Day Seven of the Great Release Program!

Day 7 of the Great Release Program
Your Wallet or Purse Speaks of What You Think of Yourself

Day Seven — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Wednesday 7 December

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2011

How are you doing with the Great Release Challenge so far?  Its okay if you can’t get to everything I write about each day.  For example, I forgot the bloody cobwebs.  Why did I forget those?  Because I’m nearsighted?  Okay, that’s a factor.  But, why else?

Remember, the idea of this challenge is to let go of something, at least one thing, each day, and if you can, turn that release into a personal game or challenge.  I didn’t get to the cobwebs — that’s okay.  I will endeavor to swoosh them up this week — when I have time.  Maybe I’ll slap some loud music on and dance around the house while I’m at it.

What if a project just looks too big to handle?  That’s okay.  Think about why you feel it is too grand of an activity, and if you still feel you can’t touch it — move on to something you do feel you can handle.  This is your program. Your life.  Your choice.

So….what’s in your wallet?

Your purse/wallet/briefcase/backpack isn’t just about money…its about your identity and what you feel is necessary to keep with you at all times.  More than anything else, it represents you in motion, and what you feel are basic necessities to travel with you at all times.  For some, the purse/wallet/briefcase/backpack is a status symbol.  For others it is a pain-in-the-tuckus because you have to lug it with you.  What if your wallet or purse was stolen?  How would you feel about that?  I know four people who were mugged or had their wallet stolen from a locker this past year — the taking of their purse/wallet brought on feelings of deep violation.  It wasn’t just the cost of the wallet (and in one case entire backpack of stuff with practically everything she owned from laptop to camera) or even the aggravation of replacing everything within — it was the soul wrenching attack on their identity in the world as a person. Some shit-head (as my friend Tillie would say) tried to take “you” from “you”.

That’s why I want you to look at your purse/wallet/briefcase (and for some of you it will be your tool box) from both a spiritual and mundane point-of-view.

Just what does that wallet mean to you…and why?  Only you will know the answer.

Your Mission Today — 

For the Busy Person — Clean out wallet, purse, briefcase.  Go through the glove compartment of your car.

For the Dedicated Enthusiast — Clean wallet, purse, briefcase you are currently using.  Release old wallets, purses, briefcases that are just sitting around and gathering dust — those that you never plan to use again.  Clean out glove compartment of car/truck.

Out with the candy/gum wrappers, bits of paper, old receipts, business cards you kindly took but will never look at again, expired membership cards, broken pencils, old make-up, errant coins, stuff for the kids, broken pretzels, that smashed pack of crackers…rubber bands, hair ties, oh my…a pack of…never mind.

Next step — photocopy all the important credit cards/bank cards, etc. that you carry around, both front and back.  Put these in a safe place, like with your will — you do have one of those, right?  A will?  Might want to think about that if you haven’t.  Its something we tend to put off, particularly when we are young.  That way, if you lose your purse or wallet, or Gods forbid, it is stolen, you have a record of everything in there right at your fingertips.

Before you put anything back in there — sprinkle the inside and out with holy water and cleanse and bless it.  This isn’t silly.  You carry this darned thing with you everywhere — think of all the places its been!  You take a shower every day (I hope) — your wallet/purse never gets cleaned unless you accidentally throw it in the laundry or wipe it down because your kid spilled iced tea all over it.  Once you’ve done that, seed it with a prosperity spell of your choice, or make a conjuring bag/gris-gris just for your purse/wallet.  A purse is easier — make the bag, empower it, and you’re done.  For the wallet — take the inside foil of a candy wrapper (gold or silver) write your name on it nine times, and then over your name, write the word “prosperity”.  Sprinkle the center of the wrapper with money drawing herbs such as mint, patchouli, yarrow flowers, marigold, sunflowers, etc.  Fold the wrapper toward you (to bring money to you), then intone the following chant nine times:

“From nothing to something, I will good fortune to form
I know that it will manifest and to my world be born!”

Draw an equal-armed cross over the paper to seal.  Tis the season for bayberry candles, those super charged good fortune vehicles!  Burn bayberry to the socket and put money in your pocket! — says the adage.  Why not bless your wallet or purse with the power of bayberry!

Protective symbols designed by Silver RavenWolf
Protective Symbols Designed by Silver RavenWolf

Next, put everything back in your wallet or purse.  But, we’re not done.  We have to ward (protect) it as well.  I carry an empowered small mirror I made with the evil-eye protective design in the pocket of my purse.  You may wish to choose something like that as well, or decide on something else, such as a picture of a protective god or goddess.  Insert your protective amulet, then close up the wallet or purse, hold your hands over the wallet/purse, and with the idea of safekeeping your valuables in mind, repeat the words “too hot to touch” over and over again as you stare at the wallet or handbag, envisioning that no one but yourself can touch what belongs to you.  Renew this chant at least once a month, or whenever you feel it necessary.  I can’t promise that this will keep you from getting mugged or prevent your items from being stolen; but, your mind is the effort and the effort is your mind.  At least you tried.

You can use other inventive ideas for protecting or empowering your purse/wallet to draw good fortune.  For example, when my friend had her backpack stolen I made her a special, pinback button loaded with grave dirt.  Granted, the design wasn’t particularly flattering — I used one of my graveyard photos, a scan of coffin nails and a skull I drew.  I sprinkled the design with the grave dirt, asked the ancestors for help, and sealed the button, then empowered it and gave it to her.  She put the pin-back button on her key chain.  When someone asked to borrow her keys, they took one look at the keychain and begged off.


Many of my friends and family members carry a Himmelsbrief (letter of protection) in purse/wallet or pocket

You can also make beaded charms to hang on purse/briefcase or backpack.  For years I carried a long length of beaded work with snowflake obsidian, turquoise, and sterling silver beads looped with roach clips and affixed to the handle and outside pocket of a purse.  There’s no end to your creativity!  Use it!

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you own another gold star!  This gold star represents Protection — of yourself, your family, and your belongings.  Place it on the back of your neck.  No kidding.  How many have you collected so far?  Are you remembering to activate them?  Are you remembering to use them throughout your day?

Remember that list you made on the first day?  Keep it handy, we’ll be working with it soon.

Release Program Diary

Moonmagick Keychain collage
Primitive Moon Digital Collage and Pennsylvania German Fraktur Angel Design by Silver RavenWolf

Today, after writing most of this blog, I made a moon keychain and loaded it with protective herbs to put on the outside of my purse.  I already had a conjuring bag for prosperity in my purse; but, it was getting old and worn, so I took everything out, beefed it up, and re-empowered it.  Then I added a guardian angel pin-back button to the outside of the bag.  What will you make?  Show us!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  All the trash cans.


34 thoughts on “Day Seven of the Great Release Program!”

  1. I carry a small magnet to attract money to me. I think when I clean out my wallet, I’ll add a yin-yang to help keep my checking account balanced.

  2. I like the idea of a spider and web design for my hand bag:)…fullmoon would be a perfect time to remove your old webs silver:) happy dancing with your broom….blessings marie

  3. i’m very excited about this one, because i did all my purses & backpacks last month, so i get to spend this time catching up on the “high up” places that hobbits like me totally dismiss, and, um, cobwebs….


  4. The first thing that struck me when I opened this post was the fact that the purse in the picture looks quite a bit like my own. I have pins all over it…some of the same ones actually as many of them came from your shop on Etsy. Tomorrow should be an adventure. Cleaning out my purse will be far more time consuming than that junk drawer I tackled today….haha

  5. What a coincidence, I picked up one of the enchanted evil eye mirrors from your Etsy store a couple of weeks ago! I needed something cuter than the malignant lizard-eye one I have hanging over my office door. It was sitting on the counter until a couple of days ago, and on impulse, I slid it into my purse. I figured I’d discretely pull it out when a particular crazy colleague walks in and flash that cutie-pie blue eye his way for extra protection. So now it’s in my purse, right next to my little totem animal and other assorted and absolutely necessary charms. Come to think of it, I have so many money drawing charms in there I no longer have room for a wallet! Yeah, I guess it’s time to clean it out.

  6. I cleaned out my purse over the weekend but I like the idea of releasing old things. In my case it’s not purses but tote bags. I have several that I don’t use that are still in good shape so I think I’ll put them aside for good will (the one nearest me is a bit of a hike so I’ve been putting stuff aside so I can take everything in one shot. I don’t drive so I’d have to have a friend take me and the less trips the better.) I also like the idea of photocopying all the card information.

    In regards to protection….I’ve long carried a tiger’s eye (a protective stone) at the bottom of my purse. Thinking of today’s mission makes me think it is time to take it out and give it a good cleansing and re-charge. Thank you for picking this one today!

  7. I always clean out my purses as I change them. I have a collection of Vera Bradleys that I like to switch off and wash up. I guess it’s time to throw the wallet in the wash. Yesterday’s challenge of the junk drawers had me cleaning all day. I cleaned out literally 8 drawers and 4 cabinets full of “stuff”. I filled a garbage bag of broken things, things that I was pack ratting for no reason, etc. I put together an entire box of journals and cards that I want to save of my girls’ that I found with this clean out. I found a few cards from someone that I want out of my life, so I burned them. Why was I holding on to that? With me holding on to that stuff gave him permission to contact me any time he wanted to verbally abuse me. I blocked his number from my phone and I again told him to leave me alone by burning the cards. I’m going to do the purse blessing, which I have never done before. I do carry a green adventurine in my wallet for abundance. Another day to clean up my life and live a more vibrant existence! Thank you Silver!

  8. I actually just made myself a purse so I cleansed it and put a prosperity/protection spell on it.I’m having a lot of fun with this I feel so relieved and refreshed. If I could post a picture of what I did I would.

  9. In following today’s mission I took everything out of the purse, took the two pins off of it, put them in a plastic bag so I wouldn’t lose anything and put it in the wash along with the tote bag I use regularly . The cats insisted on “helping” me and in trying to keep them out of the way I wound up forgetting my coin purse! Which I of course, didn’t realize I’d forgotten until after I had put everything back into my purse and did the “too hot touch” chant. But it worked out alright in the end. I got soaked running errands and had to throw my clothes in the wash so I tossed in the coin purse with them. Upon transferring them to the dryer I found a penny at the bottom of the washer! I’m taking this as an omen from the gods that I’m on the right track. So when I take the laundry out of the dryer I’ll put that penny in the coin purse . See I’m following Day One’s mission and Listening! LOL.

  10. Hi,
    I got started late, is it possible to post the first missions so I can catch up? Hopefully in next few days I will be able to up to the current day.
    Thank you,

  11. Oh my, I had a funny happen today, Well I was asked why I had a skull attached to my purse. Not wanting to go into great detail with my journey and such, I just smiled and said… “its a witch charm to protect my purse, so if anyone decides to steal it or anything in it, their ass would be vaporized.” The guy looked at me like ‘deer in the head-lites’ and got very pale and then said, “well ok, you have a nice day mam” I laughed all the way to the car.

    I personalized my bag with a skull and certain colored beads because I have been doing ancestral workings, and it has been a big part of my projections in finding my ancestors. I enchanted the skull to help with many things and protection was one of them, so I attached it my bag so it will always be with me.

  12. Eesh! I need to catch up a little! I’m reading this and the next 2 posts in order to see what I missed (the last couple of days were like riding a roller coaster).

    I have one bookbag and a little side purse – both of which I knit up, lol. The bookbag is of my own design with a five-pointed, yellow flower on one side; and my purse is a yellow nautical star from the pattern in the book “Knockdown Knits” by ‘Joan of Dark’ (roller derby knits, so cool!). Anyway, I have yarn from both projects left over. Your moon keychain (which is the coolest, btw!!) gave me an idea to knit up some sachets of the same yarn. I can recite a protective chant while doing so, then fill-er-up with some Rowan and Hematite. I’m excited!
    Thank you for the idea! 🙂

      1. You’re a woman of many talents! I can’t believe you find time to knit/crochet. Thank you 🙂

  13. I finally got the chance today to clean out the underwear (and socks!) drawer (Day Five’s Mission). There is now a bunch of never-been-worn socks waiting to go to Goodwill. They don’t fit so out they go! There are also a couple of bras that I rarely wore that are now too big in the bag with them. I also did what could be considered more of Day Six’ Mission and cleaned out my “Stuff” drawer; which is where I keep things I can’t leave out or the cats will knock it around the room (like my nailpolish) or chew on it (like my hair ties). All trash was thrown out, things I’m never going to use were put in the Goodwill bag, and everything was straightened out. Since I was working in the bedroom I decided to take this one step further and went through both my jewellery box and my earring box and cleaned them out too. In doing this I found a small amythyst on a safety pin, and a malachite pendent. I had a sudden burst of inspiration and set both aside along with a small cloth bag and I am going to cleanse them and make a small mojo bag along with the tiger’s eye for my purse (Day Seven’s Mission). I never would have thought of this if it wasn’t for this wonderful program of yours. Thank you so much, you really inspire the creative spark in me!

  14. I should have done that with my watch, My watch has disappeared, looked every where… and of course I ahve suspicions…

  15. Hi Silver,its super that here are the pictures,cause when im not understanding some word,i can recognize it from picture.

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