Day 24 of the Great Release Challenge!

Today? BE Awesome!

Day 24 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an AWESOME New You!

By Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Peace begins in the heart.  Harmony begins in the mind.  Today, combine heart and mind (compassion and love coupled with what you desire and will) to create the kind of day you truly want.  I realize that starting today and rolling into the weekend, many of you are going to be very busy.  Functions, Family, Food, Tradition…your list may seem endless.  Take time today just for you, even if it is only a few minutes.  Try to take a good, cleansing bath or shower that cleans the mind as well as the body.  Pamper yourself for at least a few moments and don’t forget your morning prayer!

We’re on the last leg of our countdown to a glorious and awesome new you!  By now, many of you are feeling the change, finding uplifting moments in this harried, crazy holiday season.  Doesn’t change feel really good?

Tomorrow, the 25th day, has an interesting twist to it.  Tomorrow you will honor your ancestors — all that have gone before to capture the physical essence of you.  Light a candle for them and take a few moments to truly consider the amazing grace that is WITHIN you!

My Release Diary — Echo posed for today’s pic.  Our Mission Today was also her idea.   “The holiday season can be doubly stressful where families celebrate more than one religious holiday,” she said.  “For example, in our family we have a healthy mix of Wiccan and Christian.  Sometimes, due to the corporate push for Christmas dollars and the flood of Christmas related advertising, those of other faiths may feel ostracized or emotionally bereft.  Taking time to honor that which is within you is extremely important!”

I absolutely agree!

Some of you have asked how my bedroom is coming along.  Bit by bit.  We’ve had three issues where work stalled — a problem with the electric, the need to pick up more materials, and then, unfortunately, Jamie fell victim to the flu some of you have talked about.  In fact, he was so sick that his big sister (Echo) drove his truck to get the additional supplies because he couldn’t see to drive straight and insisted that the materials at least be here.  Why?  So he could stare at the dry wall and lumber with glassy eyes?  Shaking head.  And no, I did not approve of him doing this — he snuck out while I was at the grocery store. So there’s Echo, hauling fourteen foot lumber in the short bed of the pickup, winding through back roads and hailing Dixie on the highway.  Yeah.

If there is one thing I can say with certainty about my children — they are determined souls.  Once they get something in their heads — that’s it.

The walls are up, spackle on and all sanded but one.  Some of the trim is done around the windows.  The ceiling — open rafters still (lol).  The new door is in.  I’m liking it!

I did clean out my car today; but, I didn’t get a chance to finish.  Tomorrow I’ll tie that up along with a few other last minute family errands.

So far, I’ve found the season much easier to deal with due to the added missions (lol) of the release program.  The kitchen is organized, and I know where things are.  The bathrooms are holding steady and the laundry is caught up.  The slight coating of dust that insists on constantly settling on everything due to the remodeling has been irritating; but, at least there is no clutter and cleaning isn’t as bad as it could be.  I even managed to hang a curtain rod in the store room along with a curtain (thanks to Jamie and his drill) that I just never bothered to get around to.

I also found myself wanting to do things this year that I’d avoided in recent years past.  I did my holiday shopping early, actually made cookies (which I haven’t done in eons), socialized more, and found delight in simple, little things.  I’ve found myself more creative and feeling better than I have in a long time.  I’ve got six more days to go…and I’m going to make the most of them!

How about you?


15 thoughts on “Day 24 of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Hi, Silver, Caught this project a few days in. I live in a two-room end apartment called Amberwood Apts. It’s sort of modern, with built-in shelves, Murphy bed, and cabinet.
    You would think, it being so *#! small, shoveling it out would be easy! Not really. But this early sixtyish (but youthful looking) lady completely rearranged this dump, swept, dusted, got into the drawers (not done, yet), and decorated for Yule, made trail mix (almonds, walnut pieces, cranberries, AND Dark Chocolate pieces! Played with my pup, made dinner for one and dog, read, and tended to my email, plus called my son in New Jersey. I’m in Ohio. And I miss him so very much. In Spring, we’ll (pup and me) go back home, so we can visit with my only human child. Silver, I like my environment to be pleasing to R. and myself. I need cleanliness and order. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just pretty, and when I need the can opener, I need the can opener, not the bottle opener. Now, if I could just remember to greet the Gods of the Day!!! That’s a matter for self-discipline. Merry Yule, Silver, Live in Her Light! Blessed Be!

  2. I agree with you, Silver. This year the holiday season has gone by much smoother. I think this is the best I can ever remember feeling this time of year. In my family (extended included) I’m the only person who’s not Christian, so I always manage to feel a little left out (I just smile and keep going ). I think I can definately find (and deserve) some “me” time today! As far as your bedroom goes, it’ll get there (to quote you: “I Believe”.) Tell Echo excellent job on today’s challenge, I think we all forget to take some quiet time for ourselves. Sorry to hear about Jamie getting sick, sending healing thoughts his way! Oh, almost forgot! I’m taking hypnosis certification classes so that I can be a hypnotherapist (remember I told ya bout the Slinky Induction the other day?) and this last class said a lot of things that reiterated things you’ve mentioned in your books. Like the Emerald Tablet’s “As above, so below”. The teacher said what your subconcious mind (the below) perceives (sp?) to be true, your concious mind (the above) will act upon. And as far as what can be healed through hypnosis, he said, if you can create it, you can discourage it (A witch who can’t hex can’t heal). Neat huh? Just thought I’d share it with you!

    1. Absolutely right, Mason! That’s why I loved learning the hypnotherapy so much! It just all dove-tailed into magick, the mind, and enchantment. Such a very cool way to live!

  3. I…like today’s mission–doing something for me! Can I do this one tomorrow as well and the day after??? 🙂

    Unfortunately, I started with the Release Challenge late in the game, so I’m behind all of you. But I promise to finish out this years and catch up in January. Again, this is an absolutely great way to make positive changes and get a good observation from within.

    And may I say, Silver, you have the “Reason for the Season” within your family. You have Echo doing something special, nice for Jamie. Isn’t that what its all about–helping others, unselfishily giving something so important as time? Blessings everywhere in your household.

    K…gotta run and pamper myself–and if anyone complains in my family, I’ll just say, “Silver said I have to do it.” 🙂

    Blessing to all!!!!!!

  4. One more thought for those who may feel “ostracized or emotionally bereft” during the Christian holiday…what about snowmen, snowflakes, evergreens? Although I’m a Christian on paper, my house is decorated with the wonderful blessings Nature has bestowed on us–snow, snowmen/snowwomen, and evergreens. And for those who do not have snow–what about water–flowing foundations… I love this time of year…

    K…gotta pamper myself, per Silver!

  5. Hello Lady Silver
    I joined in on your challenge late this year but non the least I still joined, I started doing the Braucherei Morning Ritual and it took maybe 2 or 3 days until I sat at my altar and everything just was released. I laughed, I cried, every emotion that was buried inside came out all at once. I found the one feeling I thought was missing the most was just inside of me, and has been all along, it was The Goddess. I have been so lost I somehow lost her along the way, but with your guidance, plus others, I found her for good.
    I told a friend of mine to check out your site and the same ritual since they seemed as lost as I was. I now look to the future with hope, determination, and love. Love for myself, love for others and love for Goddess.
    I have always been inspired when I have read one of your books and I am more inspired at this point in my life than I have ever been.
    Thank You!
    I hope you and your family have a great Holiday and good fortune for the upcoming year BB.


    1. Hey, Terri! Joining the release challenge anytime is the right time! I’m so glad that you are finding the love and joy that you deserve! It helps, too, that so many nice folks have posted here. Their support has been absolutely invaluable! I wish you much happiness this holiday season! Keep us posted!

  6. Hello Silver its Paul in sunny az. Day 24 is great it turned out to be what i needed what a day. It was positive and relaxing. Thanks for updating us on the room that ur son is working on wow a lot of work. I hope he is feeling better and i sent a lot of love n light ur familys way its so cool when u can make magick travel from one place to another what a blessing. I hope all is well and settling down for u guys so u can relax a little bit. Love n light. Your friend Paul

    1. Thanks, Paul! I’m afraid Jamie is still dancing with the flu; but, he says he’s feeling better. My husband and I managed to fit a few errands in this morning, went out for a quiet breakfast together, and spent a pleasant afternoon basically relaxing — lol. I did manage to drag out yet another bag of trash from my oldest son’s old room. I’m getting there. Thanks so much for the great energy! You are AWESOME!

  7. 12/24 was a very busy day– but it was a day in which everything I did– I wanted to do– and I got it all done.

    The Braucherei prayer has been an amazing road opener on a daily basis. Considering that this was undertaken during Merc Rx, everything could have been a WHOLE lot worse. Not only were the Rx effects ameliorated, but the days were actually AWESOME! I’m going to continue with this practice even after the Release Challenge program concludes.

  8. LOL…oh I did. I pampered myself by not stressing to do chores that could wait a day, and spending the day having quality time with my partner. It was really very nice. We’ve missed each other a lot over the past while…it’s nice to be reconnecting again!

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