December 10 Lunar Eclipse

December 10th Lunar Eclipse -- Moon in Gemini opposite Sun in Sagittarius

For more scientific information on tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse — check out this link.

There are various magickal theories on how to properly use Eclipse energy.  Some practitioners feel that you shouldn’t touch it.  Just go about your business and leave it alone.  Others feel that Eclipse is a primal force if you are seeking positive change.  Their caution is:  Think Wisely.  Eclipse energy for spellwork can not be turned back and will play out, even if you change your mind.  Therefore, the best way to use this energy would be for extremely positive steps forward — higher vibration goal oriented work.  Some say that what you are doing during an eclipse, magick or no, indicates how life will play out for you in the next three months (and solar — next six).

The only way you will know if any of this is true for you is if you pay attention to your experiences during an eclipse, and follow-up later with a personal review.  Here is a list of related articles for your enjoyment.

14 thoughts on “December 10 Lunar Eclipse”

  1. I’ll actually be at work (caregiver at assisted living home) when this happens, here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m going to round up my early risers to go outside and try to watch it! Can’t wait!

  2. Silver, you talk about the slingshot effect of using the day a planet (Mercury…for instance) goes direct. I am fascinated by this idea. It goes direct around the new moon. I feel distinctly affected by mercury retrograde. I want to make prosperity melts for presents because everybody needs money this year, but am wondering if I should not wait until after the 14th to get real busy. I made a few last week, burnt one today and…meh…although, I did have a student pay me way up front today. Hmmm…what do you think, oh goddess of the right and proper works? Also, in your slingshot theory (I like that name), are you exact with the hour it goes direct?

    1. On the slingshot, the closer to the hour the better, I’ve found. But, I’d like to remind everyone that how you experience and do things is affected by your natal make-up. For example, my oldest son was born during a Mercury retrograde. He looks forward to the Mercury retrogrades each year, because for him, that time is golden! Everything that goes wrong for everyone else, goes right for him! On the wax melts — if it was me? I’d wait until at least Mercury goes direct, which is this week. Really, for money, Jupiter going direct on the 25th would be the best — so! Maybe, instead of money, you might try something simple like “joy” — because everyone’s joy is different. Or, am I way off base here?

      1. Not at all. I suppose I can do the melts on the morning of the 25th to bring to a dinner. Why is Jupiter Direct good for money work? I don’t want to exhaust you with questions, but I really want to know how to get more bang with my melts. I have done work that has had astounding results, which makes it such fizzle-fest when they sputter and fuck out with a limp crack and sputter.

  3. Well, I am certainly interested in the Sprite activity, over san Fransisco, as well as a few other things.
    Need more energy shifetd to our troops too, protection, and homecomming as well. Then there is other stuff, on and on here, very busy.

  4. Well, this is the night of Venus, and this super moon, with the shifts majick can be sesitive, to small mistakes. Watch those love spells, for love “in general only” Please.
    Both Venus and Aphrodite, have been busy this nite I am sure.

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