How to Make Your Holiday Gifts More Magickal

Triquetra Distressed Wooden Magick Box

It has been a rough year for quite a few folks and I think, more than anything else right now, many need that special, loving energy that magick can bring.  Yesterday, my daughter-in-law said, “You know, usually, I hate the Yule season; but, this year seems to have a special energy about it.  I’m actually excited for Yule!  The music, the lights, even the snow…okay, so maybe NOT the snow…; but, I’m in this year.  I’m really in!  And I feel that way because I can’t wait to give.”

I’ve felt that unusual quickening, too.  It seems as if this year is going to be more special than some of the others in the past.  I’m actually excited to put up my Yule tree (which never, ever happens).  It seems like magick is everywhere, and its growing.  This year, when you are making some of those wonderful crafty things you do (or cooking, or baking, or singing) add a touch of special enchantment to your project.  Here are a few tips to get your personal zapper booming!

You Are The Magick!

*  As you work on your gifts (or are buying them) visualize the person they are for.  Think pleasant thoughts, surround them with white light, let energy flow out from your heart into the heart chakra of the individual for whom you are making (or buying) the gift.

*  Don’t know what to buy or make?  Check their signs — all three of them — Sun Sign, Rising Sign, Moon Sign.  Sun sign only tells you their will, there’s a lot more to every individual than just that.  The rising sign tells you how they function in the world with others, the face they wear.  The moon sign tells you where their emotions lie.  For example, my daughter is an Aquarius Sun Sign, so she loves to shop.  Her moon sign; however, is Virgo.  On an emotional level she will look at most gifts through the eyes of practicality.  Not that she doesn’t like the elegant, she surely does, because that would be her Libra rising!  My husband is a Sun Sign Leo; yet, he has a Taurus Moon — you can’t ever go wrong by making him good food or taking him out to a high-end restaurant!

*  As you wrap a gift, take the time to sit quietly and hold it.  Pour your love and good feelings into the wrap, ribbon, tape and gift.  It will, indeed, be felt.

*  Take the time to pay attention to Magickal Timing, particularly if you want a special empowerment to go along with your gift.  What sign is the moon in?  What phase?  Or, what planetary hour does your item correspond to?  Too complicated?  How about the day of the week — these are fairly straight forward.  Every little bit adds to the visualization and end process of gift giving.

Just this little bit of thought, just this tiny act of caring will brighten the life of someone else.  You, too, will glimmer with joy.  You just have to allow those bright feelings to rise within yourself and manifest outward.

Trust me, its worth it!

Do you have a magickal idea?  Please share it here in your comments.  We all learn from each other — that’s why we’re family!


7 thoughts on “How to Make Your Holiday Gifts More Magickal”

  1. This is a really insightful post. Thank you so much for sharing. If I am buying multiple gifts for someone, such as my children, I like to make sure to have something for the outer world, which would be store bought and probably a particular name brand and logo that has multiple types of things, like toys, books, and puzzles. Then I like to create something for them that can be representative of their inner world, and the world we share together at home, such as Waldorf dolls, jammies, etc. And I am now beginning to have a third category for the spirit, even for the little ones, and enjoy giving them something completely metaphysical.

    Thanks for inviting us to share!

  2. i live in france and this year we are making our gifts of wood
    to give to our family in england and i will make the gifts sing
    with good energies,thanks to you,
    blessed be,
    freya xx

  3. These are some great ideas. And I totally agree with the dread feeling of the holidays. Mine starts with Thanksgiving then I have 2 children with birthdays in December (3rd and 21st) then Yule/Christmas then another birthday in January. The kids are older now (turning 18, 22 and 20 respectively) but it is still a hard time of year. But this year … we are all about making gifts and sharing with others. I am looking forward to Yule log hunting and setting up the tree this year, too 😉 I know part of it for us is that we also had a baby this year and this will be his first Yule/Christmas 😉 There is just something different about the holiday season when you have a new baby!!!

  4. I read LOTS of magazines throughout the year, and enjoy making collages out of meaningful phrases and pictures. I have lots of folders containing snippets I save but don’t use quickly. What I do for a miniature pinscher e-mail group of which I am a moderator, is I morph into “Psycho Elf” right after Samhain (LOL). I run a Secret Santa game for all members wishing to play. I start working on my recipient’s shipping box ASAP. I collect bits and pieces out of my folders and from magazines that would mean something to them, including pix of holiday trees, food, ornaments, packages, dogs (especially minpins), colors, words, etc., and completely cover the box, leaving only enough space for the postage, address and return address. Then, I cover the box with clear tape, so it ships without (too much) damage. I have been told by many recipients over the years that they have saved those boxes, and keep “treasures” in them to this day! I LOVE THE WINTER HOLIDAY SEASON! Everything I do for Yule (and other holidays), I do because I enjoy it. It’s not work, it’s fun and done out of love, and that is what matters.

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