Day 21! Great Release Challenge — What’s In Your Cupboard?

Day 21 of the Great Release Challenge
Mint Basil and Stream of Conscious Writing -- Merry Yule!

Day 21 — 2011 Great Release Challenge!  Winter Solstice Blessings!
Wednesday 21, December

by Silver RavenWolf

Ring the bell!

Ring the bell!

Ring the bell!

Merry Winter Solstice to you all!  Okay, pleasantries done, let’s get down to business.

Why the typewriter on today’s illustration?  Because our magickal task for today is experiencing the magick of stream of consciousness writing.  That’s where I give you a subject, and you just start writing…anything…that comes to mind.  You write for three minutes, and then stop.  Later, we go over what you’ve written to learn what you really think of any issue, and if your subconscious has actually given you a solution; but, you just have been too busy thinking to let it rise to the surface.  Stream of consciousness writing can also be useful when you are creatively stuck, and even if you want to do magick for something, and just haven’t settled on what you wish to do.  In this type of writing, you do not use punctuation.  You just write.

So!  You will need your computer, or a pen and paper, and a kitchen timer (or your watch, or phone, or whatever that can keep time and let you know when your three minutes are up.).  This is my Winter Solstice Ritual gift to you.  Yeah, I know its not like the normal ritual — that’s the point.  To give yourself room to relax and just go with the flow, go ahead and cleanse the writing area — maybe with a little holy water, some sacred incense…etc.  Cast your circle if you like, or simply create sacred space.  Blue candles are nice for mental clarity.  When you’re ready, we’ll get started!

First Stream:  For three minutes, just let yourself go and write whatever comes to mind about this holiday season, yule, winter solstice, the new year.  Touch the flow of nature’s energy in the season.

Second Stream:  For three minutes, write about what you want to release.  What’s bothering you.  What you know you need to let go of.

Third Stream:  Write about what you want in your life.  Your hopes.  Your dreams.  What you love.  Your creativity.  Talents.  Joys.  Write about what you want to accept in your life now that you have “written away” what you want to release.


Let’s look over what we’ve written.  If the first stream is negative, that means you need to change your perception, quick!  Perhaps a spiritual cleansing is in order.  If the first stream is positive in nature…that’s great!  You might want to save it for your Book of Shadows.  If the stream was negative — let’s burn that one in a little ritual fire, maybe throw in some of those herbs and spices you’ll read about in a minute.

Second Stream — this one we definitely want to burn; however, read it first, you may find some surprises in there.  Then, choose to let go (doesn’t work if you don’t choose), and burn this paper.

Third Stream — this one should be positive.  Again, if it isn’t, burn it.  If it is filled with good hopes and dreams and desires, we’re going to ask Spirit to bless the paper.  Tonight, when you go to bed, put the paper under your pillow so that your dream self can help your wishes come true.  This paper you may wish to decorate with magickal sigils, or place in a conjuring bag with special herbs and spices for manifestation.  OR, you can roll up this paper up around a cinnamon stick (roll toward you) and tie with a red ribbon.  Hang on your Yule tree, or save until New Year’s Eve to burn in a magickal cauldron.

If all three streams of writing were negative, that’s okay, wait 24 hours, do that cleansing, and try again.  Keep doing cleansing activities until that third stream is very positive and reflects what you truly want in your life.

This type of writing (Stream of Consciousness) can be extremely helpful in all types of venues from parenting to situations on the job.  Children love to do it, because it allows their imagination to take flight in glorious ways.  When working with children, have them add their own illustrations.

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Spice Cabinet

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Spice Cabinet

The edible-rule-of-thumb states that spices and herbs should be used within the year purchased or harvested, as the aging process depletes the aroma and food properties of the herb/spice.  The magickal-rule is a bit different.  Here, some practitioners believe that if you empower the herb or spice when you first receive it, that it continues to collect positive energies, and ages more like wine — the older the better (as long as you have properly stored it).

When cooking, you might want to use this quick list of correspondences:

Allspice — money, abundance, good fortune, healing
Basil — cooperation, cleansing, money, protection, love
Bay — wishes, psychic gifts, healing, purification, and with white rum — uncrossing
Black Pepper — protection, banishment, cleansing
Caraway — passion and love
Cardamom — lust
Cinnamon — action, money, speed, psychic pursuits, love
Cloves — money, abundance, protection
Cumin — joy, peace, happiness
Dill — speed, messages, money, fertility (modernly called the tipping-point herb), protection
Garlic — long life, protection, good health
Ginger — money, protection, talking to the dead, calm nervousness
Horseradish — protection and cleansing
Marjoram (Gold) — money, love, peace, happiness
Mustard — protection, courage, safeguard on journey
Nutmeg — psychism, dream magicks, money
Oregano — harmony, peace, cleansing, stress reduction
Parsley — money, banishment of irritation and stress, sex, prevent contamination
Rosemary — ultimate cleanser, protection, healing, mental clarity
Saffron — happiness and spirituality
Sage — long life, cleansing, good health, healing
Thyme — relationships, mental clarity, cleansing, make the spell last
Vanilla — money, pleasure, happiness

If you think you’ll forget these correspondences, cut out the list and paste it to the inside of the spice cabinet door.  Also, if you raise any of these herbs in your summer garden, you may have discovered more correspondences than the brief list mentioned here.  For example, many thymes are creepers telling you that slow-and-steady wins that race.  Basils are now available with several flavor enhancements — lemon basil is a definite cleanser, purple basil seems to be a favorite of the dead and dark goddesses…there is even a mint basil!  Excellent for money magicks.  Be sure to add that data, too.

For more information on magickal cooking, you may enjoy reading Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen through Llewellyn World Wide Publications.

Remember that list you made on the first day?  We have nine days left to tackle what’s on there.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete today’s challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number Twenty-One!  Yessir!  This star stands for Joy (gotta have that!) and place it anywhere on your aura during today’s meditation.

Release Program Diary

Quite a few parties, family fun, and preparations, preparations, preparations!  Two MORE bags from the basement and some broken furniture thing that I have no clue what it was.


Onward and upward!

Note:  Typewriter in today’s illustration is a public domain photo

taken by Petr Kratochvil, and yes I gave my donation.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  The Oven


16 thoughts on “Day 21! Great Release Challenge — What’s In Your Cupboard?”

  1. Girl, just how BIG is this basement of yours? I’m starting to think it’s like a clown car, only it’s bags of stuff you’re hauling out! 😀

    Thank you for the spice lists, I’m definitely printing it and taping to the inside of the cupboard. What a beautiful and poetic idea it is to bless each as it comes in.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I was in such a rut and boy has the great release challenge got me out of it! I can just feel the positive energy build in our home and in me as each challenge is acommplished.

  3. Lady Raven , this exercise in cleaning the inside as well as the outside has left more than one revelation for uncovering the lurking trolls I have kept hidden in my closets , working with the Elements took me back to working in my yard ( another thing put on the back burner here ) had missed the peace you find there , and the rewards from redirecting of chaos to order with the releases WOW ! My dog thinks I’m a lunatic with the bells ringing and my grand daughter ( Kayla 4 ) jumped in with the zealous energy of youth for us to be on the same energy level , loved it ! Sending Bright Yule Tide Greetings and look forward to Day 22 !

  4. I’ve been reading everyday.. but not following the recommendations every day, I still try to at least get rid of SOMETHING either at the house or at the office (right now office has more focus as I intend to release that part of my life entirely and start my own business at the beginning of the year! [gulp and yay!]) But I’m sooo doing this tonight when I get home! I had an English teacher in high school that would have us do “free writings” for the first five minutes in class, she’d give us a vague topic and we couldn’t drop the pencil or sit to long thinking about what we wrote, we just had to write, I keep the same approach now when I actually journal (which is rare). So I’m a bit excited about writing tonight! Thank you.

  5. Love love & LOVE!!! I will be burning away in the Yule fire in our hearth.
    Thank you, and wishing you, and all a blessed and merry Yule = )

  6. Well the clown car turns out to be my cupboards! Didn’t I clean them like yesterday? I distinctly remember organizing them up a few months ago, throwing away past due and icky stuff. Just where did the expired mixes, cans and assorted gremlins come from? This is a deep mystery, which as you point out, is more spiritual than physical.

    You know, without your inspiration and guidance through these 30 days, I might have blithely started the new year stuck in the same-o same-o.

    Thank you!!!!

      1. I meant to follow and do what you suggested but I do not know how to bless the third piece of writing, the piece of paper before putting it on the christmas tree… Silver, you often ask us to “bless” things, but I do not know how.

  7. I’ve been sidelined for the past 11 days with a nasty stomach bug. While it has gone away a bit I’m still having a rough time of it. At some point I’ll get back on track. If anyone could spare a moment to send some healing energy my way so this thing leaves already (the weekend will be hectic) it would be deeply appreciated. Blessed Yule all!

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