Silver RavenWolf on Himmelsbrief Braucherei Protection Toy

Pow-Wow Protection Toay
Himmelsbrief Harry Pow-Wow Protection Toy

Himmelsbrief Harry
Protection Toy You Make for your Special Little One

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2011

I ran across a great kit the other day at Barns & Noble bookstore — Make Your Own Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy, Lark Books publishing.  I brought the kit home and asked my four-year-old granddaughter what she thought of the sock creature shown on the cover of the box.  She didn’t like it.  She did, however, like some of the other creatures shown on the box.  Luckily, the kit included instructions for the monster she liked, although the contents of the kit were for the featured toy.


The next day my daughter and I canvassed the local stores, looking for socks that best reflected the sock monster my granddaughter chose.

You know?  What grandmas and aunts won’t do…

Five stores and three hours later,  armed with a new pair of sharp scissors, upholstery thread and a plethora of socks, I sat down at the dining room table and began my Frankenstein endeavors to create the chosen sock monster.  The instructions for the kit are for hand sewers (which I liked), and within two hours I had most of the toy completed.  As I stitched, I chanted protection charms…which led me to thinking…how I could make this toy more magickal.  When it came time to stuff the monster I printed up a Himmelsbrief (protection letter), added my granddaughter’s name, empowered it, then folded the paper and put it in a conjuring bag with 1/4 cup of dried chamomile.  This went into Harry’s belly along with the rest of the stuffing.  Not only does Harry look the way she wanted him too, he smells very good!


Himmelsbrief Harry isn’t just for kids!  Given his country prim allure and his protective mindset, Harry will fit into a variety of decors and visitors will never know the difference.  Don’t like the himmelsbrief file I mentioned?  Check out the Trotterhead protection letter also on my site.  You may feel the wording matches your intent better.  Harry also likes to travel — sending him to your favorite soldier might be a loving gift from home.  Oh!  And grandma’s like them, too.



4 thoughts on “Silver RavenWolf on Himmelsbrief Braucherei Protection Toy”

  1. Hey Silver very intresting. Of course its Paul in AZ. I wanted to let you know im in a strange dilemma. I have a sister that im going to do a healing circle for she has a leigon on her left side and an cyst on the right side. This will be an ultimate test for me and a good thing she has been in the metaphysichal and magicks since she was 12 and she is now 48. I am a solitary practioner i have almost a year and a day. I know i can do this. I told her that i would do this for her and she said that would be great so i have her permission. I try not to ask you for anything silver but i was wondering if you had any ideas on to help out with this if you do please let me know. Thank you very much. Your friend Paul.

  2. HI, I found this post really inspiring and have plans to now make sets of these for my kids:), I would like to know if i may post this on my blog with a link to yours of course and all credit due?

    Blessed be

  3. Silver, I have never seen ways to make toys as well as magick from socks, that is very amazing on ways to make a everyday items into extaordinary magickal items for kids as well as adults! Thank you so much, Silver!

  4. I will make this toy and place it in the crib of the new grandson we are expecting in a couple of months. Thank you for this great idea..


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