Day 29 of the Great Release Challenge!

Organize the Tools of Your Trade and Watch the Creativity Flow!

Day 29 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Clean out and clean up — your tools.  No, I don’t just mean hammers, screw drivers, and saws — (although that’s okay, too) — here, I’m referring to any tool that corresponds to your creativity.  This year we were lucky enough to work through our release challenge with the assistance of a Mercury Retrograde.  Come tomorrow, the planet Mercury will station and turn direct at 2:21 AM EST — HOWEVER if you are on Pacific time — Mercury stations and turns direct for you this evening (29 December 2010 at 11:21 PM PST).

Today, we take advantage of the slow Mercury motion, the station, and the gearing up that is to come by preparing our creative outlet for a major burst of energy!  You might have already cleaned some of your creative tools, or perhaps rearranged them.  Today, however, I’d like you to look at them with new eyes.  Dream big as you organize and de-clutter.  Get excited about what all you’re going to be doing with them in the next few weeks!  Allow that great rush of energy to envelope you!

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day the Moon is in the astrological sign of Sagittarius (Fire) and the Sun is in the sign of Capricorn (Earth).  The moon is in its 4th quarter, the last stage of natural banishing.

Our New Year’s Eve celebrations here will center on two Braucherei (Pow-Wow) practices.  The first is the Takin-Off, used to remove negativity from the aura of the individual.  This negativity could be from yourself, your own thoughts, or from others (even sickness).  Your measure is taken from head to foot, plus the length of the foot, with red thread or yarn.  You then ball the yarn in your left hand and circle a table nine times widdershins.  Then, the yarn is burned outside.  Although this sounds ridiculous, it has always worked for us, and it is doubly fun on New Year’s Even when done with a group of people you like!  Laughter is all the more powerful to the practice!

The second type of charm is called the Milk Warsh, and is done to remove any negativity sent to you by any person or group of people.  You simply write your name on a piece of paper, make three equal-armed crosses on it, ask the Spirits to remove all evil from your person, and put the paper in the milk until it is covered.  Leave for 24 hours, then dump both milk and paper outside the house.  That’s all there is to it.

New Moon occurs on 4 January along with a partial Solar Eclipse, where both the moon and the sun will be in the astrological sign of Capricorn (earth) — and cardinal — (cardinal means Capricorn is considered a go-getter-time-to-move sign).  The planet Jupiter (the great benefic and great energy for expansion) will also conjunct Uranus (super change) in Pisces — if you’ve got a vision for the future and it involves gain?  Magick for it!

Part II (Of course there had to be a Part II — we’re almost done!) is to walk around your work/home environment and congratulate yourself on all you’ve accomplished in the past thirty days!  Even if you only got a bit done, a bit is better than nothing — so, go ahead and be proud of yourself!  If you got lots accomplished — even better — you are going to meet the New Year swinging in power!  Let’s check out that bathroom.  We started there, first.  How is it doing?  Does it need a touch-up?  Part II, then, involves our touch-ups of work already accomplished.  In this process, we’re going to evaluate what really needs more work, or what is difficult to keep stable — and think about why that may be.  Consider options, really think about it this time, on how you can change circumstances so that the problem areas can eventually stabilize.

Part III –  oh yes, there is a Part III — is to cleanse your work/living area with either holy water and incense, or both.  A quick run-through is fine.  Remember, today is touch-up day.

Tomorrow, our 30th day, we are going to light a white candle and do a simple relaxation exercise and meditation.  To participate, you will need the white candle, a clear glass of water, and a stone — yes, like the stone in the story — except your stone?  Never runs out of magick juice.

Keep me posted on your progress.  We’re almost done!


16 thoughts on “Day 29 of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Dear Silver,
    Amazing! Your influence and vibes touch the lives of so many. Despite all that’s been said about the need for secrecy, and even someone commented on how it could affect someone as public as you, yet you continue to share your great mojo with us! Thank you for those awesome rituals, and the structure of a three part touch up!

    In Buddhism a bodhisattva is an enlightened being who forgoes nirvana out of compassion and sticks around helping others. Not that I’m calling you one…who could ever be comfortable on such a high pedestal? But I’m tempted to go with something like guru. Or maybe Silverananda!

    I’ve been reading Thich Nhat Hanh, and he speaks about the conditions that seeds need for their manifestation. One of the really important conditions is positive support. I really feel you put yourself out there to provide positive support for all those seeds out here that might otherwise go without.

    I’m gonna be spending my day going through my art tools and supplies, and cleaning up the light fixtures that I’ve managed to avoid. And the bathroom again. Sigh. There go the spiderwebs, even if they are so romantic, wouldn’t you say?

    1. Thank you so much for your loving comments! I really so appreciate them. You are too kind to share such loving words! Funny you should mention seeds… in my Druid training they called us seed bearers of the new millennium… I’d totally forgotten about that until I read your post. There are no coincidences, lol. I think we are all seed bearers, its just whether or not we choose to enhance, or negate, the creativity that is within us all. You are AWESOME!

  2. I have caught up on all these little things so far that have been posted. Procrastination is no longer part of my vocabulary. Monday, I picked up my medication ready for the next month, bought a new phone that i’ve avoided so far (shiny pink motorola for twenty bucks. im awful for losing phones so buying expensive ones is pointless lol)
    Everything seems to be going a lot smoothly and i have also nearly done the notes for a presentation i’m doing for next year (sounds a long way off, but its only feb) and my other academic work is underway. This has been a great year, thanks to the release program last year so I KNOW this new year will be fab as well. Have a good one 🙂

    1. You go, Zoe!!! This new year will be a bang-up one for you! I can feel it! You are super on the ball and I’m very, very proud of you! You are… of course… AWESOME!

  3. Dear Silver
    Today has been a big day for me. It started when I logged on your blog this morning and saw the musical instruments and the word music. I used to be a trained singer and won alot of different prizes and contests and had great success. However for various reasons i let it go and now I am sorry that I did and am thinking about going back to that as well. I dont know how I will find the time for it all but if I stay organised and decluttered it should not be too difficult.
    On todays task I started by sorting thorough my art supplies and found that they are all lying around on the table as I dont have anywhere to store them. I had planned to buy an art bin about 6 months ago and the plan never materialised so I went on the art supply site and can order on Jan 2nd when they re-open after the holidays. I have also realised that even with making more space we need to move as this apartment does not meet our needs. I would actually like to move to the country so this challenge has taken me a long way. However that move will have to wait until my husband finishes his horticulture course in May.
    Also feeling very excited about the ritual on New Years Eve. My husband will join me on that and I am looking forward to more positive energies entering our lives for 2011. The last while has been really tough for us both so I have a feeling that this is a new beginning.
    Thank you again for everything Silver. I feel great. Also, if you ever decide you want to visit Ireland and would like to visit any of the ancient Celtic sites, just let me know!

    1. Say Hey, Valerie! I’m sure the world needs your lovely voice and I think that is a fantastic choice! You will find the time — gifts are a treasure — and I know you will use yours to the fullest. Moving to the country also sounds wonderful! May is not that far away, and a perfect time for moving house anyway! Remember to sign when the Moon is in Leo if you can, and the best time to do magick for what you KNOW? When the moon is in Scorpio. Keep me posted on how you are doing!!! Someday, I would love to go to Ireland! You are AWESOME!

  4. Good idea my table in the corner of my bedroom which is also my altar with a bookcase beside it with all my books on it could use a good dusting. I’m going to take everything off clean it and put it back. I even have a old computer up there so when I lock myself in my room I can listen to your pod casts. I need a boost every once in awhile. Also its a nice place to sit and listen to music on you tube. I have a few favorites the Earth, The wind The fire The water is one and also the circle should not be broken but always open. Speaking of Pow Wow when can we expect another pod cast?? hummm,,,,, I love them and I find working in the Pow Wow system easy imagining three ladies coming toward’s me carrying all that I need is a easy place to go. Also the three running horses and the burning of bridges. Sometime I can picture a wonderful shinning angel with her arms out to towards me like holding me in her arms and taking care of me and sometimes its a man all dressed in white with his arms out and a blue light all around him. I need to study more about Pow Wow I have decided that is my path. Not religion a system where no one cares what you are wearing to church or how much money you give to the church. I call myself a child of the earth and the earth must be taken care of and I see the moon and the sun and the ground as mine to take from and give back too. HARM NONE is written on a ring I wear if anyone cares to read it and I also wear a Celtic cross and a small little white crystal ball on a silver chain. (( I am first generation Canadian my Mother and her family came to Canada from Hungary.)) My pentacle I wear under my shirts on a black ribbon. If there is anything else I can work into my workings all advice is welcome. I live like I’ve said before in a small town in northern Canada. Seven or Eight churches in this town but no one I have found that I can call a peer to work with. Unless like me they are still mostly in the broom closet. I also like I’ve said have a thing for rocks and collect them. I have small ones I’ve picked up when we are traveling on the motor bike and bigger ones I’ve hauled home from different places. One of my favorites is one I walked across a pile of logs at a hot springs to get this rock I just had to have. I would have been burned by the water if I’d fallen in but I didn’t likely it was my husband standing there with that look on his face worrying once again about his crazy wife. lol Someday I must write about the angel I meant when we were traveling on the motor bike last summer. Even my husband believes now.

    1. I’m sure everyone would love to hear the angel story! Me included! I would like to do more podcasts, and I’ll have to talk to my son about that, lol. He’s the orchestrator of the music and puts them together for me. Thank you for encouraging this work — I feel it is important and love it when others enjoy and use it, too. Very interesting on your story of the hot springs rock — she reminds me of the belly of the earth. You are AWESOME, Teresa!

  5. LOVING the two Braucherei practices! I will be doing them, they are exactly what the doctor ordered!
    It was so cool seeing you on “Biography” today!
    Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s post too 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the Braucherei — I just love it!!! I was on Biography today? How about that! I never know when they are going to run the piece — that’s super and thanks for telling me! I think you are absolutely, positively…AWESOME!

  6. Hey Silver! So, today I managed to clean, sort through and declutter all of my Craft tools, moved over to my crochet supplies (they were still fairly organized), made my way to my soap-making supplies, next was lotion making supplies, then paintbrushes and paints and finally to the stamps and inks. Whew! I never realized I did so much! I also make bath salts and candles but as I forgot to pick more up the last time I was in town, I’m out, so that was a couple of things knocked of the list. This New Year’s, I’m going to try both the Takin-Off and the Milk Warsh, that’s why I like Pow-Wow, sooo simple to do. As for cleansing the house, I used a white sage and lavender smudge stick, holy water, and a bell. The house feels lighter, more comfortable and happier. Thanks, Silver!

    1. Wow Mason!!! You really got into the swing today! I’m so proud of you! Love the lavender and white sage combination — so relaxing! Now, you are ready to rock n’ roll! Good job! You are certainly, without a doubt…AWESOME!

  7. Hi Silver. I touched up the bathroom. I got a fire opal ring my friend gave me. Always wanted one too. So cool. I just got done cleansing n consecrating it. Its blessed n beautiful. There is no sun here today. Its gloomy in AZ. Yes its true. My wife and i were out walking our dog n my wife was way too cold to continue so i decided to walk her. I saw a storm approaching and it really started to rain. So i closed my eyes as i was walking our dog n asked spirit to let it eas e up so we could get home safe n it worked. To know is so cool silver. Our dog got a little wet but hey she could have been soaked. How are you guys doing? How is your room coming along? Oh n how is the roof? Sorry almost left that out. Its very important to have a roof on the house Im sure u guys took care of it because u always find a way. So when are u going to come out to AZ? I figured we could go get some coffee. Jk Silver. P.S I saw the snow all over PA. How neat. We dont get a lot of that out here. Love And light. Your friend Paul

    1. To Know really is a cool thing!! My room is coming along…lol…slowly; but, Jamie worked on it more this evening and I know it will be done and absolutely gorgeous all in good time. The temperatures are warming up here (for a change) and they promise a comfortable New Year’s Eve (rather than the bitter cold we usually have). I’m really looking forward to it! I have friends in Arizona, and one of these days, I know I’ll get back there. See you then!

  8. Hey Amy, Thanks for that link!
    Silver, I got goose-bumps when you and the BFC were chanting. I noticed that you got emotional when discussing how the veteran’s administration wasn’t responsive to fallen Wicca warriors and had to be forced to allow the pentacle on the headstones.
    In general, we’re a peace loving nation with no appetite for foreign engagements, but it ranks me when our young service men and women don’t get the honor and respect that they’re rightfully due for all their sacrifices. I get a fair share of young vets and their spouses in my classes, and I can attest to the toll their sacrifices take. I’m hoping your daughter is safe at home and done with her active service.

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