Autumn Broom Parade!

Black Forest Circle Members Go All Out To Decorate Magickal Brooms!


This year, Lady MorningStar had a wonderful idea for our Samhain — A Broom Challenge!  Decorate a full size broom incorporating what you want to achieve in the coming year.  From Good Fortune to Good Health, Happiness and Joy, circle members worked tirelessly on their Challenge Brooms.  At Samhain, we swept out the old year with the brooms and cast the circle with them.  Although autumn is almost through, there’s no reason why you couldn’t create a Goal Broom for yourself for the 2012 New Year.  Post your pics of your brooms on my FaceBook page!  Happy Crafting!



5 thoughts on “Autumn Broom Parade!”

  1. This is a wonderful idea! I just bought a new cinnamon broom that I am going to “dress up” for the year! I will post a pic on the fb page when it is done 😉 thanks for sharing!!

  2. perfect timing 🙂 I’m about to purchace a new straw broom, it will be great fun decorating it to welcome in our new year 2012…. Im not able to put a pic on FB, but I can Email it to you if thats o.k:)

  3. how pretty, I’m so gonna steal the idea. One can never have enough matching theme accessories for seasonal decor.

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