Day Fourteen of the Great Release Challenge — Kick-Butt Energy Work

Day 14 Witch Hettie Great Release Challenge
I Double Dare You To Try This Experiment!

Day Fourteen — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Wednesday, 14 December

by Silver RavenWolf

Ring the bell!

Yesterday we went back over the Gold Star Meditation and we discussed your energy experiment and how it applied to the meditation.  Today, I have a special request that continues our combined research on energy work and how it can positively affect your environment.  We are going to use a simple, Braucherei-style charm.  The wonderful thing about this magickal system is whether you are a purist at heart, or are more on the modern creative side, as long as you follow one or two simple rules — it will always work for you.

In Braucherei, fortifying analogies are common where in you take an example you-know-to-be-true (at least to you) and incorporate that “knowing” to take you into the unknown (a future desire) and make it so.

Although religious examples are common (the purist) — with what we know today of history, and how it is written, the modern creative who borders more on the scientific may choose entirely different analogies and still receive the same results.  It all comes down to what YOU believe.  Not what I believe.  Not what someone says you are supposed to believe.  What you believe.  For our work today, we are going to use an analogy that is difficult to dispute by either the purist or the creative soul:

As bright as the sun
As light as the day

That’s the first part of our chant.  The second Braucherei rule we will follow is the rule of three.  Every chant or charm is said three times.

First, though, you need to pick a room, preferably one you’ve already cleansed to get the most out of our energy work today.  This room can be one that is most used by the family, OR it can be a room in which you have recently had an all-out argument with someone.  I mention this because a few of you have written on your comments about how things are not serene in your household for whatever reason.  This room, where the arguments take place?  Soaks up that energy.  Long after the words are out and the tears are dry, the room continues to hold the argument.  If the room isn’t cleansed, then the negative energy either lies dormant to flair up at another argument, or constantly collects more negative energy to itself.  If you have teenagers, mentally challenged individuals, etc., the energy is intensified by their personal-power-gone-wild.  Enter, sometimes, the poltergeist phenomena.

Getting rid of the dirt and junk you can see is definitely a pain; but, at least it is something tangible you can acknowledge and then by your sight take care of and know that the dirt and grime are gone.  We often forget, however, that the unseen can muck up our lives just as much as the physical because we don’t visually see it, and if we are not in touch with our sensors (our emotional feelings) then we either ignore the intangible or don’t register that its there because we are just too darned busy with what we can see.

Today’s work, is going to take care of that oversight.

Now, as a warning, if you pick a large, cluttered room, you’re going to become disenchanted quickly and trash today’s work as too much effort.  You may want to remove all clutter and any extraneous junk that doesn’t really belong there before we start.  Okay?

Today, you will need four supplies, and if you don’t have them, that’s alright. I’m choosing to use a spray bottle of holy water with the added ingredient of a fresh, rosemary sprig.  I’ll also be carrying a clean, white towel in my back pocket, to wipe the water I spray on objects should water be prone to mar the surface, etc.  Finally, I’ll be keeping an empty trash bag available.  I’ll tell you what that is for in a minute.

Are you ready?


Let’s take a nice, deep breath, connect with the heaven, connect with the earth.  Relax.  Do this two more times.  Think of yourself as the star in your Golden Star Meditation.  Once you feel like you are glowing, shining, sparkling, we are ready to move on.  Are you there yet?  The glowing part?  Yes, jokes are good.  Excellent!  Let’s get started.

Walk into the room and go to the first object on your right.  Give it a spritz or two with holy water.  Lay both hands on the object, intone the following chant three times:

As bright as the sun
As light as the day
Blessings upon you
In every way.

That’s it.  That’s all there is to the chant.  It is simple, easy to remember, pulls in the necessary analogy, and calls upon positive energy to surround and enter the object (through your hands).  If you are REALLY serious about this energy work, you will intone the chant nine times rather than three.   However, I’m giving you wiggle room here.  Granted, you will probably get more out of the nine repetition than the three; but, you need to learn to rely on your gut.  While you are chanting, imagine the object glow with clean, fresh, loving bright light.  To keep up the chanting beat, you can draw the word “every” out from two syllables to three:  Ev-ER-EE.  Say the chant both ways to see how it fits best for you.

Next, put that object down.  Seal your work on that object with an equal-armed cross in the air.  Go to the next object and repeat the process — spray, wipe, chant, visualize, seal.  If the object is too big, like a chair, just lay your hands on it while you chant.  Some people, as they move around the room, see things that they don’t want in there anymore.  That’s what the trash bag is for.

Your goal is to SWCVS (spray,wipe,chant,visualize,seal) every single object in the room!  See why I told you not to pick a messy room?  Heck, you’d be there all day and into the night!  If you have a family that likes to do magick, get them involved.  Rather than moving clockwise, have them go to whatever object they desire.  Who can empower the most items?  Who can shout the loudest?  When five people are SWCVS-ing — it may seem chaotic; but, as you are only calling in laughter and positive energy — that’s okay.  When you are done with the entire room, step back, ring your bell super hard, and seal the entire room with the equal-armed-cross motion in the air.

So!  Now!  Just how does that room feel?  And, more importantly, watch the behavior in this room for the next week.  What happens?  Be sure to write and tell us!

The Braucherei chant I just gave you has variations.  Interesting ones.  For example, if you are going to be someplace where you know someone you don’t like (for a good reason of course) is supposed to be there, too, the following chant is used:

Bright as the sun
Light as the day
If there is evil within you
You’ll get lost on the way!

Now, if YOU get lost — time to do a cleansing.

Finally, if you are moving, and I know some of you are.  SWCVS every box.  When all the rooms are cleaned out, do a cleansing with the candle, the holy water, and the bells.  SWCVS every wall in every room, every floor, and every ceiling with your visualization that the house sells quickly.  BEFORE you move into the new place (if you can) do a cleansing with the candle, holy water, and bells and SWCVS every wall in every room, the floor and the ceiling.  Let’s face it, who knows what junk that you can’t see was left behind?

Your Physical Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — The Silverware Drawer

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — The Silverware Drawer!

Ring the bell!

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number fourteen!  Your energy work today counts as your Gold Star Meditation.  If you completed the work — then you earn this super huge gold star!  Where to put it?  This time not on you — but, on the top of your house.  And, yes, you can even go outside and hang a physical gold star if you like!

Oh!  I’m sorry, what is it?  Blessings from the Divine.

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon. (Getting tired of seeing this sentence, yet?)

Release Program Diary

Onward and upward!  Computer files backed up.  Security programs updated and necessary installations made.  Defrag done.  Firewall stuff.  Check!  Tools from middle room put in their own tote box.  Two more bags of junk out the door.  Clothing on route to donation box.  Rat Palace cleaned (would have had to do that, anyway, ’twas the day).  Laundry in process (that’s an always, too).  Another piece of broken furniture put out on the curb.

Hmmm.  I forgot to take a shower.


Guess that’s what I’m doing next!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Your Shoes and Slippers


22 thoughts on “Day Fourteen of the Great Release Challenge — Kick-Butt Energy Work”

  1. I’m a little confused. “Today, you will need four supplies, and if you don’t have them, that’s alright. I’m choosing to use a spray bottle of holy water with the added ingredient of a fresh, rosemary sprig. I’ll also be carrying a clean, white towel in my back pocket, to wipe the water I spray on objects should water be prone to mar the surface, etc. Finally, I’ll be keeping an empty trash bag available. I’ll tell you what that is for in a minute.” The statement says four items but spray bottle of holy water, towel, and trash bag are only three, unless the rosemary counts as the fourth? That’s where I’m confused.

    I did get the computer done today though. Ran a system scan, a Mal-ware scan, and a defragmentation. I’m trying to get a free version of Spybot so I can run that too but so far all systems are good. I also brought the spool of blank cd’s down from the bedroom so I can start removing files from the computer that I have stored. I belonged to an online writing group and saved all of our sessions in a folder on AOL but I want to put them onto a disc so I can clean out my online folders. I even bought two cloth multi-cd holders at the dollar store on Saturday for this goal, as well as backing up the pictures I have on my computer. It will take a while to get them all done but it will be worth it.

    1. Waoh! I am not that well organized! the least I do with my computer, the better it seems to work, and the photo thing is a nightmare, everything seems to go in my computer now, it has become THE folder… I have got a goot anti-virus I think; it works ok.

  2. Ah Silver I love this day 14 lesson. But I am doing it tomarrow as it is my 55th Birthday today and I am taking it easy today and making myself a birthday cake. And will share with my wonderful husbend and his Shawn ice cream. Brightest Blessing

  3. I did some of the things today mostly i started with my dogs and blessed each one and wiped their eyes. They were a little bit upset at first but I guess my voice made them feel good because they all calmed down and sat in a row. So cute. I really was going to keep going but I got side tracked it snowed all day way up here 200 miles from Santa’s house so when my husband got home from work we went at the driveway and had a blast outside laughing and working hard. I would have felt very sorry for myself working alone but it was fun with two of us shoveling. Now I’m done in for today. Will work on some more of my list tomorrow. Put the bell on my door what a great idea ringing in nice fresh clean air every time the door opens. Out with the old in with the new clean.

    1. Teresa I’m glad you liked my doorbell idea. I love the input we put on here, the creativity we inspire in each other with our shared ideas. Even Silver has said we don’t have to follow the program to a T. Maybe something someone else posts will make us think “Hey! I might not be able to do That but I can do This!” I always love the cameraderie and support we give each other. I offer bright blessings to you!

  4. I cleansed the work space and computer… check even sprinkled salt then holy water around with chanting. MAJOR emotional release this morning and the gods are illuminating emotional aspects of my life that also need cleansing… is anyone else experiencing this or major meltdowns?

    It hasn’t been the easiest year in 2011 for myself or my family but this cleanse is bringing divine light and blessings into every aspect of our lives… I can feel it, I can see it… so mote it be, so it is and so it shall be.

    Question? Why do we use a cross instead of a pentagram to close these spaces? Is that a Braucherei tradition?

    1. Major melt-downs can be a part of it. The nice thing about them, however, is that we feel so cleansed afterwards. Yes, the equal-armed-cross is part of the Braucherei system, used to seal a working. You are doing wonderfully!

  5. What a lot of objects I have in my oganized living room at Christmas! I found myself instinctively speaking gently, as to a child, to some objects, humorously to others and quite seriously to some as well. Boy, do I need a spray bottle.

  6. ea, I feel very accomplished; I am right there with you and complete. Starting a job and keeping up with all the days journeys and tasks, I am joyous that I have kept up. It feels great to look in the mirror and say “you did it” to myself… oh and smile. Thank you

  7. I have a funny story about today’s physical challenge. I’ve had insomnia most of my life and this past week it has gone into hyper-drive. I didn’t sleep again last night and today I was pretty worn out. So I told myself I would get some sleep tonight and do the silverware tomorrow. My mom was visiting for the day and she went to open the silverware drawer, forgot that if you pull it out more than half way it will fall, and she spilled all of the silverware on the floor. I had no excuse at that point. My silverware drawer is very neat and organized now. hahaha Thanks, Silver, for this post and all of the others. I am really enjoying this. 🙂

  8. I am on the road so much, and lately even before the challenge, I had begun a cleaning process to throw things out and try to reorganize my gypsy like lifestyle. But you always bring something new to the mix, and I appreciate that. I am going to do my “studio/workroom” while I am at home today. and why is it that I know to cleanse and smudge, but I rarely do anymore? Thanks for the reminder.
    Blessed Be everyone……

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