Day 15 of The Great Release Challenge! — Be Nice to Your Feet!

Day 15 of the Great Release Challenge
Do All Your Shoes Give You the Happy Feet Feeling? If no? They gotta go!

Day Fifteen — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Thursday, 15 December

by Silver RavenWolf

Congratulations!  Today you are halfway through the 2011 Great Release Challenge!  Your main mission today is to walk through all the areas you’ve already done, and tweak anything out of place.  Yes, I know how frustrating it is to clean the bathroom at the beginning of  the program and now, as you venture back in there you find toothpaste spit all over the mirror.

Life is like that.

Ring the bell!

How did yesterday’s experiment go?  We all want to hear!

Tomorrow is your “me” day.  A “me” day is when you do something very special for yourself.  A reward that you deserve for all the hard work you’ve done these past fifteen days!  This could be in the form of a new hair cut, manicure, pedicure (love those!), or perhaps spending time doing something you really enjoy — a craft project, working on your vehicle, building a computer or models or playing your Wii without interruption.  Whatever the joy, it belongs to you tomorrow!

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Check out what you have already accomplished and fix anything that’s slipping.  Get rid of all worn out shoes and slippers, and definitely toss or give away those good shoes that don’t fit.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Check out what you have already accomplished and fix anything that’s slipping.  Get rid of all worn out shoes and slippers, and definitely toss or give away those good shoes that don’t fit.

Yes, I know you spent a fortune for those shoes you bought last year that you wore for…hmmm…an hour?  Or, maybe you were really determined and stayed in them until the blisters ballooned or you nearly broke your neck in them in the middle of crosswalk one tenth of an inch away from the taxi bumper?  And, if you were super stubborn, maybe you tried to wear those bad-ass shoes again…one more time…with footpads, and band-aids and…

It is time to be realistic.  Make them go away.  If I remember correctly, swag isn’t in your shoes — it is in you!

And when you have done that?

Ring the bell!

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number fifteen!  Whoo-hoo!  Sit quietly and think about what you want this star to represent, and then, in meditation put it on the tip of your dominant hand.

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon. (Getting tired of seeing this sentence, yet?)

Release Program Diary

I was lucky enough this evening to have the help of my son and daughter, who plowed through that upstairs middle room, threw out junk, organized shelves, and boxed up the last of those tools.

Oh, how did the tools get there may you ask?  Let’s see.  Two years ago we renovated the bathrooms and the workers left tools they used from here and other supplies behind.  When I asked my husband what I could keep and what I could get rid of, I got the “Just let me go through them when I’m ready,” speech.





Happy New Year!  Still there…



Tick-tock.  Still there…

Then, last year, my youngest son put in a new floor in one of the rooms, and so all those tools are, you guessed it, still there.

Because he has to go through them “when he’s ready”.

Screw that!  This evening we all went upstairs and now those tools lying all over the floor are at least in plastic tubs, assisted by “he who was not ready”.

On great leap for humankind!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Celebrate your accomplishments with a “Me!” Day!


16 thoughts on “Day 15 of The Great Release Challenge! — Be Nice to Your Feet!”

  1. Throwing old shoes out as I speak…unless they 1960 White leather Go Go boots…out they go!
    Playing catch up from both sides…got a jingle bell to ring when finished…thanks for the incentive…

  2. I actually did something like this today lol. My husband was still at his mom’s, helping her with a house rennovation project so I figured I’d take advantage of the quiet with an extra relaxing shower. I had peace and quiet while I shaved and I even had time to give myself a facial scrub. Sadly, this was all I got to do today outside of my usual chores as I’ve been battling a stomach flu. I’m hoping it will clear up soon so I can get back on track.

    1. When we have the stomach flu or food poisoning (which isn’t often, thank goodness) we use Grapefruit Seed Extract bought at your local health food store. It works wonders, particularly if you use it immediately when you first start feeling ill (even works for colds). Duration of illness is cut in half, and sometimes, if you are lucky, you can head it off altogether!

      1. I’ll keep that in mind. At this point I’m beginning to think this isn’t either of those as it’s been going on since Sunday and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not having a reaction to my medication. Due to extreme difficulty in finances I had to choose between two of my medications on which one I was going to continue to use as I had lost my insurance back in August and would have to go out-of-pocket to pay for it. I was off it for a few months but restarted in last week (I just got my insurance back) and I’m wondering if that isn’t the problem. I didn’t have this reaction to it when I first started taking it but since our bodies change every few years I’m wondering if I haven’t developed an intolerance for it.

  3. I just discovered this challenge-are the first days posted, too? I really need to do this!!!!

  4. The kick butt energy work yesterday was very effective I addressed our bedroom first and had such great results i tackled the girls room. There has been spirit activity in this room on and off since we moved into this apartment 8 years ago. I can’t tell you how many times and in how many different ways i have cleansed this bedroom. When my daughter was little she used to wake up in the middle of the night talking but when I would walk into the room at 2am it would be a freezer and there she would be chatting away with no one. We have also seen shadows in this room. Finally through this cleanse I found the source of it last night and kicked it out of the house. I have been doing energy work and healing work since childhood so I knew what I was doing. I would advice anyone who hasn’t had this experience and has this kind of activity to call on a professional. We all had a really good night sleep last night and the energy in the house was much better this morning.

    yeah… looking forward to going through my shoes today. 🙂

  5. i’m about to have a 2 week slave-cation; since i have downtime from work, i will make sure i get through every single thing we’ve done so far, plus all the new stuff. i’m moving soon, and i want to start off super-fresh!

    keep up the good work peeps!!!

    1. Well! Let me say that “Really Cleaning,” certianly brings out all sorts of issues. My issue moved back in! No wrong doing of their own. What’s a mother & father to do?! This particular issue is trying to keep the energy positive! Cleaning and more cleaning! Keeping up with “My House.” I say out loud to you lady Silver, how much I enjoy doing these daily prayers. They do help! Throwing out nolonger needed items, are all great…But when it comes to humans…the task is much more difficult. BUT! I offer some advice I learned by doing this challenge this time, because last time I had the same situation. Hmmm what to do. Well! Not only is this human your own, your blood, a part of you. Be kind, be understanding, and motivate it to move further, guide it to be stronger, and help spiritually. It’s not easy because it really isn’t you, BUT…It does affect your life and the others living in this home.
      What’s amazing is when both my hubby and I cleaned our guest room out, and re- arranged it. Both of us thought silently to our selves, about our child coming home (of course we talked about it later). We just had this gut feeling, sure enough that very night! I haven’t a clue to what all of this means, but I am just going with the positive flow.
      Now for the last room in the house..any in-laws (on either side) wanna move in. I’ll be the one sucking my thumb, and rocking back and forth huddled in a corner… Hahahaha
      Did I mention in the room we cleaned out, it was the love area of the house. hmmmm.
      Ohhh Ps on the underwear draw… Hubby was sooo happy when we bought new underwear. All are happy!
      Oh and my point is… Even though your home is clean and de-cluttered, by doing this relationships seem to move around like the dust, so make sure those (bloods connects) are also on board, since it actually affects all those attached to you (hubby, wife, kids, pets) This could possible go down the line of relatives as well. Weaving the web, and cleaning that silver cord attached to all involved.
      Ringing the Bell!!!
      Tally hoe!!! Onward & upward, or is the cup-board…tee heee he.


      1. You are absolutely right, Mary! You brought up several extremely important points, particularly on the relationship issues, and how the current economy has torn families apart or smashed them back together. When they must move back in? You might want to start fresh with “family rules” — as they are now adults, and the dynamic is different. You and your husband must have “your time” with your privacy, and doing the things you enjoy together. Too often, your lives as a couple may be constantly interrupted because you are used to catering to your children (the responsibility angle, etc.). In their role as adults, you may want to carve out new roles for yourselves as a couple. Just a thought. As to the in-laws? From my experience and from the experiences of several of my friends and acquaintances in the past year, please forgive, don’t ever do it.

  6. OMG! Get rid of worn out shoes! Thats a hard one. I have tons of shoes like my daughter and it will take me a bit of time for that…..
    We are on it.

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