January 2012 Prayer List

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Healing Circle Prayer List

Thanks to Kris Bradley on Facebook I was reminded this morning that we haven’t run a prayer list for a few months — its time to get back in the game!

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.

Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

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That’s all there is to it!


150 thoughts on “January 2012 Prayer List”

  1. KM, Bellevue, Ohio – Clarity, strength, and tranquility
    SM, Sandusky, Ohio – Courage, good health, and strong sales
    AS, Afghanistan – Safety, strength of heart, and clarity of mind

  2. MBM – Glendale CA – humbly asking for all assistance . Her soul needs peace and I am at a loss.
    SAS – Woodland Hills CA – help in dissolving the residual anger from her son’s suicide.
    DG – Santa Monica, CA – work
    Sending light love and blessings to all!
    Thank you for allowing me to be part of your circle!

    1. Dearest Melanie,
      Prayers and light to your friends and loved ones. May they find peace and prosperity that is needed to heal. We are all going through tough times.
      May Spirit bless and keep you,
      Kelly in El Paso, TX

  3. W.I.D. – Mont Laurier, QC. Please add her to the circle for healing and recovery from a sudden stroke.
    Many thanks!

  4. AMG-Detroit, Michigan
    She needs physical and emotional healing. She was struck by a car and lost her 14 month old daughter. Currently in ICU with both legs broken, fractured bones in lower spine, internal injuries and head trauma. She will not be able to make it to her daughters funeral so much energy and many prayers are needed for her and her family in the long days and months to come.

  5. DG – Williamsport, Pa – Asking for stress relief, shutting off the brain chatter. Needing peace, relaxation and a new job!
    PS – Bedford, TX – In need of physical healing from a traumatic accident.
    RS – Bedford, TX – In need of strength, emotional support as a caretaker trying to help.
    BB – Lubbock, TX – Open up heart chakra, dispel hate.

    Thank you! Love, Reiki light & blessings to you all!

  6. CJH- Greeley, PA- That he goes into the army quickly, and grows into a better, more, loving, caring, and productive man mentally, physically & spiritually.
    AJG- Freeport, NY- That he maintains a healthy life, and his head issues, no longer hold him back from truly living, and that he has no further issues with his brain/head/ body.
    KKH- Greeley, PA-That she gets into the college she wants, without issues.
    DFM-Freeport, NY- That his health doesn’t worsen, and he begins to want to live and function productively, and his mind becomes clear and normal.
    AKM- Freeport, NY- That she becomes mentally healthy, compassionate, forgiving, and friendly towards her sister and sisters family.
    LPM- Freeport, NY- That she gets, mentally and physically healthier, and that she seeks and finds relationship with her daughter and daughters family.
    WLB- Freeport, NY- Healthy, Financial Prosperity, Find a Good home to live with her children.

    Thank you so much!

  7. KTS-Parma OH-Suffering from walking Pneumonia Could use some healing energy

    Love and Light to all!

  8. This is for JPCB, my son. Jean-Paul is on the Masonic/Templar’s hit list in Vineland, N.J. He needs POWERFUL PROTECTION. Also, I protect him, but I am on their (Masonic/Templar) hit list, too. I know this sounds “nuts.” But I live this every single day. Please help us! Blessed Be!!

  9. CPM-Edmonton, ALberta, Canada-Healing for severe headaches and aid with finances.
    DAM-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-Healing for depression, arthritis pain and low energy and fatigue.
    SC-Edmonton,Alberta, Canada-Asking for clarity, peace and love and clear decisions about her relationship.
    DH-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-Healing for stomach issues (throwing up almost daily since october), and for a solution to be found (none of the drs can find anything wrong).
    BW-Alberta Canada-Help with a positive attitude, and to take better care of thyself. Financial assistance. To be filled with and accept love.
    MT-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-Healing for mental issues and loneliness, to help find her true self again. To be filled with love.
    NDL-EDmonton, ALberta, Canada-For emotional healing on deep levels, for love, peace and forgiveness in her heart and life.
    AM-Edmonton. Alberta, Canada-Healing for mental issues, Emotional healing, for love, peace and forgiveness in her heart and life.
    MV-Edmonton, ALberta, Canada-Help with finding a steady Job and financial prosperity.
    CW-Healing for drug related mental issues, peace from childhood anger and forgiveness, and love to fill his life.

    Many blessings and thanks to you Silver and everyone sending healing. Goddess Bless!
    Much Love

    1. Dearest Caladriana,
      Healing and blessing to those on your list….I’ve certainly noticed a theme here with our intentions. We all can use both physical/spritual help and financial help. May Spirit provide us with what we need to get through these tough times.

  10. Please pray for healing for my mom MP in NJ … She had a massive heart attack Thank you and Bright Blessings !

  11. GC-Ipswich, MA Humbly asking for financial help, new job, moving to new home near children/grandchildren
    KN- Portland, OR Humbly asking for stability in work, finances, health, and finding a new home with peace and prosperity for KN and family
    RF-Ipswich, MA humbly asking for financial and job assistance, health improvement, healing of relationship with family member
    BB-humbly asking for healing; mentally and physically.
    Thank you so, so much for this Silver! Blessings.

  12. JRM-Rogersville,TN- Asking for help with my spiritual doubts. Also, asking relief from a very traumatizing event almost 2 years ago.

    TEM-Rogersville,TN- Needs help with priorities and financial responsibility. Really needs to learn to let his childhood events go, and make peace with those who have wronged him. (Both of us really need help with our marriage, it’s crumbling and we want to fix it.)

    1. Jennifer,

      I understand where you are and I am praying for you. There is a candle burning for you and your husband in my house, pink to build love and compassion.


  13. KLY-Blairsville, GA-Help in overcoming severe depression and self worth issues and financial prosperity!!!

  14. TAH-Oklahoma: She find her true path of serenity and balance with love, and taking care of every day obligations without feeling overwhelmed.
    BNH-Oklahoma: She continue to be able to release her anger in healthy and constructive ways and find the true source of her anger and find comfort and strength from the collective love and support that is always around her.
    CMG-Oklahoma: Heal his body, clear his mind of depression and anger and remind him that he has love and support if he’d be willing to accept.
    BJH-Oklahoma: Open her heart ,her eyes and her mind to others that so desperately seek her attention and approval.

    Thank you, that helped just writing that out!

    1. Dear Teresa,
      Thank you for posting these intents. By just releasing these into the universe you have already helped these folks. Blessings on you and them. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. MALW – Elysburg, PA – This is a wonderful woman who means so much to me. She is a prominent mother figure and best friend in my life. A lot of obstacles are in the way of getting what she needs to live a full life right now. She’s getting no support from certain members of her family and she’s scraping the bottom of the barrel financially. She has several health problems that cannot be resolved because she has no health insurance. Please pray that she finds solutions to the problems and obstacles that are preventing her from living her best life. Also, please say some extra prayers that her health improves. She has heart problems related to stress and that especially worries and scares me.

  16. For those above and those below…..sending healing light and love from soul to soul
    For myself (DW) from Moreno Valley, CA….I ask for help with relocating to Bend Oregon….assistance with the home we are hoping to get and the financial backing to get there as well as the job opportunities presented to us to pan out and for us to be happy, fruitful, and FINALLY financially secure….in light and love Blessed Be!

  17. CJH- being kicked out of our apartment April 1st and have a big family but were all older and on disability. Our car was totaled so now we have no transportation. Please pray that we don’t become homeless in New England. Its too cold. Brightest Blessings to everyone and may all your dreams and prayers come true. Love and Peace, Carol

    1. Dear Doude,
      My heart is with you. Some of my ancestors came from Prague on my mother’s side. My grandfather grew up in a small community in Kansas where English was a second language. Blessing to you and the people of the ancient city of Prague.

  18. RBC- Snohomish Washington – He is in need of help with legal matters for his Daughter and financal prosperity for his family.
    LEC – Everett Washington – He has been need of work for sometime and despretly needs help financally for his family.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  19. BLF – Welby, Colorado – give her peace of mind and an understanding that she has not been abandoned by her Goddess, help her attain focus and emotional and physical health
    SMT – Welby, Colorado – help him find a steady job with abundant income doing something he loves so that he can provide for his wife and 2 year-old daughter, give him physical healing for his hip so that he can live pain-free
    RPT – Welby, Colorado – help her parents find financial stability, keep her safe in an “iffy” neighborhood and have many, wonderful excursions with healthy, energetic parents
    TAB – Wheatridge, Colorado – for physical healing of a mysterious illness that has plagued her for a decade
    JRA – Denver, Colorado – for financial and emotional health, help him to understand that there is more to his life than his problems, that there are those who love him and he does not have to prove himself to them, he only has to reach out – help him to also know when he needs to reach out
    AA – Denver, Colorado – for physical and emotional healing of the aftereffects of cancer, financial stability

  20. CSP – Florida – For deep healing and that he becomes employed ASAP in a healthy and stable job at BM or better. So that he can see the value of his family in his life, learn to trust his partner.
    MT – Michigan – Healing so that she has a full recovery from her heart surgery
    JMK – Florida – Blessed and safe travels and journey to Korea where he will be teaching in a few months
    SDP – Florida – goddess please bless her and bring her deep emotional healing she has so much on her plate for a young child. Please educate her in the ways in which she can coop with her emotions and conflicting feelings.
    RRM – Florida – goddess please bless her with divine love, protection and guidance
    JLK – Florida – So that she can walk her true path in balance with divine love and do all of the daily responsibilities in a healthy, happy and joyous way.

    1. Dear Morgan,
      Looks like you care for a great many people in your life. May they find what they need with the help of Spirit. Bless you for being there for them.

  21. DLJ in Omaha, NE : May she realize & see her true path/fate in life. Overcome her depression, & get out of the financial pit that she is in. May a great & meaningful job come her way.

    MRJ in Omaha NE : May he find the strength again to overcome alcoholism.

    SS in NE : May she put past troubles & issues aside in order to move on. Clear her mind of negative thoughts & anger . May love fill her heart.

    KS in NE : May he find balance & peace mentally & spiritually

    A warm thanks to Silver & all in this circle and to any whom “hit” the like button.

  22. KMS-Dauphin, Pennsylvania- That she may have a great outcome with her upcoming Dr visits, and prosper in her health and finances.

    BCL- Dauphin Pa.- May she have good health and continue on a positive path, and get in to a great college.

    ECN- Dauphin PA- May she have a prosperous future, help in finding the perfect peaceful, economic home, and may she have great improvement in her health.

    YMB- Dauphin PA- may she have continual blessings in her health

    LRH- Dauphin PA- may she have mental clarity and be able to get herself back to a good paying job.

    LRN- Dauphin PA- may she continue to be blessed in health, and love

    AMB- Dauphin PA- May she be blessed with an easy semester, health and a great paying job when she graduates.

    AB-Dauphin PA- May he continue with a Happy healthy new year.

    DGN- Dauphin Pa- May he be blessed with more pain free days. Help him with his health so that he may be able to live healthy for many more years to come.

    AMN- Dauphin PA- May she be blessed with good health and less physical pain from her arthritis.

    NCG- Union PA- May his vision improve greatly and his mental health remain strong, and for his safe prompt return home.

    Thanks to everyone for including me and my loved ones in this wonderful circle. It is greatly appreciated. I look welcome and look forward to all blessings that come our way.

  23. Asking for a new better job for Natalie B. USA
    Also asking for improved finances for Laura B. USA
    Asking for extra angelic protection and justice for Marisa B. USA

  24. CJE Farmington, PA, pain relief from RA
    DAH & CWH Smithfield, PA. financial aid
    LLK Smithfield, PA, spiritual help
    Thank you and brightest blessings to all

  25. All cities and counties worldwide, for all those who are battling MS or any other chronic illness, for all those fighting addiction in all its forms.

  26. A.c.c. Laid off 3 months ago,Need to find a job, financial success
    A.J.C. help her headaches to stop.or for them to at least find the cause.
    L.L..C.. healing of her body
    A.B.C. help her to love her family again.Let her know we all love her.
    Many blessings sent to everyone.
    Have missed you Silver.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Healing both physically and financially to those you know and love. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Things are difficult for all of us. Together we are stronger.

  27. M.S.M from Warrenville South Carolina. Needs help in the following areas: Healing (has blood clots in lungs), financial (cannot find a job), Self-Esteem (feeling useless and worthless), and last but not least Peace.

  28. D.L.S. Prosperity, job, and apartment. I am homeless (staying with a friend thoug) and have applied and an interview with Papa Murphys where I live. As soon as I can get this, or any job, I am looking to renting this apartment that I have my eye one. Pleae help. I can use any prayer right now. Lord and Lady knows I’ve been praying to them for this for over three months. I have faith in them and that they will help me, but i would like others to help me with my prayers, please.
    Fairfield, California.
    Brightest blessings to all.
    -P.S. Silver RavenWolf is my absolute favorite author.

  29. RATA – Healing and lifting of the pain causing mental distress and deep depression. Strength to stop self harm.
    SMDA – Strength to realise and break away from the current lifestyle and to help find a way back to a loving family.
    MTN – Help overcoming debilitating physical pain.

      1. Please, Please, Please I need you help today for my daughter above RATA. She is about to go into surgery and I woke this morning with s horrilbe feeling. The surgeon has ‘another self harmer’ attitude and I really don’t believe will ‘try’ so she saves herself future surgeries. I need to diminish this pall of gloom I woke with too.
        Thank you all in advance.

  30. TGC, Washington, that she may forgive those who abused and raped her, that she may leave the painful memories behind
    SAS, Washington, that he be free of allergies
    PSCC, Florida, that she may soften her heart and learn to love her children and grandchildren
    AMC, Florida, that he be happy and that he know his daughter loves him
    JK, Washington, that she get the internship or better
    MLK, Washington, that she may be free of depression and migraines
    LG, Toronto, that she be happy and know true love

    1. Dear TG,
      Blessings and healing to all on your list and to you as well. You care very much for these people and I am sure Spirit will help them and yourself find the answers they need.

  31. H.F. is in need of healing. She was severely abused by her father and is suffering PTSS and all that that entails/ Currently house in Mars, PA for anti suicide therapy
    J.R. Canonsburg, PA Mother of the child above
    K and B C New Castle, PA grandparents need the strength to hold the family together as we go through the court and medical systems with all of this.

  32. NR – W.Hollywood, CA – financial assistance – single mom of 3 about to lose apartment and utilities

  33. SR. Michigan, praying for financial success, improved work relationships, and a successful relationship
    SRR. Michigan, that they have the finances and peace of mind to continue supporting a houseful of 8
    SAD. Michigan, praying that she finds peace of mind and happiness
    SMO. Michigan, that she finds a new job, has financial success and better health

  34. TLM, New York, to recover from the serious health problem recently notified of.
    BAW, New York, to deal with her issues and to return the two children in her home to their Mother

  35. RA, Cranston, RI.new job worries and finacial concerns.
    JE. Tucson, AZ needs some peace of mind, some rest and maybe a little faith

  36. For my niece Leslie who has been battling cervical cancer and lupus for over 2 years. May her path to peace happen as she wishes. May the drama subside. Acceptance and clear thought come to all affected. SMIB

  37. RE…..Kingwood West Virginia prayers for my dog N. he is quite old and all the family I have left, prayers for his health appreciated

  38. I humbly request prayers for TCW and MMW Shoreline WA for health after serious heart problems and prosperity since he is on disability and she was forcably retired and even though she went back to school top of class, national honor society, no-one wants to hire a 61 year old. Thank you and Blessed Be

    1. Dear Marlene,
      May TCW and MMW receive blessing and healing. May the lady receive the respect she deserves for her efforts in education. It is a sad state these days that being a “senior citizen” is not honored for the wisdom and experience. What good is living longer when you are considered second class? I will pray that doors of opportunity will open for them both.

  39. Silver, I know this is off the subject but don’t know your email. I purchased Mindlight and had it signed by you some time ago., (Phoenix440), I loaned it to someone and never got it back. Obviously they needed it more than I did but now I want it back. Do you still sighn and sell your books? There are several I would like to get. Thank you for your imput.

    Blessings and Hugs

  40. HH & AH – Chattanooga, TN – Two loving great Dane pups need to find a safe and loving home together.
    Thank you!
    Love & Light

  41. KB – Wisconsin. Recently broke up with her fiance and had to move back home across country and is having a really rought time of it lately. She even tried to do her own kind of release ritual (though she’s not Pagan) on New Year’s Eve and wound up getting her hand badly burnt. This girl is like a daughter to me as well as a good friend and I just want her to be able to move pass the pain and be happy again.

    1. Dear Kit,
      May KB find peace of mind with her life. It is never easy to end a relationship — keep being there for her. She will need all the friends she can get.

  42. CLB, Ohio, That a fulfilling job will be provided or better. May finances improve or better.
    TLS, Ohio, May his family situation improve or better. My his health improve or better..
    MLS, Ohio. May she be able to release her negative feelings and find joy and positive feelings or better.
    Thank you.
    Many blessings to all.

  43. this little old hedgewitch in the woods, kindly asks for strong positive energy and prayer be sent for MLC of poplarville,ms who needs much better finances , success with her business making oils, candles and reading cards… and if its not too much to ask? a new green john deere riding lawnmower or better (chuckles, thank you Silver).

  44. D.A. PHOENIX, AZ please help with finances. needs work soon.
    S.J. help with work. promises need to be kept. or new opportunities need to present themselves. With my deepest appreciation. blessed be

  45. RH in El Paso, TX — hubby needs help to find job. Has been out of work for about 5 years. Lost job when he was taking care of terminally ill mother (kidney cancer) in 2006 – 2008. Hard to get back on track when you’re 50 years +.

  46. LB & YvZ, Johannesburg, South Africa. Both dealing with breast cancer, healing, love, light, and support for both of them, wisdom for those around them.
    AJ, Johannesburg, South Africa. Health and weight loss, depression, unhappy marriage.
    WvW, Johannesburg, South Africa. Prayer that her partner gets a job closer to her or vice versa.
    NT & JT, Johannesburg, South Africa. Health, financial stability, emotional and spiritual peace.
    AJ, Johannesburg, South Africa. Just started school, confidence, focus, joy and friendship.
    ZC & KT, Johannesburg, South Africa. Success with their businesses.
    DvZ, Johannesburg, South Africa. Job that makes him happy. Peace within and letting go of the past.
    Thank you for sharing your love and light, and for providing a space for this. Blessed be.

  47. JB, and RS, Blackwell, Oklahoma are in dire financial straits, we need all the help we can get. I’ll add everyone’s prayer requests to ours as well. Thank you!

  48. MB Ky, USA—suffering from a condition known as myalgic encepahalomyelitis, not much is know about this illness, there is very little treatment, no cure.
    MP Ky, USA—clinical depression
    CB Ky, USA—schizophrenia
    WB Ky, USA—emphysema, heart failure
    CmB Ky, USA—lung cancer
    CB Ky, USA—bipolar disorder
    TB Ky, USA—needs steady employment and reliable transportation for his family
    Thank you for all you do, god/dess bless!!!

  49. JRB Dealing with residual thoughts from fundamental Christian period of life and having doubts about decisions that i have made.Still struggling with thoughts that might end up in Hell.

    1. Dear James,

      I was raised as a minister’s daughter and understand how those thoughts can haunt you. Look into your heart and know that the path you’re on is the right one for you. As for hell I have found there is more then enough of that on earth and no loving god would send his creation into a burning fire for all time. You are in my prayers, may the Goddess bless you and send you affirmations of your choices.


  50. ACT brooklyn, ny ~ sincerest wishes of body healing: complications due to diabetes, other unknown illnesses. sincerest wishes of spirit healing of hoarding, depression, low self-worth. needs lots of spiritual advocacy to care enough about herself to make positive changes. this person is loved beyond measure.
    DWH buckeye, az ~ sincerest wishes of soul healing: needs to know/understand TRUE peace within, love, compassion, and how to keep promises/become the person he wishes to become. this person is loved beyond measure.

    i will spend time every evening adding my inner light & love to all of your prayer requests. may the universe bless each of you with the brightest of happinesses.


  51. JWF Walterboro, SC Surgery to fix damaged tissue, muscle and intestines due to Liver Transplant caused by rare genetic cell disorder. Please send positive energies, love and healing thoughts!
    Thank you and Many Blessings,

  52. HH, WMH, and JEH, Cape Coral, FL. Please protect them from the harm being caused by some very sick and evil individuals. Keep them safe and financialy sound.

  53. Protection from adult management bullies at work trying to take my husbands job away. He has already been demoted and now faces disciplinary proceedings concerning a lie by them.
    We live in Coventry, UK. blessings & thankyou.

  54. Hello everyone. I have a healing prayer request for my friend Stephanie Conde. Her father has a low blood count and needs three pints a day. The doctors don’t know the root of the cause yet. I want as many people I can get to pray for him, to help improve his health. All prayers are appreciated. Please and thank you. Her father is in the Memphis University Hospital in Tennessee.

  55. SVR SD CA needs protection from a person and a group of people who is doing anything in there power to hurt and destroy this person. Please keep her in your prayers for protection.

  56. My family is in need of prayer for our physical selves as well as our mental and financial selves. My sister Shadow has gout and arthritis very bad. My sister is the candle witch of the family but it is hard to do when you can walk or stand very long. Her husband has multiple sclorosis and is in need of a healing touch. We aren’t sure which direction is belief lies so we simply pray for him through love. I have quite a few physical problems but I still manage to work. I would ask for clarity of mind and purpose for my life. I simply would like to be assured that I am heading in the right direction for myself.

  57. Great stuff. Thank you for sharing. On a side note, that journal you recently made has been on my mind…can you show photos of it for our inspiration? I need some, lol. I thought about creating one specifically for recording ways and the ingredients by which I make my own different candles. Thank you and blessings!

  58. B.T Melbourne, Australia…Strength to endure the Harsh treatment to recover from cancer on the Heart..
    B.V.R Christchurch, N.Z..Help to Protect,Resue 3 Grand daughters from a life of severe abuse..

    blessings and prayers to all………….

  59. W.I.G.D nee W.I.G.S, lives in La Macaza, Quebec, Canada – Mom (62) suffered massive stroke on Jan 8th and still in ICU on respirator. Mom we love you and miss you. We ask that all pray for her recovery to live a much longer and healthier life as she has much to live for and much living to do. Thank you and Blessings

  60. RJ – MN Healing and peaceful thoughts; she has multiple myeloma.
    CB – MI Needs healing from heart and kidney issues, also wisdom with finances.
    BB – MI Help and healing in personal relationships.
    MP – MI Healing thoughts to help him find a way to deal effectively with employer.
    CB – WI Positive prayers to guide her to find a good paying job or better. 🙂
    CB – MI Healing emotions from evil, greedy cult in order to regain her more altruistic self or better.

  61. BM-KY for healing and prosperity
    BK-KY help with finances
    DHD-for healing with epilepsy-5 yrs old
    DLM-healing with osteochondroma-9 yrs old

    many thanks, love & blessings )O(

  62. R.L., Sabattus, Maine, that he lives a long, healthy, happy life despite the diagnosis he has been given.
    J.P., Auburn, Maine, that he finds his path that lifts him for his highest and best. A job, a home, and happy relationships I wish him as his mother.

  63. AH-Lancaster,PA Finding a job,Finances,Healing and less stress
    BH-Lancaster,PA Getting a job, Health issues
    PH-Columbia,PA Healing and less stress

  64. ELG, Lowell, MI. help my brother make the correct decision for his health. He has AIDS and is on the full course of meds but now has Anal Rectal Cancer, he’s refusing treatment for it.
    KMK, Fort Myers, FL. help with my business and building a year around clientele so my financial stress is gone.

  65. Aurora VioletRayne PA healing, strength, abundance, good fortune, protection, love, improved ability

  66. SLWA , stuttgart germany, Need help to deal with several health issues like high bloodpressur and diabetes…to accept the desease and treatment … Snd to find a new loving and caring guy after loss due tue suicide of partner
    Blessed Be!! May the godess be with all of you

  67. jbp-india,i wish whatever problem i am having in my teeths can be cured by medicines only i dont want any surgury on teeths again in lifetime…i wish my grandfather to get well soon as early as possible plzz bless my grandfather with a very good health and i wish all the boys who made fun of me will get the hardest punishment and they should start respecting me i want my respect back ..bless me and my family with good health and good future

  68. KC – emergency financial help to obtain funds to pay overdue back rent and avoid eviction. thank you!

  69. KC New York, NY – emergency financial help to obtain funds to pay overdue back rent and avoid eviction. thank you! (forgot to add city & state!)

  70. KSO- Greenville, South Carolina, United States : I want a safe, clean, peaceful home that I can comfortably afford and gainful employment within the field I have been called into, Correctional Social Work. Thank you and Blessed Be. 🙂

  71. DM~~GA suffers from depression, needs Protection from negative energies, prayers for financial help, {Make more money at her job} needs self confidence in herself

    AH– Ga~~ That he realizes how important to his life and well being his ex girlfriend dawn is to him.now that his cancer is done and over with, and comes back to her.

    TD~~ GA to find and keep her strength to make the right decisions. to stay away from negative influances

  72. LS- Channelview, Texas-healing from a hiatal hernia and financial blessing. Greater spiritual awareness and guidance from the Goddess and God.

  73. DL-In NY for healing anxiety and worry as well as a case of warts on his thumb.
    DG-In PA for healing sadness, depression, hurt, and for getting a job.
    RG-In PA for healing from infection.
    MG-In PA for healing after a car accident.

    Thank you Silver and healing circle!
    Blessed be!

  74. PAN – In MO. It’s my mom. She’s been dealing with a crushed shoulder since May of last year. After struggling with a reverse shoulder replacement, she’s developed an infection inside it an is on IV antibiotics. Plus somehow while living in temp assisted living program it became dislocated. PLUS she has cancer in her blood. Please, it’s been a rough year. For her health and my sanity.

  75. SD – In Boston, MA for continued healing from heroin and alcohol addiction, and healing from stress and depression.

    JF – Saugus, MA who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer.

    NP – Alabama, who is undergoing chemo for breast cancer.

    TM – Lowell, MA who is having surgery on Friday, 1/27, for bladder cancer.

  76. CSH of Calgary Alberta Canada is suffering from extreme depression. She is losing hope and faith and is nearly giving up. Her life path has never worked out and she is always heart sick. Her body is in pain, her finances are in horrible shape due to bad jobs, her marriage is loveless, she wants to live somewhere else and her husband always refuses. She is trapped in a life she didn’t choose for herself and is confused why others have opportunities handed to them while she is always passed by.
    Her dreams take her to mountains and green meadows, gardening and peace. Yet, she is surrounded by a loud city and all it’s issues.
    She is desperate for immediate positive change before she sinks deeper into her depression. Doctors have been of no help. Only now the universe must help her.

  77. I am in desperate need of a new job that will be my hearts desire. I also need pain relief from my arthritis. I am also developing depression due to my life’s paths always turning out badly.
    My desires have been put to the Goddess, but sometimes I don’t think she’s heard me, or I don’t understand why things didn’t work out for me.
    A career that is suitable for my needs that won’t cause me physical or mental harm. An opportunity to move to the mountains some time soon.
    I am feeling very sad for a long while and am in need of blessings.
    Blessed Be

  78. LS, Blackstone, MA – a quick recovery from her long struggle with graft-vs.-host disease.

    FS, Blackstone, MA – peace of mind and stress relief

    Thank you all! ❤

  79. Hello, dear healing friends and sisters. May I please ask that you include in your prayers and healing my mother in law, R.D of Fort Collins,CO. She is suffering from many different health issues right now, including thyroid cancer. Please also send out the inspirational energy she so desperately needs to improve her own health through excercise and a healthy diet. Thank you and Blessed Be!!

  80. LM, Omaha, NE for healing of ocular melanosis
    RL, Council Bluffs IA, healing of heart muscle
    Thank you for opening your circle to all

  81. I need healing for my teeth. I have impacted wisdom teeth that are rumpturing as well as a few others that are breaking apart under the pressure of the wisdom teeth trying to force their way through. I have no money or insurance to go to a dentist and there are no free clinics where I live that can help me. RH in Monteagle, TN.

  82. SGG Covina Ca- healing from the grief and pain of loosing my son Mick so i can function better and smile without it being forced. I also need to raise enough money to place his ashes in the place i have chosen. For my Mick to come visit me in a dream so i can hug and kiss him

    RAG Anaheim Ca- healing from the pain and anger of loosing his brother Mick. A better financial situation for him and a happy future with his fiance Brianne

    CAG Covina Ca- healing from losing his stepson Mick and a better financial situation so he can feel like a good provider and stop feeling low about himself

    KMG Covina Ca- healing from the pain of losing her brother and to do better in school and not be so shy

    EFM Albuquerque NM- to get better and find a bone marrow doner for him.

    BGB Anaheim Ca- healing from the pain and anger of loosing her future brother in law Mick. A better financial situation for her and a happy future with her fiance Ray

    thank you

  83. My aunt, PL of Leamington Ontario, is going to have an operation to have tumours removed on Feb 2nd. In the mean time want her health to stay good.

  84. JCO, Waslilla, Alaska.
    Healing from past abuse, strength to change and be stronger while maintaining a gentle spirit. Healing for mom as there may be cancer.
    Healing for son who struggles to find his place in the world.
    Healing for spouse’s drinking and verbal abuse.
    New job for spouse that will support family when we move closer to family who needs us.

  85. MBV – Cleveland TN – healing for cancer and health, body, spirit, mind
    DH – Athens, TN – healing of health, body, spirit, and mind

  86. Kortney needs healing. Please pray for her to walk again. That her spinal cord heals and she regains all that her body needs. She has been dealing with these issues for almost 8 years.
    Thank you; from her mom.
    Seguin, Tx

  87. for my friend LM, healing of body
    for WBM, healing of pain and all other issues
    for my son, TLC, guidance in his future plans
    for my grandson, TJS, to be well and to contact me soon

  88. R.S Brisbane, Australia – work and finance
    R.B Bunbury, Australia – addictive behaviour and self harm, and he lost one of his best friends today

  89. Healing would be lovely for MG in Delaware. She became sick and then paralyzed after a flu shot several years ago. She is hanging in there, Love and healing for her and her family is appreciated.
    Blessed be all!!!

  90. JEK, Long Beach CA-wonderful husband and father diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Served his country for 30 years, double amputee, diabetic, already survived heart attack, losing his first wife to brain cancer at 31 and two children to Cystic Fibrosis.He has had more than his share of illness, pain and loss! Blessed be.

  91. I have sent beautiful prayers and visualizations for all that have asked.

    Will there be February list?

  92. Please send your prayers and healing to two wonderful women (LD & IM in Candiac, QC) who have lost a mother (and mother-in-law) just yesterday. May the Goddess help them and give them and their families the support they will need during this next difficult time.
    Blessings to all of you too for your kindness and support to the community.

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