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Day 30! of the Great Release Challenge!

Silver RavenWolf 2010

Day 30 of the Great Release Challenge!
Welcome — Today — To the AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Congratulate Yourself!  You did it!  Thirty challenging days of change to create that AWESOME new you!

There is, however, one part of the challenge that I didn’t cover this year due to the Mercury retrograde cycle — and that is choosing something of your appearance — and changing it.  So, with Mercury going direct today, perhaps sometime within the next week you may wish to get a hair cut or new style, try a new type of clothing persona, begin a vitamin or exercise program, etc.  Something that you WANT to do, and maybe have been thinking about — to change your appearance.

That’s the very last challenge of this season — turn you into the you — you truly are — bright, beautiful, creative, intelligent — and of course, charming!

The Golden Net Meditation

To finish our thirty days of release work, let’s light a white candle, place a clear glass of water beside it, and sit back and relax.  Breathe deeply several times, enjoying peace, harmony and contentment.  Close your eyes and think about your toes.  Relax, relax, relax those toes.  Fill them with white light.  Move the light into the arches of our feet… relax, relax, relax those arches.  Now the heels — white light and relaxation.  Say the word “relax” in your mind several times as you move into your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs, and so forth.  Relaxing and moving the white light up into your body.  Keep going with your hips, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, wrists and fingers.  Repeating the word “relax” and letting the white light flow into each body part.  Up into your neck (especially the back of your neck), face, third eye, and finally crown.  Hold the white light at your crown as long as you can, breathing deeply, allowing the white light to permeate your entire body.  Repeat in your mind at least three times:  “I know I am happy, healthy, and strong.”

If you hold any anxiety, release it now by saying to yourself at least three times:  “I release all anxiety and negativity within and outside of my body,” and allow the negativity to flow out of yourself.  If you like, think of a golden, sparkling, sticky net sent by Spirit descending over your entire body, then lifting upward off the top of your head, carrying any anxiety or negativity with it.

Breathe deeply at least three times, then open your eyes.  At this very point is when you fill the air around you with any intent that you desire, by saying at least three times:  “I know _____________” (fill in the blank).  It is this moment of serenity, of utter stillness, that carries great power.  A void that you will fill with your focused desire.  Remember — no strings, meaning no negative thought threads.  “You know” and that will be that.  Done.  Over.  Finished.  It is yours!

Remember the small rock in the story?  After the first time you do this meditation, call for a rock.  I’m not joking.  Sit quietly and call for a small rock that is right for you.  This isn’t a wish rock — it is a rock to remind you that all the power lies in you — you simply must learn to channel your mind in the right direction.  It is true that all living things have energy.  The rock is to help support you as your journey through this next, exciting new year.  Next year, if you still have it, give the rock back to nature, and call another.  The rock is a symbol of your self-confidence, the stability of knowing, and the amazing energy that is you.

Practice this meditation, if you like for at least one week, 30 days is better, 60 even more so.  Your desire that you focus on can change over the successive days — the structure, the outline practice of sitting down, relaxing, removing negativity — that’s the core of the meditation.

Now, I want to explain to you how someone becomes famous, or rich, or beats cancer, or achieves their inner most dreams.

They think with no strings.

And they KNOW what they desire will occur.

That’s it.

That’s the secret.

At the beginning of this challenge I promised you an awesome new you.

Except, I already knew you were awesome.

You just had to figure it out for yourself.

Love you.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

17 thoughts on “Day 30! of the Great Release Challenge!

  1. so here we ar e huh? crazy how fats time can fly isnt it?? So today was baout at leat s for me thinking and worrying less and believeing more! and let me tell you this mediataion is great! i will continue it thts for sure! Afterwords.. outside i went for the rock of course, and proceeded to fall down my icy steps, however the rock i landed next to… yep you guessed it. beautiful weird looing thing it is too. I made it back inside and after a laugh at myself and a check for damage, i realized thats what this whole challenge has been about letting the old self doubts misbelifs, anexity and yes clutter fall away like the leaves on trees to make room for the beautifultranformation winter can bring, even if it can be painful at time…like falling down the steps in the spring..what lil spring we have here in PA lol we can arise anew.. personally i will be arising top of my class , when WHEN i get that back. ad im going to be a awesome kick butt sexy young woman whoose going to take the world by storm. whos coming with me?

    1. You are absolutely AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing the story of the rock. I know I’ll remember it. You will be arising to the top of your class, and I know you are going to be an awesome kick butt sexy young woman who absolutely will take the world by storm. I’m game. lol

  2. I havent written for awhile but have been keeping up with the challenges. Ive been going through a really rough time and am very grateful for this as its helping keep me strong through this tough time. Thank you Silver! I look forward to your future posts. Wishing you all the best for 2011.

    Blessings and love

      1. Thank you Silver, it is much appreciated. Happy new year! And thank you again for all the wonderful things and ideas you’ve given us all over the past 30 days.

        Blessings and Love

  3. Just wanted to thank you for the past 30 days of inspiration, I wish
    you a blessed New Year !! Looking for future post in the New Year.
    Love, Melanie

  4. Just got over virus and decided to go pick up a friend yesterday to get out of the house. And though I couldn’t afford it, we went and got haircuts! Though I didn’t manage to finish every challenge, I at least started them all. And at first it was a reason to talk myself into doing something, anything, at all. But somewhere down the line I began to feel stronger and actually look forward to the day, the future in general, and to have hope for the future. Thank you so much for this challenge! And thanks for the heads up on the Braucherie DVD, never new it existed. Really looking forward to future posts. Have a blessed New Year, I know I will!


  5. Hi Silver
    I woke up this morning with a bad cold but I did the meditation and felt much better afterwards. I always keep trying to dash around when I have a cold and should stay in bed, so the meditation made me feel so relaxed that I almost fell asleep and have been resting all day. I want to feel better tomorrow so I can do the Milk Warsh and the Takin Off.
    Thank you so much for all your help and advice. This challenge has passed by so quickly and helped me through a very tough time. I feel alot more positive and I have learned to stop trying to force things. From now on its let go and let Goddess.
    I am so looking forward to your next entry on the blog. I intend to keep up the work and continue to declutter and reorganise and I have already chosen my new hair colour. I was actually thinking about it last week!
    The 30 days have gone by so quickly. Yes I will keep you posted on how I am doing. will I just post on the blog?
    I wish you a wonderful New Year and all the best of everything for 2011.
    Love and blessings


    1. Sure! Post on the Blog!!! I’d love to keep in touch! I’m so sorry about the cold. So many folks are getting sick this season! I totally understand! A new hair color. WOOOOHOOOO! You go! Remember, Valerie, you are certainly AWESOME!!!

  6. Wow! Time has really flown by. I’m sad to see this end, I’ve enjoyed reading how everyone else was coming along. I didn’t get around to my hair yet, but it’s finally going to get cut. I really like the Golden Net Meditation, that one’s a keeper! Does anyone else find it odd that on the day that our program ends, I passed My foundations in hypnotherapy exam, not missing a single point in the written or practical part of the exam? Silver thank you for the best Yule gift ever! Happy New Year’s everyone, don’t forget the lessons we’ve learned; Silver summed it up beautifully today, “For we are the people, we are the power, and the change!

    1. Thanks so much for posting that, Mason! It surely was a pleasure getting to know you and everyone who posted! I will miss you guys!!! I’m very proud of you passing your hypno test — super! Fantastic! You are just tooooo AWESOME!

  7. New me already started! Actually got a new haircut around Halloween – a style I’ve been wanting to try for years now, but never had the guts. I’ve cleaned out my wardrobe, gotten rid of coats and purses. I began the process of making myself a new coat – red fleece with gold lining to replace a 10 year old black leather trench coat that was doing nothing for me. Well, except making people nervous. I just don’t need that type of armor anymore.

    Silver thank you so much for the tools you have shared with us! I’ve been keeping up with what challenges I can, and finding other ways to change my outlook and attitude when I couldn’t. Just remembering to connect with Spirit every day can have such a positive change. She truly changes everything she touches. And right now, everything in my life isn’t necessarily smooth sailing – but somehow I KNOW it will get better. And instead of getting upset when things haven’t gone my way, I’ve noticed myself searching for how I can change it for the better. Just any little thing I can do to change the situation– this is not something that would have occurred to me a year ago. Or, perhaps even a month ago. So thank you very much for your lessons. I really do enjoy checking your blog and finding what new treats you have for us. Brightest blessings to you and you family – and to all who have shared this experience. Keep up the good work everyone! And Happy New Year!

    Amy 😀

    1. Amy, it was such a joy learning and growing with you! The coat sounds simply divine!!! Good for you to look for how you can alter the situation — remember, any little bit of energy can truly be the tipping point — we just don’t realize it! Thank you so much for all your hard work and sharing with us. You are very, very AWESOME!

  8. Silver,
    many thanks for the blessing of this program! I started on January 1st, and despite being a month behind, I found it worked perfectly harmoniously for me. It was a lovely program to work during this hibernatory month, after all the hoopla of solstice/new years. I am now feeling so much lighter and more ready to receive the quickening energy of Imbolc. I am so thankful for your wisdom, humour, and come-one-come-all attitude toward the craft. You have helped me to discover so much precious magic in my life already, and I KNOW the discoveries will continue.
    Kind regards,

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