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Day 31 of the Great Release Challenge!

Lucky Hex Designed by Silver RavenWolf for New Year's Magick

Day 31 of the Great Release Challenge
Congratulations on an AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  You’ve done all this marvelous work…  Where will you go from here?  What plans have you made for the coming months?  What things will you do to show off the new you?  Today, make yourself a colorful, arty list complete with pics, poems, affirmations, etc. that focus on the goals you would like to obtain this year.  Put this list on your altar, or sacred space, under a bowl of white sugar to entice the Happy Spirits of the New Year.  I even designed a Lucky Hex Double Distelfink drawing for you to use on your altar (see pic above).*

Tonight is New Year’s Eve!  Our BFC Healing Circle will be doing our own New Year’s Eve Ritual at 9:00 PM EST.  If you would like to light a white or silver candle to join in, and simply relax and meditate at that time — we’d love for you to meld your energy with ours.  We will be working for healing, success, and good fortune throughout the coming year.  Then, exactly at Midnight, we’ll be participating in the Rolling Peace Magick — chanting the word “Peace” and connecting with Spirit in an effort to bring enlightenment to ourselves and the world around us as the New Year rings in!

It has been a pleasure working with you these past thirty days.  I’ve loved every moment, every post, every comment.  Thank you all for making this year’s release challenge a marvelous success!

In service


*Lucky Hex Double Distelfink is copyrighted and may not be reproduced for sale or by any medium without author/artist permission.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

17 thoughts on “Day 31 of the Great Release Challenge!

  1. Hey Silver,I hope u will enjoy your new years. My wife and i will be joining you in spirit at 7pm pacific time for the bfc healing etc. Thanks for everything Silver. Oh by the way i just picked up a book called the sirius connection unlocking the secrets of ancient egypt by Murry Hope. The funny thing is i was looking at the table of contents and the end chapter is about as above ao below how neat. I am almost done reading starhawks book webs of power wow she is awesome she brings up the a thing calles power among how cool. My wife is starting to read ur book to ride a silver broomstick. Which was my very 1st book on witchcraft. Loved it. We are going to light a white candle n do the last meditation. Happy New Year. N Merry Meet N Merry Part Until We Merry Meet Again Which I Know We Will. Many Bright Blessings to u Silver. P.S by the way thanks for bringing the sun back To AZ. I appreciate it.

  2. Tonight I will be in our local rock club The Sanctuary. I have been hibernating a lot recently and it will do me the world of good to get out more. 🙂 Happy new year silver!

  3. I’ll be there (in spirit, PAs a little too far of a drive, lol). This program has helped me achieve so much already. You weren’t lying when you were talking about the whole creative streak thing! I’ve got tons of ideas, and it didn’t exactly manifest in a way that I thought it would, but I’m even more excited about that. Beautiful Hex, by the way. Hope you have a wonderful New Year Silver, here’s to a magnificent 2011 for us all!

  4. Hi Silver
    Thank you for the beautiful Hex sign!. Its amazing! I love the colour! Its like the real Irish emerald green.
    That reminds me of an old Irish/Celtic tradition for the New Year. As the clock strikes midnight (or the bells, if you dont have a chiming clock) you open the back door of the house to usher out the old Year and then open the front door to welcome in the New. You can also accompany the actions with words if you like e.g. ” I release all that is old and outworn” and on opening the front door “I welcome the new and fresh into my life”. Its very much up to the individual what they would like to say.
    I have received so much from this challenge and I feel a little sad that it has come to an end. However there is alot to look forward to for 2011 and I promise I will stay in touch.
    Unfortunately I wont be able to join in on the meditation due to the time difference, It will be 2 in the morning over here when you start your ritual so I may be asleep by then.
    Thank you once again for everything. Wishing you much happiness, health and success for the coming Year.
    Blessings and love


  5. Dear Silver,
    Thank you for a wonderful season of challenges, affirmations, and magick! May 2011 see all your goals and wishes manifest, your family and garden blossom, and your gifts unfold.

  6. Happy New Year Silver thank you so much for all your wisdom sharing this past year and I can’t wait to hear more from you. You are a great teacher and a beautiful person outside and in.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for change.

    Bright Blessings and Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Silver,

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for this wonderful release challenge. It was truly wonderful. I’m a little sad that its over, I’ll miss starting off my my day with all of you 😦
    I was hoping to get in front of the computer sooner and catch up on the blog, I didn’t realize how different things would be with a 16 year old in the house lol.
    She’s a great kid though, and we’re all adapting wonderfully.
    I’ll be releasing some more over the next 2 weeks, I decided to keep going until my birthday.
    Besides, as I did my walk through I realized I missed a few spot and there is still more that can be released…. then again, I think there always will be more to release lol.
    Thanks again Silver, wishing you and your family a truly wonderful year filled with lots of love, happiness, health, and prosperity.
    You’re truly amazing, thank you.

    David James

  9. David,
    Sorry for posting here but I don’t know your email address. Are you raising a 16 year old now? I’m raising my 14 year year old Granddaughter I’ve had her for 4 years full time since I got custody. Wow talk about a handful. If you ever need to vent feel free to email me any time I’m here to listen.

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Yes we are raising our 16 year old niece but only for the next 6 months. Then she goes back home to her family in Mexico. My sister-in-law sent her here to study french and to see what life is like abroad. Things here are different from what she had in Mexico, for one, we don’t have a live-in maid lol. So needless to say we’re all trying our best to adjust, she is a good kid though, like I said its just an adjustment. Some days are more challenging than other lol.
      Which area are you in? The reason I ask is because, while my niece is 16, she isn’t like the 16 year olds who live here. She’s much more of a kid. I guess because she came from a household were her mom didn’t need to work, so she stayed home to raise the kids, plus had help (the maid), and they also live in a very small town, where everyone knows everyone, and so they have no crime or poverty. Kids here in Montreal tend to have to grow up a little faster…
      Anyways, if ever you want to chat, my email is

  10. Also I miss my daily emails form Silver you got me moving lady. I’ll keep up on your author page but its not like the daily lets get moving emails. How about a spring forward around Easter ?? hehe By then we’ll have spring cleaning and planning for planting season.

  11. Dear Silver

    You dont know me but you made a big difference in my life, when i forgot how to find the goddess you and your books remember that to me… your symbols spells encantations charms, but most of all the way that you talk about your life past, the problems that you fight against and the way that you won!!!
    i am portuguese and is really improbally that someday i will see you in person, but you worked up on my life, and my spirit thanks you for that!!!
    hope you have a beautyfull 2011…
    blessed be

  12. Dear Silver,
    I read your book “Teen Witch” and I loved it very much. I would very much like to hear from you. Please write back if you have the chance.

    Your fellow reader,

  13. I find with winter dragging on and trying to raise my 14 year old Granddaughter who won’t try at school runs away and is rude and yells at me whenever I try to lay some rules down. I can easily flip my fly wheel at times. I find going back to you Silver saying the daily prayer and maybe a lord of the day lighting some candles and just stopping to take some deep breathing. I’m getting better skills to handle all this. You have been such a help to me thank you very much.

    1. When our worlds and feelings collide with those we are responsible for, it makes things very difficult — and I absolutely understand where you are right now. In those difficult times for me, I worked on my own self-esteem, my intentions in life, and paid special attention to my own thoughts. Lighting the candles and saying the prayer will help you focus and connect with Spirit, which is extremely positive behavior for anyone. Shift into Spirit and KNOW you are infinite. Love you and will work for you.

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