Day 20 of the Great Release Challenge!

Counting Your Blessings Sweetens Your Life

Day 20 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an Awesome New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Count your Blessings.  Really!  Literally!  This morning (or whenever you normally do your Braucherie Ritual Sequence).  List them off, one by one.  Take your time.  Find pleasure in the gifts you have been given!  The second part of today’s challenge?  Listen to your favorite song/music.  When you are occupying your mind with all that is good, all that is harmonious — then release of what does not serve you well becomes an easy exercise in positive behavior.  Everyone benefits.

We’re in crunch time.  For many of you, your major holiday of December is tomorrow, for others, it will be the 25th of this month, or perhaps another day yet this year.  You’re probably feeling the emotional squeeze and small things that normally don’t ruffle your feathers might threaten to send you over the top — like the dog peeing three times in a row on the floor, or perhaps the cheerful little wraith at the check-out counter who enthusiastically wishes you a happy religious holiday that isn’t yours.


Stop.  Take a deep breath.  Count your blessings.

And remember to sparkle!

You heard me.


In case you are planning your Yule ritual for tomorrow, here is the timing line-up:

Astrological Placements for Tuesday, 21 December 2010

— The Moon begins a Void at 3:13 AM EST Tuesday Morning.
— The Full Moon in Gemini (Air Sign) Sun in Sagittarius (Fire Sign) occurs at 3:13 as well.
— The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 3:17 AM EST (four minutes later) at 29 degrees Gemini 22 minutes.
— Moon enters Cancer (Water) at 4:22 AM EST.  The Moon is no longer Void.
— Sun enters Capricorn (Earth) at 6:30 PM EST (the actual moment of Winter Solstice).

My Release Diary!  Our Black Forest Healing Circle Yule Celebration was wonderful!  This year I decided to do something totally different — no tools.  None.  Nada.  We are the magick and so we chanted in circle round for the peace and prosperity of humankind.  That was it.  No bells and whistles.  No fantastic drama.  No sparkling tools with glistening prose.

Just people.


That was it.

My oldest daughter’s mother-in-law (very nice person) gave the gift of a flame-mill.  Once lit, the heat from the candles turn the magick mill.  It was so appropriate, that as the feast and the gift giving ensued — the wheel of fortune turned ever faster and brighter.

At the end of the evening I sat at alone at the dining room table with a stunning realization.  Every single thing I’d received or experienced that day, I’d thought about in days previous.  Normally, we are so busy with all sorts of issues in life that we say:  Yes, yada-yada, what you think you create; yet, we sometimes focus this adage only on the big things, or the nasty things, or the difficult things.  I think, perhaps, we fail to realize that all thoughts, even the very small ones, weave our destiny.

What did you think, today?


14 thoughts on “Day 20 of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Hi siver its paul from az i really like ur post 90 percent of the time i dont use tools n it works the power of the mind is amazing im sure u know that. Oh by the way i threw away 20 bags of trash my my such negativity but its gone lol spent time with my dog which i always do she is my Familar n we had a great time playing she is half dobie n half german shepherd such a great dog. Hey keep that furnace working i saw the weather there n ugh thats cooolllddd! Im in az this place should be called the sunshine state but nope florida got that heck az doesnt even acknowledge daylight savings hope u n ur family have a happy yule. Love n light n blessed be. Ur friend paul.

  2. Hi Silver! Well, I just got finished with my morning ritual, which will probably become part of my standard daily devotions now that I’ve grown so fond of it. You know, you never really know how much you have to be thankful for until you sit down and focus on what you have. By that I mean, most of the time we talk about what we don’t have or what we need, rather than what we do have and are blessed with. Really puts it into perspective for me! The picture you put with the title is adorable (I’m assuming that’s your granddaughter). I also wanted to let you know that your breakdown of all the astrological timing for today was extremely helpful. Anyway, I have TONS of baking to do this morning so, Happy Yule, Silver! Goddess Bless, you are AWESOME!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words, Mason! I’m glad you like the pic. She’s a cutie. I’m glad, too, that the astro info will be helpful. Zap the world fantastic!!! You are AWESOME!

  3. i count my bleasings and lucky stars everyday, i try to get others to do the same, . It really angers me when everyone whines that nothing is good enough,they have it so bad and there life is a nightmare.. I just want to scream at them are u f*****g kidding me!!!!!!!! Theres people out there that would sell there liver on e-bay to have what u have…. !!!!! Why cant anyone else just see it? But im with u silver, i count my bleasings ,i have good health, my children, a home, food,and we live in america ,love, and i get to read your release challenge every day to improve everything i already have!!!!!! Thank u silver for posting this challenge every day, u are awsome!!!!! Blessed be!!!!

  4. Good morning Silver!

    So happy to hear you all had a wonderful Yule Celebration! We had a pretty hectic weekend, and unfortunately I didn’t get to the computer, but surprisingly enough, I did do the things you posted. What can I say, great minds think alike 🙂
    I’m amazed as to how much junk we’ve kept over the past couple years. We’ve been filling up at least one huge garbage bag per night if not two or three, the next morning, out they go! As for the dead plants, we’ll they’re only half dead lol. I’m still hoping I can revive them. I took them in from the cold a little late, then placed them in a corner where they weren’t getting enough light, and then the dog chewed on some of the branches of the lemon verbena. I’ll give them another week, hopefully they’ll catch otherwise out they go.
    We finished the room for my niece this weekend, my mom was kind enough to make the pillows for me while I upholstered the head board, but we had a blast doing it. Laughing and chitchatting the whole time.
    Sunday, most of the day was spent with a dear friend who’s had a difficult year and most recently a surgery. She’s doing much better now, so we spent the morning together, I took her for breakfast and gave her the scarf I knitted her and the matching earrings I made for her. Then it was off home to finish cleaning and releasing… There is still more to release over the next few days… but I’m confident we’ll get it all done.
    We also spent some time playing and cuddling with both dogs and the cat too.
    I realized this morning that I’ll miss a few day of the release. That made me kinda sad. We leave on Friday morning to go down to mexico (to spend Christmas with my in-laws and pick up my niece, we haven’t seen that side of the family in three years, yikes!) and we’ll be returning on the 30th. So I’ll at least have a chance to read through the posts I missed.

    We’ll I guess thats it for now, work to do, knits to finish, gifts to wrap…

    Have a wonderful day, and a merry yule to you and yours.
    As for counting our blessing, today, I’m thankful for you.


    David James

    1. Wow, David! You have been busy! I’m so glad you were able to spend time with your mother and your friend. That’s so important! We’ll miss you while you are gone! Safe trip and many pleasant memories to bring back! You are AWESOME!

  5. Count your blessings and be positive! Today, my car died on me–while driving–yikes! After I pulled off the road, I was so thankful that no one was hurt, I was able to get out of traffic’s way and…my husband renewed our AAA membership! 🙂

  6. Hello, and Happy Yule Silver! There are a few areas of my life that could use improvement, but if all were perfect I probably wouldn’t recognize it. You know, the whole ‘you can’t appreciate warmth until you’ve felt the cold’ kind of thing. I try to count my blessings at least once a week, and darned if I don’t have a few! I have a home, a woodstove, my dogs, relative good health, an income, my children, a path that leaves me empowered, and at 54 I still have potential. And I’m with Jennifer (above) on getting angry with those that only see the bad in their lives when everyone around them can see how good it is. Which brings me to a pet-peeve; people on fb who post FML! Really? It’s bad enough to warrant a fml? Somehow I don’t think so, get real and take a look around. There are days when I feel overwhelmed and allow myself to wallow in a little self pity, but I get past it. I figure any day you wake up is an opportunity to make it better. Blessed Be!

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