Day 23 of the Great Release Challenge!

You've Always Been Able to Do It -- You Just Have to Remember

Day 23 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Clean out your vehicle.  Now…you knew I was going to get to this one, and I didn’t choose a weekend simply because today, I want you to think about what you are lugging around with you every place you go.  Do you toss your mail in the backseat to look at it a month later?  Dirty cups?  Candy wrappers?  Food? (Shudder).  Everything in your vehicle represents your agreement to drag stuff with you.  For example, if your vehicle is filled with old work stuff — you may be living too much on the job and not leaving those worries behind on your down time.  Half your house in there?  Could be you don’t like being alone, and a full car is a comfort zone.  Too many old maps?  Perhaps wishes unfulfilled (okay, or maybe you have a terrible sense of direction).  Whatever the case, your vehicle is a representation of your home away from home.  So, what’s in your car/truck/van/jitney-on-wheels?

What, no vehicle?  That’s fine.  Go through your shoes.

Today, after twenty-three days of good, hard work (which you have done) you are ready to really think about the illustration I’ve given you.  Time to truly examine The Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistus.  I realize this is a compartmentalized version of what is available out there; but, it is enough to use as an excellent tool of self-examination, thought control, meditation, and of course, it is a SECRET so that’s very cool, too.  No matter how many times you’ve already read it, each time provides a key to something new as you advance in your personal spirituality.

As Below…So Above.  As Above…So Below.  As Within…So Without.  As Without…So Within.

I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on your analysis of the Emerald Tablet.  I’m sure your ideas will be beneficial to all.  Don’t be shy.  There are no wrong answers.  Each finds truth within one’s position — we just may be facing different directions.

As you read through the Emerald Tablet, think about the Release Challenges you’ve been doing.  How do they apply?  Are we not learning to understand the correspondences between the material world and the non-material?  We are engaging our Will (Sun) and our Emotions (Moon) and nourishing our actions with our thoughts (the Braucherie work).  We are learning what we own and what we do not.  We are dealing with the frustration of our environment and the people in it by separating the gross, gently and with great skill.

And all this time you thought you were just stressing over bathroom grime.


My Release Diary

So…the Rat Palace (yes, I’m still stuck on that) presented a major space problem.  The rat is happily ensconced with new things to explore, like wooden blocks, and plastic caves and such.  He’s talking up a blue streak, and after a bit of confusion, has settled in.  He prefers the basement suite.  I, however, found myself sitting in a major pile of … stuff.  With the finesse of a graceful dancer I whipped out the black trash bags — and got to work.  Why is it, I wonder, that one must create so much chaos when manifesting order?

It took me four hours to lug, drag, pull, wipe, untangle, stack, and separate this multi-puzzle-piece of a small room.  I’m still not done.  I did, however, make interesting strides:

1.  Last night I received a great Ghost Hunter kit from my oldest son and daughter-in-law.  Way cool.  It was something I really wanted.  The 9-Volt batteries the kit required were not included.  “I know I have some…somewhere,” I said, “but, I haven’t a clue where they might be.”  My youngest son replied, “Probably in that hutch drawer.”  I shook my head.  “Nope, empty,” and I proudly pulled open both drawers that have managed to stay clean for one week (glory-be).  “Guess, I’ll have to pick some up, tomorrow,” I said, “but, I know I saw one somewhere.”  My son nodded.  “Yeah — me, too, but can’t think where.”

2.  While writing this article, I thought — “I’d really like to include my Emerald Tablet collage I did awhile back.  I know it is around here somewhere…”

and there were several more instances in the same 24-hour-period.

Everything.  I found everything or it was brought into the house within 24-hours that I said, “I know” followed by the item.  Absolutely everything from the battery (found two I didn’t know I even had), to the collage, to an item I’d lost two years ago…yada.


Yup.  And it all started with those two little words — I Know.

So!  I’ll be brave.  I will dare.  That:

I KNOW each and every single one of you working through this challenge will truly find an AWESOME new you on the other side of December.

I know.
And it will be so.


32 thoughts on “Day 23 of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Dear Silver,

    I KNOW you’ve helped me before, and KNOW that you’re helping me now with these blogs, which are telling me to clean up my thoughts along with my home. Thank you!

    Thoughts on the Emerald Tablet:
    As above so below… That since Spirit is the creator of all, and since Spirit is immanent(in us, in the earth, in community) and transcendent(greater than all these and beyond the void) then we are capable of creating reality too. Real miracles, not just cloning sheep….That as within so without means the messes I carry inside me are manifested in my external life. Clean up my environment and I clean up my internal state as well. Jung really liked this. Your 30 day challenge sounds like something he’d applaud and incorporate into his therapy!

    But there’s more to this, isn’t there? It’s not all in my power. We all unfold in community–even blog communities! There’s a reciprocal dance here between the self and the outside world. We’re in community, everyone’s “withins” are shaping the “without.” Otherwise, why is To Be Silent one of the wisdoms? Because the unbelieving or jealous observant can mess with your miracle, that’s why! It’s Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle writ large….Separate the gross from the subtle is more than clearing out the keepers from the trash pile, it can mean to be careful how you mingle your energy with others. There are icky people and its best to give them a wide berth. Hmmm…Perhaps I should be as Spartan in clearing out the icky people from life life as I was with the junk in the drawer! I KNOW there’s a reason your tablet question made me think this far….

    -The heater in the apartment below me is up all the way, I can tell, because it’s boiling up here. Obviously an example of as below so above!

    1. I loved your thoughts on the Emerald Tablet, TG. And, I can’t thank you enough for sharing them! So excellent from the thoughts within to the community- blog- thoughts. Everything you wrote certainly made me think, and I’ll be re-reading your words again tomorrow, because they certainly struck a chord in me! Too funny on the heater analogy! Hope the temps level out! You are AWESOME!

  2. as i look back on this challenge so far i realize the changes it has made. I also realize that salling for a week wasnt the best idea. My youngest sister flew in from out west and we stayed at my middle sister’s house who isnt into all this “ritualistis stuff”. Her house wasnt decorated, we didnt do much, and i swear to you the grinch had more yuletide spirt. It was a negitive mess. Usually i would go along to increase the peace but who wants negtivity! Instead i found alil cafe and made sure we at least went out to a little light show. This season im indluding in my inner child a bit, letting go …and its a beautiful thing!
    As or the tablet:
    I think “It” is knowledge itself its born form everything and ties us to everything and through our growing knowledge in magick in life and in the knwledge of knowing ourselves..we can seprateout the gross things.
    Oh also.. a few weeks back i got a check for alil under 2 grand!! aparently a refund check for my school they forgot to give me. It saved the season for my family ..who do celebrate christmas..well the gift and yule tree part. Thnks to you and the Goddess herself., The bst decision i made was this past October when i came to the Craft.

    1. Ash! You are AWESOME! I absolutely love the thoughts on celebrating the inner child during the holidays — makes things less stressful and encourages us to let go and allow joy into our hearts! Excellent ideas on the Emerald Tablet, too. I’ve read and re-read it a thousand times, and every time I do, I see something new!

  3. Good morning Silver!
    Ok so I’m a little sad this morning. This is the last post I’ll get to read and comment on before we fly out. I may have to borrow the hubby’s iPhone while in mexico to try and sneak a peak at the blog.
    This morning was different. The bulk of everything released and all the work in the condo is now behind us. We have a little bit of house cleaning to do this afternoon and a few last minute items to pack but there was a sense of peace. The clutter is gone (well most of it, I found some more last night hiding away but that will be for when we get back) the place is starting to sparkle again. But more importantly the energy just feels new and fresh which was definitely a good thing. It will be a nice environment to come back to. I haven’t cleaned out the car yet, although there isn’t much in there. I tend to clean it out regularly, this morning I spent some time playing with my dog in the freshly fallen snow. We had so much fun, she seems to enjoy it went its light and powdery as it was this morning.
    As for the tablet… hmmm… “All obscurity will be clear to you.” That’s whats jumping out at me this morning. I think sometimes I get so lost looking for solutions to problems or answers that I don’t realize that what I was looking for is right in front of me. I just can’t see it because of all the mental, emotional, and physical junk floating out there. Most of which is gone thanks to your release challenge. I think that’s why it jumped out at me this morning, because for the first time in a long time I feel like everything is clear again. I no longer have the feeling of trying to read between the lines or decipher codes about what is going on around me. Everything is as clear as day.
    I guess you’re right, I do notice something different each time I read the Tablet.

    Well back to work for me. Silver I’d like to wish you and the rest of the bloggers here a wonderful holiday season filled with love and laughter.
    Silver, I’ll never get tired of saying it (or typing it), Thank You!


    David James

    1. Many blessings to you, David! It was wonderful to read about how your home is glittering in a happy way! Good, too, that you took some time to find joy in the moment with your pet. That you allowed yourself that special time! I know what you mean — sometimes there’s just so much junk floating around in our minds that we miss the important solutions or what we really need! I do hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation! Be Safe! You are AWESOME!

  4. Hey Silver i hope you had a good yule i have completed day 22 and 23 and i feel positive all around me. To me the emerald tablet means to keep the spiritual and mundane balanced because without balance nothing will go right u cant not get lost in too much of one of them or kabang you will be unbalanced. Anyway i am curious how is your son doing with your room? Hope all is well love n light ur friend paul. Blessed be Silver.

    1. Paul! Good job on completing Days 22 and 23!! I like your thoughts on the Emerald Tablet, too! The room? We hit a snag or two; but, I know it will be coming along shorting and when it is finished, it will be totally AWESOME! Thanks for asking!

  5. My car is still in the shop from it dieing on me on Monday–so I get a “buy” today (shoes are already cleared out)! Yeah me! Because of my rug-rats (aka kids), my car is pretty cleaned out–it is the only thing I feel like I have control over at times. 🙂 But…the windows do need to be cleaned, floor vaccumed and dashboard dusted. Promise to do it next week. Another thing I like to do with my car, is get a Yankee Candle car freshener to match the season. In the fall, I get an autumn smelling freshner, in winter a light pine or peppermint scent, etc. Just a little something for me.

    As for the tablet, my thoughts in a nutshell are ying/yang, positive/negative, happy/sad all controlled by the universe and Mother Nature. Where there is sadness/negativity, get through it with positive thinking–holding on to where there is sadness, happiness will come. Another thing that has helped me tremondously is following the steps of nature/the seasons. Rest and and recharge during winter because you will need to start waking up in spring to prepare for the joys in summer.

    BTW: For those scientists that do not believe in ying/yang–ask them to explain statistical reasoning–they will say after so many bads, goods will come. 🙂

    1. You go girl! I like the idea of changing the aromas around you to match the psychological idea and the reality of vision in unison with the seasons! Very delightful! I agree with you on some of those scientists. lol. Keep smiling! You are AWESOME!

  6. Hi Silver
    I have’nt posted for a few days as I hit what seemed to be some sort of inner resistance to seeing this through but I have persevered and have gotten rid of lots more rubbish.
    I have noticedthat over the last few weeks I have started to become much more aware of my thoughts and how I was holding on to a load of mental garbage as well, I also realised that my hoarding was from holding on to stuff “in case I might need it one day”. At some level I was not trusting that I could afford to throw out the old stuff and afford to buy new things when needed.
    To help myself through this I used an affirmation I heard ages ago. Every time I threw out a bag of rubbish or began to feel panic that I was getting rid of something that could be useful in 10 years time, I just said “I release my fear of lack and am open to receive the abundance of the Universe”. Its getting a little easier but still a long way to go.
    Here in Ireland Christmas is a huge thing but by doing the Braucherei ritual every morning and continuing to clear away the rubbish, I feel alot more grounded and have not gone overboard on Christmas spending which I used to do before.
    I have also had less time to post as we have had masses of snow and just going out for shopping takes about 5 hours instead of 3.
    I also have had a huge delay in building the Release altar, as for ritual I need quiet and our neighbout below was at home all day for the last week and making so much noise I could’nt concentrate or get into the right frame of mind. Would it be OK to do that at the end of this week?
    I have found it difficult to formulate thoughts on the Alchemy Tablet yet. I dont think my mind is in the right place today. It does’nt seem to be sinking in. I will try again tomorrow.
    My husband also sends warm greetings. He has spent 90 per cent of his adult life in Lancaster PA and loves your books too. Little did I think when I bought my first book by you that I would end up with a great husband from Pennsylvania!
    Thank you once again Silver. Hope to start drawing or painting again by the 27th.
    Love and blessings.

    1. Ho Valerie! Wow, you certainly have gotten a ton of snow! I loved your affirmation and I’m going to use it, too. If you don’t mind, I want to use it yet this cycle of the release program in the blog portion (to make sure everyone sees it). If you were really into major hoarding, it is absolutely understandable that you would feel a sense of unease, panic, and a dig-your-heels in gut reaction. Saving your release altar till the end of the week is no problem at all. Move toward it at your own pace, baby steps are good, just set your course of mind navigation that way then slowly move toward it. In about three months, as Spring breaks, you’ll have a feeling to release again. Go with it. When the weather is better, haul out more stuff and I would be that this next time around, you will really want to because you will remember the way you felt this time. From Lancaster? No kidding! How amazing is that! Tell him its been the coldest month on record for quite awhile here; but, the cows are still standing. lol Oh — and I have this message for him: The simplest solution to a problem is usually the right one.

  7. Trust me I send my comment to the wrong email address. Wake up Teresa. hehe,
    Well I got this one covered I cleaned both the truck and the SUV in the fall before the snow fell. I can’t clean them now if I even tried to clean a window I’d have to run the vehicle for a hour to get the frozen cleaner off the window. lol I keep my vehicles fairly clean I have this weird thought if you want something to run right it needs to be clean.
    I did get something done yesterday I cleaned all the mirrors and TV screens and my daughter is home form University for Christmas and she helped me move 5 bags of stuff down to the Sally Anne. I can see my sewing machine now. In my sewing room all the gifts are wrapped and under the tree and all the stuff that was too small or just not right including some shoes, boots and winter coats have gone to charity. I hope someone gets some use out of all of it. I love this program Sliver its gets me thinking about the space I live in and share with four other people and four dogs.
    Blessed Greetings to one and All

    1. You are AWESOME Teresa! I am so proud of you! 5 bags down to Sally Anne — good stuff! Give your daughter a big hug for me! Yes, living with a number of interesting souls plus the animals, too, often leads one to thinking about the space we share, and how the individual affects it, and how the group mind affects it. My father’s dementia does put a twist on the energy here, and I continue to contemplate how his thoughts may impact the group mind of the family. Stay warm and happy!

  8. So I just finished cleaning out the vehicle. I had quite an assortment: 2 coats, 3 jackets, 2 1/2 pairs of gloves, bills from over a year ago, receipts, checkstubs, and cds I haven’t listened to in over a year. And, as always, various trash. Whew! As far as the Emerald Tablet, first of I love the graphic, very cool. Whenever I read Solitary Witch I worked with the Emerald Tablet a lot, it’s a very neat piece that can be worked with in lots of different ways. Lovin theses challenges, Silver!

      1. Well, in my mind, clothes are for protection and represent uncertainty, because you wear layers to be warm or protect yourself from outside factors, but we really never know exactly what the weather’s going to do; all the financial stuff represents, obviously, my finances and personal monetary prosperity….WOW! Epiphany! *hand to face* I’ve been trying to shield myself from outside forces to protect my sense of financial well-being,to the extent that I’ve smothered all financial flow. I lost a job (I’ll admit I hated it, but it paid the bills) not too long ago and haven’t had any luck since. I think I’ve said this everytime, but, Thank you Silver!

  9. The car…that part was easy, I try to always keep it clean and just have first aid supplies, car tools and spare parts for small things that fix or to fix big things on the side of the road and blankets and pillows. That…and the bowling balls to bowl twice a week.

    Now the tablet….that I’m going to take a bit more time to think about before I say anything.

      1. As below…so above. As above…so below. As within…so without. As without…so within.

        Reality is (more than we like to admit) what we make it, as we fear or hope, so it becomes. When you lie to yourself, you undermine your own reality. As you truly feel, you truly attract. Sometimes we don’t even realize what we really feel about something, because we’re afraid to look into that shadow self. To look where the monsters lurk under the bed and in the closet. But if you shine a light in there, you find at most, dust bunnies. Fear can rob you of your dreams before you even start. But if you dare, if you believe – it will happen. Like the Fool in the tarot. Trite and cliche but true…what you believe, the universe will conspire to achieve.

  10. Synchronicity again….I’ve just sent my visiting son off to the car wash to vaccuum and wash my car. Neat and tidy inside, except for the bits of straw left from collecting it this week for the chickens, and very muddy from visiting friends who live off the main road on dirt tracks. I cleared out, rearranged and cleaned the guest room yesterday before he arrived, and took bags of stuff to Vinnies.
    Although I don’t subscribe to the new God of Christmas…Consumerism….I have spent generously this year, bought yummy treats and am looking forward to an abundant spread on our Christmas table. I see an expansion in my thinking and actions, I usually stop myself buying extras and treats, telling myself I can’t afford it, but I realise that’s what will be if I think like that…so treats it is……not overboard, just a little more.

    The Emerald tablet speaks to me of wholeness, we……and I mean Earth, animals plants etc, space and spirit….all connected. Little microcosms within little macrocosms within etc. And we can choose…have a sad/bad/angry thought, then choose the one that feels better…always choose that which feels better. And no matter what else, we’re on a journey, back to self and Source, and Source wants us to be happy.

    Thanks Silver, a joyous Christmas to you from ‘Down Under’.

    1. Loved your post, Nanette! I’m with you — goodies for the table!!!! Yippeeee! I bought two ducks — that’s my contribution this year. For years, I made the holiday dinner and then, about three years ago my oldest daughter said she was ready to take it on. I was so relieved! My dinner this year will be the New Year’s Day one. And, you know, over the years, I’ve started to look forward to New Year’s Eve as a major holiday for me. I just love it. I think it is because there are no religious overtones and that friends often drive from several states away to be with us at the Pickle Drop. Yeah. You read that right. They drop a huge pickle, complete with sequins, made by the Girl Scouts. Anyway, some years it has been so cold it hurt to breathe, yet, we all grab our hats and coats and march out the door and down the street a few moments before. Too, New Year’s is celebrated by quite a number of countries as the earth turns in that 24 hour period — if you stay still — you can feel the wave of energy. I’ll be writing more about New Year’s and what you might wish to do as part of our release challenge next week. For now, though, let’s all get through today and tomorrow, lol — and then we’ll jettison into the last week of our program together! You all rock!

  11. Hello Sliver,
    I totally understand about that horrid word dementia. My husbands Mom who was a very smart lady all her life taught school for 35 years got it about five years before she left us. My husband was so used to his sharp Mother and their talks (( he’s a only child )) He had no idea how to handle her. But I’d just talk to her and when she repeated things I’d listen. There is still some of them in there their minds gets mixed up a bit but every once in awhile she’d come out with something that was just beautiful. I remember one of her ideas lets eat dessert first in case we are too full after supper. lol I still miss her and my own Mother but I know they aren’t too far away with their sense of humor still there. Take the good with the bad drink a cup of patience and smile they never get tired of hearing they are loved.
    Love Teresa

  12. On 12/24/10– vacuumed the car, then took it through an automatic car wash (shudder; never again– I will always hand-wash the baby from here out). I have always hand washed it in the past, but never in the winter. However, it was so caked with salt from the roads I had to do something. So anyway, it’s clean, and the side mirror that looked like it was ripped off popped back on (sigh of relief). Next time I’ll take it to one of those wash bays with a pressure washer and hot water. Lesson learned– and the car is clean 🙂

  13. I didn’t get a chance to read this “Mission for the Day” until the 28th. I kinda had to laugh (I can laugh about this now….sorta) as my car was totalled in an accident on the 24th! Of course I wasn’t laughing when it happened, but after all was said and done and I found out my daughter and I were OK, the insurance is doing what it’s supposed to do (guy fled the scene, leaving his car behind…grrr), I can laugh now. The car has been replaced (good reason to go buy a new one, right?) and hasn’t had a chance to get quite as dirty and filled with junk as the other one had. But it will soon…..very soon….I’m sure…… (Wow, everything that could go wrong over the past few weeks, did. LOL)

  14. .Hi Sliver, I have recently purchased your book [ Silver Ravenwolf headge witch spells craft and rituals for naural magick]. Iam really enjoying the book and looking for guidance. I have been studying Wicca for three years and have only just putting it into practice. I work as a solitary witch and currently exploring other branches of wicca and witchcraft. Been through a divorce and I have four children and sort of have a boyfriend ( complicated stuff!!). I love gardening and fine art of the human body and faces. Going back to your book i find it hard to manifest my desire without the use of spells. or is this just negative thinking. I like to experiment alot. I feel grounded to mother nature through my drawings and gardening which may exert enough energy to manifest my desire. Right or wrong? All the best psyche73

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