Day Five of the Great Release Challenge

Day 5 of Great Release Program
Time to Fire Up Your Drawers

Day Five — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
Monday 5 December

by Silver RavenWolf

Today we are examining our underwear — that which we wear closest to our physical bodies.  And, if you don’t wear such a garment…well, something covers that part of your anatomy — so no excuses!

Are we ready for today?  Excellent!

Your Mission Today — 

What we wear closest to our bodies affects our bodies.  Yes, Lady Rita, today is the day.  Go through all your underwear and get rid of the nasty ones and wash the ones you want to keep.  Replace ratty, (gulp) stained ones with new if you can.  Psychologically, our choice in under garments says a great deal about our mindset.  If its old and filled with holes, we may be ignoring our personal needs, carrying low self-esteem that we’re not even aware of,  or have a low opinion of our role in life.  Or, maybe we prefer to put that money toward a brand new television rather than something no one else sees (okay, so few individuals see — okay so I’m not going to go any further with this…argh!).


Your choice in underwear?  Is it for you, or for someone else?  Think about that.

The undergarments you choose cover your root chakra, one of the seven primal energy centers of the body.  The root chakra represents the foundation of our personal energy system.  It is located at the base of the spine, near the tailbone area.  The sensation of being grounded, sturdy…stable…connects here.  Some see it as the foundation of your raw energy.  The root chakra is connected to personal survival issues — such as food, shelter, sexual prowess, karma, and oddly enough, finances.  So, if you are having problems with money — guess which chakra is probably not functioning to its fullest capacity?

Yeah, but you knew that — you probably just didn’t put the proverbial two-and-two together.

Chakras are affected by sound, light, and color and they act like pumps or valves, regulating the energy flow in the body.  If a chakra is blocked, physical or mental sickness can occur.  The Root Chakra activates the others, shooting up through the body (Google Kundalini and Serpent Energy) and is considered a powerful part of your energy matrix.  The symbol for this chakra is the square.  Red is the associated color and gravity (the power to pull things toward you) is the energy focus.  Red gems (red jasper, ruby, red agate, bloodstone) and earthy fragrances (patchouli, cedar, spruce, and anything that reminds you personally of stability — maybe the aroma of freshly baked cookies) are all associated with this chakra. The balance of this chakra is the Stillpoint and a fast, easy way to bring the chakra into balance is through dancing.

So, why not dance while you’re cleaning out that underwear drawer?  Hey, put on some music, and move those feet!  Music is a great motivator when you are cleaning.  Right?

Pinch Your Underwear

In Braucherei (Pow-Wow) if you are having problems with negative people, you take your shirt off, turn it inside out, and pinch it in a drawer with great gusto and leave it there for at least a week.  This is because when someone wants to hurt you emotionally, they usually concentrate on your heart, where they think what they do will hurt you the most.  However, if you are having problems with finding a job, or debt problems, or unfair bills and expenses — it is your underwear that you turn inside out and pinch in that drawer.

Don’t believe me?

Try it.

And if you have any of those correspondences I mentioned handy (gems, fragrance, candles, etc.)  light a red candle dressed with your favorite earthy oil or perfume, and concentrate on the glow and power of your root chakra!  Put the power there, baby!

If you just went out and bought all new underwear — then wash what you have with a bit of basil herb in the water.  Basil is wonderful for breaking negativity that we create as well as what has been sent toward us.  You might want to keep a little tin of basil right by your washing machine so you can remember to add it.  Just a bit, you don’t need a pound of it (besides that would screw up your washer).  If you work or live in a highly active environment where emotions run high, basil should be your number one friend in the magick department.  Not only does it break negativity it also functions as a universal blender, meaning that it mixes hard edge energies into a single pattern of positive possibilities.  It is one of the Sympathy herbs, meaning it will work in tandem with everything around it.  And if the word Sympathy has negative connotations for you, then think Symphony.

By going through our underwear, we are also cleaning out the underwear drawer, basket, bin…whatever.  Because we are organizing something that is normally unseen, we are organizing those energies within.

And, at least tomorrow, you’ll know where your clean underwear is.

Gold Star Meditation For Today —

If you complete this challenge — you earn another gold star.  This one stands for personal power and it goes at the root chakra.  Go ahead, light ‘er up!

My Release Program Diary

I’m standing in the bank yesterday and the place is packed.  We are all waiting for one (on the surface) idiot who is clogging up the works.  He’s got greasy hair and baggy clothes.  He’s holding a filthy, cloth bank bag and he has a bucket load of rolled change stacked on the counter.  He’s arguing maniacally about his account.


I’m thinking:  I could get really pissed off here, and make faces, and sigh loudly, or grumble or tap my foot…OR I could contemplate what brought all of us on our various paths to converge in this place at the same time to experience dumbo up there at the counter.  I hear there is a mathematical algorithm for this.  That reflection led me to think about activating those stars in my aura.

So I did.

Place cleared out in five minutes flat leaving me and the tellers to have a bit of fun chat.

Who’da thunk.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  Junk Drawers


38 thoughts on “Day Five of the Great Release Challenge”

  1. Take a laundry marker and draw symbols on your underwear (I use henna, but a maker works great) to help bring the energy you need.

    Oh and if money is so tight that you cannot afford new underwear (like me) and HAVE to keep the ones with holes, after you wash them etc.. visualize those holes letting good energy in. =)

  2. I got a large charge out of this day of the Release Challenge last year! 🙂 There’ll be lots of slamming drawers around here today!

  3. This sounds awesome! Im gonna have to go back and start at the beginning though. thanks Silver!

  4. Loving this challenge today! Cleaned out my underwear drawer – which incidentally had a lot of other stuff except underwear in it! LOL! Got rid of 2 bags of stuff. I have a silky red nighty that I lined the drawer with. Created a sachet of basil and lavender to place in the drawer and located all my undies that were everywhere but the drawer! Underwear is now in the wash and I am heading out to buy a new lovely pair. This one had it all the senses fired up for me! Thank you.

  5. 1. i love this. 2. will basil essential oil function in the same way as the herb itself? i make my own fabric softener and was thinking it would be neat to add a few drops. 3. i love this.
    have a wonderful evening everyone! thank you SRW!

      1. wonderful! thank you. well, i typically make a fabric softener with vinegar and baking soda (very easy to find a version of this online) and i really enjoy being able to customize the scents based on both magickal and aromatherapeutic prinicples. for instance, i often use Melissa which is helpful for distress & nervousness (aromatherapy) and according to scott cunningham is helpful to influence love (which is always a great thing to influence within oneself 🙂

  6. Silver, what do we do about underwear that isn’t in good shape that we use for that “time of the month”? I have a couple of pairs that I use during this time because I have a heavy cycle and don’t want to ruin the good pairs. Any advice?

    1. What a very practical idea! You could use them for a few months, then replace with new, inexpensive-just-for-those-times. The choice is entirely up to you. What solution would suit you best? Um, and although some people are going to say “oh yuck” — blood of the moon underwear can be used in magick.

      1. Well Blood of the Moon underwear in magic? Please do TELL! Being perimenopausal, I wanna take advantage of what little I gots while it’s still around.
        : )

  7. I absolutely love your sense of humor Silver! Today’s challenge caught me by surprise & it totally makes sense. This is an important part of self-care that many of us don’t prioritize because it’s “hidden” from others. Once again, thank you for this year’s challenge! Namaste’

  8. Day 5 is exactly what I’m looking for! Finances are what I’m working to “clean” up. I never realized that the root chakra was related to finances. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks again Silver!

  9. Every day seems to be something I’ve been meaning to do. The bathroom cupboard has been calling me, yesterday my husband took it upon himself to paint two ceilings and change lightbulbs, and new underwear? Yes! You are right on target!

  10. Today as I cleaned out my underwear drawer, I felt a little tingle go down my spine as i released each pair. But I was also wondering if basil oil will work as well? I usually mix the oils with my laundry soap before adding. Your challenge has released a lot in my life the last year.

  11. well this was interesting, and there were a few pair tat needed to go. I also happily have a pair pinched in a door i keep shut most of the time anyway lol now it has a reason. While cleaning out and cleaning up i had some more time today and decided to dig a lil deeper.. and considering my “drawer” atm is cardboard box… i realized why i maybe having some money trouble LOL. Also i found a pair that i wear for comfort but never realized clothes even when they change meanings can still hold unto that old energy and with that ..straight to the trash

  12. Aaah Day 5 of this challenge…This was a wee bit difficult. For one. I didn’t realize that I was actually quite comfy with my old panties. I saw one teeny tiny hole in my silkies, and at first said “naaah, this isn’t too bad.” Then I looked again and that saying of “out with the old in with the new came into my thoughts.” Sooo, out’ens with them they went! Then I saw a rip in a pair of my hubby’s out they went. Then when my daughter came home, I told her to go through her’s…she of course was more then happy, since she has tons of bra’s and panties, and ALWAYS wants more! When my husband came home the first thing he noticed were the underwear in the garbage.

    When he asked about why they were in there… I told’em it was part of the challenge I’m doing. He know’s the challenge, so he smiled and walked away. He’s been with me long enough to know there’s always a method to my madness.

    emotionally I did find it a little difficult- but truth is I like taking care of others much more then myself.
    Physically I liked the idea of getting something new, although I am a real sentimental person, and letting go is difficult, I do know it’s better for us as a whole in our home. I like being financially prosperous, iit is a good feeling.
    Spiritually- I didn’t notice much of a change with that, however. The letting go was hard, could be my cancer moon. I did think about how better things are.

    Now I have a question with a comment. Family. the root, my children. I got a difficult phone call today and had to look deeper at this challenge, because after I threw the underwear out. I got this negative call, for help.
    So. sometimes, even though it’s yours… you HAVE to let it go, and either fall or fly. It’s not fun, and quite painful. So do you suppose that as parents we need to do this letting go more often with the root since that is actually where our bond with our babies begin? I’ve always wondered this and feel this to be a truth in my world, just wondering if others feel and think that way as well.
    Ok! We can clean and wash and throw away, BUT! Learning emotionally why. It can be quite intense, and since we are all human, are they the same or close to being the same for all? So I put on hoarders to get a glimpse of why these people “Choose: to live this way.

    I guess in the end, we “Choose,” but we need to be aware, without that we live only on emotion, so realise this some never do.

    Since Danu is whom I’m working with, she certianly is matter a factly…That’s at least how she has come to me.

    Blessings Always!

  13. Purely out of respect for Nature, who after all does abhor a vacuum, I prepared for today’s great ratty-undies eviction by emailing my husband a Victoria’s Secret wish list… these in red stripe, those in stars, and those others in lace. The lace ones insure the message is read loud and clear!

    My undergarments are now neat and renewed. Soon to be joined by a fresh crew.

    Dearest Silver, it’s so nice of you to give me an excuse for new lingerie! And my husband may yet become your biggest fan.

    : )

  14. That was fun, I just gave myself to buy new ones. It’s awful how we neglect ourselves sometimes. I also cleaned out his and now he has no choice but get new ones for himself as well. Thanks I enjoyed saying goodbye.

  15. Its Sunday, and we are a bit behind on our days, be we are ll going through our underware. But I do have holes and some that are just holding on. I am throwing them out.
    Having my girls go through theres too.
    Thank you

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