Day Two — Great Release Challenge!

You Can Do an Amazing House Cleansing With Just a Sock and a Broom!

Day Two — 2011 Great Release Challenge!
For December 2nd or…Whenever!
by Silver RavenWolf

Good Morning!  Did you remember to do your Morning Braucherei Ritual?  Good for you!  No?  Go do it quick!

Today you will need a regular broom, a trash bag, holy water, banishing herbs, and an old, clean sock you don’t want anymore. Pour banishing herbs into the sock (how much and what is entirely up to you) and roll the sock into a ball.  If you don’t own any herbs, don’t panic, sprinkle the sock with holy water, or go to your kitchen cabinet and see what herbs and spices are lurking there.  Don’t forget to sprinkle the broom with holy water, too.  Finally, you will need a blessed, white candle OR if candles are a problem — a flashlight will do.  If you don’t have either, you don’t get to skate — envision white light.

Our chant for today is one of my favorite ones:

Evil be gone do not return
The horse has run off and the bridges are burned.

That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  This is a Braucherei charm, and although you may laugh, it works incredibly well to get rid of negativity and nasty people.  We’ll be using this charm throughout the challenge period.

Your Mission Today

With trash bag in hand, walk through your entire living area picking up the clutter/trash.  Use the above chant while you are working.  Envision your Guardian walking with you, helping you as you clear away the candy wrappers, the old newspapers, the out of date magazines, the dirty underwear under the bed (hey, I raised four kids, I’ve seen worse stuck in strange places — like the petrified banana under the sofa).  The goal is to have a clutter-free floor (to start) and if you have time, begin pulling the junk off of end tables, shelves, counters, etc.  If you don’t have time, don’t sweat it today.  We’ll get to it.  What if you already view this as a problem?  What if it looks like so much that you already feel defeated?  Then concentrate on one, small area, and begin, because beginning is the hardest of all!  Add music in the background — something uplifting, or burn a wax melt or highly scented candle that makes you feel strong, joyous, or secure.

If a family member baulks, tell them they can’t get new, cool stuff if the place is cluttered with old stuff.  The possibility of great, new stuff is a fairly good incentive for most everybody.  Its a donkey – carrot thing.

So, why should we bother clearing the clutter off the floor?  The more clutter in your living area indicates the more clutter in your brain.  Perhaps you’ve been feeling inundated lately, or depressed, or weighed down by personal stress.  Or maybe you want to forge ahead, having that cool excited feeling inside; but, things just don’t seem to be moving for you.  Either way this is definitely the time to clean your living area out.  When you remove trash and junk, energy can flow freely throughout your home or apartment, and when it moves freely around you the negativity doesn’t stick like glue to your personal energy field.  There really is a good reason to keep the place clutter free (particularly the floor) — your happiness!

What if you have lost someone dear to you and you just don’t think you can go there?  Take the time to ask your Guardian for assistance, and work on what you can.  You don’t have to open old wounds with this program if you don’t want to.  Eventually, you will have to deal, and you know it; but, right now, let’s just concentrate on getting the positive energy flow back on track in the area of the home or apartment that you most frequent.  Okay?

Try one trip through your living area and see how long that takes you.  For now, concentrate on the floor and be diligent in getting rid of the trash. Be sure to take the trash bag OUT of the house or apartment.  Leaving it sit there is like keeping a pet man-eating monster in the corner.

Next, we’re going to throw that sock on the floor and we’re going to bat it around, beginning from the back door of your house or apartment (or back window if you don’t have a back door) and work our way through the rooms to the front door, pushing the sock along with the broom and intoning the chant I gave you.  This is a fun activity for the kids and you can even get the partner involved (hey, who says you can’t play games at fifty?).  When you are finished, throw the old sock away or burn it in an outside bonfire or cauldron.  Finally, walk through the area again carrying that blessed white candle (or your flashlight).  Once more, imagine that your Guardian is walking with you.  Intone this blessing if you like:

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
So Be It!

When you are finished, ask for blessings from Spirit and let the candle burn completely.  If you can’t let the candle burn, clap it out (hands above flame and clap hard –once should do it).  You can use this candle again for any house blessing activity; but, nothing else.

For the Truly Dedicated Challenge Participant:  To make this a more magickal experience, feel free to decorate your broom or add a conjuring bag to the handle that contains selected gems such as rose quarts, amethyst, citrine or a crystal — all great choices for cleansing an area.  Herbs can include basil, sage, rosemary, lemongrass, lemon verbena, lemon balm, or even dried lemon and citrus peel.  Don’t have any of those things?  Slice a fresh lemon and an orange.  Put them on white plate, and place in the central area of the home while you clean.  Both fruits have magickal correspondences for banishing negative energy and enticing financial gain.  To welcome more money into the home, sprinkle fruits with white sugar.  Let set for 24-hours, then place outside, giving them to the spirits of plenty.

Now, wash and vacuum the floor.

Something New!  If you finished yesterday’s challenge you have earned one gold star.  This gold star represents a quality you would like to enhance in yourself, or one you think you are lacking.  Write down what that needed quality is.  For example:  Patience, Discernment, Compassion, etc.  If you finish today’s challenge, you earn another gold star!  This star represents Love.  Tomorrow, I will teach you how to activate those stars you earn!

For Tomorrow:  A small trash bag will do.

I’m reading all your comments and hope to respond to all of them tomorrow.  Tonight, we have our regularly scheduled healing circle — so, if you feeling that magick thrumming — you’ll know why!

Until then…
Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!



58 thoughts on “Day Two — Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Hi Silver, day one of the challenge was great! My partner and I made lots of noise with our kitchen ware and it was a wonderful stress relief exercise. Our house is feeling lighter already 🙂 I am looking forward to day two. I am going to prepare my sock and broom tonight so when I get home from work I will be ready to de-clutter the floors and bat around some positive energies. I have asked my guardian to help me with having more patients with my family and it is working already! The morning ritual helped me today remain conscious of how I react and respond to my partner and has even helped me at work today when dealing with customers. I am looking forward to my continued success each day. Thank you for the work you do and sharing it with all of us. You are inspiring.

    Carrie Ann
    aka: Lily RiverHawk

  2. I am loving this! . I am also(in addition to doing the de cluttering) getting rid of “body-clutter” by eating better and losing excess weight, (no trash bag needed)
    Peace and love

  3. Silver~

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I came across this by chance last night and started first thing this morning. I read through your intro and day 1’s challenge and couldn’t help but have a smile come across my face. I have felt stagnant for awhile now and I really feel that this is what I need to get me moving again.

    Again, thank you and Blessed Be!

  4. I appreciate that you have divided the activities for the busy and the truly dedicated
    makes it much simpler to get something done and feel accomplished.

  5. Just discovered this and want to participate. I’ve missed day one and two; however, – any thoughts on the best way to catch up – so I’m on the right day? I hate the thought of being two days behind! 😦 (the perfectionist in me I guess!)

  6. I did this last year and I ended up finding a job, getting really good grades from uni and really good friends. Your stuff always works for me brilliantly. 🙂

  7. This couldn’t have come at a better time. This is my first year and I have been feeling a quickening in my spirit about this very subject for about a month now. I am so happy to be a part! Thank you Silver!

  8. Same here.. worked last year.. this year I’m on a moms rehab.. not the way in the USA the word is used. In germany its 3 weeks time out for Moms who are doing a lot for her kids and work. spa like.. and it’s free from health insurance. I’m injoying it and well it’s also about the loss I had last year and we are working a lot on those things…. So in my case it’s also a kind of braucherei here 🙂 But I will follow as much as I can till I’ll be back home on the 14th.
    greatest Blessings for you….

  9. I am ready for this….I started going through junk / clutter yesterday in my house….it is amazing how much is there when you really start to look….I am excited….=D

  10. thank you so much for creating this & posting it for us. i started reading Mindlight a few months ago & things have already started changing positively. thanks SIlver!

  11. Yay! So excited to be doing the release challenge again. Thanks for keepin it going Silver.

    Luv ya!

    1. I wondered where you were. I sat at the dining room table yesterday thinking about you. I was just about to e-mail you and say — where are you? Nice to see you again!!!

      1. Things have been a little chaotic but i’m still here. Just a little quieter than usual 😉 You’ve been on mind a lot lately, i hope you’re all doing well and that we’ll get to see other again soon. Big hug!

  12. I did the Morning Braucherei Ritual long after last year’s release challenge and it was a great day to start the day! And then it fizzled and I forgot about it. Coming from a Christian back ground I “pray” more than I attempt spells or rituals and it had been a long time since Ireally made an effort to commune and talk (and listen) to the Lord and Lady and boy did it EVER make a difference in my attitude yesterday and have already seen things in my life that have been stagnant because I was “praying” like a Christian (asking for the work to be done for me and not taking any effort with adding my own intent and energy into my conversations). I did yesterday and I got blessings and reminders all day long that when I put the effort and energy into a situation I’m seeking guidance/assistance for, I get what I need.Thanks for the reminder Ms. Raven Wolf!

  13. Hello Sister Silver.

    I am completely new to the craft, even though I have been reading about it for close to 10 years now. I have almost all of your books, minus the spells, and I want to say that you are the most easy to follow by far! You make things understandable. 🙂

    Not to mention that you don’t call for ridiculously hard to get herbs… I live in a very small town in the middle of nowhere and it is more than difficult to get anything, plus what we DO have is outrageously expensive. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate how you have taught me. I look forward to starting my journey in the craft with this daily challenge. 🙂

    Blessed be sister. )O(

    KM(Mora Grai)

  14. BLOWN AWAY! I wasn’t expecting to wake up on Day 3, cleared, Cleansed, Refreshed, and LIGHT! This is HUGE! I had also started late, but day 2 I knew where I needed to go, mine and hubbys bedroom closet-blech! It was piled high from floor to bottom of clothes hanging! I went to work last night (after my nightly meditative bath-note to self, always do major cleaning before shower/bath, lol) and I mean I got rid of everything that wasn’t nessesary, restacked, consolidated, ordered- IT’S CLEAN! Our 8 yr old little girl, Priscilla, ran back and forth from side to side in it last night! WOW! I Was so inspired by you and this challenge! I will continue on. I’ve been doing a morning dedication since your book gave me the idea, and it also has changed my life!
    I want to say thank you for being your authentic self and sharing yourself so freely with us- you rock! This morning, Day three, i woke up without any preconcieved notions of feeling anything different- I slept better than I have in…..EVER…. and I thought also about what you said, thinking, why is this a catch all place? I believe it was because for so many years I felt I had to *hide* who I truely was…and now that I’m with the man of my dreams, we have become our authentic shining selves, I was able to *free* myself from the clutter of that closet just as we’ve freed ourselves personally!
    Note: we did see a charcoal colored sphere outside leaving…..hmmmm….makes me wonder what was attached and now gone, but I’m focusing on the positive end results! Thank you, Jeannie

  15. Hi Silver and ALL! I just wanted to make a note about day one. Last year was my first year doingg the challenge, and at times quite difficult. But I must say the daily chants are quite fun, and yesterday my cats perked up by what I was doing. Then it hit me. This month’s challenges seem to have pulled from the depths of my mind from last year. This challenge never ended last year (at least not for me). In one way or another I held onto the idea of letting go, and I won’t get into all that, cause those that know me, know I LOVE to chat!!! LOL! Instead of actually letting go of the concept. I actually used it, right up until we started this challenge, when it hit me…Silver Momma! You is one smart cookie! The 30 days makes and break a habit ( hopefully Bad ones). But you leave us with so much more. So really what I want to say is that just because the 30 days will come and go. The psychological concept will not, and if we all share this process together, the bonds feels stronger (yee-up even from the computer) and life does seem brighter. Just wanted to share this. xoxoxo


  16. my husband and i love all that you represent and all that you are, Silver. Honestly, you have changed my life in so many ways. I got my first (Teen Witch 🙂 book when i was lucky # 13 years old, in Salem, Mass ( how fitting! )… and ever since than, even if i stray away, i always come back to magick, and your books. the moment i start reading and practicing, i become so empowered. i am truly greatful that i found you, and your work. Just want you to know, you have really helped shape who i am as a person. many thanks, and blessings. i hope someday to meet you, and thank you in person. it makes me emotional to think about! (but maybe some of it is cause im 6 months pregnant, but maybe not).. thank you silver for this project. it has come at the most perfect time. ❤ .–♥ -★-☀-☆-☀-★-♥–.

    1. The instructions in Silver’s post said to sweep it around your living space with the broom, working from the back of your dwelling to the front. Then, throw the sock away or burn it in an outside bonfire. 🙂

      1. Oh thank you ever so much… I must have jumped the line all the time, could not see it…:D

  17. This is a wonderful way for me to get started. I’m already eyeball deep in clearing clutter and junk, as we only have a few days left until the movers show up. Wolverine (spirit animal) is here helping me now, and this has been such a Blessed gift. That, and the spicy holiday wax melts I’m simmering. Mmm.. I’m not sure I’d have the strength to slog through it without the help. Already, my heart and mind feel so much lighter.

    Good luck everyone, keep up the great work.


  18. What kind of water is holy water? I’m guessing it’s not the Christian version but I’m not certain what is in yours or how to prepare it. Can you help?

    1. Kit,

      My understanding of Holy Water, and mione, is the one coming from rain water and that stayed a few days under the full Moon to be charged… I know there are other understanding overther, but as I am always busy, this one is rather useful for me, at least in the winter months it works 😀

  19. Just a quick note to say I’m back again this year, and so glad you’re doing it again. Today has been a seriously long day and it’s all I can do to stay awake, so not sure if I’ll manage day 2’s challenge. But I did do the morning ritual. Was wondering, should our statement be the same for the 30 days along with the Lord of the day request? Or should the request be related to each day of the week’s energy? (ie: Thurs. lord of the day, bring me good fortune in every way; Friday lord of the day bring me compassion in every way)

  20. Day two went great! Batting the sock around reminded me of the cleansing ritual in Solitary Witch where you batt an onion around with your besom. The sock worked a little easier in my dorm room though! Then I sprinkled around some florida water while the candle burned. What a nice cleansing, Thanks Silver!

  21. Oh My!! This has been the best day ever! I have been bouncing off the walls, dancing around, and singing all day! My goal is happiness and I think I got an overdose of it in my ritual this morning! I LIKE IT!! Although my cat is not happy about the forced dancing partner thing but she’ll be ok! 🙂 I have to admit I haven’t gotten as much as I wanted to done but I can tell a difference in what I have done. I’m working with a lot of “yuck” here and a lot of it is internal and mental more so than just the house (not saying the house is not a mess too). I have a busted hand too and that slows me done a lot because I have to take breaks and let the swelling go down before I keep going. But let me say I took some aggression out on that sock today! I imagined smacking anything negative in the face with it! OK so maybe that wasn’t the point but it worked for me! I’m seriously battling some deep unhappy dark things for the past 2 years and it seems when I wasn’t looking those little nastys went out and found friends and moved them in too… so I beat them with a herb filled sock blessed with highly charged Blue Moon Water. I think I heard a few of them cry a time or two!

    I think it helps a lot that I know this journey isn’t alone also. I love reading everyone’s comments! On to day 3!!!! Let’s Do This!!!!

    ❤ You All!!!

    PS. How do I sleep with all this "happy" running through me?? LOL Who Cares! I like it too much to worry about it!

  22. Use a buddyless sock! The dryer gnomes are constantly stealing one of a pair, so use the widowed sock in this day’s challenge! Reduce clutter by getting rid of the lone sock, and put it to good use!

  23. I was so inspired by the post yesterday that I spent all afternoon tidying up. I think I heard spirit yelling “About time!” when I was done. Good thing I cleaned out my ears, huh? So there was nothing on the floors to pick up today but did have a blast sweeping the old sock around.

    I came into the challenge half-way through last year, and am looking forward to doing the full 30 days this time around. I really felt a big difference all 2011. Along with old clothes and broken knick-knacks I let go of some toxic relationships. Now with your guidance and inspiration,I have high hopes for starting 2012 on the right footing. Blessed be!

  24. I had a small part of life get in the way today, but on the whole, I am right with you, and it sure feels good to say good bye to stuff. And that it all it is…stuff. Thank you.
    Can’t wait to get to the bathroom. Now that’s gonna be my challenge.

  25. For Holy water all you need is spring water and salt. Silver Ravenwolf has a recipe and instructions on how to make holy water in her book To Stir A Magick Cauldron.

      1. True,… but I am moving and all my books are accessible… so, I was trying to do it by memory…

        Thanks for the help.

  26. hi Silver,your bag was here very early,earlier then another bag with candles for me,from my own country…))),i opened it in tuesday,but today i find the gift from you)))thankeyou very very happyfrom wishing you very much luck and whole your family too.thankeyou

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