Day 24! Release! Release! Release!

Day 24 of the Great Release Challenge!
Keep up the three minute challenge through the rest of the program and see how much fun and laughter you can share with your family!

Day 24 — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Saturday, 24

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For many of you this weekend (and possibly the next) will be incredibly busy with family and friends,  parties, special meals and events.  There will be little time to concentrate on the physical components of the release program.

Today, if you are home, do your morning sequence, then move about your living area, checking on the progress of what you have already done.  If an area seems to continue to build with clutter, think about why this might be happening.  For example, if the clutter is always by the door or stacked against windows, what is the family trying to subconsciously protect itself against?  In general walkways?  Who in the household is feeling trapped and stifled?  In the kitchen?  Who among you is having trouble accepting abundance?  Might there be a Negative Nellie in the group unit?  What do you think you can do about that?

In your de-cluttering process, have you kept only what is useful or appealing to you?  Are there still areas in your environment that could use another go at your new give/throw campaign?  Might you be able to take care of this area in the coming seven days or in the first week of January?  Have you stayed away from emotionally loaded items during our program, or did you dive right in there?  Emotionally loaded here means:  Memories; Belongs To Someone Else; Is Someone Else’s Responsibility But You Always Get Stuck With It.  If you stayed away from such items, how are you planning to deal with them in the future?

Your Fun Challenge For Today:  In three minutes, no more — just three minutes, go de-clutter, dust, or fix one thing.  Use a stop watch or a kitchen timer.  If you are working with a partner — have a race!  With your kids?  Do a relay!  On your mark, get set, GO!

Ring the Bell!

Remember that list you made on the first day?  We have seven days left to tackle what’s on there if you haven’t gotten to it.  Do you feel you can schedule a time now, or are you enjoying the take-care-of-it-spontaneity that this program has offered?

For our last seven days, we are going to introduce one small routine into our program.  Each night, five minutes before we go to bed, we are going to walk around our living area and de-clutter.  Just for five minutes, no more.  This might include hanging up coats, loading the dish washer, washing out the sink, throwing out trash, closing drawers or doors, picking up dog toys or cat toys or kid toys…and when we do this in each room, when we’re finished, we’re going to draw an equal-armed cross in the air at the doorway and ask for the Protection and Guidance of Spirit this day, and in all days hereafter.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete today’s challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number Twenty- Four!  We are so on a roll!  This star stands for Organizing Abilities — and place it anywhere on your aura during today’s meditation.

My Release Diary

My time outdoors yesterday included a bit of clean-up in the garden (I still need to do more) and a good stab at the back porch.  There are things you save at the end of the season, and then in spring look at those items and think, “What the heck did I keep this for?” That stuff was the first to go.  I found a bag of herbs that never made it inside, statues that should have been put away, a plastic silverware box turned bug condo, broken stuff from when my husband and son cleaned out their vehicles, trash that somehow weaseled out of their bags, wintered newspaper circulars from some neighbor somewhere that never took in their mail.  Being outside felt refreshing and delightful.

I’ve pinpointed two spots in the house that this year, seem to be problem areas.  The refrigerator just isn’t staying clean.  More spills, more goop, too many leftovers that were truly left for good.  I’m also having a problem with one shelf in the living room.  Yesterday it was a cheesy bread box.  The day before it was a sock.  The day before that footpads that someone bought and didn’t put away.  I’ll have to think about why these two particular places are refusing to get in line with my cleansing program!

How are you doing?

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Holiday Trash


6 thoughts on “Day 24! Release! Release! Release!”

  1. Idea: At the end of the day, or every few days, take all food that is not going to be consumed, before it gets nasty, and put it out for the creatures. Birds and raccoons do not freeze to death, they starve to death during the winter. Why make them dig for leftovers, when you can give them freely.

    1. That is a great idea…to a point. You don’t want woodland animals to become dependent on those kinds of things though. Birds are one thing, but raccoons, and other small animals, not so much.

      I know it is a horrible thought of them starving, but as a forest and wildlife manager in my area…you don’t want that kind of attention from them. They lose their ability to naturally find and forage for food, and then you will have a ton more problems on your hands. They don’t look so cute come summer when you are planting a garden, and eating all of the stuff in your garden, or rummaging through your garbage. Then people like myself get called and we end up trapping and relocating them, usually to game farms, because they have become too reliable on human food and interaction.

      So for a summary, feed stuff to the birds, but any other creatures… if you want to go ahead, but you have been warned, you will have bigger problems when the weather gets warmer.

      1. I so agree with you. In our case, we have the last of the properties with green, and the developments have taken all of their habitat. so I suspect I have more wildlife living in a dense population here. My agreement with my land is to suppliment what the land cannot as long as I steward this space. I have a raccoon I have had for years, he is older and grey around the muzzle. much like a dog appears as he gets older. I am fond of him, and consider him part of my parcel. I say to those who do not want them in the trash, do not put the food in the trash, it messes it up and spoils it anyway. Put it out away from the house. Just spread it out at some distance. Somebody will make use of it. Then if it is not in the trash, the trash will stay in tact. I gave up on vegetable gardening a long time ago. The deer take care of that…dug in fences, planted garlic,fox tinkle and all. After that particular tug of war with nature, I appreciate other people’s gardening skills !!! My thought is that if the population is not malnourished, it likely will suffer less disease. I am considering worming come spring. I spike the food with vitamins when the weather gets really harsh. So far, the animals who actually live here are all healthy. I keep an eye out for anything that looks unusual. I have only a few very polite individuals, just to mention that fact. 🙂 And I cannot bear the thought of them starving in the dark while I have the ability to see that no one here goes hungry.

      2. I know this is off subject, but did you know a raccoon can remember how to open a complex lock up to three years after learning how to open it? They are excellent problem solvers.Raccoons are more closely related to bears than wolves,and their hands are so sensitive they can do many things even without an opposable thumb. 2/3 of the area of their cerebral cortex used for sensory perception is used for differentiating tactile stimulus. Their little hands don’t lose sensitivity in water either. They don’t see very well at a distance which is why they are hit by cars so frequently. Scientists compare their intelligence to Rhesus monkeys. Sorry to go on, I have had… just a bit of holiday wine haha! But to give you an idea of how they fare, a raccoon will live 20 years in captivity. The average wild life span in North America is 1-2 years. Car accidents and starvation are what they most often die from. They die more frequently of distemper than rabies, and when infected with rabies, tend to go quietly into the den and die. They are not affected the same way so many other mammals are. I think there is only one case of a raccoon attack, and it was provoked. I am not advocating against keeping a healthy distance to individuals you do not know. One should always exercise caution. By the same token there is joy in co-existing. And I bet, next time you have to take one somewhere, you will be mindful of its little sensitive hands. 🙂

  2. Hi Silver i have decluttered the clutter. I will continue to do this. I have also released negative people or ones that have treated others badly by writing their names on paper look at the names on each piece of paper burn it n then flush it n poof its done so mote it be. Much Love n Light Silver. May rainbows come to u n ur family n may each beautiful color shine a postive glow for all of u. BB.
    P.S. If i ever get to pa i would like to meet u if thats ok?

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