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How To Make Your Own Equinox House Blessing Jars

Wiccan House Blessing Jars
Herbal House Blessing Jar & Jelly Bean Blessing Jar made by Silver RavenWolf

Spring Equinox House Blessing Jars
(Autumn Equinox for Southern Hemisphere)
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2011

Spring Equinox!  Truly a powerful holiday, especially for starting new projects particularly those involving the home.  Kick start this quarter energy with the amazing full moon energy available this weekend, and you can make a truly magickal house blessing jar!  This article has instructions for two types of magickal jars — the more ornate Herbal Jar or the super easy Spring Equinox Jelly Bean Jar.

The House Blessing Jar is both a protective and blessing vehicle tuned to the type of herbs you select for inclusion.  Generally, the herbal jar will last approximately one year if re-empowered either by sunlight or moonlight every three months, particularly on High Holy Days or days of heightened astrological significance.  The contents of the Jelly Bean Blessing Jar is meant to be consumed within a three month period, and is a perfect fast and easy gift for a family member or circle mate.  Your intent and focus while constructing either jar makes all the difference in how well the jar will work. 

To read the complete article on How To Make Your Own Equinox House Blessing Jars, just visit — its free!  Article contains complete instructions including photos, a house blessing, herbal choices and upcoming astrological events to enhance your work.  Whether you choose the more ornate Herbal House Blessing Jar or the Super Easy Jelly Bean Blessing Jar, you’ll love the easy steps to complete either project!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

7 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Equinox House Blessing Jars

  1. Wow, such a great idea! I was debating what to do to take advantage of tomorrow’s full moon and spring equinox. This is perfect!! I’m making both jars 😀
    Thanks a bunch Silver.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Ostara.

  2. Happy Ostara Silver! These jar ideas are great, thank you! I ended up making a teeny tiny herbal jar.

  3. Can anyone tell me what Modern witch website is all about? Someone from there contacted me because I had been active on Silver’s old site. Is silver associated with this website?
    Blessings Lady Edenbolake

      1. SIlver, im reading your book to ride a silver broomstick. your are awesome and help me so much. i started to keep track of my dreams and its helping alott.

        Samantha, p.s. please write back

  4. Thank you for answering. I got a really weird feeling about all this that is why I asked. I am going to go and take my name off that site. The way I was approached kind of creeped me out and that is usually hard to do. They even used the name wolf and I felt that they were trying to trick me and they offered me a lot of things to come and get involved. Thanks again Silver
    blessings Lady Edenbolake

  5. Thanks for sharing your jar magic, I have seen this on your site before but did not have a jar to use, 2 mo’s ago I took in a blue healer puppy and it chews everything and I baby the dog which does not help, every morning I get up and never know what to find in the yard or this morning was different he brought me a jar ?? just like the one in your picture, now I have a jar. just how did this dog know what I making the house blessing now.


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