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Day Eight of the Great Release Challenge! Bells and Trash Cans.

Day Eight of Silver RavenWolf's Great Release Challenge
Of Frogs, Trash Cans and Bells

Day Eight — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Thursday 8 December

by Silver RavenWolf

Today you will need jingle bells or a singing bowl.

I’ve simply got to tell you how proud I am of all your efforts!  Letting go of even small things can be very hard to do.  The fact that you’ve set your mind to releasing at least one thing each day, come heck or high water, is a shining testament to your glowing determination!

Keep going!

Officially, at the beginning of this day, we have completed one full cycle of release — seven days of letting go, of cleaning out, of refreshing the body, mind, and spirit.  Congratulations!  During this week we’ve accomplished quite a lot.  First, we’ve set our minds to the pattern of release.  Secondly, we’ve physically followed through with our thoughts.  And, finally, and most importantly, we’ve done this in a spiritual manner by repeating the morning prayers and activating the stars we’ve earned in a brief meditation.  Ring the bell in celebration!

Today, while you’re cleaning out those trash cans, I’d like you to contemplate where you feel stuck in your life.  When you are finished cleaning the cans, set them outside for at least an hour.  Then, I’d like you to walk through your entire living area carrying some type of bell or singing bowl and ring it like you mean it!  Get the kids involved!  Ring bells to answer each other!  While you stand in the kitchen, have your partner or child stand in the living room.  One of you rings the bell, the other answers!  Not only are you celebrating the accomplishments you’ve made, you are also cleansing any negativity that’s trying to wiggle its way back into your life and the lives of your family!  Next time there’s an argument?  Ring the bell!

Your Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Empty all trash cans and wash them out.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Empty all trash cans and wash them out.

Having raised four children, one husband, several dogs and one father, I can tell you that keeping the trash in the trash can and keeping the trash can clean can be an amazing undertaking.  If you are having a problem I do have two suggestions — take ’em or leave ’em.

First, I removed all trash cans from the house save for the ones in the bathrooms.  Although it took me a while to train them (all of them), all trash now goes outside, straight to the recycling bin or to the trash bag.  There is no overnight pit stop.  When folks come to visit they look at me quizzically when they ask me where the trash can is and I say, “Outside.”  This change in routine — outside it goes — saves me lots of time and smelly mess; particularly since the dogs seem to feel that all trash cans, regardless of their ingenious closure capabilities, belong to them.

The second thing I did, although this was after most of the children were gone and I had grandchildren instead…was to spend the extra money for fun trash cans (the ones in the bathrooms).  This happened by accident.  I saw a frog (I love frogs) trash can that when you open it, it ribbits.  Now, granted, the ribbit thing led to the breaking of the first frog trash can because they were so entranced by it that they couldn’t keep their hands off it; but, upon replacement and a little careful monitoring, the second frog has had a long and healthy life…and my bathroom isn’t littered with toilet paper rolls.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star!  Remember when I asked you where you felt stuck in your life?  This star represents Freedom.  Grab it in both your hands and relish it!

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon.

Release Program Diary

We use cow bells in healing circle.

Yes.  We really do.

The loud, clanking sound can seal a spell or be used to break up heavy negativity — or just make people laugh.  Last year, a good friend of mine sent me my first cow bell.  Everyone at circle had a blast with it.  As an aside, I have several bells in the dining room and when my granddaughter comes to visit, she loves to ring the bells.  Kids adore making noise.  To me, when she rings the bell, she isn’t making irritating noise, she’s just breaking up the negativity.

Its all in the way you look at it.

This year, my friend sent me another cow bell — so cool!  So, I decided that this beautiful pristine white cow bell had to have a purpose.  Today, I turned it into an angel bell.  I printed out one of my fraktur designs, glued it to the bell, sprayed it with acrylic sealer and added glitter.  To give that bell extra punch, I tied jingle bells around the handle.  Tis the season!

Decorated cow bell by Silver RavenWolf
Bells, Bells, Bells, Bells! Banish negativity with bells!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Light.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

25 thoughts on “Day Eight of the Great Release Challenge! Bells and Trash Cans.

  1. I used to have a cow bell, my mother took it away from me! I guess she just heard noise. Never thought of decorating one. Now I want to run down to the feed store and buy bells. More cow bell!

  2. Great, love the idea! I love bells as long as they are small, after that the noise scares me 😀

    I am interested in the Stars (thing)… what’s the relationship between these days and the Stars and their meanings? Where do we find that?

      1. In the 30 days program… tomorrow it is the star for freedom… for example… how was it chosen to be the star for freedom?


  3. Hey Silver love ur ideas i use a cowbell too but i like the trashcan outside idea too that avoids all that clutter this year ive done something different in my release program i have used the archangels to see me thru when i clean if im south i call michael if im west i call gabriel east raphael n north ariel i found it works well to use these angels with ur release program. I hope u n ur family is well. The froggie trashcan is kool i happen to like giraffes n im getting one for yule. Live laugh love. Blessed Be Silver. Ur friend Paul always.

  4. Ha…I do have a cowbell, too. Mine though is from the 2002 winter olympics in Salt Lake City….that thing has enough energy in and around it, every time I have used it for something…the energy is just amazing…..Have a great day everyone…I have got some trash cans to clean up!

  5. Boiled some water on the stove and cleaned the trash can… after I scrubbed it I let it dry with a couple of slices of lemon in it. I do not have a cowbell at my disposal so I used a small bell but that wasn’t loud enough so I banged with a metal spoon on a metal pot around the house… now that was LOUD. House feels great as do I… thank you Silver!

  6. So proud of myself today! I was cleaning out the “medicine box” and found that I have been keeping those little plastic measuring cups that come on the top of liquid medicines. Yep, I had 30+ of them for those “just in case” moments. Out they went…woosh! Go me!!

    1. It’s crazy the stuff we keep without really paying attention to it. I had an experience sort of like that when I cleaned out the junk drawers in the kitchen. I found almost forty plastic forks from fast food restaurants that have been shoved in drawers for who knows how long and forgotten about. They were still in the plastic. Go figure. lol

  7. Because I live with older family members who may not take it too well if I went through the house ringing bells, I had to get creative with that part of today’s challenge. Fortunately it is the holiday season and carols like Carol of the Bells are full of bells (if you find the right version) and not so out of place. And if I happen to play these carols at full volume? No one complains because everyone in the house loves them. Problem solved. 🙂

  8. i will give the little bowls at my cats,every time when they have the bowls,the soundis remembering me angels.

  9. ou.i thought jingle bells.cow bell we have at our cottage and when i was little child i really allways ring at the bell.he is very old.or we were called family with the ringing on the bell,after they went to lunch.we really love the bell.its nice.

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