Day 18 of the Great Release Challenge — Love Your Pet!

Day 18 of the Great Release Challenge
Treat Your Pet to a Fun Spa Day!

Day Eighteen — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Sunday 18, December

by Silver RavenWolf

Pet Day!  Yup!  Sometimes, during the flurry of the holiday season, we pass over our pets in a rush to take care of all that must-do stuff!


Grab Fluffy or Rex or Miles, or BoomBah…and

Ring the bell!

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Paying Attention to the Needs of Your Pet

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Paying Attention to the Needs of Your Pet

If you don’t own a pet?  How about doing something nice for a friend or family member’s pet?  Not an animal person?  There’s probably a human in your life that could use a good deed!  Or, perhaps you are a plant person.  You could make this a Be Kind To Plant Day.  Your choice!

Ahead of us?  We still have the kitchen cabinets and the oven (two of the larger tasks).  Since the weekend is here, I thought I’d mention them in case you have time now; but, won’t have time closer to the holiday crunch.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number eighteen!  Yippeeee!  What does this one stand for?  Your connection to the animal kingdom.  Take some time with this one in meditation.  Perhaps your totem animal will give you a message.  Don’t have a totem animal?  Maybe it will come to you in this meditation sequence.

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon.  I bet you are super getting sick of that sentence, huh!

Release Program Diary

Still working on catch-up items.  When my son moved my bed last year, some of the supports came loose (I have this huge grandma’s-feather-bed-type-monstrosity).  I finally got that fixed!  I also gave away the stack of boxes on the back porch and brought another load of stuff up from the basement and out to the trash.  It is slow; but, I’m plodding.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Movies, books and magazines!


13 thoughts on “Day 18 of the Great Release Challenge — Love Your Pet!”

  1. This one is awesome – the pets thank you!! I agree – with all the hussle and bussle the animals get nervous (except my kittens that think my Yule tree is a gift from Bastet) and need extra attention.

  2. We always give our pets lots of love….we wouldn’t have it any other way! It disturbs me so much when I hear stories about people being cruel to animals. All they want is to give love and be loved in return. I’d adopt every stray in the world if I was rich….or build and fund a No-Kill Shelter.

    I have an idea for those on here who don’t own pets themselves but have friends that do and it’s a two-for-one idea. For those that don’t know, the PetSmart stores sell all kinds of things each year as holiday presents that benefit their PetSmart charity. Have a young niece or nephew who loves stuffed animals? Buy them a plush “Lucky” cat or “Chance” dog. Love pets but are allergic? Get one of their super soft fleece throw and keep your lap warm while watching holiday movies at home. (A girlfriend gave me a kitty one last year; it’s draped across my shoulders as I write this.) Know someone who enjoys their morning coffee and their canine companion? Get them a travel mug. There are many choices and you’ll not only be taking another gift off you shopping list but you’ll be helping thousands of homeless pets. And if you’re done all your shopping you can always just run into the store and put some money in their donation box (every bit helps!).

    Okay I’ll quiet down now lol. Just thought I’d offer the idea for anyone who wanted a way to complete the mission of the day but didn’t own a pet.

      1. Thanks. I only shop at PetSmart for my pet needs. I love that you can take your animals in there. I’m forever stopping to pet someone’s dog. I wish more places were as pet friendly.

  3. i have 3pets…2 cats and 1 dog.i was whole program ill,so i couldnt nothing to do,but today i will to do.we are sad for Havel.

  4. We have a pug, chinchilla, and two cats and we love them all. My daughter will clean her room and her chinchilla cage and let him roam free.

  5. Some sweet soul sent us a box of pound cakes for the holidays. EEEK, I could hear our arteries protesting, rallying those no-good cholesterols all up for a riot! Yeah, and somewhere, some heart surgeon was thinking, “Go ahead punk, take a bite, I got bills to pay too.”

    Happily, today’s challenge was right up our alley– that’s where the crow couple we fondly call our minions keep their nest. We fed them the pound cake. Usually give them peanuts or cracked corn, so this was a very special treat. Happy caw-caw-caws!

  6. We are raising a new brew of monarch caterpillars…. living in Florida has it’s benefits because the monarchs breed all year round. This weekend the girls captured food and about 50 caterpillars in our aquarium. We had to down size a bit and put all but 14 of them back in nature…. and we had one accidental caterpillar death…he got a proper funeral and there were lots of tears… but this morning I am happy to report all 14 caterpillars are in the first stage of metamorphosis and in 10 days goddess willing they will hatch.

    Last night we kept the house very dark for the caterpillars to make their final preparations… and I was reminded of Yule the long dark nights before the light returns. This reflection brought on a slew of thoughts and feelings so I light our yule candle and we called it a night early to get a good nights rest.

    The other cleansing activities this weekend included toilet scrubbing, kitchen cabinet cleaning and the girls went through their sacred objects and cleansed out what didn’t feel good to them any more.

    Many blessings

  7. Happy Yule Tide Season to all!
    There are days, I’d like to choke them, and then myself for having so many. My list of pets are 4 cats, 1 dog, 1 rabbit, and one pot belly pig! I know a freaken farm! BUT! Everyone that comes to my home LOVES my pets… You gotta give love to get love. Not just to our pets…But to humans as well!


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