Day 19 of the Great Release Challenge!

Treat Your Pet to a Super Special Day -- The Holidays are Stressful for Them, Too!

Day 19 of the Great Release Challenge!
30 Days to an AWESOME New You!

by Silver RavenWolf

Your Mission Today:  Do something super special for your pet.  Yup.  The holiday season is just as stressful on your favorite friend as it is on humans.  With everything going on, you may have been ignoring your best bud.  Today, do something wonderful for your animal/reptile/bird kingdom friend!  Spend some quality time, playtime, perhaps some overlooked pet maintenance, etc.  Good for your pet!  Good for you!

Don’t have a pet?  I can’t leave you out in the cold.  Not on Day 19.  Not when we don’t have much further to go!  Do something super special for:  A friend, A family member, Charity…you pick!

I do so hope you share with us what you choose to do on Day 19!  We all would love to hear!

My Release Diary:  Spent part of the day with the granddaughter.  I managed to drag out three huge trash bags that were in my son’s old room.  Mission accomplished!  Everyone in the family is preparing for tonight’s Yule celebration — cleaning, picking up last minute necessities — all that!  Tonight, we will be our Yule ritual in total darkness.  The light only comes on at the very end.


22 thoughts on “Day 19 of the Great Release Challenge!”

  1. Dear Silver,

    Well this will be a challenge! While we’ve not been ignoring our fur kids at all, I’ll have to leave plenty of time for this challenege. We have two dogs – Misty a 6yr old Golden Retriever – she’ll adore some play time in the snow, and Nikki a 5 yr old Boxer/Mastiff mix – she’ll just love being loved :D. Then the five…yes five…cats. Dennis the 15 yr old blind orange tabby – as long as the toy can make sound when it hits the ground he’ll fly after it like a kitten! PJ the 7 yr old grey tabby – she’s the queen of the house (!) while she won’t reduce herself to over generous petting or playing, a light petting and some kitty treats will not be unappreciated. Cuddles – the 3 yr old light grey tabby that followed us home from a walk one night, walked in and never left…well she’d like some wandering time out of doors when it’s bright and warm and some..well…cuddles…it’s how she got her name! Roxy – the unknown in age street cat we rescued in Feb this year..well that’s easy she’ll want an extra session with her favorite comb and hairdresser. And last but not least, the newest edition to the home, Creepers. Found at a construction site a few months ago she’s gotten nice a housecatly meat on her bones, she just likes playing and won’t turn down some cat treats either!


  2. Mrs. Silver,
    Just a quick note to poke everyone with. Some of our messes/bad habits/ect. took time to make, mine included, and some of this release challenge will have to be conquered over time BUT now is a good time as any to at least START.

    It is going to take me longer to do some things than others. I do what I can and am seriously working on releasing old mental crud that is backed-up in my mental closet, if you’ve already cleaned the physical one maybe its time to work on the interior one. I gave my pets some extra loving today, warm meals are always appreciated by their bellies. Now time to unwind a little and get my things set-up for tomorrow.

    1. Thank you so much, Melony for those eloquent thoughts! You are so right — we can at least start. One step at a time — that is how we become whole and healthy in body, mind, and Spirit!

  3. Oh dear, I don’t have a pet, looks like I’ll have to give Jeff’s beard a grooming, make him wear that nice diamante collar and kit-e-kat for dinner…. here, kitty, kitty, kitty…. hee hee heeeeeee

  4. The flu hit me this week (ugh. Being sick sucks.) But I’m now back to my cleaning! My husband and I are staying with the in-laws while I complete some job training, so some areas of the house are not really mine to clean. But between my husband and I, we definitely have accumulated a lot of junk! I’m finding this is a great program to finally get rid of stuff that I never really needed, as well as stuff that should have been gone a long time ago (I’m more than just a little bit of a pack rat sometimes.) And the release will help so that my life is clearer when I begin that fantastic new job!

  5. Hi Silver

    I dont have a pet at the moment but I emailed a friend some photos I had been promising her for ages. I hate it when people say ” I’ll show you those photos one day” and then they never send them….
    I had to do some festive shopping and organising so it left me with very little time over the last few days.
    I sorted the silverware drawer yesterday and even though I thought it was going to be almost junk free I could-nt bellieve how much rubbish I found including the yukky remnants of a half a drawer liner from the previous occupant of the apartment!
    On the funny side I asked my husband to bring 2 bags of unwanted items to the second hand shop which he did, only to arrive back half an hour later to tell me the shop was closed so now I have to keep it until Tuesday when he can go there again. Thtas so funny just after what you said about rubbish not wanting to leave.
    Thank you also for your great words of encouragement. I should have that room pretty much cleared up by the end of the challenge to start my art again!!!
    I started reading and working with your your books about 9 years ago and it has made a huge difference to my life.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hey, Valerie! Super good idea on the photo promise! I’ve been collecting quite a few that I’ve promised to share, and haven’t! Good reminder! Yup. Trash just doesn’t want leave once it has its digs in, let me tell you! Sometimes, it helps to ask the Trash Fairy (no kidding) to help you unload the stuff. If you are really having trouble getting rid of it, mix a bowl of milk with a little honey, sit it outside, and ask the trash fairy to find someone to take the trash away. I’ve done it twice with success, looks like I’ll have to do it again. lol. Let’s get to that art. She’s waiting for you! You are AWESOME!

  6. I don’t have any indoor pets but I do love to feed and water the neighborhood birds in my yard. (And the squirrels invite themselves too.) Maybe I’ll make them a peanut butter and bird seed pine cone as a special treat. Unfortunately the bird bath has frozen over. 😉

    Thank you, again. This great release challenge has been exactly that.

  7. I know the dog in the picture 😉 LOL I have bought special dog food for a doggie who will be visiting today… her name is Chloe.

  8. My chooks….chickens…will be getting a good clean out today. We’ve had heavy rain for a few days, and their pen gets really boggy and smelly with all that wet straw. They do free range, but I like them to have a clean space to go into to lay and sleep. Also sharing the pot of rice with them that I made last night, and a big piece of watermelon.

    The cats get lots of love and treats all the time.

    I’m moving along slowly with the decluttering, have re-arranged the lounge room, and put light coloured covers on the sofa and chairs for summer. I have a bag or two of ‘goodies’ for the op shop later today.

    Do you do any particular rituals for the Solstice, Silver?

    1. Greetings Nanette! Wow, free range chickens! Excellent! You’re not moving along slowly — you’re just moving along — which is just fine. I’m having the same problem with my son’s old room. Baby steps, let me tell you. Tomorrow night I am giving most of my yarn away at Crochet Circle. That will free up three huge boxes in there — more space. Yeah!

      Every year at Solstice is different. Sometimes I either hold or attend a group function, and some years, like this year because we already had our fest on the weekend, I’ll be working alone. I’ve decided that I am going to erect a prayer flag to thank the spirits for the lessons of the old me, and invite the positive energies of the universe into the new me. Simple, I realize; but, that’s what I’d like to do. Solstice this year is Earth (Capricorn) and Water (Cancer Moon), so I will be using these two elements as my main focus. Thank you for asking! You are awesome!

  9. Hi Silver,
    I’m so glad this challenge is about caring for our nonhuman family. Living with a different species is one of the true joys of life. Our beloved fur-child, BeauRegard the ferret, died three years ago, and we still miss him too much to think of a replacement. He was quite the magical weasel, capable of moving furniture and opening locked doors. No kidding. We never knew what to expect when we came home!

    It was so cold and rainy, but off we went to feed the squirrels in the park. Glad we braved the sniffles. They’re all fat and bushy for the winter. They got the peanuts and we got to squeal like Agnes, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

    1. Ferrets are certainly amazing creatures. We had our share, too, and the loss of any pet is truly traumatic. Sounds to me there might be a ferret somewhere, in need of a marvelous, loving home like yours. Just a thought. Too, you know, it is thought, that when a pet dies? It simply sees the part of you that is still on the other side. That it doesn’t suffer the loss, because it simply moves to that part of you which is truly spiritual. If that is the case? Then you never lost your pet at all.

  10. Instead of just running around with me while I feed the horse and llama, I took the two dogs, a German Shepherd and a yellow Lab, for a ride then a long walk. Our fat horse was about to run me over to get to the carrots I brought for her and the llama! Guess I could call it appreciation, but it’s really more like entitlement. Geez, now I’ll never be able to get through the gate again without carrots. Then off to family gathering, home to build fire and bring in wood, and maybe tick away at one of the projects I didn’t finish.
    This challenge has been wonderful in breaking things into specific pieces that I was too overwhelmed to manage to break down on my own. Also started re-reading Mindlight and HedgeWitch to keep the attitude going. Thanks again, this came at the right time for me.

    1. Hey, Jo! Too funny on the horse and the carrots. Now you’re in for it! lol. I’m so glad the challenge is working well for you. Every day I read your posts and get motivated to do even more! Thank you so much for taking the time to share personal insights and experiences. It makes the program warm and do-able. Without all your posts, it would not have the same impact. It is you who make it go! You are AWESOME!

  11. Hey Silver. I know I am behind a day on posting this but I paid extra close attention to this challenge. I have an adorable feline ball of fur named Eris (after the goddess of chaos & confusion, she was aptly named). I spent so much time with this because she has some sort of infection in her eye. I don’t get paid for a few more days, so I couldn’t take her to the vet. I pampered her all day wondering what I could do, and then, I had a “duh” moment. You know, hit yourself upside your head thinking “duh”, yeah, one of those. I Pow-Wowed for her. And she’s not one for a whole lot of loud noises, but she sat right there in my lap the entire time, with me chanting, getting louder and louder. As soon as I finished she promptly got up and went back to attacking the lare green thing with toys on it (aka the Yule tree). I used a charm from Long Lost Friend that I modified a bit. Do you know of any other animal specific healing charms? I don’t know if you’ll get a chance to respond because I’m posting a day behind, but if you could I’d really appreciate it.

    1. The most amazing thing about the Pow-Wow chants is they work for a compendium of issues — and a great deal of Pow-Wow was specifically for animals and humans equally. Braucherei was most popular in a time where just about everyone raised some or all of their food (animal and vegetable); therefore, many of the workings are home/family/animal focused. You did perfectly with what you did! There are two specific chants for infection — here is the one that works for everything:

      Out of the Marrow and into the bone
      Out of the bone and into the blood
      Out of the blood and onto the skin
      Off the skin and into the hair
      Out of the hair and into the sea
      Out of the sea and onto dry land
      As surely as Spirit made woman and man.

      We’ve used this from animal infections to Aids. Always works. Say 3 x3 every day until infection is gone. Super infection (of course see physician on any infection) say three times each day or whenever you think of the problem.

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