Day 28 of the Great Release Program!

Braucherei -- There's Magick Everywhere! Even in that chair.

Day 28 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Is a Secret.

Once upon a time, down West Virginia way, there was a woman with a darned big family.  Lots of kids.  And a Civil War Veteran who lost his leg for a husband.  Seven dollars a month — that’s all the pension they were allowed.  Yet, each month she spent at least forty-eight dollars at the general store.

Come to find out — she had a secret.  Of German extraction, she owned a very special stone.  From the Motherland.  Yes, indeed!

Dug out of the riverbed.

From the Old Country.

When she really needed food or money for all those children, she would take that special stone she kept hidden in the hearth, and place it atop the mantle.  It was never too long until what she needed came to be — one way or another.  When she got what she wanted, she secreted the stone back into the hearth…to keep it warming until the next time.

Just like her grandmother taught her.

Months went by and neighbors as well as estranged family members noticed that even though her husband’s pension was only seven dollars a month,  her family always had enough.

Enough food.

Enough money.

Which set the neighbors to talking.

They did…


A lot.

All the gossip, however, did not reveal the secret, and when they asked her how she did it — she’d just shrug.

That yuletide a distant cousin stayed over for the holidays.  There were no extra bedrooms, so he camped in front of the hearth.  He’d heard tell of the stories of his cousin’s ability to make ends more than meet; but, hadn’t seen any evidence of anything out of the ordinary.  On the eve of his departure he stayed up rather late, irritated that sleep wouldn’t come.  He wished he was home already in his own bed, and it didn’t help that he was hungry.  He knew the kitchen was empty, because he’d taken a peek in there looking for a snack.


Resigned to a growling stomach, he rolled up in his blanket and tried to drift off to sleep.  Around about midnight, his cousin crept from her bedroom, grabbed the secret stone, and placed it atop the mantle.  He heard her, but didn’t move.  Instead, he opened his eyes just a sliver to see what she was up to.  As she placed the stone on top of the mantle, she whispered, “Eggs, coffee, bacon,  make ’em, make ’em, make ’em … come morning,” several times.  Then, as quietly as she entered the room, she retreated.

Eventually, he drifted off to sleep, still contemplating the strangeness of her behavior.  The next morning he woke to the sharp sounds of sizzling bacon and the pungent aroma of strong coffee.

“Where’d you get the food?” he asked as she served up a huge platter of eggs and bacon.  “There wasn’t any in the kitchen, and I know the smokehouse is empty.  We ate the last chicken for Christmas, so there can’t be any fresh eggs.”

She just shrugged and started to walk away.

He cocked his head, and glared at her back.  “Its that there magick stone you got.”

She stopped, but did not turn.  “What magick stone?”

“The one you took from the hearth last night.  I saw you.”

She continued to walk toward the kitchen.  “You must be mistaken.”

The cousin left that morning, went into town, and told all the neighbors and family members about the magick stone.  By nightfall the entire town knew about that enchanted little rock and how the family always had just what they needed because of it, even though their pension was only seven dollars a month.  By Sunday next, everyone in the county buzzed about it, and the minister from his pulpit preached against it, staring straight at the woman the entire time.  She left the church angry, humiliated, and embarrassed because some said it was just a scam, she was probably thieving the whole time.

Come Monday morning, she needed milk for the little ones.  She looked at the stone, yet did not touch it.  Tuesday morning, the need for milk was greater.  Still, she did not touch the stone.  Memories of her humiliation burned in her soul.  Wednesday, however, the children could go no longer on the scraps of bread and bit of butter, let alone her invalid husband.

And, there was no milk.

She grabbed the stone, said the words, and placed it on the mantle piece.

Thursday morning…there was no food.  No butter.  No bread.  No milk.

Angry.  Desperate.  She tried again.

Friday came and went.

And now there was nothing.

The stone no longer worked.

The magick spoiled.  At least that’s what the neighbors said.

This story is my version of a tale told by one woman on the DVD entitled Signs, Cures & Witchery — German Appalachian Folklore presented by the Augusta Heritage Center of Davis & Elkins College.  To the average individual — it is a story about a magick stone.  Except, we know, it wasn’t the stone at all, was it?

Signs, Cures and Witchery DVD

Your Mission Today:  I’d like you to re-read the story from a quantum physics point of view, and then relate this story to your own life, especially if you’ve been dealing with negative circumstances.  Please post your thoughts — I would so love to hear them!

Oh.  Your Mission Today?  Release your disbelief.

My Release Diary:  Did you notice Day 27?  The oven?  That was my husband in the pic.  We cleaned the oven as a team.  I took the first swipe.  He took the next two, and then I finished off with the fourth and final round of cleaning.  Sometimes, it helps to break up a big task with someone else.  Its even better when they offer! (Yes, he did.)  I finished the release part of the day with mopping the floor and once again cleaning that ever-present-remodeling-dust.

Oh!  Today, it was so windy?  The spouting ripped off the house.  Yep.  But, you know?  I wasn’t panicked.  Well, okay, so I started to panic when it was just hanging there, whipping around, because I thought — Oh, Stars!  What if it tears off and kills someone?  My husband was at work, so there went that idea.  I thought — What the hell can I, a 54-year-old woman in the middle of a horrendous wind storm, do?

I used Braucherei, that’s what I did, and I finished with:  “I know the spouting will come down safely.  I know everything is going to be okay.”

And the spouting stopped being a windmill, slipped off the last bolt, and floated down to street level.

Yep.  Good day.  Monday, Lord of the Day, thank you for helping in every way!

Tomorrow we’re going to run through all the things we have accomplished, and I’ll talk about the New Year planetary energies a bit.


28 thoughts on “Day 28 of the Great Release Program!”

  1. Wowzer. Ok…. quantum physics, hmmmm. There is no such thing as a passive observer. Observation = Interference. Subatomic matter behaves differently when observed, which can lead to quantum collapse of the observed. There are reasons to do something in accordance with will and then turn around and walk away, never looking back… “To Be Silent,”… Secret Squirrel… “Zip your lip and save a ship.” Yeppers, my new motto. 🙂

  2. Hey Silver,

    Yeah…I knew I wasn’t going to get off that easy with only one really truly rough challenge task! The good news is the last one that was a hiccup…removing all traces of deadish relationships/people…I’ve replaced as of today the last of the spousal designated replace BEFORE you remove…I didn’t think I’d accomplish that before the end of the month so …YEAY.

    Release my disbelief…this one hits home all the more. Because the disbelief in this story is the disbelief in self. The allowance of outside negativity undermine your self-confidence and therefore your personal power as played out through “know”-etics. That little known fledgling field of quantum physics you’re talking about. I see it proved time and again. And in many areas I have little to no problem. Until it’s belief in myself for something I care about. Then….no go. I’ve been struggling all year to find little ways to chip away at my disbelief in myself. So, to trick myself into it a little more…I’ll believe in the power of what’s been accomplished this month and that it proves I can believe in myself that much more…and just keep building on that. I’ll believe in the belief you’ve shown and dared on behalf of all of us.

    Thank you for that!

    Be calm, Carry On…I’m first gen. american with dual citizenship (Scottish). I’m finding the original poster and keeping where it can be a daily reminder – even found an awesome little notepad/pen set with that etched on the metal cover 🙂

    1. I know I’ve always had problems with that disbelief in myself scenario, and I too, have worked and worked to chip away the negative thoughts, to render them powerless, to forge ahead with confidence! This year’s challenge has been great for me, too! because I just keep chalking up those successes every day, and will keep building on those as we move into the exciting year ahead. Be calm. Carry On. KNOW. You got it. You are AWESOME!

  3. Wow, the Augusta Heritage Center is literally only a few miles from me! I’m going to snag myself a copy of that dvd, it sounds very interesting and I’m thrilled to find out a treasure like that is sitting right here in WV. Thank you for bringing it to light.


    1. It was given to me by one our BFC High Priestesses from West Virginia. I wanted to make sure that I could return the favor by posting the information so more people could enjoy it!

  4. Great story with a great message. It gets to the heart of the phrase “getting in the way of ourselves.” Where do I even begin with this one? To be Silent…..ah that beautiful phrase. Maybe she should have had the cousin sleep in her room or on the porch so she could have a little privacy. Lol

    A little doubt from oneself or even from someone else can wreak havoc on our psyche and our ethereal selves….quantum physically speaking, that is:)
    If you start to believe [fill in the blank], then there you are. It can work both ways….in a positive way as well as negative.

    Thank you for this little reminder….To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent…and to put up your psychic shield, darnit!

  5. Silver: I read with delight about the story realizing that the stone wasn’t where the magick came from. Here is my story: my husband and I lost our jobs in the summer of 2009, we’ve been living off my unemployment (he didn’t qualify) in a state that has the lowest unemployment compensation ~ $275 per week. We have 3 children under the age of 6. Things were looking bleak and there were and still are not many jobs available. I had been dabbling in magick for many years but nothing had worked right, the spells always backfired and would reverse, etc. I even took “classes” online to try again. Then one day I stopped all together. I still maintained my Wiccan beliefs and wished that I could actually “do” magick. Then in August this year, I picked up your book To Ride A Silver Broomstick, the first book I’d ever read about being Wiccan. And I started to read it again. I also completed my genealogy on my mom’s side which proved that the Irish ancestors we have come from little villages in Northern Ireland very close to where a lot of the magick started. My grandmother and mother have the give of “sight” as I call it and while I possess it to a point it is not as clear as theirs. I said that to say this. Once I realized that my ancestors were witches and from re-reading your book, I felt very empowered. I started doing rituals on the full and new moon. I started with a simple protection spell with salt and walked the perimeter of my property. By late summer we had a foreclosure notice on our house and we needed an attorney. Within 2 days of the protection spell, we got an attorney and are now suing the lender b/c they pulled some illegal stunts. I have continued doing protection spells on every full moon since then. We have not had any thing get turned off in our bills, the car payment that we could not make has resulted in many calls but no one has yet to come pick up our van. While I know there are some things that must happen in our lives to better them, I do believe in the power of magick and it all started with something as simple as finding out my ancestors were witches and believing that I too possessed those powers. I believe in Magick more than ever and had to share my story!

    1. Thank you, Sterling, for sharing that with us! Knowing more about our ancestors is very empowering, because it gives us something to connect to, rather than feeling like we ae just out here, alone, waving about in our own muck. I have particularly enjoyed researching my husband’s pedigree, and even though it isn’t “mine” I have felt so excited and triumphant when we discover a bit of information here or there. I’ve even become quite fond of these folks as their stories unfold. Keep working that protection. I know everything will work out fine for you! You are AWESOME!

  6. Oh, Silver, these are profound challenges. Couldn’t you give us something easy like cleaning the oven, again? ; )

    Quantum physics, eh? Tell me about it. We’re not talking some nosey-posey cousin peeping through sleepy eyes at the poor veteran’s wife praying to her magic rock here. We’re talking Sauron’s Red Eye relentlessly peering out of Mordor–that’s what I’ve been living with. My fault. In Tolkien’s great trilogy the heroes do their best to keep their quest a secret. Not me. With 5 Leos in my astral chart, I have a hard time reeling in an amped up cheerleader’s enthusiasm for anything. Its always the best the most fun the most delicious, the most, the most, the most! “IT’S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!,” cries little Agnes, only she could be me sharing plans, ideas, and good news with anyone within earshot.

    Discretion is what I need to learn. I HAVE to believe I can do it. Look, I’ve already begun. Really, I’m not going to say another word about it. Mum’s the word. Silence.

  7. Wow that’s a deep thinking one. Well once she had a doubt there was a break. To believe and to be silent.
    I carried a small rock in my purse that I had energized with protection. My Grandson was digging in my purse at a Hockey game one night and said Grandma why do you have a rock in your purse I said to give it to my Grandson because I thought it was special. The lady sitting beside us said your Grandma is a witch. Well I tossed that rock out walked and walked looking for the right rock and started again. This time my Grandson will not be allowed to dig looking for gum I’ll put the gum in a outside pocket and he’ll be allowed to dig there. Once the lady said that I felt my rock was no longer doing its job. I do alot of my Pow Wow alone and away from my family because they don’t believe. I need to work on totally believing in what I’m doing. Its working I see small changes. My old dog with the help of my vet and my Pow Wow seems to have gotten a new lease on life. All I ask is to keep him in no pain and for him to pass in his sleep in the nicer weather so I can dig a grave under his shade tree in the back yard and give him the same right any faithful old friend should have.
    I know long story but you asked.

  8. There are a couple things at play here. First is the observers, any observer creates a shift in the energy field. But after family member telling everyone you now have a whole group mind mucking things up. Then you have the woman’s own anger and shame causing her to waver in her desire and belief. It took me awhile to get the whole “be silent” thing, but now I totally get it. In fact, I smoked for 25 years and every time I tried to quit it was a disaster. My moods were horrendous and I felt everyone’s expectations of my failure. One day I decided that rather than quitting I would just not have a cigarette “right now”. It was months down the road someone asked if I had quit, I said “Oh, I don’t know”. After a year I was comfortable saying I had quit, and was smoke free for nine years. You may have gathered that I started again, but the point is I know it can be done and for me it worked only when I didn’t feel everyone else’s doubt on top of my own.
    I’ve often wondered how the whole “keep silent” thing and the having extra observers works with being a magickal author. For all intents and purposes you are giving out the “secrets”, and there are certainly enough doubters and hostility out there. Does that impact your own workings at all? Or does it make a difference that we aren’t privy to any specific workings at specific times?

    Thank you,

  9. Wow, quantum physics huh… Well, I can’t quite wrap my mind around that. I really liked Morningstar’s reply, makes since, and as that’s really all I know about the subject there’s no since retyping it here. It reminds me of a something that you wrote about happening to you, in MindLight, I believe. If I remember right it was a can of gravy, a wand, and a DVD that you tried your experiment on; it was the “It’s here, it’s not here, it’s here…” one. I’ve used that a few times to find my car keys. Now, who is an observer relating to the area where I’m having some problems. I’d say that’d have to be my mom. Even though we haven’t discussed it, I know for a fact that she thinks about it; and since thoughts are things, she has altered the quantum field, right? If I’m wrong let me know, like I said quantum physics is something I have a difficult time understanding. I’m going to go look for a copy of that DVD you mentioned, sounds interesting. Love the pic for today’s challenge, especially the chair and blanket.

  10. Merry Meet Again Silver,its Paul in AZ. I liked ur story very logical n oh so true. I have never lost my faith n never will. I know that i believe. Oh n i see how it goes i send u sun n then ur roof fell apart well hey at least the sun can get thru jk sorry that happned to u. I hope u r all ok. One time at work i set up a healing circle for my wife right in my chair i had no other choice someone was in the bathroom so i had to take action i used my mindlight n lo n behold it was done. She felt a lot better. U simply have to believe or nothing works. Hey Silver ur a very wonderful person n i thank u for all the learning tools u have shared with me. I have heard many people read a book n say they know everything n what a crock of crap. Its one thing to read its another to learn n study n practice n experiment. U know To Do. Anyway hope all of ur family is well yes the pets too. Lol. Bright Blessings and Warm thoughts to u n ur family. Your Friend Paul.

  11. I cannot look at your story from a quantum physics perspective. At first, I thought the stone no longer worked because the loss of faith. But did she really loose faith? Or, like Jo mentioned, is it the negative energy the community felt against the stone. Hum…

    I do know…however, my car is back! From the dead! Mechanic did some research on the internet over the weekend and found a fix! Blessings to me–as it is not fun looking for a new car when you do not have a car. 🙂

    Blessings to all!

  12. It worked because she believed and then she made the mistake of using the stone in the company of her cousin (even though she thought the cousin was sleeping) That was the first mistake. Then when the cousin went into town and told everyone it changed the quantum field of energy as mentioned in the other comments. The minute that others were aware of her stone it ceased to be magickal…..I get all of that but what I am wondering is this:
    In the legal issue I’m having in my personal life, I’m trying to stay positive and believe in a positive outcome. If things go opposite of what I want to happen, it will have a devastating effect on my life. So, how does the quantum theory fit into a situation like mine where there are others who are opposed to me, will their negative energy stop my positive energy from working? Do I need a protective spell to ward off the negative energy? I REALLY want this situation to just GO AWAY. I’m just not sure what to do but I DO believe in magick and I believe I can alter the outcome…just not sure how to go about it…I love you, Silver! You rock.

    1. A year ago, we were sitting in the same ship. It is not believing… it is the FEELING of when you Know. That calm, carry on, everything will be all right mindset, where you do not let your mind string off into the realms of thinking how devastating it will be…if….

      No strings.
      Just know.

  13. well wouldnt you know i came down with a nasty 24 hour flu yesterday… at first alli could think is where is my bed soup and some night quil. However, Iread this and thought on it. a eat while blowing your nose i assure you lol. I live with my gram who can be a very negative soul these days and has been talking about us, her and myself going to a presberterian chruch down the way. At first i thought to tell her why i dont want to go , and that Iam a witch. Even to type it here is a release honestly. ut io realzed i didnt need her doubting personality to effect me. and in this case it is beter to be slinet, not out of shame but out of smarts if you will. I dug into it further in thinking about the fact i have been looking for a teacher, bevause I have belived that i could use a little direction. Is that breaking slience? still havent figured that one one out however all stuffed up and alli went into my shower ..the one place im never disturbed lol and did that morning ritual you told us about as well as gave some ommph into a healing spell. heres the thing with healing spells.. back when i was in the christian chruch.. I was told i was a “faith healer” but in being so i had to do a b and c to keep on track so i could heal. it was miserable!! and yet i find myself looking for the standards i’m spossed to meet to do magick right. I put that aside and jus said to myself look.. youve seen your great grandmothers research folders you know where you come from, now just pull up all that energy and tell your worries to shut the hell up! and although i still took a 12 hour nap… lol I felt much better. Although any advice is always welcome cause i do respect you .

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