Day 26 of the Great Release Challenge!

Gather up the Holiday Trash!

Day 26 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Part I.  Clear out all the holiday trash, muss, and fuss.  Most of you have been going full tilt on the seasonal stuff (whether it be midsummer festivities, Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas or any combination of whatever — Kwanzaa actually begins today), so at this point you’re probably sitting back and saying, “Whew!  Thank the Gods that’s over (or at least almost done)!”  Kwanzaa ends on New Year’s Day, 1 January 2011 — same day as our last mission of the Great Release Program (yeah, well, I know it says thirty days; but, I thought you might miss me, so we’ll motor on to the first, lol).

Today, let’s focus on clearing out the bits of wrapping paper, getting those seasonal dishes done up and put away, tearing down the boxes that gifts came in for recycling — that sort of stuff.  If you are like me these last few years I’ve made a concerted effort to take down the Yule decorations rather than wait for the New Year, so I’ll be doing that today.  A few years ago I also started buying more seasonal decorations than holiday specific ones.  For example, this year I decorated my mantle with snowmen, a white country-type garland, and mittens.  The rocker has a snowman pillow, and the table cloths in the dining room are basic colors rather than holiday focused.  I’ll leave these things in place through January and change when I feel the energy of spring stirring in my veins.

For some of you, your families sometimes pull their dramas into the seasonal festivities — if they brought it to your house — be sure to cart EVERYTHING out associated with the unfortunate event (let’s hope you didn’t have one) or person (if you can).   If you can’t get rid of whatever — at least do a thorough cleansing.  In Braucherei, objects can be cleansed or empowered by burying them in the ground — 3 days for empowerment, thirty days for cleansing — yeah, I know; but, it is a thought.  If you had a lot of people wandering to and fro like we usually do, a thorough house cleansing today would be a good idea.  I’ll be doing that.

Part II — access the damage (tongue in cheek here); but, don’t stress over it.  Do a bit here, a bit there, to get back on track.  For example, in erecting the rat palace, I had to displace a lot of stuff (argh).  Day by day, in between holiday stuff,  I’ve been trying to rearrange things to find some sort of order (ahahahahaha).  I still haven’t found places for everything even though I threw away two trash bags of bits n’ pieces and rearranged the entire alcove.  I will figure it out…eventually.

The one dog has taken the habit of sitting right in front of the cage and peering in (for hours).  Eventually, Chi came out and today, they touched nose to nose.  I don’t allow the dog in here unless I’m here, so evidently he thinks this is some kind of great new past time.  The problem here is when I roll the chair back, I roll over the dog.  Not good.

Part III of Today (yup, three parts make the whole of the thing) — is to try to spend some time — creatively.  Whether you fix cars, build models, scrapbook, paint, draw, computer art, knit, crochet, solder, weld — whatever…be sure to allow yourself quality time to refill the inner you.  You’ve been doing all these great things over the holidays, used your creativity where you could; but, today let’s really indulge in the creative process by filling some of your time with what you love to do.

Today begins the third cycle of Mercury Retrograde.  Ideally (if we hadn’t played in the holiday swamp) we would have spent a great deal of the past two weeks involved with completing old projects.  We’ve managed to do some of that with the release tasks; but, there may have been something you really wanted to finish up — and just couldn’t.  Only so many hours in the day!  Just think calmly, for a moment, if there is anything hanging out there in your life that you really need to pay attention to in the closure department.  If there is, make steps toward that goal.

The third week of the retrograde heralds what I call the itchy-period.  You’ve got new ideas, new ways to do things, new projects you want to begin and you are just itching to do them.  If you can control yourself (and if the situation appears to warrant)…wait but, be sure to write your good ideas down so you don’t forget them.  Wait until Mercury retrograde is over, and if it is something really huge, I usually hold onto my patience until the Mercury storm (one week after the retrograde) is also over.  Mercury leaves its storm on Tuesday, 4 January 2011 — which is also a partial Solar Eclipse.  Now, you can begin evaluating those great ideas you had during the Mercury Retrograde.  With the added boost of the eclipse energy, you can work some great magick toward your wonderful new ideas!

This week, too, we’ll be reviewing not only the release challenge; but, the past three months in total.  Pull out your calendar or datebook, if it helps, and review how you spent your last three months — what was good, what wasn’t, what you might like to change, etc.  This being the traditional year-end — you may find this evaluation process much easier.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday week!  This coming week, the last seven days of our release challenge, I’ll be talking about the traditional New Year energy, and what we can do with it!

My Release Diary — A lovely, slow day that allowed me to work on the release program writing, do a bit of laundry, indulge in a crochet project I kept putting aside, and cook the two ducks (my contribution to this evening’s dinner).   The evening was exceptional with all the family present, an excellent meal, and family games.  During the dinner we made a toast to Gary Diven, a good soul who passed on Winter Solstice, that helped our family in many ways.  We took a moment to honor his service and wish him many blessings beyond the veil.


14 thoughts on “Day 26 of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Hmmm… I was early with Day 26. When I came home from work last night I did exactly that , and I scrapped an overview not only of the last 3 months , but of the year. So imagine my surprise reading Day 26 and realising I did exacltly that before Day 26 was published. Although I still have to catch up on some other days as well -not always easy with being away and working 56 hours per week. Blessings Snowy

    1. Hey, Snowy! Thought you might have gotten lost there! Glad to see you posting! See? Your intuitive self is motoring along just fine! The rest will catch up smooth as silk — you’ll see! Thanks for sharing. You are AWESOME!

  2. Ah hah! So this is why Silver had us pampering ourselves the other day! She knew she had a 3 parter coming! Actually, I’m right with you Silver. After all the family left, I began cleaning up. Kitchen is together–china is washed but not put away–my house is the house for News Years Day as well.

    Last night, my husband told the kids, “Tomorrow mommy and daddy are off. ” We did so much in the last few weeks, today is our day to do whatever we want. My son and I are going to “cheat” now. We’re going to make crystals–a kit he got in his stocking. But after that–following Silver’s Challenge. 🙂

  3. Hi Silver
    I’m back again after a few days break. The holiday season takes over!. Also moe snow and freezing pipes. However a thaw is on the way so I’m looking forward to that.
    Yes of course, you are very welcome to use the affirmation. I am really happy to have something that I can share.
    Already got rid of the holiday trash on 25th and am well poised to visit the recycling when the thaw is underway.
    I have been doing some knitting and have completed half the back of a sweater already (thick yarn, big needles, he he!!)
    Thank you so much again for your help and encouragement. I am working towards building the Release Altar and I will definitely do that.
    I’m starting to feel brighter and more positive about myself and today when the pipes froze I just thought ” I need to do something positive(apart from dealing with the pipes) so I’ll go the Blog!! Feeling better already.
    Will be back tomorrow. Thank you again and my husband Jimmy sends his best regards to you.
    Love and blessings


    1. I walked outside yesterday and just looked at the yard, cold and barren — yet, I felt a marvelous stirring deep inside myself. A warmth there I hadn’t experienced in a long while. I too, have felt brighter, more alive! And, just like you, over the past two days when there have been snafu’s here and there, I’ve just smiled and said (Jack Black style) “Its good — its all good.” Good job on the sweater! Hey, I like those big needles and thick yarn, too! You can finish projects so much faster and folks seem to love the chunky style! Thank you so much for sharing with us! You are AWESOME!

  4. Christmas wrapping etc gone to recycling, son and g/f here for another day, as buckets of rain here, and roads are flooded, safer to wait a day then travel. I’ll clean and clear when they’re gone, and enjoy them today.
    Hmm, the mercury retrogade/closure thing jumped out at me. I visited my daughter in Ohio mid year, from Australia, it was the worst time I’ve had, apart from getting to spend lovely time with grandkids. I felt really unwelcome, she was combative and argumentative, quite nasty and unkind at times. We had words about this a few times, but I felt very vulnerable being in her home, and so kept quiet after a while. She has a new bloke, and spent a lot of time away being with him, leaving me on my own across weekends when the kids were away. She had asked if I minded, when I said I did, as I was only there for a short time and wanted to spend as much time with here as I could, she threw a BIG tantrum, said she was going to anyway and continued to do so.
    We haven’t spoken since October, since she told me she wanted some distance as I’d upset her. I haven’t wanted totalk to her either, as I’ve given my self some space to heal and reflect. I sent Christmas gifts and wishes, but have had no acknowledgement they arrived or were enjoyed.
    Now I’ve released a lot of the hurt and anger, I realise I quite like not doing the dance with her we’ve done since her teens, where she’s bullied and intimidated me, and yes, I’ve let her, she scares me sometimes. It’s really rather peaceful….not ideal, but peaceful.
    Any magickal, marvellous words of advice about how to go about closing on this, in a way that is healing for both of us? I’m coming to accept we might not have the close relationship I expected and hoped for, but I don’t want us completely estranged eitherr, or to go back to the old way of relating.
    Sorry, this ended up being a longwinded post, I haven’t talked about it with anyone, so it’s good to get the thoughts out of my head*Sorry this is so longwinded, I haven’t talked about it with anyone, so it’s good to get the thoughts out of my head

      1. I remember during my late teen years that my mother and I had a relationship like you seem to have with your daughter right now: I bullied her, treated her worse than anyone ever deserves to be treated, cursed at her, called her things I wouldn’t call my worst enemy on a bad day, financially abused her, you get the picture. I told her I didn’t want any contact with her at all; she gave me my space, and plenty of it. I understand that you say its peaceful and that is a good feeling, and should be acknowledged this is your life after all. My advice would be to yes by all means distance yourself, as that seems to be what you both need right now. But don’t close that door forever. My mother and I patched things up when we were BOTH ready. That day may very well come for you and your daughter. It seems like she might have some things that she needs to deal with, and you have some healing you need to do; this is perfectly acceptable. This is simply what worked for me in similar circumstances, it may not be the same for you; family, love it or hate it, is forever. I hope you’re both able to bounce back from this and become even more amazing than you already are.

  5. LOL…how did you know I was too busy to do chores on Thursday and took Friday off just cause. Oh well…Got it done on the day assigned and it lined up perfectly!

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