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Day Twelve of the Great Release Challenge! When Vintage is Embarrassing

Day Twelve — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Monday, 12 December

by Silver RavenWolf

Day 12 of Silver RavenWolf's Great Release Program
Protect the Lives of Your Family! Remember to Clean Out the Lint Trap with every load -- and clean out the Vent once a year!

Ring the bell!

Your Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — The Lint Trap in the Dryer — another disaster waiting to happen if you don’t clean it after every load, and if you don’t clean out the vent at least once a year.  Also, no clothes piled around the dryer — this is a fire hazard, too.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — The Lint Trap in the Dryer and out-of-season clothes that don’t fit.

Someday I will fit back into this!  Yeah.  Right.  When the styles have changed just enough so that I’ll be in that stillpoint of  truly shabby, no chic about it.  Sigh.

I’ve been publicly doing the Great Release Challenge for three years.  For me, this year is a major turning point.  As I’ve mentioned in one of the earlier posts, what I’ve passed over for two years now faces the floodlight of my determination.  Before, I glossed over most of the clothes and set my sights on other things.  Not this time.  With menopause over (is it ever really?) I have actually come to terms with quite a few things this year.  Never again will I hold that fresh-young-thang aura…that’s long gone for this lifetime; but, that’s okay.  I’ve learned to deal with my aging reflection in the mirror — that…person…really… is me.  My new role model is Betty White.

And, ya know?  I like it!

Time to blossom in a new way.  From my aura (which we’re working on together through the Gold Star Meditations) , to my hair (we’re not doing that quite yet) to my clothes.  Time to get rid of the retro material that I use to cover my body.  This became extremely apparent when I examined one of my favorite 20-plus-year skirts, pulled on it, and the elastic promptly disintegrated.

Yep.  Time to ring in the new.

Go through your clothes.  Give away what you can.  Trash the rest.

Ring the bell!

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  This is number twelve!  Put it at your throat for eloquence!

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon.

Release Program Diary

True to Mercury Retrograde and the flip of Uranus to Direct — my dryer decided to go to the great dryer-heaven wherever that may be.  Which, of course, posed a problem.  I’m not adverse to hanging things outside (did it all the time as a kid) in an effort to wait until Mercury turns direct this week; but, with the dementia patient and the plethora of urine soaked bedding (hey, I tell you like it is) I would need enough clothesline from here to town square in the meantime…so!  I waited until the best astrological time possible, grabbed the hubby, the red pick-em-up, and off we went.

It went so smooth, it wasn’t even funny…and, I got a 30% discount.  You simply cannot beat that!  The only reason I’m writing about this is to say that not all astrological timing is willing to cooperate with what we need.  If you think about it, you can work around it.  I used Llewellyn’s Planetary Guide and checked the best I could when might be the best time to shop for the dryer in the limited window of time.  Will I have a problem with the dryer in the future?  Maybe; but, since I saved so much money on the sale, I was able to purchase the protection plan.  Even if it does blow up — its covered.

Even better, remember that elf-gnome person that stopped and took away the junk when I was writing HedgeWitch?  Darned if he didn’t show up this morning and ask to take away the old dryer and the two broken air conditioners.  Have at ’em, baby!

I will persevere!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Your Computer


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

44 thoughts on “Day Twelve of the Great Release Challenge! When Vintage is Embarrassing

  1. LOL ! I’m actually a day early on the laundry room ! Thank the powers that be my dryer didn’t go out! Bright Blessings !

  2. I went though my stuff and have 3 bags of tweed skirts, blazers, jeans and dress pants left from the days I worked everyday in the real world. My needs are alot different now jeans, T-shirts and the odd nice outfit for when my husband decides to treat me. I have to face the fact a size 6 is out of my middle age range so this was a good day for the women’s shelter.

  3. Wow, I actually got a mission done on its day! LOL, how did you know I was doing laundry today Silver? I always clean the lint trap as soon as I take the clothes from the dryer. I’ll have to ask around to see if any of our friends knows how to clean the vent, my husband and I don’t.

    I didn’t get the refridgerator done yet but I did get the area under the sink organized. I also did two loads of laundry, the grocery shopping for the week, and cleaned some items off a shelf in the living room. I had to stop there as I got hit by a horrendous headache so I sat and finished writing out my holiday cards. They’re all ready to go with the exception of five because I ran out of stamps.

    Oh! Yesterday my husband and I went out to the mall to do some shopping and while out I stopped in the dollar store and picked up some bells, one single bell to ring after completing a task and one that hangs on the door know. Now when the door is opened or shut the bells there ring and a little bit of negativity gets chased away.

    I love this program Silver! I may be behind a bit but everytime I do something (no matter how little) I get such a feeling of accomplishment.

      1. That’s one of the things I love most about this program. The feedback that people leave gives all of us ideas we hadn’t thought of, whether it’s from Silver or from each other. The sharing of ideas, the creativity they produce….it’s so wonderful.

  4. Oh my goodness, I’m starting to have a hard time accepting the fact that I’m getting older and all those size 6 pants in my closet, that I haven’t fit into in ages, will never fit me again. LOL. I look in the mirror now and realize, like you, that I’m not going to have that ‘young thang’ thing going ever again. I’m not 20….nor do I wish to be 20 again, but this getting older thing is for the birds. Anyhow, many items I haven’t worn for quite some time will be heading to Goodwill tomorrow. I love the Great Release Challenge. Did it last year and I got so much out of it that I’m doing it this year. Thank you!

  5. Well now you’ve gone and done it! I’m actually gonna have to dig out the skinny jeans and see if I can squeeze myself into them one more again–otherwise, it’s off to Goodwill in time for some cute college kid to go all retro with them. Do I have to let them go if I can pull up the zipper when lying down? Does it count if I can’t sit down in them but can walk like Frankenstein (no bending at the knees?) Obviously I won’t eat or drink anything before this next great challenge, and I’ll lather myself up in oil too. Why oh why is it so hard to let go of the skinny jeans?! After all, even if I can squeeze in I’d never look like anything resembling the younger version that bought them.

    Betty White’s too cool. She totally rocked SNL season 35.

    1. Out with them even really skinny girls look silly in skinny jeans. Comfort is what its about. I picked the women’s shelter because i also got rid of some winter coats and boots that are still in good shape but i don’t wear anymore. i was what people call a hoarder. I don’t pick the Sally Ann because they make the poor pay for their stuff. i want people to have my stuff for free.

      1. Nothing skinny about these hips, girl! I wouldn’t be caught dead in what marketers call skinny jeans. They’re for tweens and famous British rocksters! Nah, I call these skinny jeans because they fit me back when I was thinner. And I think I need a power nap to work up the strength to try to try them on. Honesty is real hard work!

  6. Wow, after cleaning out the refrigerator this weekend and all of the other holiday activities, I didn’t get to do the “three thing” day. I will do that today along with my clothes closet which looks like the puking pumpkin at present. We went to our company Xmas party last night. I need to get the ick off of me from that place. (I was fired from there, my boyfriend still works there. So the ick is thick.) I will choose one thing from THAT place to put my negatives into for once and for all. Those that I was friendly with, had a nice smile and something nice to say. Those that stabbed me in the back and I thought were my “friend” snubbed me. That is the way of the world. I need to sit and meditate today IN A CLEAN ROOM! This is my second year doing this cleanse. I am doing a lot more than what I committed to last year. (I was working last year.) Retrograde has been rough on me with my relationships with my two youngest daughters and money. I am hoping with the Retrograde releasing and the Holidays in full swing, we can at least come together one day as a family!

      1. I think I’m loosing my mind. Let me try this again! After cleaning out the refrigerator and all of the Holiday stuff, I am looking forward to meditating today. My closet right now looks like a puking pumpkin. Last night we went to our company holiday party. I was fired from there and my boyfriend still works there. I didn’t have time to do the three things this weekend, so I will do that today. I have a lot of anger to get out of me from being fired… STILL. It’s always a little weird when I walk into that place or go to company functions with George. We never dated while I worked there. After I was gone for a few months, we started talking. I never realized that the love of my life was working in the hell hole with me! LOL So, maybe getting fired wasn’t such a bad thing. However, hearing that jerk of a manager give a speech about the “company” and it’s sound and you should be proud….. grates on every last nerve of mine. He constantly threatens people with their jobs and says to them “I don’t fire, people get themselves fired.” OMG my anger boils. LOL I need to put the good music on and DANCE today too! I’ve been doing this cleanse now for two years. This year, I have committed myself to really look at the crap I have and GET RID OF IT! During this Retrograde my two youngest daughters and I have been at each other’s throats. I am hoping this works its way through. I have finals this Thursday… so maybe meditating, sleeping in a clean room with a closet that I can close and maybe having a nice conversation by weeks end with my daughters will be nice!!!

      2. You know, something tells me that boss is definitely going to get what’s coming to him. You keep going, and like you said — the place was a hell hole — better you are no longer there!

    1. So sorry this happened to you, pretty much the same thing happened to me…except it’s the same hospital that my Mom’s specialists are practicing and I still take her there. !awkword!

      You are better off away from all of that nastiness. It would be terrible to be associated with people that wear so many faces! The unfortunate thing is most back stabbers would never even admit to being so manipulative; nor realize they’ve done something wrong. Loved your comment “the ick is thick”, made me laugh!

      Keep looking forward and blessings on ya!

  7. Wonderful cleansing this weekend there were tears and emotional at times but it felt good to go through this process. I admit I have a cleaning lady who cleans the fridge every week and mops the floors so I can check those items off of my list.
    We banged pans again on Saturday morning… love this! I cleaned out the kitchen cabinet with the vacuum. Then focused the cleaning on my magic cabinets and supplies and even found time to make a power candle. I also went through my clothes and closets and revamped everything which was a lot easier with all of the curtains in the wash… the light from the windows gave a WHOLE new perspective… in much gratitude… thank you Silver!

      1. A cleaning lady I’d have to clean before she got here. Just in case she tells people what a slop I am. lol. I don’t mind doing my own but i must say back when i worked outside the home i was much tidier now days why not put off till tomorrow there is a book to read today. Also now I foster dogs until they can find a new forever home so mud, dog hair and dogie toys are more important then a clean house. I work at it or chip away I should say but I find making a dogie feel at home and not scared is nicer then vacuuming.

  8. This challenge has been a blessing. Even helped me clear out some things I never ever wear. My wedding dress is the only thing i could not let go of right now. But i may just turn it into a quilt :). Wish me luck.

  9. Cherie,
    Remember the three fold law what your former boss dishes out will come back to him 3 times someday somehow. Mean while do the Evil be Gone Chant to get the anger out of your head. Work on your own mind and body and family and forget about him. My daughter has a Christmas job ( she’s in university in the city ) anyway she’s always worked jobs where people loved her because she is a great worker and a sweet girl. But this year she got a job at Zellers which is a kind of Wal-Mart store or Target maybe in the States. Anyway the Christmas shoppers are putting her to tears every day they are so rude she cries Mom i am a good person aren’t I and I’m not stupid. Ofcourse she is and so are you now get going and be the best you can be Cherie you can do it girl.

      1. Thanks Silver she really is a sweet girl and she works so hard we help her but she wants to pay her own way. Letting me pay her power bill and phone and giving her my gas card is about all she’ll let me do. She works two jobs in the summer and right now she’s working two jobs in the same mall. So some days she’s in the mall for 12 hours in two different stores. Dad and i are going to go to the city for her and make her a Christmas dinner just the three of us. Her brothers are having dinner at my older sons Mother in Laws and they understand that someone should be with their sister. We are having a night with them next week and visiting with the Grandkids. My twin Grandkids are going to be 11 on Dec17. it should be against the law to have twins that close to Christmas. lol

  10. Silver, I’m really enjoying the assignments and trying to keep up! Here is a resource you may want to lookk for: “The 36-Hour Day” by Nancy L. Mace and Peter V. Rabins, M.D. Blessings to you!

  11. Silver,

    Love it all… There are tasks I have already done because I am getting ready to put my house on the market and I want it spotless. Your daily tasks help me focus even more, but I don’t know how to clean the outside vent of my dryer. I hired a lady to help me with the ironing and some general cleaning to go faster, 2 pairs of hands is better than 1, but I am affraid to say that if I have protected my purse and hand bag, she has stohlen my valuable watch I left on my bedside table (silly me) because I was going to paint and it was too heavy for my wrist. Anyway, I am dealing with that right now, hoping she changes her mind and brings it back, using a black candle and Hecate to support me, and I had to find a web spider to roll the candle in it after having applied some honey… well, it was not easy to find a spider web at home as I had done the task, but I did eventually 😀 – Is there a day 13, or is it a day we try to avoid? 😀

    1. There are several Braucherei spells for that — my favorite is “No peace, no rest, no sleep…until you return my (whatever) to me.” Twenty-one times each day for as long as it takes.

      1. Thanks ever so much Silver. I will do this. What are the Braucherei spells, is there a book of them?

      2. My original book is out of print, and I’ve learned so much more since then. I’ve been compiling info for the last several years for a new one.

      3. Silver,

        Ok. I will be following and when out, I will get it. My favourite one from you is the Hedge Witch, fits me like a glove. I wished I had your level of knowledge and understanding, and could even write one book. You do good.

      4. Thank you, Valerie! Glad you like HedgeWitch! I loved writing it. You don’t need to wish…Valerie…you just have to believe in yourself.

  12. Challenge is certainly the right word for this release! “said with a smile”

    I keep opening up the refridgerator and shouting “Just look at this fridge”… husband has no clue that I’m part of this challenge; however it’s contagious as he’s getting rid of the silverware bits and pieces and considering a brand new set of matching utensils. YAY! (Am I too old to say “yay”? I ask myself…nope!)

    Did the clean out of old clothes with more to consider last month, did most of the dryer (Thanks Silver for the no clothes around or on top of dryer reminder). Cleaned up the registry errors, defragged the hard drive, and dumped temp files on my puter while cleaning the fridge. I sure am starting to get better ideas about organizing and am starting to feel more control of my atmosphere. Trying to put light in dark places as you often suggest to all Silver, thanks so much!

  13. Instead of throwing out those old cloths donate them. Its better for the planet, people in need and gives you Karma points.

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