Day Nineteen of the Great Release Challenge — Which Magickal Element Do You Reach For First? Earth, Air, Water, or Fire?

Day 19 of the Great Release Challenge
The Element of Water -- Joy In A Glass of H2O

Day Nineteen — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Monday 19, December

by Silver RavenWolf

Holiday frivolity looms just around the corner, and no doubt this week you’ll be running those last minute errands, handling food prep, adding decorative touches, and attending those must-do as well as want-to functions.  In the best mix of seamlessly blending our living and learning, our main goal this week is to stay on top of what we have already accomplished while trying to juggle the madness of the season. Our main goal this week is releasing negative feelings about the past as well as not accepting the stress that the holidays so often freely offer.  During this stressful week, remember and practice your Gold Star Meditation, particularly the day where you became the star itself.

Today carries a magickal question and a simple task.  (By the way, how is that room doing where you blessed everything?).  The Question:  When are in a hurry, which element do you prefer to work magick with?  This would be the element you immediately reach for, the first one that comes to mind.

The Task:  For this week, each day fill a bowl of water and bless it.  Place the water in a central location of the home or apartment (you can even use a cup of water at work and if you are not allowed an open cup, how about a closed bottle of water in a drawer or your tool box).  Change and bless new water each day.  Pour the old water outside into the earth (not concrete).

Watch this week to see how the blessed water affects the behavior of those in the environment.

Ring the bell!

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Movies, Books, Magazines, CD’s, DVD’s — find an orderly place for them if you don’t have time to go through them.  Remember though, you still have to release one thing today.  It can be some of these, or something else.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Movies, Books, Magazines, CD’s, DVD’s — Give, trash, or organize.  While you’re going through these entertainment items, you might want to choose at least three that can be used as stress-busters for those really tough days in life.  Set these where you know you’ll be able to find them when you need them. (I know exactly where my Shaun the Sheep collection is and I just added Kung Fu Panda II — love Jack Black — to my OMG-this-has-been-a-crappy-day-array).  When I want to think beyond my small world?  That is a different collection that includes Bullet Proof Monk, the original Matrix, and a few others.

OR, today…perhaps you’d like to take time to organize your personal Book of Shadows or work on a private research collection — that’s okay, too.  Just remember, you must release at least one thing today, even if it us just taking out the trash.

Ahead of us?  We still have the kitchen cabinets and the oven (two of the larger tasks).  You may have done these already in preparation for the holidays, or you may be saving them for after the 25th of December.  We do have to get to both of them accomplished as combined, they represent family abundance.  If the kitchen is filthy and stocked with old food, the energy is stagnant and will clog that flow of prosperity that you may desperately need.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number nineteen!  Yippeeee!  What does this one stand for?    Let’s go over all the stars we’ve earned…

Day One:  You Choose
Day Two:  Love
Day Three:  You Choose
Day Four:  Happiness
Day Five:  Personal Power
Day Six:  Creativity
Day Seven:  Protection
Day Eight:  Freedom
Day Nine:  Lift of Spirit/Spirit Guide
Day Ten:  On Your Tuckus to Get Moving!
Day Eleven:  You Choose
Day Twelve:  Eloquence
Day Thirteen:  BECOME the Totality of Your Star
Day Fourteen:  Divine Blessings
Day Fifteen:  You Choose
Day Sixteen: Intuition
Day Seventeen:  Flow of the Universe
Day Eighteen:  Assistance from the Animal Kingdom
Day Nineteen:  Discernment!  So you always know what to do!

If you can, do the meditation, and add the star!  Where?  Your choice — a place where you will remember it so that when it comes time to think to activate it, you’ll know right where you put it!

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon.  I bet you are super getting sick of that sentence, huh!  That’s because two things may have already occurred:

You got so sick of seeing the reminder that you went ahead and took care of what was on that list.


You’ve kept avoiding the list, and I’m just being the helpful-reminder-list-elf.

Release Program Diary

Last night we celebrated our BFC Hearthstone Yule.  It was wonderful to spend time in ritual, laughter, and good conversation with the added plus of a winter feast!

While I’ve been tossing, cleaning and organizing, my husband has filled the role of Fix-It Person.  Today he repaired the burned out switch for the back porch light (it died in early summer).  I can now actually see when I take the dogs out at night.  Yippee!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Any Last-Minute Holiday Tasks


9 thoughts on “Day Nineteen of the Great Release Challenge — Which Magickal Element Do You Reach For First? Earth, Air, Water, or Fire?”

  1. Hi Silver,

    What kind of element plastic belongs to? for example, a pen (a plastic pen)?

    I am making your recipe for prosperity and luck with 5 essential oil I found in my Hedge Witch book… as I am selling my home… would there be a better one, or is this one good enough?

    My home is clean now, however, I am now bored when I don’t clean LOL


  2. ah and I was going to forget, my Oreck vacuum cleaner has decided not to work anymore 😀 Must fix it…

  3. This Release Challenge has been great for me. There have been tasks that I haven’t wanted to do, or at least have been put off. My husband has even helped and joined in on some of the tasks. That in it self is wonderful. I placed at work a bowl of blessed water by my station while at work, not as much with others happened, but what happened to me or should say with me. Today was very productive in the highest sense. I clean electronics that have fire and water damage, and we have been under the gun to finish 2 family orders before the 24th. With a deep breath, determination, as well as listening to my inner self and tapping the side of the bowl, we hustled and finally finished everything by 2pm, and out the door for delivery they went. I had more inner… something today that I haven’t had in a while at work. Thank you!

  4. I cleaned, sorted and organized out all of my magical books while my daughter sorted through the 8 year old CD pile… she had a blast since she is SO in to her music. Also cleaned out the journal I have kept since my early twenties and am now putting my book of shadows documents on Google docs for safe keeping and easy access… Gmail rocks!

    I placed a water vessels in both the living room and our bedroom… it was wonderful how the calming energy of the water permeated the rooms… the peaceful energy was very tangible and everyone seemed to relax more after I place the water vessels in position.

    I am also happy to report that all 14 caterpillars are either in a cocoon or hanging in a “J” formation which is the step right before the cocoon. They are also funny in how they interact with one another… some of them clearly get along while others will conflict. If they get startled they freeze like a deer in headlights.. 🙂 It is really something to see them feast all day and then the sky becomes dark and they all sleep no matter what they are doing. I used to think they had so much work to do to prepare why would they rest or sleep… but they do. I think caterpillars teach us the value of preparation and rest and of course the mysteries and magic of the Great Mother. Now 10 day in counting before they hatch… timing couldn’t be more perfect with the final week and a half of the Great Release Challenge.

    Many Bright Blessings…

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