N.L-Alberta Canada-Forgivness and deep emotional healing
    M.T-Alberta Canada-Healing of the mind and spirit
    B.W-Alberta Canada-Increased finances/income, Healing of emotional strife, happiness, and peace.
    L.B-Alberta Canada-Healing of anxiety and depression
    L.T- Alberta Canada-Healing of anxiety and depression
    M.V-Alberta Canada-Increased prosperity, aid in finding a secure well paying stable job.
    C.M-Alberta Canada-Emotional healing, increased prosperity and a source of income, healing and strength for left shoulder, increased self confidence and belief in self. Decreased pain levels and weight loss (to aid in the pain relief). Strength to make positive disciplined choices
    M.F-Alberta Canada-Aid to help real estate sell.

    Many thanks and blessings
    Goddess Bless everyone who participates
    In Gratitude and love

  5. Please help pray on requests for:
    – RBG’s (Kuwait) healing after major hip surgery,
    – for HAB’s (Philippines) healing from depression, and
    – for BBS’s (Philippines) need for a new job.
    Thank you so much, and Blessed be!

  6. RM – currently in Abu Dhabi, requests aid in clarity of thought and seeing through illusion to peoples true intentions.

    CG – Lincoln Park, MI for courage to heal emotionally and be fully honest with partner about changes being undergone.

    LG – Mendocino, CA for healing and for increased prosperity for her inn to allow her to make the life changes she seeks.

  7. CFW – Greencastle Indiana – Need a job desperately!! Thank you all for your prayers!

  8. AB-WI- myself for prosperity, aid in finding a part time job, and for healing and reduced chronic pain from endometrosis.
    DS-WI- for prosperity, aid in finding a job soon, and help in removing his feelings of being stuck.
    JP-CT- for emotional and physical well being.
    DB- CT- for health and safety

    Bright Blessings to everyone in the month ahead, i will be lighting candles and thinking of you all!

  9. Please also help pray for:
    DM (Philippines) healing from alcohol & behavioral addictions, financial recovery, & relationship healing with
    MB (Philippines) emotional & relationship healing. Thank you very much ~ Blessed be!

  10. MA – Elysburg, PA – been sick for a long time, feeling dragged down because of financial and family problems
    MO – Scranton, PA – this one is actually for me. I have a bad cold/flu with a never ending cough and chest congestion. I have a lot to do this semester and I need to feel better soon. Right now I don’t have the motivation to do what needs to be done.
    RS & KS – Williamsport, PA – that they both find peace and healing
    DS – Wilkesbarre, PA – that he finds peace

  11. please extend prayers for healing to the following individuals:
    act ny – body & spiritual healing.
    dwh az – soul healing.
    *with all of the love in my heart*
    thank you for creating this prayer list. will light a candle for all of your loved ones each night.
    blessed be.

  12. Please pray for financial blessings and healing for the following people: KAL, in MO, DCLII, in Mo, DJL in MO, CDL in MO, TWP in Mo, EJS in MO.

    Thank you so much for the prayer list!! I so love your posts, Silver!! I haven’t stopped doing the cleansing from Dec, I just keep repeating it every month and will continue until I get the entire house done!! I feel so much better since I started the ritual in Dec!! Many blessings to you and yours!!

  13. BCL- Steelton, PA: May her health continue to get better and may the painful days be few and far between.

    KHS, PA – For quick healing on her upcoming surgery.

    SK, PA- For quick and speedy recovery from her uterine surgery.. May she be blessed with good health.

    NCGL, PA- for continual health and mental clarity, and for protection from harm while he continues his incarceration, and for a speedy return to his family.

    ECN,PA- for continual health, for Blessings in the prosperity department and for a financial turn around so that her business can take flight.

    RCL,PA- for a continual comfortable, healthy, pain free life in his elder years.

    DGN,PA- For less pain and more mobility in his legs so that he can continue to do the things that he loves to do in his elder years.

    ACN, PA- For continued strength and good health to help her husband DGN… may she be blessed with better health and more pain free days.

    And to all of those in need of healing and love… may you all feel the love and light of the Lord and Lady, and may your blessings abound!

    Blessed Be!

  14. For me, V.R. e my boyfrend, F.R. – Forlì, Italy.
    We need both a new job!
    Thanx to yuo and the other people that pray with you!
    Blessings :*

  15. G.G., Lancaster, CA…that the newly diagnosed Lymphoma be nothing more than a speedbump in his and his family’s life.

    E.M., Quartz Hill, CA…for love and acceptance of himself and the knowledge that he is loved by others for whom he is.

  16. M. M from Warrenville South Carolina. Needs lots of positive energy! Needs blessings for financial needs, health problems, self esteem issues and peace.

    Thank you, Silver! I adore your posts and have really enjoyed creating many of the things you have posted here. I own many of your books and find them to be entertaining as well as extremely informative. I truly appreciate you reaching out to us!

    Blessed Be!

  17. Please continue to include H.F. and her whole family for healing from abuse. We need to be able go get everyone to a new normal.
    KC and BC for patience and financial ability to take on what we have with grace and no added hardships.
    Thanks so very much… Things seem to be getting better every day but we still have a long way to go.

  18. Merry Meet Silver,

    SBR in Lexington, SC please send blessings of peace , prosperity and positive energy I ask out need , never in excess never out of greed.

    With much gratitude,
    Blessed Be ❤

  19. Merry Meet Silver,

    SBR in Lexington, SC Sorry or the duplicate posting, please send blessings of peace , prosperity and positive energy I ask out need , never in excess never out of greed.

    With much gratitude,
    Blessed Be ❤

  20. Silver, can you please add MAGG from N.E. Philly to your list? She’s a single mom and has a failing kidney. Her daughter is only about 8 or 9 and her husband is currently not in picture. She really needs a kidney transplant and has come close twice but both times fell through due to insurance problems. Please help this warm and wonderful lady see her little girl grow up!

  21. Kortney needs aid in healing two Spinal Cord Injuries, so her muscles can strengthen, and stem cells and nerves can regenerate themselves. As well as motivation and patience to keep exercising. We are also having financial difficulty. Thank you and Blessed Be!

  22. Laura B. USA-better job and pay with respectable boss and employees that are good people.

    Marisa B. USA new job with higher pay where she will be happy and use all her talents.

    Natalie B. USA Finding a career path that will make her happier and free.

    Lisa B. USA Healing for health

  23. SVR SD CA- Protection from people wanting to do her harm and Career path that will fit her spirit
    LMD SD CA- Happiness, Health and Prosperity.
    TDR SD CA- Health, Happiness, Protection and Prosperity

  24. KLD & SLC Emmetsburg, IA are attempting to get pregnant again after two 2nd term miscarriages. We ask for a speedy conception and a SAFE and healthy UNEVENTFUL pregnancy.
    KLD also asks for emotional healing in the loss of her babies.

  25. VAS in Portland, Oregon strongly desires a new job with opportunity to work into full time position, and increased income. I have been in my current career for over 16 years, but, due to budget cuts, they will not have any work for me this summer. I cannot afford to take the summer off with no income, and there is no unemployment available to us, because we are public employees. 😦

  26. VAS in Portland, Oregon desires a new, better job. I desire to get hired by our local metro area transit authority, or better. I have been in my current profession for over 16 years. This year, due to budget cuts, my current employer will not have any work for me. I cannot afford to go all summer without work, and I am not eligible for unemployment. (I last worked for a private company in the fall of 2002). I need full-time work, but will accept part-time as a starting position. BB, and thank you for any helpful energy you can send.

  27. Please, include JBH in Omaha, NE. He desperately needs a new job where he can be happy and fulfilled, and where he’s appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

  28. Jt my son in fayetteville,tn needs healing of spirit. Gotten into some trouble and needs some good influence in his life. Blessed be

  29. Prayers for J.E. ~Pennsylvania. Continued strength and much healing. She has been diagnosed with Cancer. Getting a med port put in this morning to start chemo and facing surgery ASAP. She has had to put her life in order over the past week and a half. Her boys are giving her lotts of stress and she has no insurance.
    Nikki ~PA Young boy going through a really tough time with bone surgery not coming along as it should. He experiences severe pain.
    S.B.P. ~Maryland. Continued strength as she has been recently diagnosed with Fahr’s ( a disease that has cut her young life in half.) Also a emphasis of energy to deal with the frequent and very painful Migraines.
    B.B. ~California. May Goddess wrap her protective arms around him in mind, body and spirit.
    H.H.~California. Knowledge and Love.
    B.R.~ Pennsylvania. She continues to have severe back pain with no relief from lower back injections.
    P.G.R.~ PA. Dealing with Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) and to undergo series of ECT treatments 3 times per week for three months.
    W.R. & P.G.R. ~Pennsylvania. New home and added finances to move it along.

    *** My husband and I also hold a healing circle here each Friday evening. Adding to the pot of healing & Love. The journey thus far has been incredible! Thank you Silver for all you do!

  30. Chisinau, Moldova. I am in Moldova now. Moldova is small and the poorest country in Europe. It is located between Romania and Ukraine. The country goes through a difficult position, Dear Silver, pray for us all. Thank you.

  31. MDT and JMW healing and peace, rebuilding re bonding…. in FL & DavidGT and DylanGT healing, new beginnings in MI

    Thank you so much Lady Silver!!! All my love and deepest respect!!!!

  32. SD, Ukiah, CA….Need counselor, doctor and other support for an Eating Disorder. And…wish to find my brothers and sisters in my area, Goddess Bless everyone!

  33. my heart felt thanks to this prayer circle, the people I asked for help last month are fighting back stronger due to your loving prayers:)
    sjf..wellington..nz…peace and protection in her life, work, relationship to be loving herself..
    eaf…christchurch..peace and healing in her body and mind..
    rwd..christchurch…healing in his colapsed stomach muscels, strenght and love to keep giving, laughing….
    mhl christchurch…a new carer to help support in the 24hour care of my severely disabled daughter, healing from the pain in my neck and head..
    blessings and prayers to all

  34. I would like to request healing for a very dear, sweet friend of mine. BG of Tamarac, FL sprained one ankle and broke the other one in an accident. She having a lot of difficulty getting around, as you can imagine. Please send her healing energies to help speed her recovery.
    Blessings and prayers to all

  35. chicago, Il please pray for my daughter to find a job. she is a hairdresser and is 24 years old still living at home. all the positive energy sent to sabrina is greatly appreciated. I feel blessed that everyday people take the time to send their positive love out to those in real need. my positive prayer and energy is being sent out also, hopefully we can all help each other. thank you.

  36. AH, North East, PA
    She needs the confidence to know that she can be, do and accomplish what her heart desires.
    Thank you so much.

  37. A.H. Would love healing energy for my business pursuits. Have health issues that prevent me from getting regular work. Started the project yesterday using the full moon energy. Feel very inspired and balanced. Would like to keep that energy. Much love. So shall it be…

  38. M.G.B. Live Oak,Fl
    I need both physical & mental healing for myself, my son M.D, my best-friend E.G
    I need pray for my daughter A.D. as well she just moved to cape cod and is in need of a good job! she also is pregnant for the 2ND time, the 1ST time lead to a miscarriage. Thank you! Blessings & Prayers to all. Blessed Be..

  39. D.Q., Douglassville, PA
    This is my mother. I am the oldest of 5 children at 26 years old, and she is struggling with alcohol and staying sober. She is depressed and needs healing love to get better, stay sober, and know she is loved, as well as protection.
    J.M., Doylestown,PA
    To help him in his fight against alcoholism and his struggle to stay sober. May he continue to be strong.
    J.C., Doylestown, PA
    To help me recover from my recent diagnosis of diverticulitis, and to be able to have the finances or the aid to help me afford any medical bills along the way, as I do not have any insurance.
    Thank you so much everyone for spreading your positive energy, as I will also send my along to anyone else in need.
    Blessings to all:

  40. Can L-A.G please be added as well. In the past year she’s continually lost weight and no one could figure out why. She just got insurance again so can you please pray that they find out what’s wrong so it can be fixed/controlled? She has a ten year old daughter and just got married for the third time in March to one of the best guys around. She helped me through the dark days after my mother’s passing many, many years ago and I’d like to see her through her dark days now. Thanks Silver and many blessings!

  41. H.T. Jersey City, NJ- Financial Help-dropping or settlement of a court case, prosperity.
    F.G. Connecticut- Healing with health issues and Depression, prosperity.
    K.L.H. Jersey City, NJ- Healing of anxiety and health issues, financial help, prosperity.

    Thank you brothers and sisters for this Prayer Circle. ❤ Best wishes to all!

  42. I need support & positive energy. I am faced w/ a major decision affecting both my physical & mental health presently. learnn more about me & my battle at tinytag.blogspot.com and/or follow me on twitter @harvestwitch. Bright blessings & many thanks in advnce

  43. JD, Melrose, MA. I could use a little help in making a very important decision. I am torn on what to do. Blessings.

  44. MW in Germany my uncle who after a tough fight with cancer has a final operation to restore him, this operation has previously failed 3 times. Thank you with many blessings.

  45. E.H , Taneytown, M.D. to fight Autism and win that fight , to be strong inside and out and be cured from Autism…………………….Y.H., Taneytown, M.D., to finally be healthly and have enough money to always pay bills and not worry. ……M.H. Taneytown , M.D. to be healed from the pain of a past abusive relationship, low self esteem and all it brings with it, and not taking it out on herself and ones close to her,to have peace of mine and enough money to support her family by herself

  46. Please add AWS who is battling cancer in several sites. She is having a tough time.
    Also please add CG who is doing well fighting breast cancer.

    Thanks so much!

  47. MHB-Jackson Mi prayers to be moved and settled and help with getting a reliable vehicle…thanks kindly Silver! we met at convo many yrs ago..ur a blessing

    thanks again

  48. CRF, Lebanon, Ky
    I am in of healing, physically and emotionally.
    I am in financial need, I keep having issues that are preventing me from getting me and my children into our home, ex car breaks down, all my money saved goes into fixing car, so that I can get back and forth to doctors and to find housing.
    I am battling depression due to all the obstacles that keep coming into my path, and I am trying to handle and do what I can with what I can.

    KAT, Lebanon, Ky, this is my “special” boy, he is needing prayer to help him get through a legal situation. At the wrong place and at the wrong time, situation. He’s just 17.

    Thanks Silver and many many blessings to you and all!

  49. L.L.N, feel that I am in a spinning wheel with my finances and career. Need to break out of this cycle and find the path for success.
    B.A.C, needs healing energy as he was recently been having health issues.
    M.F.C, needs confidence to believe in himself because we all do. I want him to be able to see what we see and exert all his positive energy in his endevours.
    We are all in our little town of Laveen, AZ.

  50. I ask that you do a healing for me and my family. Heal our hurt, sad, loneliness and fill it will Love, light, and happiness.

  51. DK in Jefferson, TX
    Dr’s have recently discovered a large mass on my uterus. Have had uterine cancer before, and am praying it hasn’t come back – that it’s “something” else. Go to a specialist on the 24th to see what’s going on. Please pray that it’s not cancer and can be easily taken care of. Thanks, Silver and all who help.

  52. N.C. – lives in lincoln park, michigan in need of healing, financial, and new job.
    C.L.L- Lives in webberville, michigan in need of healing, financial, and success in business
    C.F.B – Lives in taylor, michigan in need of financial, new job, emotional healing

    Thank you in advance for all of your prayers and help. Bright blessings to you all )O(

  53. For me, please, to overcome adversity at work, and to find another job right away that is truly my perfect work, with opportunity to learn and advance and promote, with money enough to support myself and live comfortably and easily pay my bills and save for the future and have enough extra to “give back” to others in need, with benefits to allow me peace of mind and the ability to finish my education that I may teach others, with work shift hours that don’t wreck my health so I don’t find myself using that health insurance benefit too frequently, with coworkers who share my work ethic and morals, in a peaceful environment free of the drama and the stress, and the SIGHT to KNOW that this is indeed the perfect job so that I won’t doubt the “rightness” and pass it by when it comes, thinking that it’s too much or not enough to truly be what I ask for… and any other very important matter that I’m just too tired to remember right now. And may I find the ease and lightness of heart to pray for others when I feel so inadequate, unable to pray my way out of my own dilemma. Many blessings and many thanks!

  54. DG: Cedar City, Utah: needs a better full-time job or a second part-time job to keep paying her bills & taking care of her son. She also needs to qualify for a healthcare program, her blood sugars are running dangerously high (in the 500-600 range!).

    RM: Cedar City, UT: My daughter, help her find her path to sobriety so she can move past her legal troubles and into a life where she is self-sufficient & happy.

    ER: Cedar City, UT: my son, help him stay on his path of recovery & sobriety. He also needs a job to start paying on his fines so he can take care of his own legal issues & start college.

    MG: Hurricane, UT: she needs to qualify for Job Corps & get started, so she can build a life for her little daughters and herself.

    Thank you all, so much, Love & Laughter!

  55. M.S.A – Petrolia, Tx. in need of healing & financial issue’s with his worker’s comp settelment that have been on-going for 2 years. I also want to thank every one for the fantastic advise on cleansing the negativity from our home.

  56. MET-Silver Spring,Md- Healing cancer cells on cervix, depression, finding a wonderful work situation that uses my present abilities
    NPB- Silver Spring,Md- Depression, good outcome for a court case involving her child IB, Abundance
    MJL- Spencerville,Md – Abundance, Peace, Pain in back , emotional Healing, finding a wonderful place to live, mother of MJL
    MJL- Spencerville,MD emotional healing, Peace, doing well in school 13 years old
    Thank you so much Blessings and Peace and Universal LOve to you all

  57. A.J.N. Clinton, OH – healing depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.
    Dora – needs a health boost.

  58. AS and AS, Greifswald, Germany – finding a way out of financial trouble
    HP Greifswald, Germany – finding a job
    KL Neubrandenburg, Germany – Help her not to feel so alone anymore

  59. TAH-Oklahoma City, Ok: Emotional strength, confidence and motivation. Reminders that she’s bigger than her depression.
    BNH- Oklahoma City, OK: The same for B as from T, just for slightly different reasons 🙂
    CMG- Oklahoma City, OK- continued reminders that the grass is just as green on his side of the fence, physical and emotional healing.

    Thank you all, last months prayers helped!

  60. My 24 yr old daughter A.C. has severe debilitating headaches.
    Under going lots of tests. Mesa, AZ.
    L.L.C. eyesight getting worse.cataract growing. Mesa,AZ
    Many Thanks and Many blessings

  61. D.G. In Pennsylvania, who had back surgery almost 4 years ago and still has numbness in her hands and leg. She often feel as though things will never get better and needs some hope.
    Thanks and blessings!!!

  62. ASH=need healing energy for mind-body & Spirit.. Insurance dosen’t cover need R leg surgery..
    Need help with finances and need to regain positive focus…without pain..Thanks and bright blessings..bbx3 angie

  63. RM…Please pray for me, am in a very bad marriage & desperately want out…I want to be able to care for myself financially so I can be independent, I have a felony on my record & can’t even get a job at a fast-food place & my work record is spotty, at best…What I really like to do is clean houses…

    Salem, IN USA

  64. PEK… Newburgh, IN. Please pray for him to get clarity in his mind, strenght to repel all the negative energies attached to him, and enough willpower to get on the right track and heal his body and soul.

    SLK… Newburgh, IN. I desperately need a job or my business to start producing some income so I can take care of my children on my own and be able to find a place to live at.

    Thank you!!!

  65. Thank you for your prayers in January. My surgery was successful – no CA. Blessings to all and many thanks!

  66. J.S Senior, Manchester, NJ – Critically ill and suffering
    J.S Junior, Whitehouse Station, NJ – Diagnosed again with melanoma
    A.L.G, Avon Park, FL – Struggling with addiction and abusive relationships

    Thank you God and Goddess..and everyone who prays for them. Blessed Be!

  67. M.L. – Myself. Struggling with depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia. Please pray for my health, strength and clarity, so I can be of help to those who need me.

  68. I know we all need things. I try not to ask unless I really do. My gram is 95 and is slowly dying. My dad is in ICU after a heart procedure. This is all happening at once. On top of all this I am going through a divorce. I don’t know what to ask prayers for other than strength and peace through all of this for my entire family. Thank you.
    DG Ohio

  69. This is for my husband CMRG and myself KDS of Montreal Canada
    He’s having issues at work and because of that we’ve been in an extreme financial strain. I’m also having problems finding a better job. I’ve been a follower of yours since I was in high school when my mother first introduced the craft to me. Thank you so much for all the work you have done and continue to do. Blessed Be Silver.

  70. LB from California. She is in an internet friend who was in a bad relationship and her husband left her, with nothing. She is trying to move home but is struggling financial. Please will you join me in sending her prayers of prosperity, comfort (physical and emotional as she has a bad back and has to drive a u haul for several days to get home) and a swift, effortless drive back home. Thank you!

  71. KP, Sydney, Australia. Financial pressures and unemployed for 3 months. Need prayers for prosperity, meaningful employment, emotional lift. Thank you all ❤

  72. CW – Drums, PA emotional healing from pending divorce
    KW – Conyngham PA undiagnosed nerve damage and chronic pain

    Brightest Blessings to all.

  73. act @ ny – her physical health is very poor & she has not yet received appropriate medical care. her spirit is broken. please send her prayers for a recovery of the brilliant woman she once was.
    jcs @ ga – need to stay strong after profound betrayal. recovery of spirit & ability to cope.

    thank you. lighting a candle for all. many blessings for answered prayers to all.

  74. D.W. Tulsa Oklahoma : in need of spiritual healing and departure from negative thoughts

    hey silver i posted on here earlier because i really need help. But I see that my comment is gone now. I am so sorry if i offended you with my anti suicide note. I wrote that note to talk me out of suicide. It was from the heart although it wasnt positive. I know you probably dont want to deal with me and if so i’ll leave. I know I sound selfish for asking for healing for myself. But I just want to ask is there hope for me or am I never going to escape this negativity. I could really use your help. I grew up in a christian home and I dont follow that path anymore but the thought of a hell still bothers me and i’m sorry i brought it up on here. Infact I dont have a pathway right now but finding myself through hypnosis, and that doesnt seem to be working for me. I started running into these problems a couple years ago when I met a guy who practiced the necronomicon. I dont know if this started it because I wasnt exactly a great person before then either. Not that the necronomicon is bad but I dont understand it. I’m sorry about my last post but I really want some change in my life!!!
    please understand this raven I would love your help!!

    and i’m sorry for not reading how to format my request. I was being a desperate idiot =(

    1. Darren,

      I understand feeling suicidal and lost. Suicide is not the answer though. Life changes so quickly but when someone is depressed it can feel like change will never come. It will, change always comes. One thing that might help with the negative thinking would be every time a negative thought comes into your head think of a positive. For example if the thought “I never do anything right” comes to your head counter it with a thought about something you did do right, there are many of those I am sure. It might also be a good idea to see a doctor to see if you are clinically depressed, treatment can make a huge difference!

      Also as far as the fear of hell goes I understand that too. I was a minister’s daughter. I was scared for a long time but fear of eternal damnation for nothing more then being human is a bad reason to stick with something you know does not work for you. The Goddess and the God are about love and growth, in this life and all others. Hell is an idea thought up by a church that needed to keep people in line. I do not believe in hell, no loving God would send anyone there. I am praying for you. Hang in there.


  75. I need to lose weight to help with some health issues but it has been incredibly hard so far as one of the diseases I have makes weight gain very easy and losing difficult. I also have almost no disk left in L-5 which is my lower back so sometimes it is hard to move much less exercise. I have changed my diet and try to workout at least 3 times a week. I want so much to be as healthy as I can be. 3 years of being stuck in the house is enough. Thank you, blessings to all of you. )O(

    My prayers are with all of you. Blessings!

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