Day Three — Great Release Challenge!!!

Great Release Program Day Three
Magick is Like Baseball -- Hit the Ball and Run Like Hell Toward Your Goal!

Day Three — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf

December Third, Saturday’s Challenge — Top of the day to you!  I’ve got to tell you how excited I was when I saw all the comments posted for the last two days.  You folks rock!!!  I was also deeply moved that some of you spoke of how the program changed your lives for the better last year.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Let’s get moving!

Your Gold Star Rewards

Yesterday I talked about earning a gold star every day that you accomplish something.  You chose the first gold star and assigned it a quality that you would like to instill in your life.  Something like peace, mental clarity, compassion, acknowledgement of joy, etc.  The second gold star you earned, for Day 2, was love — everybody needs some of that!  On your personal calendar, why not draw (or paste) a gold star for every day you complete a release mission?  With each seven stars you earn, treat yourself to something special — some small reward to yourself.  Too often we deride ourselves over numerous personal failings; but, how often do we truly congratulate ourselves?  Seven stars gives you the excuse!  But, that’s not all…

There really was a method to my madness with the gold stars — a dynamite meditation that takes only a minute or so to perform.  Here’s what you do:

1. Find a peaceful place — no interruptions.  This meditation is so fast that you really don’t have to worry too much about life around you interfering.

2.  Take three deep, cleansing breaths.

3.  Close your eyes.

4.  Imagine the energy around you, your personal aura, is a suit of designer clothes — you’re the designer.

5.  On this suit of clothes I want you to pin the first gold star you earned over your heart area– the one that indicates what quality you’d like to encourage in yourself.  Imagine it glowing and mixing with the energy that is already there.  Take as much time as you need with the visualization.  If you can’t get a full picture, don’t sweat it.  We’ll be working every day from now on with our star suit — practice makes perfect.

6.  Now it is time to pin on the second star.  Pin that one right above the first star, over the heart.  Just like before, imagine that star glowing and mixing with the energy that is already there — you can even visualize it blending with the first star.

7.  Whisper to yourself a “knowing statement” — for example, “I know that each and every day I will be filled with positive, mental clarity.”  or, “I know that I am love and that love surrounds me.”  (That’s a good one, especially when things are REALLY stressful!).

8.  Take another deep breath.  Draw an equal-armed cross in your mind to seal what you’ve done, and open your eyes.

You will be amazed how much your star meditation is going to help you each and every day.  Throughout the day, if things are tough — activate your stars!  No kidding!  Just close your eyes and push on a star in your mind like you push a button!  You can even say to yourself:  “Star On!”  or “Love Star On!”.

Go ahead, don’t be shy, give it a whirl!  This meditation has several positive aspects to it from stabilizing the mind, body, spirit, teaching you to open up and allow positive energies into your energy field, letting you experience that you are in control of what goes on around you, and finally, the speed of it is the key — set it and forget it — use it when you need it.  Here’s a calendar pic you can print out to use if you like:

Great Release Program Calendar For You To Use

Magick is like baseball.  You swing the bat, you hit the ball, and then you run the bases.  Sometimes you hit a homer; but, more often than not, you have to stop at first, second, or third base before heading home — which is what makes the game so interesting.  In magick, the power isn’t just with the crack of the bat on the ball (your thought), it is the combination of where your head is at when you run the bases.  Unlike in the movies (read this carefully) the real boost of power comes in the RELEASE — not the holding of the idea.

Think about it.

If we believe anything is possible by using our “Know” statement as we walk up to the plate.  And then we raise our trusty bat (our emotions) and smack the hell out of that ball (the desire), and then throw the bat to the side with gusto as we run like the dickens to that first base…

what do you think will happen?

Try it.

Dare ya.

Double dare ya.

Your Mission Today —

Busy or no — to the bathroom you go.  Don’t panic, you don’t have to clean it today if you don’t want to (although, if you have the time, go for it).  Today we’re going to go through any cabinets, any storage boxes, and anything sitting on the tub or on those shelves in the shower stall.  Throw out all the old, gunky stuff.  The rusted spray bottles, the soap you used once and said, “Yuck — I’ll use it in a pinch” and shoved it to the back of the shelf.  Gather up the items that slipped to the bottom of the cabinet or rolled under the sink.  For the truly dedicated individual — clean it all!  Behind the toilet, the shower stall, the cabinets, etc.  The bathroom is magickally important because of the constant free-flow of water.  This water picks up the energy around it.  If everything is dirty, then that’s the type of energy that will build up and seep out into the other rooms of the house.

When I first started doing this challenge three years ago I trained myself to spot clean the bathroom every time I took a shower or bath.  This way, the bathroom gunk never got ahead of me.  Yes, I realize other people use the bathroom, too.  If you stick with it long enough you can actually train them not to be so messy — you must persevere — it will happen.

If you finish your bathroom duties today, you earn another golden star — Knowledge.  Go ahead, pin that on your aura — right at your third eye.

My Release Program Diary

The Great Release Program isn’t already written.  I type it as we go, reading your comments and guiding the program to where I think it will most meet our needs depending on our present circumstances.  Yes, I have the last two years’ notes to look back at; but, I felt to keep the program fresh the prose should be new to both of us.  This works out that while you are on Day Two, for example, I’m already on Day 3 and doing it.  That way I know that it can be done and I’m not throwing stuff at you with a sink or swim attitude.  I crossed the channel, so to speak, now its your turn.  This creative, spur-of-the-moment writing is very exciting for me — I listen to Spirit, I write, I just let things flow.  The downside is that I don’t have an editor and if things are busy around here there’s a stress race to finish the work and hit the button.

But, life is like that, right?  All of us are constantly blending thoughts, feelings, and experiences into a forward journey.

Although I managed to get most of the clutter up off the floor (doing the program, like I said before helps to instill habits that you will carry on throughout the year so damage was minimal), there were still one or two areas I didn’t manage to get to.  And, the middle room upstairs?  Nada.  Didn’t happen.  Just didn’t get to it, so I’m putting that on my list (remember your list?) and try to finish it this weekend.

With the dementia patient here, the house still feels heavy (okay, so its only day three) so I’m hoping that by the end of next week things lighten up enough so I can feel it.  My attitude, however, is zooming, and I’ve managed to accomplish more in two days than in two weeks.  Pat on the back for that!

Remember, Magick is as normal as breathing and less fattening than apple pie.  Hit the damned ball and run like hell toward your goal!  I promise — you’ll make it!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

For Tomorrow:  What’s Above.


36 thoughts on “Day Three — Great Release Challenge!!!”

  1. I love everthing you write. I just read the above challenge and am going to apply this to me. Thank you so much for sharing Silver RavenWolf.

  2. It’s ironic. I just found out about this about an hour ago and I cleaned my bathroom today. And I already feel better for it.

  3. Hi Silver!
    Its Valerie here in Ireland. I did the Release Challenge last year and it made me relaise that I needed to make big changes in my life , the first one being moving house and moving to the country. So after much hard work this year, during this release Challenge my dream has come true and the moving van is arriving on the 8th!! Perfect time to release except I need to get rid of most of the stuff before the 8th. I will do what I can magickally but the only tools I will have available are my mind and a white candle.
    Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement last year. it brought me to a much better place and even though moving to a new place with my husband to start over is scary its better than being stuck and miserable.
    I will work with the gold star affirmations today. I already packed all my gold stars last night but I can still say the affirmations.
    Thank you Silver. Blessings and love

  4. this is making me realize that i keep a pretty clean house, & i have a lot of respect for those who juggle all of life and pick up after their families; amazing. but i can always find a spot/drawer to reorganize!

    i will be activating my first 2 stars all day today 🙂

    blessed be!

  5. I love the star button, a week or so ago I was telling some good folks it’s time to hit the big red button like for staples.. *lol* this one is better! Funny, now that finals are done with, I actually had the floors and bathroom on the agenda! Love, love, love it!

    Thanks for today’s challenge and can I get a “Blessed be?” = )

  6. Silver, thank you for the lovely calendar to use. I loved this program last year and am loving it again and already seeing and feeling results! I like how you change it up slightly it keeps me on my toes and excited to see the new posts everyday.

    Thank you again! May we all have a great month.

    Many blessings

  7. Shuffling items from one room to the next is something of a daily task at my house. When you picked the word challenge you must have had me in the back of your mind. Last year I basically read all of your blogs and thought, wow, I should do that. This year I have them written down and have managed to say the morning blessing so far. So today, I am going to do all 3 days to catch myself up..!!! I know that this is something I really need to do.. my life is very cluttered… not so much with things. So with a *sigh* I will give this a shot. BTW…. thank you.
    Momma Cin

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this program! And, thank you to the Goddess for leading me to it! I have been on a path to seriously learn Wicca, improve my health, and work on clutter–this release really helps me in all these areas! Blessed be, Pamela

  9. I love how energized I feel after reading these post! A simple “chore” like cleaning out the cabinet is so easy to push aside for another day, but add in the emotional cleansing aspect & now I want to charge right in there & toss away as much as possible.

    Thank you & hoping that your day is going beautifully & a smile just won’t leave your face. 🙂

  10. *squee* I ❤ any excuse to use sparkly stickers! Thank you for the calendar, it's printed and hanging conspicuously on the fridge where I will see it a lot. (coincidentally, right next to my adored dry-erase boards that hold my lists of tasks)

    The meditation was wonderful! The bathroom … not so much. But I fought the brave fight in there.

    Looking forward to our next tasks, and feeling better as we go.

  11. I sadly have to say, I don’t have a printer…or stickers left due to having a little 2 year old girl who “LOVES” stickers…but after each day so far…I’ve drawn a little star on my main calendar on the wall and wrote the word next to it….to remind me…

    I just got done reading today’s “chore”….off to the bathroom I go….See you all tomorrow!!!

    MaryAnne =D

  12. well.. its later in the day then i planned but after a good day at work im on it:) i have to admit ALOT has come about since i did this challenge last year.. so weather at noon or night im chugging through come hell or toilet water…

  13. I have so enjoyed doing this. It is so hard to complete some thing alone, and with your input and guidance, I’m not really alone. I even started my own blog to keep account for myself and family. While doing this, it make me think and collect my thoughts as well as become clutter free. Thank you Silver!!!

  14. I think I pushed my stars raw today! Day One cleansing came by for a few of his things (yes I kicked out the ex boyfriend for day one) and I had to use that poor little star til it was almost tattered. BUT it worked and I stood strong against the pitiful looks and remembered I did this for a reason! AND all his stuff had already been put in a bag because I cleaned his things out first! His comment was “I got purged didn’t I?” Yup! Sure did! All thats left is the floor and 1 cabinet and I will earn another star! By then hopefully the other stars will be recovered from the abuse! LOL

    I can’t believe how good this feels! It’s hard work but I excepted that. Reclaiming my life and my happiness is why I’m doing this and my house is shaping up quite nicely too! So Thank You Lady Silver… I could never explain fully what this has meant to me at this point already!

    ❤ To You All!!!

  15. Hi, my name is Branya and I’m from Mexico, Thankyou very much for your books and blog I really like them and they are really useful.
    I’m trying to find Day 2 but I can’t, can you help me please?
    Thankyou very much for everything you do.

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