Live in Your Hopes!

Hettie took this pic on her errands today to remind you to be positive!

9 thoughts on “Live in Your Hopes!”

  1. Sometimes during course of the day we forget our positive outlook we started the day with. Thanks for the great reminder!!

    1. That sounds pretty awesome and helps bring change to my life in a positive way!! Live in my hopes for today and forever! Blessed Be!!

  2. The idea is great. I love it. However, right now my health and my husband’s health seem to be mirroring the economy. I guess when you lose everything you have to lose, you can only look up. There are always others worse off than me. But in all truth, it still hurts.
    Blessed Be

  3. I just came back from out of nstate…to spread the ashes of my stepfather(wonderful person)… I guess the healing comes also whenthe pain ends….RIP

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