Holy Cupcakes! 2012 Mars Retrograde Is Coming!

Shift New Things Into Gear Now as Mars Retrograde is on the way -- most astrologers agree that when Mars turns retrograde it isn't a good time to begin new projects.

Holy Cupcakes!  Its Mars Retrograde Again 2012 Style

by Silver RavenWolf, copyright 2012

The General Scoop

For a very short time all the planets in the heavens are in direct motion; but, not for long.  On Monday, January 23, at 7:54 PM EST (4:54 PM Pacific), Mars the planet of fire an action goes retrograde signaling the beginning of an approximate 12 week span (3 months) where the normal course of forward movement may take a slight detour as Mars appears to reverse in the heavens (it doesn’t, it just looks like it does).   This apparent backward motion will continue until 11:53 PM EST (8:53 PM PST) April 13th, 2012.  Mars retrogrades approximately every two years.

As Mars will be in Virgo for seven months instead of its usual six weeks due this retrograde motion, focus will be on the practical for quite some time.  You may see changes and re-organization in education, healthcare, unemployment, general service to others, and corporate matters as society struggles to overcome our present crippled economy.  When a planet is retrograde its energy is focused  within.   As Mars is in Virgo this microscopic energy will be turned toward the practical with positive solutions on what will work not on what might work.  You will see streamlining, changes in procedure, additional research on a variety of topics, and little tolerance for drama as society embarks on its own de-cluttering mission.  An excellent way to handle this retrograde period is to concentrate on your own efficiency within your own environment and consider changes that will assist you in meeting your goals.

Mars turns retrograde on the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Dragon a symbol of power from Heaven, Good Fortune, and New Frontiers. This fourteen day celebration focuses on bringing positive energy into one’s life and environment and letting go of negative chi.  Dragon years are considered lucky, with the primary correspondence color of yellow or gold.  January 23 is also a New Moon in Aquarius and is an excellent time to begin a personal fix it program. Although moving forward may seem difficult during the retrograde period, energy spent on streamlining individual activities and schedules to better meet your needs will serve you well.  This New Moon New Year kickoff can be a wonderful opportunity for positive change.

If there is something that you really want to move forward, do it before Mars stations and turns retrograde, as once January 23rd hits, the focus will be more on internal change then outward forging ahead.  Mars will continue to slow before it stations retrograde about a week beforehand. You may physically feel the desire for a slower pace during this time or find yourself railing against someone’s perceived authority that’s trying to throw on the brakes, particularly since there is a heavy Saturn influence the week before the retrograde.

If you engaged in my Great Release Program in December 2011, you may find great enjoyment in the upcoming Mars retrograde as you have already begun a serious de-cluttering and streamlining process.  This retrograde window will allow you to go back and finish anything left undone, and continue the process on your own.  By the time you navigate through this Mars retrograde you will have created a wonderful launch pad for those dreams you’ve always had.  If you haven’t done the program; but, feel like a change of this type is in order in your life, feel free to go back through the blog archives and work through the program during the Mars retrograde period.

A Mars Retrograde in Virgo is a great time to reorganize your personal journal, family photographs, notes, records, work on genealogy, or that book you always wanted to finish.  Be sure you can move about your working and living environment with ease BEFORE the retrograde period begins.  This keeps the energy flowing in all the right directions.  If the holidays left you with a stumbling mess, now is the time to pick it up and put it away, give it away, or toss it.  During this time period, some astrologers feel that whomever initiates loses — meaning it is fine to work on what you have already started; but, this isn’t a good time to start something brand new, and definitely not a time to attack anyone.  Mars retrogrades are also famous for mechanical failure; so, if you’ve been putting off having the breaks fixed, or your printer repaired, or your furnace problem corrected, get it done before Mars goes retrograde.

Getting Some Detail — What Does Virgo Rule?

In classical astrology all things, places, issues, and topics are assigned a planetary and zodiac sign rulership.  A rulership is a type of correspondence, like the magickal correspondences we use when planning a ritual, spell, meditation or daily activity.  In the language of astrology, the planets and the signs are said to “rule over” specific items, types of career, diseases, etc.  These rulerships are taken from the writings of a number of the world’s most prolific  astrologers, past and present; however, as with all things human, not everyone agrees on what rules what — therefore the list I’ll be giving you is more of a general consensus.  What we’re looking for here is an idea of what that retrograde Mars might be highlighting this time around, and by contemplating that — choose which and what types of daily activities and magicks we might like to do during this period.

Here’s a brief list of what Virgo rules and where Mars will be shining its muted light:

accounts and accountants
administration and administrators
agencies, state and government
animals — small and domestic
armed forces and army affairs
bars and bartenders
body health and care
cafes and cafeterias
charts and statistics
chemists and laboratories
civil service and its employees
clothing dealers
dairies and farms
dental hygienists and technicians
dispensaries and doctors’ offices
editors and editorial staff
employment and employees
EMT’s and EMT employers
gardens and gardeners
groceries and retail
healing and healers
health, public
humane societies
labor and the working class
libraries and librarians
medical professionals
Navy and Navy affairs
papers and paper storage
police and police affairs
produce and produce markets
relief workers
resentment, deep
service personnel and service jobs
shops and shopkeepers
teaching and teachers
work — general and disagreeable

Good Old War Horse Mars

So!  What does retrograde Mars bring to the Virgo table?  You’ll most likely be dining on old stuff, deep-seated issues that you need to air out, let go and put to rest.  You’ll see stealth stuff (a Virgo tactic) and manipulation (another weapon in the Virgo bag).  Instead of blowing up and stomping about, step back and see the situation for what it is, not the emotional smoke screen surrounding it.  This will be a good time to use your detective skills on your own cold case issues.  By the time Mars turns direct, you’ll be sitting on a better, more stable structure to manifest your dreams.


Some people motor through a Mars retrograde without even realizing it — this depends largely on your natal chart and whether or not transiting Mars hits a hot spot.  During this time, try not to be overcritical of yourself or others — see what can be done better, faster, more efficiently instead.  Projects already in motion may show significant drag; but, see this as a blessing — you’ll be able to fix what futuristically may have destroyed your intent.  Mars is the “try again” planet, and its motto is “If at first you don’t succeed, keep at it until you do.”  Mars always says:  There is no such thing as failure, only experience for future success.

Sources:  Rulership Information:

Bills, Rex E. The Rulership Book, Tempe, AZ American Federation of Astrologers, 1971
Lehman, Dr. J. Lee, Ph.D. The Book of Rulerships Keywords from Classical Astrology, West Chester, PA,             Whitford Press, 1992.


13 thoughts on “Holy Cupcakes! 2012 Mars Retrograde Is Coming!”

    1. The picture was originally used on one of my ATC cards — the lady is from my antique photo collection that I bought at an antique house in Franklin County, PA (they have since gone out of business). They had boxes and boxes of old photos to choose from. The year I wrote HedgeWitch I visited quite a few of these places looking for original photographs that I could use in my artwork. This original photo was taken by the Grahams Studio in Winterset, Iowa. How she got to Pennsylvania is a mystery. Unfortunately, no name is on the photo, and no year. Thank you for asking. I love to talk about old photos!

  1. Hi Silver,
    I’m a firm believer that the planets DO effect our lives in one way or another. So thank you so much for the heads up!

    Since we just finished the Great Release, I had thought of keeping the mojo flowing by revisiting the rituals in your HedgeWitch book, assigning one or two of the keys to each month. Should I wait to begin until after the Mars Retrograde or is this exactly the kind of internal restructuring that the Virgo energy invites?

    1. Anything you’ve already done, you can do again, so sayeth the experts on astrology and Mars retrograde. Revisiting the rituals in the HedgeWitch book is a great idea!

  2. Silver I was so inspired by the Release Program that I made a “Project Journal” if you will. I bought a three subject notebook and labeled the sections “Daily Projects” (Day to day goals), “Monthly Projects” (what i aim to accomplish during each month, with those items being dispersed through the dailies) and “Year Projects” (what I want to get done throughout the year). Not all of it is releasing stuff or cleaning though the majority of it it. I threw some fun things in the Year section that I want to do as well, such as getting my cat’s paw tattoo (to symbolize my beloved pets who walk all over me) and learning to be a better cook. I just started this during this week but so far I’ve gotten a lot done in the cleaning and re-organizing departments having tackled two of the ten kitchen cabinets and four of the eight shelves in the dining room armoire. I’m also about to make the creative organizer you suggested in the Release Program. Is there anyway I can share pictures with you when it’s done? Thank you for all your ideas and the Program Silver!

  3. Silver. Your realease program, was excellent. Thank you for taking time out of your life and share with us. I noticed for my life, that towards the end of the program it got harder. However. trying to focus and put life in order. But we all know that life is a constant of putting in order. Right?! I will make sure I get all my ducks in a row, before hand. Please!!! Keep sharing and inspiring! I did the candle spell with a few people and got the opportunity to watch them all burn, and as a group we did protection bottles, and watching the wheels turn in everyones head was fun! The energy of the New Year has shifted, and being cognisent of our surrounding, and of the shifts, certianly helps. Thank you again. Keep posting! Blessings!

  4. welcome back silver happy new year, I was missing you:) this morning I put out a message that I would like to hear from you and magically here you are:)
    Thankyou for the pre-warning about the mars Retrograde period.
    Feb- march are big months for our house-hold I shall try and get prepare over the next few weeks…..blessings to you and your family

  5. Hi!! It seems like there are some similarities between Mercury and Mars retrograde. Thanks for the great info as always!!!

  6. Silver! What a December its been! I didn’t get a chance to even get halfway through the Great Release Program because it seemed Spirit had other plans for my husband and me. Well, long and windy story short, we have achieved what we’ve been working towards for 3 years; and that’s a new home by the coast! We’re still unpacking, but the first things we did were set up our altars. I’ve missed your blogs and would love to give the Great Release Program another shot through Mars Retrograde! I’m so happy I found this blog. I dunno if its because of the retrograde, but as of the past couple of days, I’ve noticed myself getting irritable very quickly and being a hell of a lot clumsier than normal (not only am I an Aries, my rising sign is Virgo, lol). But I’m up for the challenge and have a whole laundry list of magickal workings I can’t wait to get started on (btw, would it be best to work on luck charms before/during/or after the Retrograde?).

    Thank you for all of your helpful information throughout! As always. 🙂

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